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5 years of experience in teaching of maths in school, living in canberra.

I explain any concept to students by giving examples. If a student doesnt understand, I explain him according to his level of understanding. There are many ways of solving a question but I prefer that method which is easily understandable.

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Master in Chemical Engineer at the University of Buenos Aires giving math lessons to uni and high-school students!

My teaching methodology varies from student to student, since it focuses on the strategies that the student can't seem to get around to learn what they intend to. Generally I need the first or second class to assess how the student is coping currently with they subject they need help on, to recommend and apply the strategies needed for he/she to succeed.

Canning Vale
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Psychology Honours Student Providing Math Tutoring to High School and University Students in Perth

An integrated approach is usually adopted and tutoring sessions are comparatively student-centric. Striving for a comfortable learning environment tailored to individual needs. Tutoring commonly constitutes a combination of guided discovery, inquiry-based learning, and demonstration, depending on student preferences. The lesson structure may be discussed and planned in advance.

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Primary School Teacher with Special Education experience to tutor in all KLAs

I deliver inclusive individual and small group learning. I can tailor the learning to diverse needs of any students. I can provide a range of worksheet, project based, and real world tutoring in any of the KLAs including maths, english, science, pdhpe, history and geography. I integrate technology into lessons at the request of the students.

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University of Melbourne Engineering student give maths lessons to high school and below

I would like to quote my teacher's saying " Math is a language". Specifically, math is actually a logical thinking expressed by various formulas. The recipe I normally use in teaching is "connection". The network of knowledge is established by a huge amount of lines and points.

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I have been a tutor in Hong Kong for more than 6 years

Actually, I can teach you anythings that you don't understand, and answer all the question that you need. You can want me to become casual or serious, depend on what you want. It's better to tell my your study target and so I can help you easily.

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Highly experienced primary school and high school tutor in willetton for maths!

I give a mini test at the beginning of our tutoring session to identify strengths and weaknesses, breaking up our lessons based on the weak topics that were identified. Every week, I print out worksheets relating to the topic, giving out homework and ensuring that my student understands the particular sub topic.

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UQ Robotics Engineering, learn the future, Brisbane South Math and Science Tutor

I'm an engineering student in University of Queensland. I graduated highschool in Brisbane with an OP 2. I recently travelled overseas and taught English to corporate workers. Before that, I've been tutoring ever since year 12. I taught various year level and school, so I am very familiar with school curriculums.

Renown Park
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Adelaide Master Student give math lessons to high school with different methods that never used it before but really worked. She also ever joined for Olimpiade of mathematics in Indonesia

Firstly, I asked what the curriculum and give the basic knowledge for it and after that I will try to find the weakness of the student and fix it before I guide the students to the higher level of understanding about mathematics

Golden Grove
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Education student tutoring maths to primary and middle school students in Adelaide.

I guide my students in reaching their goals and achieving their best while helping them to be confident in their studies. I tailor my lessons to suit my individual students as I know that every student learns differently and has different learning needs.

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UNSW Computer Science Student gives maths lessons to primary and high school students in Sydney.

My teaching method is making sure the student learns the techniques required for problem-solving instead of having them memorize the answers to specific questions. I will provide a booklet of questions on the topic I will be covering and go through a few questions that will apply the knowledge the student has obtained during the lesson.

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From ACT, An ANU student, Math tutor for Primary and Secondary School

There will be two method, for two kinds of students. First of group, who can understand math, by showing ways to due the question, and providing exercise with some similar question. Another group, who is hardly understand math, using facts, and games, and practices, or other method that suit to students. Try let them to understand first. Than to due questions.

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Melbourne Uni accounting student wants to inspires students to love numbers and MATHS!

I build my students with simple text-book questions first, make them understand how to solve simple questions in short time frame then give them challenge and let them apply their own thinking.

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Dentistry student gives math and science tuition to secondary students in Darwin

My teaching method varies according to the student's learning style and focuses on the areas needed to be further improved. I am very organised and approachable. If you need some guidance on maths and science subject, please reach me at (concealed information) to make a booking.

Surry Hills
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Isaac Shipsey, British Undergraduate offering tutoring for high school-level mathematics in Sydney.

I am a fairly laid back teacher, and am happy to progress at the rate my student feels is most comfortable. My teaching method is to work through examples with students, and gradually ease in more independence as they become more familiar with the method, until they no longer require any assistance with the task.

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Primary Teacher available to give tutor lessons in all subject areas :)

I use a range of hands-on learning resources and adopt a student- centered learning approach. I base my tutoring plan on the students' interests, strengths/ areas of improvement and needs. This adds to a holistic learning method and a high success rate.

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QUT Education Graduate gives fun maths lessons to primary and high school students

I adjust my teaching style to the people I am teaching. The content can include or use as an incentive: games, videos, competition, things of interest, humour or many more. I can teach using methods and examples relevant to whoever I am teaching and pace the learning according to what works best for them. Content can only also be condensed or expanded according to what is most preferable.

Bowen Hills
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An engineering graduate gives maths lessons to primary school & high school students

My teaching method is approaching to the difficult problems step by step through examples. I like to teach the students while showing them the practical necessity of mathematics giving day today examples. I want to create students who love to face challenges.

Sunnybank Hills
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Current Bachelor of Maths/Engineering Student at University of Queensland offering Physics/Maths Tutoring

My teaching methods are normally aimed at focusing on the topics that my students are highly struggling with, and explaining the concepts to the best of my ability. I will make sure they have firm understandings of the topic by giving them various related practice questions and giving them feedback.

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First Class Honours UniMelb student with maths tutoring experience to teach maths in Melbourne

A good tutor will work themselves out of a job. This is because a good tutor will not only teach the student the content but also how to learn. Therefore the student will be able to become independent of the tutor and then be able to teach other students.

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Former NZ High School Math Teacher now living in Melbourne now working in Finance. Can teach Economics and up to Year 11 Maths.

I like to work collaboratively, to answer questions and address issues as they come up. I like to focus on HOW to get to the answers, more than the answers themselves. Math is a method, more than merely a collection of known facts. Rote Learning is the devil!!! Understanding is the important bit.

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ANU Commerce Student give math lessons to high school students in Canberra

My teaching method is to explain students to form deep understanding of concepts and theories while encouraging engagement. Then I let the students perform their own task with me assisting when necessary. I make sure I revise the content before every session.

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Dedicated School Holidays High school and Primary School Tutor (OP1 ATAR 99.35)

I believe that it is important to motivate and inspire students to solve problems and achieve success rather than just simply showing them the answer. I believe that tutors should be patient, respectful, professional and inspiring in order to bring about success for their students.

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Business and Management Student gives maths, Chemistry and Physics lesson to high school in Gold Coast

I teach by examples. I can explain in different methods and also consider the ability of the student understanding while explain the topics. I will build strong basics of the topics. I teach by working through whichever topics my student needs help in, making sure they understand what they are doing at every stage and progressing towards their goal.

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Melbourne Institute of Technology students gives math lesson to high school students in Melbourne

hey i am Vikas Malik and i will be helping in mathematics. teaching methodology is starting with very basic concept and then examples related to concept while home assignment include variety of question to make your concept more clear after that there will be doubt clearing session.

East Fremantle
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Engineering Surveyor offering Math lessons to students in Perth WA.I have over 14 years experience tutoring from primary to tertiary levels.

I base my teaching on looking at key indicators that identify problems. I supply and assist with well layed out examples, showing the steps and worked solutions. I offer individual support and written guidelines on how to learn each topic. I have helped over 130 students gain confidence and achieve high level results in less than a term in there current year.

Saint Lucia
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University of Queensland Master of Engineering Student who have 5 years of teaching experience give maths lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I try to explain the concepts with atleast 2-3 examples and try to cover every possible numerical that can be formed out of any topic. After every lesson, I take a test for that chapter (usually in every week). I give proper feedback on answer sheets of students and the solutions for asked questions, which really helps them to understand where they are lacking.

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Passionate year 12 student to upskill maths and chemistry knowledge of year 7 to 12 in Epping, Sydney

My teaching method is geared towards ensuring the students understand the basic concepts of maths and chemistry. My approach will be to go through each topic and provide a variety of question scenarios. This will help the students to get exposed to multiple methods of approaching the problem. Practicing previous year's exam papers to get acquainted with exam-style questions.

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Griffith Uni Engineering Student to Tutor & Teach High School Maths in Southport with ATAR experience.

I find it best to teach the student WHY we are doing the processes we are. I like to show them the very foundations of solutions and formulas so they understand on their own how to solve problems. I take it back to basics and make sure they understand every individual step. This allows greater problem-solving in the future as they independently work towards a solution.

Saint Kilda East
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Masters Graduate offering Maths lessons (algebra, arithmetic, algorithms) to high school students and below

I am patient, have empathy for students' confusion in mathematics, and would like to improve students' grades by making maths easier to understand. Breaking down into sub-parts and going through each phase with clear understanding is important for students, which will help them to enjoy maths better.

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Perfect! We has asked Richard to help our son who is in grade 6 with his maths this year. We have found Richard to be a lovely young man - very polite and reliable. We have only had a couple of lessons but we find him to be a competent teacher and he is...

Domenic, Student
4 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
2 weeks ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
2 weeks ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
3 months ago
(24 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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