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Charles Darwin Engineer student give Summer Holiday Chinese Learning Course in NT

I designed different lessons according to different person, according to their personality, hobby, work , and habit. The lessons is composed of basic learning, group talking, and online test and everyday review. According to the students' advantages and disadvantages, I would give different learning method and learning material. To learn a language is hard. But try to get used to do it.

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Charles Darwin Master of Accounting student gives Chinese language lessons to people who interest in Chinese in Darwin.

Name: Cathy Jin, Email: (concealed information) My teaching method is motivating students to talk and using thinking map in Chinese to help students to learn grammar. During my class, I avoided use English to explain in order to create the language study environment.

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UWA engineering graduate gives Chinese lessons to students who are in Darwin

I will divide the lesson into two parts. In the first part, I will let you watch a Chinese family sitcom named 家有儿女 which will show you traditional Chinese daily life and the common vocabulary appeared in that will be taught later. In the second part, I will chat with you in a casual way.

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Mandarin native speaker help you improve Mandarin Speaking and Listening in Darwin.

MY teaching method is giving you different topic in Mandarin everyday,and let you know how to use correct vocabulary to built sentences in Mandarin.I also let you speak sentences. Listening to Mandarin news ,stories,songs to let you know different culture and explain the meaning.

Rapid Creek
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Native Chinese speaker,speaking fluent English, looking forward to giving Chinese lessons to anyone who wants to learn it

Language learning should be fun. It’s because language itself is very natural. It’s not only about language itself, but about culture, about people, about values. There are so much behind a language which makes learning a language both challenging and interesting.

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Native Chinese Speaker helps you step by step in Darwin or online

1. I evaluate where the students are at. 2. provide suggestions or help accordingly. 3. link what students' interest to the contents or topics. 4. use analogy and real life examples to help students understand better. 5. provide strategics to students to get marks in tests or exams.

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A pure mandarin teacher in oral understanding and expression, written language understanding and Pinyin.

The core of my teaching method is interest. Everyone has a strong motivation to learn about the content of interest, and it is easier to master in a relaxed environment.

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A Taiwanese Working Holiday holder want to help you to know more about Chinese / Mandarin Language

I exactly know how struggled will be when you can't understand about new language, it keeps bothering me a lot when I learn English. The best way to solve is to keep practicing, like how I do. I bring myself to an English-speaking country to let the environment changing myself fit into this country.

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Former Chinese lecturer of the Confucius Institute at CDU gives Chinese lessons to students in Darwin

I am an enthusiastic and devoted Foreign Language Teacher with excellent communication skills. High degree of fluency in Chinese and English; specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. A rich experience of teaching Chinese as a second language and is skilled in summarizing as well as integrating Chinese and western teaching ideas.

Darwin City
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A Chinese English major in Darwin want to teach mandarin to Chinese learners. I had nearly two-year experience of GRE tutoring in China.

The tutor was face to face, but I had served about 80 students in two years. My teaching method was encourgement and practice. I would think myself a student, wondering what would be difficult and confused. Then I would point out these parts according to the students understanding.

Stuart Park
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Students of Hubei Engineering University (undergraduate) can teach Chinese and mathematics in Darwin.Very standard Mandarin (Mandarin Test for College students-No. 2) ,With 2 years of private math tut

(1) Reading (reading, silent reading, reciting) (2) lecturing (telling, explaining, commenting, lecturing, retelling, reading, practicing and calligraphy); (3) Dialogue (question-and-answer, conversation, discussion, debate) (4) practical methods (observation, investigation, interview, visit, experiment, investigation, textual research, game, communication, tourism, practice, internship,...

Desert Springs
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I teach Chinese (Mandarin) at cram school for several years, and I am math tutor too.

Be children's friend Play and teach in the same time; this make children love to learn and they will not feel bored during class. Teaching acknowledge is important; however, teaching children how to be a good person is more important than it.

Darwin City
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Native Chinese Speaker in Darwin teaching Chinese. The best way to learn a language is by talking, come and have conversation with me. Online lessons available.

Hi, this would be a fairly easy-going and relaxing class. I prefer talking with you in Chinese in a more fun way so that you can remember the vocabularies easily. I can go into the specific topics if you prefer any. ex. business, supermarket.

1st lesson free !

Native speaker who travel extensively in China teaches you the joy of acquiring Chinese and Cantonese speaking and writing skills

I combine traditional discipline on repetitive practice to perfect pronunciation and writing, and useful application in daily life, to deriving a deep understanding of how the language is reflecting the history of China, and how the language is evolving over the years.

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