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I am an experienced tutor who is passionate about assisting students in reaching their potential. I have strengths in maths, chemistry and biology.

I have 11 years experience tutoring students from High school, TAFE, 1st year university and adult bridging courses. I have achieved a double major degree in chemistry and biology, with a minor in mathematics. In order to get the best results from my students, I tailor my lessons to suit their needs.

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Biomedicine student gives Chemistry, English, General, Further, Methods to high school students in Melbourne.

I always address pressing concerns with students, i.e. the topics that they're most struggling with. After tackling the difficult topics, I move on to getting the student ahead and well prepared for any assessment they come across. I find this method of teaching helps students achieve the best marks possible.

Wiley Park
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A post graduate engineer from University of Salford United Kingdom, teaching tution at school level

I am friendly. Adopt different procedures to make any topic understandable for students. Able to study the psychology of students and then adopt procedure accordingly.

Saint Lucia
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PhD student at UQ available for maths, chemistry, physics and language tutoring

My approach to tutoring is understanding the needs of each student as every student is different.

Little Mountain
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Safal, Engineering/Business student gives Maths B,C and physics lessons to school students in Sunshine Coast

My teaching method depends on the preference of students. You have some idea about the topic but not about certain aspect? Let's get there without wasting time. You have no idea about the topic whatsoever? Let's start from the first then. It's never too late.

Carlton North
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Industrial Engineer give math lessons to High School and Uni students in Melbourne (CBD and North suburbs)

I believe that every child or young people must know what their educational purpose is, students should be the protagonists and capable of demonstrating what they learn, but above all learning must always be in a framework of positive emotions

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Tayla gives math lessons in Newcastle area while she is studying to become a teacher at University

My teaching method is ensuring that the kids have an effective understanding of a topic and understand everything they may not in school. I provide a structure of our lessons and mainly focus on section of struggles for kids. My goal in life is to assist children in need and allow them to learn effectively and enjoy it also.

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High school maths tutoring in Perth. Scotch College graduate and Curtin university student.

I believe the best way to learn maths is to do practice problems. However it is very important to also explain the concepts rather than just formulas and rules. Whenever an issue, question or confusion comes up in a problem, it can be explained so that the student can gain a solid understanding of the concept.

Springfield Lakes
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Diana, Math tutor and Researcher in science, provide in home tutoring for primary and secondary school.

I offer an initial assessment and then, according to the students needs, I provide theory, exercises and extra resources to ensure progress in the necessary areas. Every student is different so I used to prepare my classes and make it very personalised to them. I have taught Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry and some Physics, Chemistry and Statistics.

Windsor Gardens
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Industry STEM educator available for for all subjects, equipping for a new future, from junior primary science and coding to High school algebra, music and the Arts.

The current generation of Students need more support than ever in order to effect change in the future. I mix those problem solving skills for a real world situation with the current Australian curriculum. Structure for tuition is to reflect these simple ideas but use every available tool for that purpose.

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Mathematics graduate looking forward to sharing her knowledge with students of all ages in Brinkin, Darwin

I base my teaching method on the students themselves. I tailor my style to match them. I believe that each child is unique with a unique learning style and should be treated accordingly. For younger kids, I focus on teaching through interactive activities, while for older children, I prefer to make the concepts relatable for them and hence, easier to understand.

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ANU actuarial/statistic graduate give Math lessons to high school or undergraduate students

I can demonstrate what I will teach in a practical way, building a big picture and then add details. I can use software to visualize what I will teach, trasforming abstract mathematics to visual image and making boring mathematics alive.

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Data Scientist gives Methods, Specialist and General Mathematics lessons in Southern Melbourne

My teaching method is respectful and considerate. I do not speak rudely to someone if they do not understand something. Although I do not have experience in conventional teaching, I would believe that I approach teaching as exciting and push people to have thirst for knowledge. I do this practically, and constantly use examples, and apply and state every step.

Gordon Park
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More than 5 year experienced tutor providing Physics and Mathematics lessons for grade 7 to grade 12

My teaching strategies include constructivism. I teach my students through real life experiences. It helps me to enhance their curiosity. I always prepare my lesson plan before session. I divide my lesson plans in three parts initially I review previous knowledge then I start new concept.

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Economics and Finance UWA graduate providing Maths tuition to school students Perth

I base lessons on school curriculum and focus on topics that are taught according to school schedule. This will help solidify topics covered at school. When there are up coming tests or exams I will organise practise tests and help students focus on areas which they nee more confidence in. If students like I can provide practise exams/ test which they can do under exam conditions.

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(Math) Seasoned educator located in Townsville with experience teaching dyslexic students (ages 11-14).

My teaching method depends 100% on the learner. One-on-one tutoring gives a unique opportunity to adapt teaching style over time. In my previous work in Special Education, each of my dyslexic students learned differently. For some, I would display an algebra problem as visual blocks, for others I would take a step-by-step classic approach.

Paradise Point
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6 Years teaching Mathematics in Secondary schools up to year 12 Maths C. Based on the Gold Coast.

My lessons are based around finding out exactly what you know and what you don't. I also intend to unravel misconceptions and thoroughly analyse the thought processes students have to avoid repeated misconceptions. I like to ensure lots of practice takes place too. Excellence is a habit, not a one-off event.

Coopers Plains
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Recent graduate from the University of Queensland with a major in Civil Engineering living in Brisbane and ranked 6th nationally in Computing for Cambridge A-levels 2012

Hello my name is Utsav and I come from the beautiful island of Mauritius. I have been living in Brisbane for the last five years and recently obtained my bachelor degree with a major in civil engineering from the University of Queensland. I taught Cambridge A-level computing back in 2013 before starting my tertiary studies.

West Melbourne
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RMIT Graduate student give maths lessons to high school and middle school students in melbourne

My teaching method will be very systematic and structured. For the first few lessons will be a 'get to know' session, where i will roughly estimate their capabilities and weaknesses. I will plan accordingly to fit their needs for the weaker topics. I will keep up with their institution's pace. I will take note of any incoming quizzes, test or exams to coordinate with their learning curve.

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QUT Masters student gives Mathematics and Physics lessons in and around Brisbane CBD

Mathematics is simple if you understand and hard if you don't. But everything can be broken down into simple steps and understood easily. This is one of the subjects that requires the least time to study. This is one of the subjects that must be understood from the beginning and cannot be crammed. That's what makes it one of my favorite and strongest subjects.

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University of Adelaide Engineering Student Giving All Year Level Education Including IB and SACE Tutions

By first understanding their course, where they are up to the course, whether the student has understood everything that he/she has done in school till now, If the student wants to go through what they have done in school or want to learn new content of the course and be ahead of the class, if they are little kids then first I will try to test their knowledge and what their abilities are, from...

Box Hill
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To become a great student and interest in studying with my methods

In my belief there is only 3 things that make you a great student. Firstly you should enjoy your study that i can make your children interest about it. Secondly you should be front of your class its mean that you must study each chapter before your teacher teach that . Furthermore you should learn how to study for VCE therefore i'll teach your children the method of study.

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Vishak, Electronics and Communication Engineer passionate in teaching Physics lessons in Adelaide

My Flow of teaching would be 1. To understand the concept and fundamentals first. 2. Provide practical examples or relevant use cases of the topics covered. 3. Visualize an image about the theory part covered and correlate with real life scenarios. Objective: To achieve good collaboration between teacher and student.

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A chemical engineer with three years of teaching experience. currently post graduate engineering degree in progress

My teaching method is based on a conceptual study where I try to explain students their subject matters with real world examples. My teaching style involves two-way communication where I evaluate understanding levels of students after my teaching. I conduct frequent written and oral exams and provide feedback to students.

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Macquarie Actuarial Student gives mathematics lessons to high school students in Sydney

My teaching method is always aimed in a manner such that the student may understand the concept in the simplest way possible. However, mathematics is not by just understanding the concept only but by doing as many examples as possible so that the student may gain confidence.

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Qualified Engineer from University of Mississippi, USA giving math/science/english to high school and Uni Students in Melbourne

I love mathematics the most, I love how even if you use different methods you end up with the same answers! I have had the chance to teach students of a variety of classes when I was back in Nepal as well as when I was studying in Mississippi. I first gaze students on how comfortable they are with doing problems and then create a plan accordingly.

Mount Druitt
Muhammad zohair
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Master's student at UNSW providing home tuition for school and university students in Sydney

I can assist the students through challenging coursework and work with them through homework exercises and past exam papers. I am aware of the level of work and commitment required for successful outcomes and understand that things can get difficult at times with certain concepts being hard to grasp; however I will be patient and guide through each and every step.

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Theoretical computer science PhD with proven track research record tutors maths and computer science.

I base my classes on the intuitive and creative approach to problem solving. I believe that making students do actual problems is the key to understanding maths and computer science concepts. As with tennis, you actually have to play to learn and the more you practice, the better you get.

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University of Wollongong Maths Education Dean's Scholar gives Maths lessons to high school and primary school students

I believe that there is no single way of learning that caters for every student. I try my very best to cater for these unique learning styles by communicating with my students what they really need, such as clarifying concepts or guidance on challenging questions.

Muhammad adeemul
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A researcher with 6 years of experience provides private lessons in the world of numbers and science.

My teaching methodology is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the student first and foremost and then lay out a suitable study plan and approach. Lesson Structure might comprise of focusing on the fundamental theory and then diving into the practical problems implementing those fundamentals.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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