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Chemical Engineering Graduate gives math lessons to high school and university students in Perth

I love math because the numbers have GREAT significance! Therefore, I would love to have students who are passionate about learning, to make a difference in their world with what they learn. With math, all it takes is PRACTICE so, there would be a teaching session, a practice session and an assessment session.

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Curtin physics student teaching maths, science and English in the Perth suburbs

I like to use both my own questions and questions from textbooks to help students understand difficult concepts and to consolidate their preexisting knowledge. I prefer to be patient rather than forcing students through mountains of content that would only disillusion them from their studies.

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Year 11 Perth Modern School student offering tuition for primary school mathematics

My teaching method is mapping out all objectives that need to be met within a certain time frame and then systematically going over each objective according the child’s pace and needs. I am comfortable teaching from any textbook so long as I can make copies to plan what to do prior to the lessons.

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98.15 ATAR Science/Math Tutor for year 11 and 12 students ---- graduated 2016

1.Syllabus 2.Explain Concepts 3.Practice 4.Practice more My teaching style is straightforward and solutions I provide are concise. I am quite good at identifying a student's difficulty whether it be in their learning style or problem solving. My philosophy is keep it simple students.

Bibra Lake
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Maths tutor for school year 2-10 (some year 11 and 12 depending) located Bibra Lake

Typically when tutoring students I cater to their individual learning style. I don't find going through homework very helpful as this is something the students should be doing anyway, however if they find they need help with a few questions in particular of course I am happy to help.

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Dare for maths! with two ways discussion. try and enjoy it now.

Math should be answered without panic. Let's digest the problems carefully and try solve it together. Basic maths is useful for advanced maths.

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Murdoch University Student Offering Maths Lessons to Lower School Students and Maths Applications Lessons to Upper School Students

I'm a calm, patient, organised and relaxed teacher whose lessons are geared towards anyone that wants help with their studies. I provide support in a safe environment that will allow students to thrive. I use the gradual release method of teaching, where I work through a problem, we work through it together and then they work through it on their own when they're ready.

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Automotive Engineering student from Netherlands gives maths lessons to high school student in Perth

During my tutor experience, I helped the students with their homework assignment. So, i prepared the question myself before i met the students and i let them do the work by themselves first. If they have any doubts or question they will call me or sometimes i approach them if they look confused with the question.

Canning Vale
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A former tutor graduated in Information Technology (Professional Computing) gives lessons to high school students in all branches of Physics and Maths.

My teaching method depends on individuals' needs. Generally, I prefer demonstration and reflective strategies where I firstly explain the importance of given task, show all the steps to perform the task and then let the students solve the similar problems where they can learn from their own mistakes with my guidance.

Tuart Hill
Bhan prince raj
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Postgraduate student from UWA likes to teach physics, chemistry and maths and also other subjects.

I am a postgraduate student and I have learnt a lot through experience. My teaching method is simple, just to make the student understand the principle and then apply it in his daily life activities to remember. And until I make him/her learn, I will try various methodologies such as explaining in activity related way, story telling, visualizing by thoughts etc.

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Secondary Physical Education/Science Teacher give Science, Maths, Physical Education Tutoring in Perth Hills

My teaching philosophy is that one size does not fit all. I will create an individualised learning program that is both engaging and relevant to the learning outcomes you are trying to achieve. My lessons will be meaningful and focused on the predetermined goals we have made together during our first meeting. My goal is to see my students improve and achieve their goals.

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Experienced senior teacher gives maths lessons to high school students. I hold PG degree in maths.

As Mathematics Teacher, I found the importance of developing students’ Numeracy and Literacy skills as an important part of life skills and to address the Literacy and Numeracy priorities of the Department of Education’s policy and Classroom First Strategy for raising standards in Literacy and Numeracy. I began by identifying the learning needs of each student.

Banksia Grove
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Post graduate student in mechanical engineering(ECU) imparting skills in the field of mathematics and physics

I am really enthusiastic about teaching skills and short-cuts to master the subjects of physics and mathematics. Having a good grasp of the basic concepts is really important to pursue a career in engineering science. Being a post-graduate student myself really gives me an advantage to have higher aptitude in the concerned field.

South Perth
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ANU graduate gives Maths, Physics, and Computer Science lessons in Perth for high school and uni students

I aim to ensure that my students get an intuitive understanding of the subject they are studying and see how everything is connected. I adapt my lessons to fit the needs of my students. They might involve discussing concepts that are particularly interesting or confusing, practice questions, and working together on problems.

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Student from Murdoch University studying biomedicine is willing to give maths lessons to lower school students

Im a very friendly, easy going and an organised tutor. Im willing to help anyone who is struggling to understand concepts of maths by providing them with a safe and a very supporting environment. My method of teaching is based upon understanding the students weaknesses and working through the problem gradually.

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I am Ph.D. graduate currently teaching science subjects to undergraduate students at Murdoch University Perth with a demonstrated ability to collaborate with students.

I am Dr. Kamal with Engineering background who is passionate about tutoring and helping students in their academics excellence. My teaching method involves practical and real-life application related to most of the topics that help students to grasp the concepts. I believe in corporate learning, adaptability, humility and inquiry-based instruction.

Mount Lawley
Seock hee
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Korean student with strong Math tips is looking for students who need support in their Math

Whenever a student is struggling Math, most of the problems is that they do not have a strong understanding of basic theories. I used to teach them basic understanding of topics, give tips of solving problems and repeat over and over until the type of question is fully understood to the student.

North Lake
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UWA Medicine student/PerthMod graduate - ATAR/WACE Biology, Chemistry and Literature lessons- WA students

My teaching methodology includes going through course concepts and explaining how to formulate your answers to hit all of the points on the marking keys. I will give out notes for each topic. If desired, I also can formulate and give out bi-weekly quizzes which will test your understanding and be indispensable for exam revision.

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Perth Mod Graduate/ Pre-Med student offering ATAR Math Methods/Specialist tutoring in Perth

I offer ATAR Maths Methods/Specialist lessons to students who do ATAR Units 1- 4 (Year 11/12).

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Head of Department - Mathematics offering tutoring in Mathematics, over 15 years teaching experience!

I use various teaching strategies. The most rewarding strategy is to make the student believe that they can actually produce outstanding results. I personally believe that there is no such thing as being bad at maths. Everyone can succeed at maths and produce outstanding results.

Mount Claremont
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UWA 99.25 ATAR Chemistry, Math and Human Biology High School Tutor

I have had two years of experience helping students with mastering high school concepts and know both the structure examiners require in responses and the tricks they can throw at you. I am able to teach a summary of what is being taught at school, help my students with their assessments, and provide work for them to do.

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Retired Structural Engineer gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students.

My approach to tutoring is identify weakness or gaps in understanding the subject matter. Lessons are then conducted in a participatory manner where the student does the work under guidance. These begin with very simple examples and progress to greater complexity. Students are also shown how to self check their work.

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University graduate experienced patient mature teacher will help you improve your marks.

My teaching method is to calmly focus on the goal and break down those skills required to get you there into easily achievable steps that are tailored to the individual needs of the student and the timeline to completion. All I ask for is a student who can focus and wants to achieve something.

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2018 99.85 ATAR graduate with experience offering tutoring in physics,maths(all levels) and chemistry

I am an 18 year old Year 12 graduate from Hale School and my tutoring lessons are suited to any level of learning from Year 12 ATAR and below. My lessons will differ depending on the needs and knowledge of the student. I can teach pure content to help the student catch up or get ahead of their class.

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Recently received Permanent Resident visa, and I am willing to teach/tutor maths to high school students. I can teach the subject with great confidence and passion. The students will learn more and en

My teaching method is simple. Every student need to clearly understand the concept first, followed by basic examples to reinforce the understanding. Once the foundational concept is acquired, then top-up with more challenging questions/examples. I consider practical lessons more important that the theoretical leanings.

City Beach
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UniMelb Physics Masters with 6 years tutoring experience for all high school maths tutoring

I do not have a set teaching methodology, and believe any tutor who does is damaging the chance of success for the student. I have tutored over 40 students for at least 6 months during their year 12 year, this means I have seen many different learning capabilities and have had to apply different teaching strategies.

Hammond Park
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Curtin University Accounting student gives maths lesson to high school and uni students

I focus on practicality. Theory is also extremely important yet as a student myself I've found to be more interested in studying a subject when it can be applied into the real world. Maths is tricky because of its complexity, yet once we can figure out how maths fits in with our little life, it is achievable. You will see a lot of examples, exercises, and brainstorms throughout the lesson.

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University of Western Australia Student gives chemistry lessons to high school students in Bunbury area

My teaching is aimed to explain contents of chemistry in a non-confusing way that can be easily understood. I listen and adapt to the students way of understanding and mould my teachings around that. The lesson structure will be focused on helping you with things you don't know, and not going over unnecessary topics that are already understood by the student.

Mosman Park
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University of Western Australia graduate majoring in Physics and Mathematics, and an experienced tutor, giving lessons to high school and university students in Perth.

First and foremost, while the tutor provides as much assistance as he or she can, a large portion of the effort must also come from the student. This is why I believe that it is of utmost importance that the student be not only fully engaged in the learning process, but also feel excited and empowered when solving new problems.

Wattle Grove
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Master of Teaching (Primary) student able to tutor primary school and junior high school students in Perth

I like to get students involved in the lesson. I have found that students learn best when the content is linked to the world they experience every day. I like to revise previous lessons to make sure they understood the content before moving on. I also believe using multiple representations of lesson content allows for better understanding.

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