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Graduate in engineering gives maths solutions for all classes till secondary classes

I am a Graduate and familiar with math concepts. Have a prior experience as an online tutor where I helped many students with their doubts. clear step by step analysis would be provided to the student whenever required.

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Engineering graduate gives Maths and computer lessons to higher secondary and college students

I Am an Computer Science Engineering graduate. I have completed my schooling through Kendriya Vidyalaya CBSE syllabus. I am very efficient in giving classes to undergraduate and higher secondary students in the following subjects - Maths , Computer Science. I am a topper in both secondary and higher secondary exams. Students can train and learn with me.

Gurgaon Rural
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Professional in IT gives concept clearing maths, physics, chemistry lessons in Delhi NCR

Hi. Through my experience as a student I have found that we as students don't get involved in the beautiful and interesting concepts of science/ literature which activate our brain cells and make us curious to know more. This happens because studies is shown as a compulsion and an eligibility criteria to exist peacefully.

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Masters in Math student based in State College, Pennsylvania gives math and science lessons to primary and high school students to develop their critical and logical thinking and analytical abilities.

My style of teaching would be helping students learn math in an easy way and letting them know the applications of various math concepts. In this way the students can better understand what they are learning and why they are learning. My methods include letting students know how math and science can be used to solve complex real world problems in the field of technology and sciences.

Greater London
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University Student in Maths gives Maths lessons to Secondary School pupils in London. With tutoring experience

I have a friendly, patient and supportive personality, and my lessons are usually flexible and exciting. My teaching style is to make sure students can explain in detail about the fundamental problem in mathematics and explain to them how these foundations build towards more complex and practical issues.

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Today's homework is tedious and brutal. As a mother of a 11 and 10 year old here in San Antonio Texas, I understand. I'm located in Judson district. I am molecular research coordinator at Lackland AFB

I worked very hard for 4 and 1/2 years to graduate with Biochemistry as my major and Biology as my minor. I now hold a prestigious position for the Center for Advanced Molecular as a Research Coordinator for pathogen surveillance.

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B.Tech Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) who can help you with maths, physics and chemistry up to secondary school level in Hyderabad.

Can help you understand the concept of your choice from Maths, Physics, and Chemistry or specific doubts on a particular concept. Can also help you in solving problems. Can give you relevant career advice as well in-line with your personal interests and options.

San Nicolás de los Garza
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Physical doctorate in Monterrey ---- physics, chemistry, mathematics, computation, digital circuits, scince

understand with playful examples which with daily examples could understand the scientific phenomena and then have a simple understanding of the exercises, resulting in an effective learning with 7 years of experience in Physics and Mathematics UANL, UVM and Tecmilenio, a doctoral stay in the u of chile, a doctorate and two bachelor degrees one in physics and another in computer science

Greater London
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Imperial College Theoretical Physics Master Graduate with 6 Years of Tutoring Experience in Maths, Physics and Programming

I am a recent Theoretical Physics Master Graduate from Imperial College London (First Class Honours). I usually begin the lesson by teaching my student a topic, follow by guiding the student through some exercises.

Greater London
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Passionate Mathematics and Computing undergraduate teaching maths to secondary school pupils in london

I am a second-year maths and computing student giving lessons to secondary school pupils. I believe that every student learns differently and I try to accommodate that and prepare lessons in a way they prefer. I am patient, enthusiastic and organised.

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GCSE & AS Level Maths Tutoring in Winchester and/or Eastleigh from Student

I am currently studying towards my A levels in Eastleigh. I don't have a lesson plan on the first lesson, only a few tests to determine the understanding of the ones I'm tutoring in the subject area, and a talk about the student's method of studying, how I can put that into my lessons, and previous experiences from tutors.

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Chemistry student at IIT Bombay, creative method and example loaded teaching, 2 years of experience in teaching . I am a sprinter having represented Army and my college at various regional and nationa

I try to take real-life examples to explain the concepts. In any topic, while giving examples, I take few questions ranging from board level JEE Mains level and ultimately covering JEE advance level giving my students a deeper understanding of the subject.

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"Maths and physics classes by Abhishek Singh,B.E.(EEE)(Bangalore) gives lessons to secondary school students."

My methods of teaching which i prefer to demonstrate is as follows:- LECTURE METHOD. A lecture is an oral presentation of information by the instructor. ... THE DISCUSSION METHOD. Discussion involves two-way communication between participants. ... THE DEMONSTRATION LESSON. ... BUZZ GROUPS. ... BRAINSTORMING. ... ROLE PLAYS....

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Maths could be fun to learn and easy to score thats what i have learnt by my time engineering in delhi

I like to bond with the subject as well as with the student. Simply stick with the course to get good grades in school and some extra knowledge to overcome new changes. I like to use RD Sharma for my extra aids as it can solve both my purpose.

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Online tutor for maths for primary to graduate level with 2years experience

I am a graduate in electrical engineering.since my schooling I am very much interested in mathematics. I teach maths in a simple way that any one can understand.

Glasgow City
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Undergraduate medical student tutoring maths, science subjects and providing assistance in admission tests (UKCAT, Personal statement, Interview)

I am an undergraduate studying medicine and I tutor maths and science subjects at GCSE and AS level. I achieved A* for Mathematics at GCSE and A-level. I have a good grasp of mechanics 1 for mathematics and achieved full marks in that paper for my A2 examination. I will be happy to provide tips and useful techniques to tackle certain types of questions to make studying mathematics more effective.

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Learning is the key to success I teach maths and science I am residing in Bangalore and I take only online tuition

Basically there are 3 steps in my teaching they are Understanding the concept, Practise it more and more , Finally comes the application part...

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Learn maths from basic to advance in specific manner. i am an engineer with knowledge of advanced mathematics.


Greater Manchester
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College student offering Maths lessons for Primary and Secondary school students in Manchester - I have first hand experience of the new GCSE specification

I am an A-Level maths student with 3 maths GCSEs, including first hand experience of the new specification. My lessons will tailor to each individual students needs, and can focus on a range of things, from interpreting questions, to Algebra to Geometry.

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Maths. Chennai. Lively and energetic attitude in teaching student with great enthusiasm.

I am, Maths graduate with BED certification, My objective is creating a lively atmosphere and with high energetic attitude in teaching students and with great enthusiasm. I am efficient in teaching Maths for degree students,higher & senior secondary students and for students appearing in IBPS exams.

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Get expert in Maths with my e-teaching. I'm a B.Tech and have vast experience in teaching tactical subjects.

I indulge in giving online classes to higher secondary students and engineering students. I'm quite flexible in traching timings. I'll teach all Maths problems with tips and ease which will help in getting excellent marks in exams. Having 7 bands in IELTS i'll make your subjects easy to learn.

Dr. jacqueline
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Math Is My forte! Let Me Help You Understand Various Levels of Math!!!

I have been an educator (professor) for 15 years, a professional tutor for 18 years. Let me help you or your child. I am very patient and good at finding the strategy that works for YOU! I have worked with special needs children, youth on the spectrum, and even adults with learning disabilities.

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Maths faculty in locality of gurgaon for middle classes till 8th standered

TO MAKE INTERESTING THE SUBJECT TEACHING WITH ENTERTAIN. In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give classes (degree, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (class structure) This is the first thing that students will read about your classes.

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Perfect teaching for maths , science , hindi for pre primary , primary,high school level

Perfect teaching for maths , science , hindi for pre primary , primary,high school level. Explaining all concepts with elaborative examples and easy to understand techniques. having 15 years experience in teaching and in developing innovative learning techniques. High School and SSE Merit holder. Also selected for ALL INDIA NATIONAL TALENT in year 1993.

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College student wanting to share the love of math through the younger generations

Hi I am Ee-Thern Ship, I have an A* in Maths GCSE and I am currently taking A level maths, Physics and Economics at Radley College. I want to help younger children to take on maths and show that maths is much easier than they think. I'll teach mainly the basics but when I see fit I will be more than happy to move on to the more advance topics. Also I will be more than happy to do exam prep.

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Phd qualified from M.I.T online maths and physics tutor for A-level and degree level students

I am a PhD qualified mathematician from M.I.T, 1998-2002, with knowledge of physics at the graduate level. I am currently living in Cheltenham. You can find more about my work at (concealed information) My area of research is in the geometry of algebraic curves, nonstandard analysis, probability and applications to physics.

Mirza khalid
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Mathematics as i have recently completely my engineering from a reputed college

I can teach up to engineering level but I want to gain some experience first. For that, i am going to give classes to the students studying in 11th or 12th standard as it will boost my knowledge and makes my concepts much clear.

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Engineering student at CPE Lyon gives courses in maths, physics, chemistry for college and high school in Lyon

Hello, I am a student at Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon, option electronics. I am used to work with students younger than me because I have been helping my sister (currently in her last year of scientific highschool, ) for several years, I am also supervisor for written exams at Les Chartreux.

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Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Classes available 24 x 7 x 365 Days. Register Soon and let's start with fundamentals.

I'm a postgraduate student currently pursuing M.B.A. in Marketing & Operations. I usually adopt fundamentals teaching methodology with follow-ups. I teach from primary to degree level students currently. Working as a part-time tutor in order to make learning a fun time. My methods of instruction depends upon a learner.

Vinay kumar
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Graduated from nit durgapur, looking forward to teach maths and physics classes for the joy of learning

i am good at analyzing the subject in visualizing in students perspective and make them understand what actually the things are and how the study will be helpfull for them by providing lively examples thus by making the processes of learning much easier and enjoyable

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