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Byron Bay
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Canadian Engineering Student offering math lessons to high school students in Byron Bay

With most physics and math problems, everything can be broken down into very small and simple steps that are easy to understand. I like to do this then slowly show people how to piece them together to demonstrate how easy it can be! I aim to give students the tools they need to problem solve on their own and gain confidence in their abilities.

Moreland City
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Geometric background student provides private tuition classes to secondary level students living around Fawkner.

My teaching method is more practical base. I also like to make my teaching more effective by giving extra knowledge and using cue cards more. Theory base method is not my type. I only give some information through theories and definition.

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Macquarie University - Actuarial Science Master's Student giving Mathematics lessons to High School and Uni students

My teaching is very much logical and analytical. My philosophy is "You don't need to remember formulas (any formula), I'll show you how maths work." Mathematics is very beautiful, and it is absolute. It is derived from the real world and used in the real world. I'll show you the use of mathematics in a very beautiful way.

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Philippine-Licensed Mechanical Engineer that's willing to share his Engineering and Mathematics knowledge

As an engineering student before, I know that every person has a different approach in thinking and solving for problems. I know it takes practice but I'll do my best to teach you the best way possible for you to be able to understand the topic and be excellent with it.

Watermans Bay
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Maths tutoring: UWA Engineering student from Perth (99.2 ATAR, multiple scholarships, Perth Mod entrance)

I always want to make sure the student is engaging with the work we are looking at. I think the best lesson is when a student walks away feeling like they have got to grips with a topic they were struggling with.

Redland Bay
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Engineer want to teach maths like a genius - maths will become easy to you

Teach with example. Build a good base for the student. Encourage student to understand the basic. Do lots of practice. Make the subject enjoying and creative. Encourage student to build up confidence. Prepare students to get good grade. Encourage student to work hard.

(2 reviews)
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BSc. Graduate gives maths lessons and tutorials support for school, high school students

I measure the student’s level first and select students that I can support, then make him/ her level up step by step and speed up their work giving extra work.

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Latrobe engineering student teaching Mathematics to highschool and uni students in melbourne

My teaching methods are based in logical reasoning and simple methodology. I first understand the level of the student and then channelise its ability to understand better and score higher. I always try to correlate the subject with inserting facts and concepts to keep it easy to remember.

North Melbourne
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National gold medalist in the mathematical olympiads gives maths lessons to high school students in Melbourne

As I am quite fresh out of school, I know the difficulties that students can encounter whilst studying maths (which I have experienced in the past with other subjects). So my teaching always starts with a task, thanks to which I can assess the ability of the student and focus on those particular points where he or she seems to experience the most difficulties.

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I taught Chemistry three years in KUWAIT to 9 & 10 class.

My teaching method is very simple.Firstly i prefer to go through the reading,then basic concepts about the topic and then the full explanation of the topic with the help of equation,diagrams or chart what ever that is required.After that how the question can appear in exam and how to have to answer it.

Mount Druitt
(1 review)
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Amandeep doing master of data science in sydney university and have done M.sc(maths) ,M.ed(education) wants to teach alzebra, statistics, airthmetic, trignometry and algorithms at primary and secondar

I adopt a flexible approach for teaching and usually set up methods according to the needs of the students.I always try to teach maths in an interesting way so that students can easily understand and grasp the main concepts of maths.

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Newcastle engineering student with a great intuition for foundational math concepts in the HSC.

In my studies I tend to produce a clear mental image of mathematical concepts to apply to complex problem solving, so you can expect a highly abstract and visually intuitive approach that focuses on the fundamental concepts underlying the complex problem solving demanded in the HSC.

Kiels Mountain
(1 review)
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Sunshine Coast Scientist gives inspiring academic writing, maths and science sessions for University and Secondary students.

I like to keep it fun and to go over your actual assignments/work. If you can get sample tests and model questions we can work on those together.

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UOW Teaching student, want to tutor primary school and highschool maths, physics.

My teaching method is incorporating student autonomy with a top down flow of information approach. Peer learning and internal motivation is encouraged. Classes will be based on mutual respect and hard work. Persistence and patience is key, and I believe in keeping on pushing forward.

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Private Science and Maths Tutor - Professional Engineer Bowral Based one to one assistance

1 hr one on one normally after hours to suit both students availability and my own using the students own teaching material from school or uni to further understanding and application of the curriculum. Pace of lessons is set by students understanding and comfort with the material.

Brisbane City
1st lesson free !

QUT Masters of Engineering student available to give maths and physics lessons to primary, secondary and high school students.

I tend to explain concepts with the help of real world examples. I first make a systematic timetable based on topics to be covered for the whole subject. I tend to go back to the taught lessons to revise so that the concepts are not forgotten along with quiz tests as home work.

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Ready in Brisbane South: approachable and experienced tutor specialising in maths & sciences

My teaching style is catered to the student's learning mode, whether it is visual, tactile, or auditory. For example, I can provide easy descriptions for the auditory student who might struggle at geometry, or wonderful illustrations for visual students struggling with algebra.

North Melbourne
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University of Melbourne graduate chemical engineering student offering tutoring in maths and science

I prefer using interactive teaching methods to ensure that the student understand all relevant concept on the topic before moving to the next chapter. I provide examples and work through the questions with the students to ensure that I am able to maximize understanding of the concepts by the student. I also conduct homework checks and go through in detail questions that students are unsure about.

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ANU Actuarial/Finance Student providing Math and Statistics tutoring to high school students in Canberra

My teaching method is introducing/strengthening the foundations of any subject and then ironing out any wrinkles in understanding to make sure the student understands the material completely. I am a strong believer in positive reinforcement and being open to asking as many questions as possible.

1st lesson free !

Exceptional in teaching chemistry,maths to high school and university students.Holder of a degree in process engineering and a masters in chemical engineering.

I prefer teaching my students using past exam papers,that way they have access to the way examiners think.From my experience l have noticed most students have problems in applying what they have learnt when it comes to exam questions.l also prefer examining students on each topic as they tend to have different strengths in topics,thereby maximising their level of understanding .

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University of Queensland Graduate tutor in Brisbane for all Maths subjects (primary school, highs chool, Maths A, B and C) + study, organisation and time management tips

I prefer one-on-one lessons for mathematics students. Generally, I follow the specific class curriculum for each student, going over what has been taught each week to ensure the students' full understanding, expanding on or re-teaching (using different teaching methods) areas the student struggles with.

Red Hill
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An Engineering Professional with 17 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

My approach to teach students is to make concepts easier to understand and interesting for them by bringing in as many examples as possible from real life situations. I teach students (wherever possible) techniques which help in developing their mental calculations ability and help them in retaining concepts.

1st lesson free !

Charles Sturt University student gives Maths lessons to Primary and High School students in Wagga Wagga.

I approach my lessons with knowing my students and how they learn as well as making sure that they are interested and engaged with what they are learning. My clear and explicit instructions will guide the students in the right direction and help them to complete the required task.

1st lesson free !

RMIT Business Student providing maths lessons to High School students in Melbourne.

I am a friendly person, who tries to understand the situation and provide help to students. Patience is one of my strongest assets, and I like to help people when they are in a difficult situation. I always insist on having the basics right in every subject, as it will develop interest and get better results.

Saint Lucia
1st lesson free !

First Year UQ Finance and Economics Student available to give maths lessons to middle school and high school students at the UQ library.

I have a patient approach with students, identifying their weaknesses and working to address them. This then allows me to then focus on accelerating students, helping them to achieve their true potential. My lesson structure is flexible to student needs and time commitments but my classes focus on assistance with school homework and assignments and revision for upcoming assessments.

Andrews Farm
1st lesson free !

Engineering Graduate who can assist in all maths and science at a high school level.

I was once in your position I know how hard it can be! I will breakdown the topics the show the beauty and real world application of them.

Waurn Ponds
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Teaching Mathematics and Physics last 8 years to high school and uni students.

My method is to understand my students and providing lessons based on need and demand. I try to teach very carefully and sincerely as all students does not have similar capability. I focus on solving problems, weekly and chapter-wise exam, and solving past years questions.

1st lesson free !

Worked as teacher for Rinchen Higher Secondary School for teaching year XII Mathematics and Accounts

I used many real life examples to make it more simple and understandable to the students. I always considered that studying math is just like playing games, as there will be always or reached at one answer or logic at the end. In addition, i adopt group discussions, online interaction and abstractions with lots of application parts.

1st lesson free !

Fun way learning of math and sciences with experienced teacher, together we can make it work.

I prefer teaching kids from age 4 to 10, but older kids are also welcomed. For younger kids teaching strategy include engaging them in playful manner and teaching them simultaneously like with rhymes and other stuff. For older kids, teaching strategy include first making them understand the topic and then doing example questions with them to ensure they are totally grasping the concept.

Canning Vale
1st lesson free !

UWA Medical Student Tutoring Maths Methods/Applications, Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology in Perth

My teaching style involves letting the student direct the lesson towards the area in which they feel they need help. Once I understand what a student is after I breakdown their knowledge of the subject by speaking and then work with them to fill in the gaps in their knowledge through both discussion and working through questions.

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Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
1 day ago
(20 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Kevin is a wonderful teacher. He is very engaging and is able to answer my questions by breaking down concepts into a format that is easy to understand. My sessions with him are a lot of fun and I found it to be extremely helpful with my studies.

Hamish, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sadly, the tutor disappeared without any prior notice while assignments and exams due ahead and its no way that to found replacement towards end of academic year.

Connie, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Harinder tutors my son, he is in grade 10. Jake enjoys the sessions and Harinder is very flexible in his assistance. Harinder has been able to assist Jake in Biology, maths and english. I highly recommend Harinder as a pleasant, flexible and...

Janelle, Student
1 month ago
(7 reviews)

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