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University of Western Australia student teaches mathematics to students in Perth, WA

my teaching method is to involve the student as much as I can and assist them in figuring things out for themselves without me telling them exactly what to do.

New Town
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Highly Experienced Math teacher in Hobart, teaches Mathematics, science, algebra, trigonometry, geometry

I have a direct approach to teaching, I follow a unique and creative teaching method to ensure that the students understand the usage and technique to solve the problem effectively. I provide necessary examples making understanding more easy. Students can ask me questions any time and approach me for guidance in subjects as well.

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UWA masters of civil engineering student passionate in tutoring maths and physics for high school students around the northern suburbs of Perth

I like to explain my lessons at the simplest terms, teaching from the perspective of not knowing instead of having already known the topic. I approach the topic step by step tailoring to the needs of the students and the relevant knowledge that is needed to succeed in the topic.

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Melbourne maths tutor, specialising in helping primary and high school students catch up or get unstuck.

My main aim with my lessons is to help students feel more confident with their work, enjoy maths more, and stress less. I like to have a fun, open, back and forth dialogue with my students throughout the lesson. I encourage as many questions as I can and help develop them as the main driver for their learning.

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A 12 years experienced Engineering lecturer gives Maths lessons to high school and uni students.

I prefer direct contact teaching when ever possible, as I can view the level of understanding of the student. Students are required to workout examples/ questions in my presence so that I can assist them when they are struggling. When ever required audio- visual, electronic teaching aids are used to facilitate more understanding and interest.

Mount Pleasant
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Experienced Mackay Secondary teacher (B. Ed., B. Teaching., Cert. Theology) will tutor Maths after school hours.

I endeavour to follow Explicit teaching methods to meet the needs of the Australian curriculum and endeavour to meet the needs of students with varying levels of ability. A lesson may follow - A goal to be achieved, I demonstrate, We do together and then students complete problems associated with the topic. There will be a reflection of what has been covered during the lessons.

West Ryde
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Master in Computer security student at Charles Sturt University and studied in Curtin University

As I mentioned, I believe in practical and co-op model. I believe the intrinsic ideology of the education system should be inventive, innovative, integrative and ingenuitive. The lesson structure should be bottom - top approach rather than the random collection of subjective matters. The teacher should have a clear vision on how to deliver the subjective matter effectively.

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UNSW Mechanical Engineering Student and Academic prepares students for Maths and Physics.

My Lesson methodology is based on the background of the topic, structure, and logic of the topic, the importance of the topic, detailed explanation and then the examples of the topic in daily life and surroundings which students can easily relate to.

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PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Edith Cowan University Joondalup. Have one year experience of teaching B.Sc. electrical engineering students.

I am really enthusiastic teacher, a trait I gained from my parents as both of them are teachers. I try to teach students in a way that even weakest student in class can understand. My teaching method is to first give a brief overview of topic then, elaborate it and then summarize the main points at end.

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1st lesson free !

Accounting student gives lessons for Mathematics, Business, Economics, Accounting in Sydney suburbs

I follow an example based methodology, so I start off by giving a practical example, a situation, and ask simple questions from the student. This is then linked with the topic on hand.

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IIM Bangalore passout gives lessons of Maths and English for competitive exams

My teaching method is individualistic, I base my classes on the basis of each students strengths and their areas which they need to improve on.

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Telecommunication Engineering student gives Maths, Physics and Programming lessons in Sydney. Native Spanish speaker.

In Physics and Maths, the usual form of exams is problem-solving based. My methodology is based on the fact that before trying to solve any problem, you must understand the theory. I would say my classes are 60% theory and 40% problem-solving.

Surfers Paradise
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Saroj Neupane,i have 5 years of teaching experience on the subject of math and i always deliver my best ways to solve the related problems of math.

MY teaching method is simple and easy. i mostly look after each and every students in which i try to make them concentrate on what we doing.As math classes are always boring for students, in that case i prefer to give a lot of examples related to daily work which will also create fun and make students interested on solving mathematical problems.

Darwin River
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I have both a Bachelors and Diploma in the Sciences. I have obtained numerous certificates and accreditations in agriculture, training, safety, computers and other sciences. I currently work in the sc

My teaching methods varies depending upon the needs of the student. Teaching varies from practical hands on, understanding of written text and presenting subjects in a different way when the standard format is not understood. Every student learns at a different rate and in different ways. Teaching is tailored to the students.

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Maths can be easy just gotta find the right method to make it so

I base my teaching on how I got tutored through high school, work on and with the student she current knowledge.

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High school graduate willing to teach science and math for $20 in Harrisdale and Canningvale surrounds

My teaching method has been very practical. I have been preparing suitable teaching resources, identifying the needs of students, and if necessary, adapting course content and delivery style. I regularly assign tasks to do at home, for an ongoing learning experience.

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Masters in engineering student giving tuition to school and uni students at best rate

My first objective is to clear the basics and then make the students solve many examples till they feel comfortable in those topics in which they are facing difficulty. I used to give weekly practice tests for their better understanding.

North Hobart
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Engineering MSc graduate give physics and science lessons to high school and uni students in Tasmania

What kills studying passion? BOREDOM !! I get bored so fast, so trust me, our classes would be so much fun. Interactive learning is the key for maximum gain, student involvement is crucial to ensure the maximi output.

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Forensic Science graduate gives maths lessons to primary and high school students (at home or online).

I pride myself on being able to teach in a number of ways. Whether you learn best by reading, writing, listening or explaining, I am able to accommodate that. I am also very patient and more than happy to try different methods until we find something that works for you! I meet the students I work with at whichever level they are at, whilst aiming to build a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

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Patrician Brothers' College Fairfield (2018) student (first rank MX1 and MX2) offering maths lessons to high school students in Western Sydney suburbs

I can answer any questions that you have after learning at school, and provide tutorials to harder questions that require a more logical process and critical thinking. I provide questions if required and the lesson structure would be flexible each lesson to the students requirement. I can offer tutoring for both mathematics advanced, and extension 1.

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I help in physics and mathematics lessons/assignments to high school and university students online

My teaching method is based on the curriculum the students are taking. I like giving examples through out my teaching and then i usually give the students some assignments based on the examples taken. I usually tackle the questions which the students find difficulties in together with them.

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Qualified Civil Engineer available to tutor High School Students in Maths in the Prahrn /Middle Park area

I believe in the Montessori method of teaching - provide all the appropriate tools and structure - and encourage students to arrive at the answers logically and independently.

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Swinburne University Engineering student gives Maths lessons to Primary, High School and college students

My teaching method is very simple. I believe in teaching from the basics to aviod confusion in the subject. I will give some sample examples and then try to confirm if the students are good to move to the next topic. If yes then I would give similar examples and ask them to solve to confirm if they have understood the topic and then go to the next topic.

Clyde North
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Physics, chemistry and mathematics teacher to teach grade 5 to graduate students as well as postgraduate students.

My teaching methods are very interesting.i always trying he/she gives very good results in mathematics.i will not just help students in their mathematics problem also develop skills of quick calculations and I always relate science in daily use examples.so students never forget that topic.because book reading generally students forget.but if you relate them daily use examples always remember.

Burwood East
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Deakin Engineering Student giving Maths lessons to primary and secondary school students

My teaching method is through a black board. I focus by teaching on understanding the concept and basics needed to solve maths problems. I believe in providing real life situations to students which will thereby help them understand the concepts.

Coffs Harbour
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Catering for student needs. A tutor who cares, with over 30 years experience.

As I have been teaching for more than 30 years I have developed my own style which brings learning through enjoyment into focus. I cater for individual needs of all my students. I especially realise the necessity to develop confidence.

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Tutor with 15 years experience and helped students to win international olympiads

I try to assess the students first by asking a few questions to understand the requirements and then explain the relevant concepts followed by a few practice questions. I then give some problems to student to attempt and explain the concept again if there is a need for it.

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University of Wollongong student gives Maths and Science lessons to Individual and Group students having a Good experience in these fields.

Firstly, My teaching methodology is solely one-on-one. To understand the student behaviour and his way of learning i prefer to teach classroom based. I do not encourage online based teaching as it cannot develop interaction between instructor and learner. The learner cannot put few doubts forward to get them solved. In my experience, Classroom or offscreen teaching is the best teaching ever.

1st lesson free !

I love maths and I want you / your kids to love maths too!

I let the kids tell me what they are stuck on and then I will help them work it out. I lead by asking questions - it's important for the kids to be able to do it themselves after the session has finished.

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Perfect! Mishka is helping our 9 yeas old with math, we find Mishka punctual and reliable. Her flexible methods connect well and showing good results.

Lana, Student
1 day ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Yes, I admit, I am a bit of a tiger mum! I have a 6 year old son in Year 1 and felt that he needed some help gaining a better grasp of the basics of maths. I found Priyanka through this site and from day one, was impressed with her lovely manner...

Jung , Student
3 days ago
(25 reviews)

Perfect! We has asked Richard to help our son who is in grade 6 with his maths this year. We have found Richard to be a lovely young man - very polite and reliable. We have only had a couple of lessons but we find him to be a competent teacher and he is...

Domenic, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
1 month ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
4 months ago
(25 reviews)

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