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☆ Meditation : The Key to All ☆ Meditation can bring us back to our optimal Health - Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually - Life is about Feeling and Choices. Let's choose to become the best versions

To Feel is to Live. I love to approach all topics by Feeling. As we are all unique, each 'class' is similar - yet unique too. We will go through different meditation techniques, as well as go deeper into specific techniques.

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Recovery yoga for strength, stability, balance and better mobility with Kim.

It is my approach to apply the principles of alignment, ease and breath to movement and asana. Slow the age related decline, increase mobility and maintain independence. Enhance strength, endurance, flexibility, function, mood, cognition and ones quality of life.

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Gentle Breath Meditation - Only in the presence of our true gentle breath can you re-connect to your true way of being.

My treatments, services and products encompass a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing from an understanding that we are our own best medicine. Understanding what this means and knowing how to develop and establish this foundation is key to having true health and well-being.

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Meditation That Makes Sense - with 30 years experience, Roger brings meditation to life.

Moving into meditation in easy stages, I combine spoken guided sessions with background information about how meditation works in the mind and body, and why it is effective. I acknowledge that beginning meditation can be difficult in different ways for each of us - so I consult closely, and provide strategies to make meditation easy and accessible for all.

The Gap
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International Qualified Art, Yoga & Massage Therapist, Professional Artist & Healthy Cooking Coach in Brisbane

Course Modules Living Your Life Purpose How to access you life purpose and live in a way that connects you to who you really are and what truly inspires you. Meditation Mastery How to develop a consistent practise that will foster resiliency and a capacity to meet the ups and downs of life whilst remaining centred and grounded. Inspiration How to listen to what makes your heart sing.

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UTS Medical Biotechnology Student giving meditation lesson to people who can't find balance in life.

I am Rajiv Bhusal currently living in Westmead,2145, NSW. I have been practicing meditation on my own since 3 years and i am a good at meditation and relaxation. The lesson will be sent via email to the students who are interested.

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Natura Institute Meditation Teacher offering meditation for beginners in Byron Bay Area at home

Meditation is an ancient practice that gives rise to harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit and is known to improve the spiritual, mental and physical well being of a person. Throughout this course we will be exploring the different styles of Meditation and how to put those styles into practice, to promote healing, self-exploration and empowerment.

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Simple, practical and gentle introduction to meditation by meditator with 10 years experience

I primarily lead shamatha, otherwise known as calm abiding meditation, which is based on a solid foundation of being at ease. It typically involves placing the mind on the sensations of the body and/or the breath to develop a greater and greater sense of relaxation, stability and clarity.

Brooklyn Park
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Professional Hatha Yoga and Prana Samyama Meditation Teacher straight from our lineage of Eternal Sciences

I base my classes on how our yogis and gurus taught their students without being diluted by the modern techniques. Yoga is a vast subject. I teach from Yama Niyamas to Samadhi. ‘Yoga is not about touching your feet.

Sandy Bay
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Personalised Training and Diet plans for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and well being.

I believe that a true teacher is a person who makes their students independent and curious for more knowledge. So far, I have achieved good results by staying in touch with my clients and providing prompt solutions to their queries.

Broadbeach Waters
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Imagine waking up Happier, with more Natural Energy and better overall Wellness?

I believe understanding the individual on a personal level, approaching their health, well-being and overall life from a holistic approach is highly effective to address their pain/problems and move forward in a positive way. Each meeting will be a 'lesson', you will learn strategies and life lessons to implement straight away for positive results.

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Being healthy in a fun and relaxing way in sydney for depressed and sad people, who needs some help

my teaching tricks are basic and easy, i'll check on you all the times about what you're going through, think me as a friend. we can play sports or go for a walk, or anything, we can sit at one place and meditate our soul.

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Murdoch student- (Doubel bachelor of Criminology/ Psychology with Musical history) teaching individual or group lessons in Perth WA: Musician with Lived experience and a want to help others

I am a very friendly, welcoming person who includes everyone, my classes are person based as everyone is individual and learns the way they learn and at a different pace. I believe you have to have fun to break it up and image/ sound/ hands on work is paramount for memory and learning.

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Certified yoga instructor guides meditation in Sydney area to all levels of students

I am a certified yoga instructor originally from Finland. I have been practicing yoga for years and teaching yoga and meditation for the past two years. Meditation is for everybody who wants to quiet the thinking mind and focus on the present moment.

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Energetic Healing facilitator gives Alternative Medicines and Meditation lessons in Gold Coast

My teaching method is based on theoretical and as much practical as possible. I am not willing to train the student as a healer, but rather study and understand the different healing therapies scattered throughout the globe. Lessons may include written material.

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Dietetics Masters Student teaching Nutrition and healthy eating behaviours to high school and Uni Students in Wollongong

My approach to education is personalised based on the individuals level of comprehension and areas of concern. I am able to adapt my teaching style and methods to suit any audience.

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Torrens Uni Nutritional Medicine graduate and Yoga / Meditation Teacher with 10 years + experience gives private lessons to high school students and first and second year University students. I will t

I like to understand my students needs before customising lesson structures. It is important to know the preferred method which each one of students prefers to support them in achieving their learning goals easily and confidently. I like to see my students thrive and motivated to learn and as a teacher I seek to create learning methods that are engaging and comprehensible for all.

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Serving others not asking what the community can do for me but what I can do for the community.

I have lots of experience helping all kinds of people and I think that I will be able to help you to be the person that you were meant to be and want to be. For you to achieve what you truly value in life and to release your latent energies.

West Hobart
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Qualified Naturopath with 15 years experience can provide comprehensive lessons online in regard to overall wellbeing.

The Health and Well-being education lesson can simulate a Naturopathic consultation, containing profiling your medical history, what you are eating, how you are living your life, and stress management through emotive techniques. In essence it will instruct on some tips on how to transform your current situation by means of nutrition, supplementation and vitamins, and relaxation capabilities.

West End
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Gentle Trauma Integration • The Power of Allowance, Presence, Stillness and Love • Face2Face or Skype

As we sit together and gently drop the attention into the body, we become aware of emotions and sensations bubbling up. When we courageously feel them in the body, without any judgement or agenda, we create a space that allows blocked trauma energies to release, layer by layer, and to find their way back into the natural flow of life.

Smythes Creek
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Express yourself through visualizing and drawing what flows out, be YouNique, love Art, love you!

When I hear "I can't draw" it excites me to help bring out that creative side of everybody which we all do have! :) a unique way of expressing ourselves - no need for perfection, practice if anything makes perfect if that's what you want!

Wheelers Hill
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Meditation - Monash Region Traditional Yoga Meditation teacher for individuals or groups. Based on the Yoga Sutras and 5000 years of tradition.

My teaching is based on Traditional Yoga Meditation, primarily on the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali, the foremost authority in Yoga Meditation. I teach silent meditation, mantra meditation, japa (chanting mantra on a 108 bead mala), pranayama (breathwork) and 2 other styles of meditation.

Sunshine Beach
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Sunshine Coast Yoga & Meditation teacher gives private lessons in cosey home studio

I approach meditation with a modern approach of open awareness, a method taught to me by Michael Daly. There are many misconceptions about meditation (like needing to stop thinking full stop, it being a linear progression) that tend to deter people from committing to a regular practice and prevent people from finding its true magic.

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German Sport Univeristy Student teachs you with newest findings from research how to loose weight and get active

My teaching methodology is based on evidence based data and theory. Referring my studies, I can consult and teach you the newest findings from research in the field of sport and nutrition. Unfortunately, in the business of personal trainers and nutrition, this is done too less nowadays through the amount of unqualified personal. Following injuries and serious health risks are the consequence.

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Lawyer from Sydney teaching meditation to help you on your daily challenges!

My teaching method is experiential. I teach three simple types of meditation first including techniques that people can use when they are at work or even in a classroom as well as tips to use when handling daily chores. I also teach through group activities.

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Health Fitness, personal training, sports therapy, Rehabilitation, A&P I teach it all.

My approach to teaching is dynamic and encompasses a variation of methods. We will be discussing the subjects, watching videos, listening to pod casts, reading articles and completing work sheets and when the student is ready they will complete a presentation and complete an exam.

Port Macquarie
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A qualified Ayurvedic doctor gives healthy eating lessons in Port Macquarie.

My teaching method is group discussions & talks, it develops interpersonal relationships. I base my classes on good listening & maximum understanding. I approach topic by giving live examples, demonstrations so students can understand that diseases are not produced instantly instead of we are inviting them.

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1st lesson free !

Manjyot creative and artistic,bachelors in nursing and persuing masters from murdoch university.

I give personal attention to weak students and i believe that involving weaker students in a group with others help them to develop. I can use modern teaching methods effectively and prefer their use as children learn very quickly with the help of those methods.

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