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South Hurstville
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Sydney/Hurstville UNSW 4th year acturial/statistics giving year 7-12 level math (excluding 4unit)

My teaching method is similar to the one I use to learn something new, and it goes a little something like this: 1. Ask why bother, whats the point of taking time to learn this thing, what can it be used for? 2. How does this technique work and how do I apply it? 3.

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A Masters in Professional Engineering student at University of Western Australia and YES!!!! I know how to deal with Numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I am Saptarshi Guha and I would like to teach my students on real time objects as well as examples rather than focusing on books which will give them a clear idea of how things work rather than learning everything by heart.

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An electrical engineer and research student at University of Queensland having exceptional command on Mathematics and Physics

I can teach students of any age group and gender. My way of teaching is innovative and I ensure that my point is clearly understood. I ask students to give me feedback about each classroom so I know how much they have learned.

Birmingham Gardens
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University student offers in-home mathematics tutoring for k-12 school students within Newcastle

I get the student to show me their textbook and what lessons they are meant to have done in class. I go through it in more detail, answering questions and showing how to understand the lesson. Then they work through exercises to see that they can do it for themselves. For others who really struggle, I make sure they know the basics.

East Victoria Park
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Industrial Engineering master's student teaching Mathematics, and AIMMS programming language in Western Australia

I always try to approaches my topics from the very basics of the subjects to make sure that everything is covered related to core subjects. Providing an ample amount of exercises and sample questions to cover all the details regarding the thought topics.

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Hardworking and passionate teacher with 14 years of experience in teaching Chemistry to the university students.

I plan my work well in advance. I illustrate my lessons with the help of examples and power-point presentations. The lessons are quite interactive with equal participation of students so that they are not bored. Explanation to the problems using real life situations is my main focus.

Forest Hill
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A highly experienced teacher who makes a major difference in your child's educational success

I provide the best service to my students. I explain Mathematical concepts in detail. I help my students gain confidence in Maths by teaching the concepts in easy ways. I also give many good resources to my students and assess their knowledge regularly.

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I love to teach Maths. As Maths is the queen of all sciences, so I will take utmost care in my teaching so that each and every student will love it. Afterall who does not want to love the queen!!

In May 2015, I got my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. At, present, I am involved with research in Statistics in the University of Newcastle. I worked as a 'Graduate Assistant' helping students as a tutor in Mathematics for two and half years in the University. I am sincere, reliable and patient in my teaching to students.

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UOW Engineering student gives maths/physics lessons to high school and uni students in Wollongong/Southern Highlands

My teaching method is work through the topics the student is struggling with, identify the problem areas; i.e. where a gap in understanding exists, and focus on that idea until the student grasps the concept.

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Preservice teacher giving Maths and English lessons for students in Preprimary to Year Six.

My classes are focused on the individual and I provide full support for my students to learn new or difficult topics until they have confidently grasped them. I take the students lead and tailor the program to suit their needs.

Mawson Lakes
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Adelaide Uni Dentistry Student give math lessons to primary/high school students Adelaide

My teaching method is to cater for the student. Ideally I will help with the student's issues that they are currently having in school. My philosophy is that a student has the potential to achieve great and the tutor's job is to encourage and guide the student to that goal.

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High school student offering help with homework or math tutoring for primary school students.

I base my classes on the topic the student is learning or asks me to teach. If there is no topic, I will give them a trial test with different topics in them and work on the topics they are not confident in.

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Bachelor of Mathematics student (third year), tutoring lessons for high school students in Wollongong

My teaching method is centered around inquiry based learning. I try to get my students to attempt questions before asking me for help. This allows the students to explore their own ways of understanding concepts. I try to endorse open learning, which is all-encompassing and courteous of the tutoring environment.

Alexander Heights
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Encouraging year 12 student teaching maths to younger students from year 10 and below.

I base my classes on the content that the student is studying at school. I will teach them what they don't now and help them improve on what they already know. In order to get great results I will help the student revise for tests.

Coopers Plains
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Want to learn Math? Make it interesting Subject? Come and Learn from Khyati

Attention to each students, class room coaching, coaching each topic as per text book and teaching material. keep track of progress of student, timely sharing feedback of child to their parents, also showing progress graph. Encouraging child to have fun with learning.

Fitzroy North
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High-School student teaching primary school students mathematics around the Fitzroy/ Brunswick area

I teach depending on what the student seems to best lean with. If necessary I can teach using Montessori methods or other more standard methods. I am most comfortable teaching with visual aids and materials opposed to just explaining a concept.

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Final year Civil and Structural engineering student here to help you improve your maths and physics skills

My father is a teacher and he taught me how to be an effective learner as well as teacher. My lessons will be conducted in an easy going manner and I will try to teach all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years which will simplify maths and physics and making it easy and fun to learn.

Bedford Park
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Private tutoring (Student From Flinders Uni, Doing Master of Engg. Science) (For Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

For subject like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, basics and concepts are important. My method of teaching is like getting the subject to real life. I expect students with any absorbing level. I will be available at flexible hours. Thank you.

1st lesson free !

I have more than 10 years experience for teaching at home in Taiwan!!!!!!!

My teaching method focus on understanding of mathematical concepts. Especially for students with poor understanding, I will use some simple methods to make them easier to understand. I am rich in teaching enthusiasm and patient tutor. Students who use Mandarin are more suitable.

1st lesson free !

Inspiring students to achieve the best through hard work, dedication and professional assistance

My goals is to transform underperforming students to high academic achievers. I coach university students, high school and middle school student in vast science arears. I am organized, patient and dedicated to encouraging my students to achieve excellent grades. I live to inspire my students to be the best.

1st lesson free !

Fractions got you down? Keep calm and get a tutor(40+ VCE maths)

I approach each lesson as it is the last lesson, and deliver my best content. All my lessons will be in liaison with the school curriculum, and taught alongside the material taught in school. Worksheets and resources will be provided.

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QUT Engineering undergrad teaching Maths and Physics related subjects to students around Brisbane.

I am a Mechatronics student at QUT who has teaching experience of over a year and has much more to give. Being around parents who were both teachers I have grown a fondness towards teaching and motivating the younger generations to discover their true potential. My teaching method is fairly simple. Acknowledging students small signs of progress and keeping them motivated.

Parafield Gardens
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University student successfully completed Maths Studies and Specialist Mathematics In high School

My teaching Method is to make sure the student gets the knowledge for the topic completely and so they can apply it to any form of questions. I approach every students questions and try my best to help them with any queries.

Wentworth Point
Fatema tuz zahra
1st lesson free !

Macquarie university business student would like to give high school students or primary students some knowledge on maths.

I am a very relaxed teachers and would like to teach grades commencing from 3-8. Lower grade students connect to me well and i give them the opportunity to open up in front of me as a friend. The teaching would be interactive with problem solving and practicing maths.

1st lesson free !

Mathematics; play with numbers now in Geelong. I completed my MPA from USC.

Hmm! I'm not a professional teacher, but yes I did help my friends in any kind of problem with the subject. So, I am sorry, I won't be your teacher but I'll be your friends who will always be there to help. I did my graduation from Delhi, India and completed masters from USC. I'm post graduate in Accounting but I still love maths and so you will. I got no experience, but there's no harm in trying.

Mount Lawley
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Qualified and experienced Maths teacher, years 4 to 12 in Perth and adjacent suburbs.

My lesson plan is normally tailored to each individual learner. I begin by exploring the background of the learner. Success in learning a maths topic/concept is largely dependent on one's knowledge of other identifiable topics/concepts. My first task is ensure that the learner has the skills in those prerequisites. Lack of one or more of those prerequisites informs my approach.

South Morang
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Qualified Professional Engineer coaches in primary & high school mathematics and physics in north of melbourne....

Mathematics and Sciences are an integral part of our lives, the fundamental compositions of our environment can be easily explained using the theories. My approach simplifies the process of learning the theories and applying it to resolve various problems. My students have always enjoyed the journey and the "Eureka" moment after that.

Mawson Lakes
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High school Math Tutor available for any level of difficulty. Price varies with difficulty

I will start by analyzing what level your math is at starting from basics and moving forward to complex. As soon as we identify where you are at we will work to strengthen that are so we can progress. What I will need: - Your current grade - The grade you want to achieve - Your weekly schedule so we can assign hours to your tutoring.

Siddiqui tanjila
1st lesson free !

RMIT engineering students gives lesson for high school maths, physics and chemistry

I am final year chemical engineering honours student at RMIT specialising in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I understand that different students have got different approaches to learning. My first one hour session is free of cost so that the student and I can connect to a level where we develop a mutual understanding.

Queens Park
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UWA microbiology/maths student teaching maths to high school/uni students in Perth anywhere.

I would first go over the concept, explain why it is the way it is. Once that is grasped, I'll show the students how the relevant questions look like and will do a couple, with the students observe the method. Once that is over and done with comes the questions that they have to fill out. I'll be providing a lot of exam questions because that is how I learnt how to do maths.

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Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
1 month ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! After only an hour with Morgan I have fullunderstood at least 2 weeks of work that was covered in class. Morgan's explanations of the topics that we went through were very clear and concise. She also made learning fun and applied real life examples...

Georgia, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

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