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Doctor of Mathematics - 15+ years experience - group and personal attention - maximum result success

Freedom of thoughts, freedom of expression and fun environment, bit of hard and lot of punctuality will give desired success. Success needs planning as well hard work. Any work without planning will fail to get desired result. I work with specific plans.

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Western Sydney University Student offers help for chemistry and mathematics to high school students

I strongly believe that every student is different so I can tailor my classes to what they need. If a child is lagging behind I can work with them on their homework and theory so that they can understand the material required. I understand that some learn by listening and some learn by doing.

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Bachelor of Science Graduate giving Math and Science lessons to High School students in Melbourne

I am offering 30min free lesson after a meet and greet if you like to see where you are at and what you are looking to learn/improve on. We will go at your pace. I am very patient and explain things slowly for you. As textbooks and methods change year to year, I will make sure to take the time to look at what methods you are learning to teach you accordingly.

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James Cook University Medical Student give Science & Maths lessons to primary and high school students in Townsville

My teaching methods are learning by doing practice questions and assisting with homework and assignments. I am happy to discuss with students about their expectations from the lesson and what they want to achieve at the end of each lesson.

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A committed individual with demonstrated success in teaching, coaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Passionate with excellent teaching skills and effective teaching methods t

Different approaches, and constant questioning lead to satisfactory moment in every student. Certainly anyone is not prepared, would encounter an uncomfortable sea of blank looks. The key to good teaching is the development of goals, and ways for their achievement.

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Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student give physics lessons to high school online

I make students think first of all. I create an enivorment where they ask me questions with purpouse to better understand the matter. I make a calm and easy-going enivorment so u can feel free to ask me what do you don't understand. I don't like to rush with things.

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Specialized in Mathematics and Statistics who can tutoring making interesting and easily understandable.

I am very focused on building the confidence of my students to begin with. I have adopted a strategy of helping the students to complete the examples of each chapter first on their own. Then come practice of the actual exercises. Each chapter then should be reviewed and followed by a test.

South Perth
Mai tanachai
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Graduated bachelor in Economics and master in Actuarial science and statistics. 2 years experience.

My teaching will starting with find out what the weakness of students and try to improve it. Furthermore, not just try students to pass exam but show them to love math.

Ascot Vale
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An engineer based in Melbourne who can teach you how math actually works.

I basically start off a topic by giving a real world example or its equivalent to which the students can easily relate to. After they understand the problem, I explain to them the solution and how the present problem is related to it. Then the rest of the discussion is modelled subsequently.

Mount Gravatt East
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Physics graduate tutoring math and physics, high school and university, southside Brisbane

My teaching style involves homework help and exam preparation. Working through problems in the classes appropriate textbook with the student is my preferred method of tutoring.

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Soon to be year 12 graduate with Math C and Math B experience is looking to tutor in math around Ormeau/Beenleigh.

My teaching method depends on the student but i tend to get the students current work before a lesson and then work though some problems with them in strategical ways to best enhance their skills and will leave the student at the end of the lesson with homework to help embrace the new skills learnt.

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La Tobe University student who very well understand the mind of student has an excellent way of making high school students fall in love with the art of mathematics

I believe that teaching is one of the most divine,prestiogious and responsible jobs.It is not just about academics but also about instilling moral,culutural and social values in children.secondly,each and every student are unique in their way.A gud teacher must be very well aware of this fact and cater knowledge to students in the way the students are comfortable with.

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Tutor for Maths, Mandarin, Physics, English & Engineering from a student at The University of Queensland currently studying an Extended Civil Engineering degree

I pride myself in ensuring my students are comfortable learning with me and find joy in learning. I adapt to each student's needs. I love to play games while learning to make it enjoyable. A happy experience while learning makes it easier to remember and to want to keep learning. I believe that even those who struggle with learning can overcome barriers to find their best self.

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Private tutor with 4 years of experience gives private math lessons at home".

My teaching methodology involves interacting with the students and making the lecture understand by real time examples which students can relate too and it helps them to grasp the concepts more smoothly. I also make sure that my students are fully prepared for any exams/tests, hence I also encourage them to take tests which are prepared by myself.

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Post-graduate RMIT student wishes to give maths or electrical engineering lessons in melbourne

I believe in structured two way learning, this means that I go with an approach that allows student to ask questions. I suspect that if a student has doubts and they feel free to ask them ,they learn more. Therefore after every class, there is a on spot interview round, a group performance round and a quick quiz session.

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Engaging University Law Student offers quality and personalised tuition to primary and high school students in the Northern Beaches / North Shore areas.

I believe that every student's potential needs to be brought out through encouragement, personality-based learning approaches, and creative ways of learning! My lessons are widely varied depending on the student and their needs, and can range from homework help to interactive lessons/activities.

Brooklyn Park
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Final Year Science (Physics and Mathematics) Student available in Adelaide Metro Area

I start off by asking which questions or concepts students have trouble understanding. I then either ask questions and provide hints as to what to look out for. Next, I find a similar question or formulate a new question based on the same concept and detail the steps involved in solving it.

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Business owner teaching math to high school students (algebra,trigonometry, statistics and geometry

Teaching will be step by step, using real life scenarios where appropriate, teaching and speaking in ways which the student understands in and is comfortable.

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Curtin University Student gives maths lessons to high school kids and university students.

My teaching method is very simple as I start by giving a brief description of the topic of interest and then give out important information (formula and equations) required during the session, followed by the examples to make the topic as clear as possible.

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ANU student giving easy and helpful Math lessons to high school students in Canberra

Math is considered as a complex subject, however that is not the case. Once an individual understand basic concepts and how and why certain things happen, it makes it easier to understand the subject even more- making one excited and fascinated by the subject since it is an exciting subject in itself.

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Master in Mechanical Engineering (UTS) looking to give Math lessons in Sydney

We will be using Mathematics as a tool to understand and interpret our world. In our increasingly technological economy, we will strive to understand and apply mathematics to our lives and our future. We will have significant opportunities to achieve success in our pursuit of being 21st century learners.

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Academic at Charles Sturt University (CSU), tutoring maths to CSU students and high school students.

Every student has a different learning style. Every student has different strengths. This is why when I tutor, I first try to determine the learning style and the strength of the student and then develop the structure and pace of the lesson to meet the student's needs.

Saint Lucia
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The University of Queensland Student offers Maths help to High School students in Brisbane

I am a very outgoing and hard working student. I love to teach others and develop their knowledge whilst solidating my own. I would love to teach students in Maths at any level. When tutoring I focus mostly on areas that students struggle with, whilst solidating content they may already be familiar with.

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Irish qualified secondary school teacher Looking to give lessons to high school kids

My teaching methods vary from student to student I plave their needs as the focus of my lessons and adapt to meet those needs. I will discuss goals with the students and I will develop a detailed plan with students to help achieve these goals. Lessons will be structured so it is possible to achieve these goals and will be adaptable dependent on progress.

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Tutor available for high school/uni students - UQ premed student with 4+ years of experience

I offer a broad spectrum of tuition services ranging from explaining specific concepts to long-term mentorship. I provide individualised lessons which accommodate the unique abilities and goals of every student. I believe that all students can excel academically by having a growth mindset.

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Experienced Maths tutor with vast experience at the ready~! You have a need, then you will succeed!!!

My teaching method is that every student has the right to learn and I am more concerned with the process of Maths than anything. Students all learn in a variety of styles and each style is catered for using my vast experience.

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Electronics Engineering graduate offers Computer, IT, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Saxophone tutoring in Mildura.

I base my teaching and tutoring on the individual needs of the student. I like to use a variety of teaching styles and methodologies including visual, experimental, logical, and practical (hands on). I will tailor my lessons to fit what you want to learn. I have some experience teaching students who rate mildly on the autism spectrum, have OCD, ADHD, and Asperger’s syndrome.

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Chemical Engineering Student from University of Adelaide would like to teach Chemistry related subjects in any area of Adelaide

My teaching method is to discover the student first with giving simple problems and go in to deep like climbing a staircase

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Excellent in Mathematics and have a good experience and wiiling to seek opportunity

My teaching method is unique. I focus on practical examples in a funny manner so that students wont forget.

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Bsc Graduate tutors maths and science (physics and chemistry) to primary and high school children

I believe in teaching in building blocks. It is essential that the basics are well understood before moving on to the next step. Visual tool and memory methods are as important as enjoying the lesson and feeling confident in your abilities.

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Perfect! We has asked Richard to help our son who is in grade 6 with his maths this year. We have found Richard to be a lovely young man - very polite and reliable. We have only had a couple of lessons but we find him to be a competent teacher and he is...

Domenic, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
1 month ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
3 months ago
(24 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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