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Maths student based in Leicester with excellent skills in communicating mathematics to GCSE students or adults without strong mathematical backgrounds.

A second year BSc Mathematics student at the University of Leicester with experience in providing comprehensive one to one tuition to KS3 and GCSE students in many areas of mathematics, including statistics.

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Physics, Maths and Chemistry classes for students from class 8 to class 12.

Simple and Unique teaching methods. All topics covered and all school boards. New tricks to solve questions in competitive exams and also some methods can be applied to check answers in school exams. Physics with full concepts and examples. Easy learning Tips and Tricks.

New Delhi
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First year student giving math lessons to college students online or in Delhi

I believe in a student teacher interaction to be very strong and that can be achieved when there is proper understanding and communication between them thus I teach at such a platform where the student can freely learn at his/her own pace and understanding. College students willing to learn maths , stats and computer science are welcome.

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University Gradute who can teach all science subjects including maths, phsics,chemistry, computer lessons and statisics

My name is Kelvin and I am very passionate about extending knowledge across to people causing teaching is like a hobby to me so I do it with so much ease and I can teach a wide range of students from Primary School up to undergraduate level.

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PHD student in Mechanical Engineering, gives lessons in general math, single variable calculus, precalculus, general physics, and trigonometry, to middle school, high school, and college students in N

I'm currently working on my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. I understand that every student is different in their way of learning, so I believe in exploring subjects with students to find out the best way for them to learn. I'm a patient tutor, willing to work with any student regardless of their learning pace.

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Qualified UK Secondary School Teacher based in Warwickshire gives maths lessons at home and online

I am a fully qualified UK teacher. I teach mathematics in a Secondary school in Warwickshire. I give tuitions up to GCSE level - including Functional skills. I start my lessons by demonstrating the skills to my students, then we complete a task together and once they feel confident, I hand over to them to demonstrate their understanding.

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As (or lower) Physics, Maths and Biology for students aiming to achieve outstanding grades

My name is Osarumwense Aigbe and I'm in the UK since July 2016. I've been here in the UK for almost 12 months, but my As predicted grades are outstanding ( A for Physics and Maths, B for biology) You may think that I'm a sort of genius, but let me tell you something: NO ONE IS A GENUS. You just need passion and a good revision technique, and maybe even a good tutor.

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Math lessons to primary and junior high students. I am a college student in veterinarian technician

I was a tutor in high school. I am ADHD so it is easy for me to work with other students with the same disability. I work with what the child knows then proceed with what the child needs help with. This sets an idea that the child can do it if he/she puts their mind to it. I believe that all children are capable of learning, just sometimes you have to find what motivated them.

Comuna 3
María agustina
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Psychopedagogy student offers English classes for all levels and also School Support

I have helped children and adults from 8 to 35 years old, with a didactic, fun and specialized method for each of them. I adapt my methodology to the student, working hard to be clear, precise and leave fixed knowledge. I specialize in passing tests for Ort's Schools and Carlos Pellegrini. Also, preparing students for International Cambridge English Exams.

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Medical student gives lessons in math, physics, chemistry and French from primary to high school in Colombes

I am a second year medical student in Paris Diderot. In parallel with my studies, I am doing homework help at Lycée Sainte Croix in Neuilly-sur-Seine to second-level students. I got my baccalaureate in 2015 with honors. I am very attentive to the needs of each student and I try to adapt as much as possible to the difficulties that he or she may encounter.

Kevin alexis
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Future Industrial Engineer of Veracruz Puerto, bright in the area of ​​esactas.

Mathematics are easier with clear examples of different difficulty, which allow the absorption of the methodology and its subsequent understanding and application. Resolution of doubts, clarifications in failures and patience is all that is needed to reach your goals here.

Greater London
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Maths tutor (speaks english, french and mandarin) with 2 years of experience, currently studying Maths and Economics at LSE

If you have problems with mathematics I will do my best to make you understand the mechanism behind those numbers by working together. We could also go through some beautiful mathematical proofs related to your class material to help you appreciate more mathematics.

Greater London
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A* Medical Student offering maths and science tuition up to A level standard

I will confidently and enthusiastically teach maths and science in core exams, such as 11+, GCSEs and A levels. I aim to teach the full content required in preparation for exams, ensure examination questions are practiced in depth and answered to mark scheme specification. In addition, I will provide relevant homework per session.

Aberdeen City
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Engineering student gives Maths lessons to pupils under University level in Aberdeen

I am a second-year Petroleum Engineering student at the University of Aberdeen. I teach pupils below university level and help them achieve or develop their understanding of maths. I build around my students’ weak spots to solidify and develop their understanding, and do this with exercises, explanations, demonstrations and animations.

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College student in engineering gives maths, physics and chemistry lessons to secondary school students in Uttar Pradesh.

Myself Abhishek kumar, I'm from Gorakhpur. While doing my engineering from a well known government institute named KNIT i would like to teach PCM subjects up to Class 12. My Techniques and method of instruction- 1.Begin lessons by giving clear instructions. 2.Make a smooth transition into next subject. 3.Develop positive teacher/student relationships.

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Maths is difficult ? Let's make it easy ! Explore Maths in a Completely different way .A College student in engineering gives Maths classes to secondary school students in kalanwali Distt. Sirsa

I am Pranav Monga . I teach Mathematics to Secondary School students . I have taught Maths to a lot of students who were afraid of it and made them able to understand it well in my way . I work on psychology of students and focus on things that make them capable of doing well in maths . I teach Maths in a Completely different Way which makes it easy to understand it .

São Caetano do Sul
Eliandro mateus dos
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Mathematics, physics, trigonometry I'm in SCdoSul but I get Brazil via Skype

Electrical engineer, post graduate in Adm and master in mechanical engineering, experience as a monitor at Uninove, private tutor and state school. Classes can take place via Skype if this is the preference or attendance, I will come to you if you live in São Paulo or metropolitan area.

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Electronics Engineer and aspiring physicist providing Maths and physics Classes in Kolkata

I am an electronics engineering student aspiring to become a physicist. My motto of teaching Science like its meant to be. Minimalistic importance in big formulae and maximum concentration of basics and concept. Understand this the formulae will come to you automatically. I teach JEE, Medical, as well board being a JEE aspirant and qualifier myself.

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Final year civil engineering student gives maths,science,english and social studies lessons upto secondary school level.

I am a final engineering student who gives lessons particularly on science and social studies upto secondary school level.I will help you build basics of all subjects which is the most important aspect of a secondary school level.Most of the students face problems in their basics whics leads to difficulties in further higher studies.

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Mathematics Coach since 20 years for classes 8th to 10th - Sign up for a trial.

My name is Girish Khanna. I have been teaching mathematics to Indian students from classes 7th-10th and have earned a name as the most reputed maths teacher in Faridabad. I focus on clarity of concepts and am highly result oriented. Over the past 20 years, 90 % of the students have achieved between 95-100 percent marks in their board exams.

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Teacher of mathematics gives high school level math courses and preparatory classes

Associate professor in a Paris high school, I teach math at home or remotely, high school level, and preparatory classes. Courses can be conducted remotely, virtual classroom with whiteboard, headset and webcam offered, or at home. Also possibility of being at my home.

Jardim Califórnia (Jacareí)
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Reinforcement classes for Mathematics and Physics for High School and Higher Education

Are you having difficulty following High School Exams? Concerned about grades, college entrance exams and ENEM? I can help you, I have experience in supporting struggling students to take you to a level of self-sufficiency in studies. Have a good class.

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A Physics major student willing to give Physics and Maths lesson to the middle/secondary/higher secondary students in Howrah or Kolkata

I'm a Physics undergraduate student from Scottish Church College, Kolkata. I'm here to offer Physics lesson to middle/secondary/higher secondary students. To be honest, I'm not an experienced one, but I do have a clear understanding of the subject I'm ready to teach.

City of Bristol
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Mathematics Student at Bristol - Maths GCSE, AS and A Level tutoring

I'm a Bristol University student, studying mathematics, looking to provide tutoring for GCSE, A Level and secondary school students in mathematics. I have a passion for for both learning mathematics and teaching the subject. I have tutored students before in GCSE and A Level maths, and I like to think my teaching style is effective.

Greater London
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Experienced and engaging private tutor for home visits - Chelsea, Kensington and surrounds

I am an experienced teacher with a passion for creating a positive learning environment for all students. I have taught in a variety of settings within London and Australia. My specialty areas include Maths, Business, IT and PE. I have 5 years of teaching experience in London and Australia.

Greater London
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EXPERIENCED & FLEXIBLE Imperial Engineering student offering online lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry

My lessons are engaging, adaptive and interactive. I have a flexible teaching style, and depending on the nature of the student and their present level of understanding, I will adapt my sessions to offer maximum benefit to the student.

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Math professor with 10+ years of combined teaching and tutoring experience from Pre-algebra to Calculus.

I am dedicated to student’s success by requiring them to think critically through creating a positive classroom environment that encourages discussion and participation. My teaching style is student centered and requires students to use problem solving skills that will help them be successful in their careers. I assess the math levels of my students and then teach accordingly.

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Former student of the LYCEE HENRI-IV, PARIS. Former student of Classe Préparatoire at the Grandes Ecoles. Master in International Relations. Pianist Experimented. Proposes math classes, economics, eng

Former student of Lycée Henri-IV, Paris V. Former student of Classe Préparatoire at the Grandes Ecoles. Master in International Relations. Mention at the Claude Kahn National Piano Competition.

Ciudad de México
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Student of Mathematical Engineering in the IPN gives classes of Mathematics in general: Calculus, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc., and Physics at home or next to IPN Zacatenco.

My classes are aimed at students of any grade level between elementary and high school. Any subject of Mathematics can be consulted with me. For example: - Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, potentiation, etc. - Basic and advanced algebra. - Differential and integral calculus. - Trigonometry and analytical geometry.

José gabriel
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Student at EPFL teaches maths and physical / high school or secondary level

I am a student at the EPFL and I teach courses in mathematics and physics. This subjects are often confusing because they are too abstract. My goal is not only to train the student but also to share my interest to stimulating him.

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