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Engineering graduate with 5 years working experience to give math tuition and lessons

I prefer providing private lessons and having a student at a time in order to focus more on assisting the student in any areas which he or she has found difficulty in. I am very patient and hold importance in having my students understand the first principles and basic concepts of the subject taught.

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Maths Hons. Graduate/Geoscientist passionate about teaching Maths in Sydney Yr 9-12 students

My teaching method is hands on giving students the confidence to take on any kind of maths problem as challenge and enjoy it like a game, to equip them with techniques of multi-directional solution to a maths question with confidence

Redland Bay
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Top of maths class graduate helping your children be the best they can be in Brisbane.

My teaching method is whatever is best for your child. Whether it's pictures, slow explanations, flash cards or pop quizzes, I'll do my best to make sure your child is comfortable and learns efficiently. I am always open to new suggestions and recommendations.

Birmingham Gardens
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Chemistry, Biology, physics for Secondary and Higher Secondary level, Math for primary & Secondary level

I based on class and topics related to syllabus. Bangladesh, and a PhD student of the University of Newcastle, tutoring is my great passion because I want to teach which I know, and I want to learn which I do not know. Just I wanna ensure you the quality teaching only.

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Mechanical Engineering degree. Experienced in Mathematics (Extension 1, Extension 2), Physics, for High School.

My teaching method is explaining the theories and methods with the assistance of problems and diagrams as per requirement. I train students in solving problems and answering short answer and free response questions. Special training is provided for tackling multiple choice questions.

Ranjith kumar
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I am a Deakin University Student Studying Masters give Maths and Science lessons to school going students.

My teaching method is initially i will know at what stage the student is depending on his level I will start my teaching. But for sure my teaching method will give additional knowledge to students. I would look syllabus to be taught for student and then proceed with it.I always like to give extra knowledge to student apart from his academics.

Birmingham Gardens
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Tutor available for Mathematics, physics and Computer subjects online or at home

I have six years of teaching experience in different countries. I solve Mathematics like a game. Mathematics and computer subjects are fun. just fun and study together in friendly way.

Sheidow Park
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Electronic Engineer gives Mathematics and Physics lessons to high school students in Adelide

My teaching method is, for the students who has a law level of achievement is to concentrate on the basics to them and give more practical problems to solve on their own until they become familiar to solve the problems by themselves.

Surfers Paradise
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I teach Science up to 12 grade .I live in Surfers Paradise.I have 3Yrs experince in teaching techniques which is catchy in your mind

My teaching method is from face to face teaching with student .I would make clear to the student where they have problem in their question.My philosophy is Happiness is the highest good .

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Curtin Computer Science Student offering mathematics lessons in Victoria Park and Kensington area

Tutoring for over 3 years now has provided me with invaluable experience in building students' confidence and working on areas that students struggle with, allowing them to achieve their goals. I am aware that, depending on the student, different learning approaches are used and am willing to mould my own approach to suit theirs.

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Current Uni Student happy to provide tutoring for younger Primary School students and early High School Students (up to Years 7/8/9) including Maths/English and general support

As a former and current student, I understand that not every student is the same, and each individual learns things a little differently and that’s why sometimes school can seem a little more difficult.

Henley Beach South
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Easy way tutoring to primary and high school students in maths nearby CBD adelaide.

My subject is Maths, mostly in this subject before starting the topic i do cross questioning from the students for checking their prior knowledge.Then i will explain the topic by giving the examples.After that I do some numericals with the help of the students.

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Sydney University Commerce/Law Student Maths Lessons to High School/Primary School Students in Sydney

I will tailor my lessons to the questions that students have and work on those areas. I will also teach topics which students are wanting to learn if they want to get ahead. I will also ensure that my students learn much more than maths and about studying techniques. I will fulfil your academic goals, as your success will also be my success.

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Tutoring for years K to 12 by a second year medical student in the Newcastle Region

My "teaching method" is never the same for any two students. I beleive and have seen in my 5 years of tutoring, that every student learns in a different way and my goal is to find what works for you. This is one of the reasons why having a tutor can be very helpful, as it allows me to personalise all the content in a way that suits you best.

Redland Bay
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Maths and science tutoring! From a third year QUT mechanical/automotive engineering student!

Typically I find reading from a text book or having a teacher preach from a board hasn’t really ever sunk in with me, and as a result I find I avoid both of these when tutoring. I’ve always found practicing problems and working through questions to be very effective.

Darwin City
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Master in Chemistry graduate giving lessons in chemistry and math in Darwin.

My way of teaching is going through the subject matter together, and mainly doing exercises, since I think you learn most from doing it. While doing exercises I can give tips, advice, and explain the parts that appear to be difficult.

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Griffith Engineering and Science student tutoring high school mathematics and chemistry on the Gold Coast

My tutoring is suitable for students who are not happy with the results they are getting, and need to do better. Although, I can also help already good students, get better. I base my lessons off of what students know they are required to do. If they have an exam coming up, and they have a revision sheet, I can help them work through the questions, but also give examples they have not seen.

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Get your maths concepts clear with a masters of mathematics in Cranbourne.

my teaching method is very simple ,easy for students to understand, using examples to clear the concept. firstly , I believe to make students excellent in fundamentals of chapter. then doing examples related to topics and a short quiz's, which help the students to have tricks on their finger tips.

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High Achieving UWA Engineering/Finance Student with experience in tutoring available to tutor Maths/Physics/Chemistry to high potential children

MY teaching method is adaptive, depending on the child. I tend to use a lot of examples and problems which connect with the students and their personality. This way it is easier for them to learn, as they connect with the problem and view it in their own fashion.

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Physics lessons & maths lessons for students who are aiming good understanding of the .subjects. Would help in understanding assignments too on weekends( 1 hour extra sessions )

1. Students of all nationalities are welcome 2. Subjects will be taught topic wise no rush of completing the subjects till the student understands the topic well & co relates it to daily life 3. Would provide real life examples of professional use of physics 4.

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1st lesson free !

Macquarie Psychology student gives One-on-one private math tutoring for secondary and primary school students in your home!

I believe teaching is an art where the teacher can creatively find new ways to engage the student in learning so they can understand key concepts and methods. I also believe it is important that i am there for the student as a teacher and a mentor, setting an example for the student.

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An Engineer who can teach Maths, Physics and Organic Chemistry very well

My teaching methodology is to make the subject I am teaching interesting to student. I appreciate their effort and try to increase their curiosity. I start teaching from very basic levels using various examples and gradually based on how they grasp the subject, I increase the toughness level.

Flora Hill
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I'm here to help with any maths and computer related tutoring needs

I have completed a training and assessing, communications and negotiation and influencing courses. I continue to believe that good results at school have everything to do with the teacher and so communication becomes imperative in understanding content and hence good results.

Ascot Park
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Adelaide University - Graduate Aerospace Engineer providing tutoring in Mathematics and Physics

I always believe in - learning by doing. My approach would be more practical with possible examples that relates the theory. I always learned and aced my senior college and university exams by teaching others and not by learning hard, the night before exams.

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UOW student give maths lessons to high school students in Wollongong and has experience in tutoring high school student

Currently, I am studying master of engineering in material engineering and I have graduated in bachelor of technology in chemical engineering with first class with distinction. I can handle two students at a time. giving fully attention to both. My lessons depends on their academics.

Veysel mert
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Electronics Engineer with teaching experience wants to give math lessons to all levels of students

Method should change according to the student's tendencies. I like to observe the student and teach according to their learning patterns. However what really teaches a person is their own experience which is why solving questions and analyzing the points student struggles are always essential after the topic is discussed.

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UoW Master student from Hong Kong, excel in Maths, Sciences, Nutrition with over 5 years of tutoring experience. Welcome to contact me for further enquiry.

I teach class with extensive examples and demonstration. I excel in translating complicated concepts into simple and down-to-earth sentences. I teach small class size of 1-5 students, and known for the ability to address the need of each student by adequate communication.

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Master of Finance and Bachelor of Engineering proves I am great with numbers! Location: Brisbane

I like to take things slow, so that a student understands the fundamentals of a concept. I will act as a facilitator and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. Ask me questions and I'll make it the worth your while.

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My name is Nasir Aslam. I am doing master of data science in uniSA. I have done master in mathematics. I have 4 year of experience of teaching. Maths and physics are my speciality. The students who wa

I have different teaching mathods that varies from student to student. I often use easy method that a student can easily understand. Learning maths is a skills. And i know how to develop this skill in students.

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Perfect! Ami has tutored our 11 yr old son for maths for three weeks. Lessons are going great, our son is actually enjoying maths for the first time and looks forward to Ami coming. She is on time, enthusiastic and efficient and our son is getting through...

Domenic, Student
1 week ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Remarks from my son Gabriel "She explains things clearly and gives enough questions to do. She is very patient and kind. She always asks you questions to make sure you do the work, and then she makes you do questions from what she taught."

Monika, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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