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Tamborine Mountain
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With years of hands on experience & Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage, I offer you many techniques for pain reduction & increased Mobility

I am flexible and like to work with you in any way that will assist your learning. Happy to help with questions you have or information to help you pass your exams! I also offer full training where you have no prior experience and a desire to start out in your own business.

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Health and wellbeing for the client who would like to have a relaxation, Remedial massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage.

I had an experienced an online delivery to my International students, Hands on practical in the class in Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu massage. The company I worked before , we had an International students from all around the world.

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Anatomy and Physiology lessons from a qualified Musculoskeletal Therapist ideal for diploma of massage and Pilates students

Lessons are tailored to suit the individual. Simplicity is key. You will leave sessions with a hunger for more information Pilates will challenge your body to move in all directions and feel the connection of your mind to the movement. Understand your strengths and focus on areas that need improving.

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Massage has numerous benefits to assist in the health and well being of the body.

My approach to teaching is to learn how each individual learns, so I am able to adapt my classes to suit each person. This is very important, as I want each person to gain as much experience as possible during each lesson.

Yorkeys Knob
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Professional shiatsu & reiki therapist gives private or class lessons for a better health based on your specific needs

My teaching is about listening to your needs and bringing you the most appropriate knowledge and skills to take care of yourself and others. It could be through massages, stretches, acupoints, breathing, energy work, meditation, nutrition, workout plan... Just let me know what your needs are and we'll discuss about it.

Cairns City
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Experienced yoga teacher living in Cairns available for private lessons as well as group sessions.

Everyone is different, every yoga class I teach is different. We will work on a diverse range of postures that are appropriate for your body. Weather you are trying to do handstands or you just want to be able to touch your toes, I will help you teach your goals.

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Senior yoga instructor offering yoga classes and meditation to all ages on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

I teach ancient yogic techniques like proper breathing, proper exercise, correct posture and positive thinking for greater health and wellbeing.

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Chehak Sarna is a physical therapist and teaches massage therapy to students under health and wellbeing program

My teaching method is simple and clear so the students should clearly know what they are being taught. My basic concept is to teach the way students prefer and will get attached to studies.

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Learn many different forms of massage within Maitland area. Classes can be individual or group setting

During my teachings I like them all to be hands on experience and fun. I offer all my classes at a low rate and over a day or two.

Runaway Bay
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I have 20 years experience in meditation aura reading massage and health and well being

My teaching methodology is following my own intuition coupled with the advice sent through to myself and basing my findings and symptoms on the presenting issues and relaying this knowledge first hand back to the client and allowing the process to unfold and release as the energy releases and realizes its potent and deep learning possibilities.

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Hi im lee, Im a registered Pharmacist in my country which is the philippines, I have a broad knowledge about human anatomy thats why Im choosing massage therapy to teach my fellow students.

My teaching method is, first, go for a basic principles then discuss everything that the students need to learn for basic ibformation for a certain topic. Second, apply the basic principles and make it more broad. Lastly, Actual or On the spot training and application of what you learn on the first and second steps.

Banora Point
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Professional experienced massage therapist qualified in relaxation, remedial and Ayurvedic massage and pressure point work available for courses

To teach massage I need to work closely with the individual showing specific hand techniques, pressure, fluidity, meridian lines etc.

Port Adelaide
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I am ayurvedic physician teach how to live healthy life and how to stay away from diseases

My teaching method is explained detailed about ayurveda and how to become a healthy life,also teach yoga classes on practical bases.

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Awareness is the higher state of consciousness for a human being. Peace

The teaching method consists in theoric and practical way , we start with a deep understanding of the basic principles behind being in form ,Cosmology, and then working on the recognition of the Soul and living it in the daily life

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Health Fitness, personal training, sports therapy, Rehabilitation, A&P I teach it all.

My approach to teaching is dynamic and encompasses a variation of methods. We will be discussing the subjects, watching videos, listening to pod casts, reading articles and completing work sheets and when the student is ready they will complete a presentation and complete an exam.

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Classes and Treatment of Reflexology and Masotherapy by a professional specialized in Health and Alternative Therapies

For the classes and treatments of Reflexoterapia I use the maps elaborated and verified by the physiotherapist Eunice Igham, in which the correspondence between the reflex zones of the feet and the hands with the different parts of the organism is established.

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I have expertise of giving facial and back massages. I also have enough knowledge to relax body and mind

With both beauty and fitness therapy, I first understand individual body type and make recommendations according to it. I would recommend to involve students in practice. These skills require alot of practice and knowledge which they can gain from videos and books.

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Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience specialising in Nutrition, exercise & weightloss.

My lessons are based upon firstly finding out what motivates you, what are your goals, have you been successful before? The next stage would be to find your relationship with food, your eating habits and reviewing your food diary. Once we have discussed these we can start to get to work on changing your lifestyle to achieve your goals.

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A professional African BBC male masseur as tutor at home.contact us

first session free to discuss my professional services methods and your willing expectations and desires. .Further communication and more cooperation needed to find out the lowest part of the body in order to make it conform to a glorious body.

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Experienced Masseur Therapist is offering massage classes - Swedish, Thai, Reflexology, Acupressure Massage

Acupressure and relaxation massage Through Relaxation massage I relieved: • headache • muscle spasms • numbness in hands, legs and feet Through Acupressure massage I treated: • chronic pain • anxiety • insomnia • headaches • eye strain • arthritis.

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Are you Stressed Out ? De-stress thru Yoga, meditation and life Style

The Stress Management classes are for individual and Groups who have high stress level due to their jobs, life style or otherwise. I first make them understand what is stress, the science behind , how does it build and how does it effect our body and mind. Then i take yoga and meditation sessions.

Edward lagaya
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Massage therapist teaching you massage techniques from London, qualified and insured therapist.

A qualified and insured massage therapist who is willing to teaching someone with a certificate in anatomy or a student in university who has an anatomy module, who is motivated and show interest by asking a lot of questions. My lessons are practical and you will need a massage table and a friend that is willing to get massaged on.

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Holistic/complimentary/sports therapy/ tutor helps you gain your qualification efficiently Liverpool Merseyside area

I can help break down in a way you can relate and understand help with study mind maps spider study or just the best way for you to remember.

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Natural Health Practitioner, tutor Healthcare in Pretoria. Specialize in Aromatherapy and oils.

Before you start, never give up in the beginning, middle or end. Take one day at a time. Only you can make a difference. If there is an obstacle, either climb over or go around, but keep going. I do one on one or group training. We take one subject and handle it or what ever you request where there is a problem.

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Aromatherapy classes: learn how to benefit emotionally and physically with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I love giving group or individual classes on the properties of essential oils and the uses that you can obtain both physically and emotionally. As well as giving workshops on how to reduce the toxic load in your home with essential oils.

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Yoga Therapy Classes For Disease Management! - Healthy Life Clinic, Baleswar, Odisha, India

I will speak about the importance of Yoga and explain how it can benefit our lives. I would need to know if the person I am teaching has any kind of disease or pain which he or she is suffering from and teach various Yogic techniques or therapy to put an end to such pain. These steps will benefit him or her for a life time.

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Experienced Complementary Therapist having worked in many areas including substance misuse, mental health and mainstream services.

I approach my topic or subjects with great enthusiasm and practicality. I use a mixture of visuals and practical with lots of time of questions. My learning methods are based on this format with time for individuals to ask questions in their time. I make sure my students are able to contact me if they need to.

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Specialist in Humanized Treatment, Reflexotherapy, Relaxation - private and group lessons. Curitiba and Region.

Hi, my name is Tatiani, I'm 40 years old and I'm a Reflexotherapist at 6 years. I started studying Engineering, then Administration. But when I needed care for Stress, I fell in love with alternative therapies because I never liked taking medication. Today besides attending and giving classes, I use the techniques applied for a better quality of life.

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Traditional Thai Massage Course taught by Certified Teacher. Our teaching method is the WatPo massage style. Ancient method of Thai origin.

My methodology gathers the techniques of 3 disciplines of traditional treatment: -Amasamiento of the muscles. -Manipulation of the skeleton or chiropractic (osteopathy). -Digitopuntura, pressing on certain points of acupuncture or energy lines.

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Beauty & Massage therapist and qualified teacher with over 20 years of teaching and industry experience.

I offer VTCT qualifications in a range of Level 2 & 3 massage and beauty therapies. However I can also offer tuition to those wanting to learn for personal use. My teaching style is relaxed and not intimidating, maximum group size is 4, but often work personally with just one student. I provide all resources needed for you learning.

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