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University of Adelaide Maths student, can meet in Adelaide (City). Maths and physcics

My teaching method will be to show you how I learned the the topics, work through the fundamental key concepts to build a strong understanding of the topic. I feel that if you don't know what you are learning about its almost impossible to learn the topic. I will not do the work for you but i will be happy to help with any questions and teach you how to approach different problems.

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ANU Economics and Finance student offering math lessons to primary or high school students in Canberra

My lessons are based on making the mathamatical concepts that you have been taught in class as simple as possible. I will break down the concept and simplify each step to solving a problem. Then I will give many examples and practice questions that will require one to apply the concepts. I also help out with homework and assignments for class.

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A postgraduate student at Swinburne University, with experiences in short-term tutoring for statistics.

I assist students in developing critical thinking and retain knowledge from what they have learnt during in class sessions. I ensure that I provide prompt assistance with their weak areas. I also do ensure that adequate practice questions are given to students to not just improve their understandings, but their confidence as well.

South Perth
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Successful tutor in Maths and Physics with practical experience in South Perth

As a tutor now I am committed to helping other students successfully achieve high results. For the past 2 years, I have assist students in Physics and Math subjects such as discrete Mathematics at Murdoch University and Curtin University.

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Preet Information Technology student gives maths lessons to school students in Adelaide.

I approach topic by proper understanding and a lot of real life examples . Also , understanding student's weaknesses and overcoming them has always been my priority.Making learning easier in the starting and challenging in further coarse has also been great.

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La trobe student willing to teach mathematics to highschool and younger students.

My teaching method depends on the student because mathematics is not everyone’s piece of cake. My classes are super friendly and understanding.

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North Perth Maths and Science Tutoring for High School and Primary School Students

I believe each child learns differently and so I try to cater for the individual needs of each child. I like to work with examples and encourage questions and feedback from the student. If it helps I like to use mab blocks or other equipment, or with older students drawings and explantions to make sure the concept is fully grasped.

Mawson Lakes
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Current 3rd year Applied Mathematics PhD student at University of South Australia looking to help students gain a better understanding of mathematics and achieve higher grades

Ideally I like to determine a students strong and weak areas and base my teaching around these. With this information, I can build a turorial which is more unique and individual to each person. I am also an advocate for completing as many interesting exercises as possible.

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IT and Business Graduate provides Maths, IT and Physics tuition for high school students

I try to find where a student stands first and then teach him/ her in the simplest way possible n so that they can grasp the concepts. My teaching involves regular tests to asses the student on an ongoing basis and providing assistance for the homework.

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A Masters in Computers Application Teaches Maths & Science in Adelaide. Perfect.

I like teaching one on one or group of maximum 10 students. I make sure the basics are strong enough. I conduct regular tests to make sure students are on track in their syllabus. I attend their doubts most thoroughly.

Willoughby East
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UNSW Computer Science student teaching Mathematics and Computer Science in Chatswood or Online

My courses are aimed towards students who either want a intuitive and basic understanding or a rigorous and deep understanding their subjects of choice .

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Western Sydney PhD student. In computer science, with professional skills to teach you

My method in tech give hands on training. Provide more techniques in problem solving. Move with milestones .

Sandy Bay
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Math Tuition from Primary to High school in Hobart by N. Kumar

I prefer to teach Maths thoroughly and not merely limited to memorizing formulas and procedures. I tend to create space for exploration and conceptual understanding. I do follow up students what they are getting and try to find what are their potential problems. I make simple analogies to solve complex tasks.

Darling Heights
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I give maths lessons to high schools in Toowoomba with proper explanations for better understanding

I am a enthusiastic person and teach my students by giving them daily notes and some home work to practise depending upon their understanding and discuss their difficulty the next day.

Belmont North
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Tutoring in Year 7-10 Math, Year 11 and 12 Advanced Maths and Year 11 and 12 Physics

My teaching method is to go through worked examples and notes, providing a deeper understanding to the topic. Go through questions students may have on homework assignments or in class tests and to do practice examples to increase a students knowledge to become more confident.

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Graduate Engineer currently pursuing masters offering math lessons to high school students

I base my classes according to the specific needs of a student. After analyzing the areas in which students need assistance I prepare myself for providing the apt method.

North Gosford
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I'm an Year 10 student who can teach Mathematics and English to student from Year K-7.

I teach in context to practical approach and textbook given by the school. I belive I can help my students understand what they are studying and making sure that they understand what they had been taight. I dont give too much homework so that the student can relax and enjoy the next class.

Chapel Hill
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Brisbane the Western Suburbs - MATHS A, MATHS B and MATHS C Tutoring

I'm an 18yr old uni student and I believe everyone can learn and improve their ability in mathematics. I teach by finding the right method for the student by identifying where their strengths and weaknesses. My lessons are aimed at High School students, whether their looking for a little bit of help to compliment their students or if they're struggling and need to improve their grades.

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QUT Post grad student gives maths lessons to school students in Brisbane

Make students understand the most important fundamentals. Solve simple to complex problems just using the fundamental concepts. Build the confidence of the student via interactive lecture and problem solving sessions. In order for a student to excel in exams, he/she must feel confident about the concepts. Hence I would mostly stress only on concepts/basics.

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Dr. Akhter, Secondary School Teacher gives lesson for year 1 to 12 Maths and Science

special care and improvement for Year-1 to 12 students' learning skill development with high excellent results in their academic performance. Specialist teacher of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics is for top students to fulfil their high expectation.

Sandy Bay
Dewan rahat
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Science is creativity. You can almost anything with mathematics. I believe in Pythagoras. I am an UTAS student and love to teach the art of science.

My teaching method is work and learn. I believe in each lesson, a student can learn more than the book limits. I intend to work with students who want to learn with real world lesson. I would relate each lesson with the real world problems and work on that together, so that the student doesn't bound to the books only and some creativity.

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Graduate UTS Mechatronics Engineer & BSc in Applied Physics Willing to Offer Tutoring

I break down difficult problems and scenarios into fundamental concepts that are easy to visualise. Understanding the reason behind wanting to solve a problem is often the biggest hurdle in approaching problem solving. I make this easy by using visual aids like diagrams and pictures as well as simple yet highly relevant analogies.

Athol Park
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Currently an UNISA student ( persuing Master of Science in Data Science)

I am an Engineer who had two years of work experience in Cognizant and currently pursuing my MS in Data Science in UNISA From my 10th grade onward am helping my juniors and neighbouring students in all subjects.

Kelvin Grove
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University student gives math and science lessons to elementary and high school students

I personalize my sessions to each student trying to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as how they approach studying in general. Understanding is key! This method tends to be slower but generally brings about a bigger change.

Wembley Downs
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Interested in Forensics or having trouble with Maths? Teaching Maths and Forensics available in Perth

I teach one on one to students that are struggling with maths or have an interest in learning forensic science. Lessons structures will consist on focusing on areas that the student is struggling, followed by a review of homework given previously and then continuing onward to the next topic. I'm not strict if the effort is returned.

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Curtin Engineering and Commerce Student tutoring Maths and Science for all years

My classes start off with getting to know where my student lies on an academic level. I then proceed to make worksheets as per their needs. I usually revise general topics for the year and then focus on topics that they need help with. If they have a test at school, I also provide with mock tests and feedback.

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WSU Medical Student (2017 ATAR 99.15, Maths 2U/3U: 97/99). Flexible time, place

Before any real lesson i always sit down and talk to the students about how they are doing at school, their learning style and what they want to accomplish moving forward. In a lesson, i start with few questions about previous topics or tricky questions to "warm-up" students.

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University student willing to give math lessons to late primary school/early highschool students

I am a patient individual and am determined to help students understand the math problems presented to them. I am quite flexible in how the lessons will be, catering to the needs of the student. The structure of lessons will depend on the student, but generally I will follow the topics being taught in school in sequence, focusing more on what the student finds challenging.

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Graduate Mechanical Engineer giving lessons to high school students for future sucess

To explain in as many different ways possible. Help the student grasp concepts from the concepts they already know. I am fluent at English so I am very easily understood when I speak. Start from basics and teach from there.

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Monash Education Student give p-10 maths lessons at library or at home

I am a down to earth and relaxed person who's keen to help students who just need a push on the back! My lessons are student centred, and they're up to what you need and want, and i'll deliver within the best of my capabilities.

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Perfect! My son's first lesson went really well, Peggy was fabulous. We have booked a heap of lessons until the end of the year.

Sally, Student
4 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sam is fantastic! The perfect combination of patience, punctuality and pedagogy. He's not only on the ball, he's ahead of the game - which is helping my son achieve better results and, importantly, gain more confidence. Just to top it off, he's a...

Kylie, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I don't know what happened in the end initially was going to meet Christiana on Wednesday, but unfortunately, she had to cancel, re-arranged for the Sunday, she didn't show and I have never been able to contact her since. Via phone, email etc

Neil, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Samantha has been a great guide and instructor to our son. After the initial lesson, Samantha quickly pointed ways he could quickly improve his study methods, not just in math but more importantly, better ways for our son to approach his studies. ...

Dave , Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We are very pleased to find Vicky to help out with math for my Year 7 daughter Maya and Year 9 son Max. They both commented that they enjoy lessons with Vicky very much and get a lot out of it. Vicky has a wonderful enthusiastic approach, which...

Yana, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would recommend this teacher. He is an excellent tutor

Julie, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

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