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Port Fairy
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Chartered Accountant gives accounting lessons in Melbourne or Warrnambool at home or venue of your choice

I will link practice with theory for you, and will ensure my focus is not only helping you pass your subjects but to learn and enjoy accounting. Your curriculum will drive my teaching content, and the main learning benefit I hope to bring to you is my experience.

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Doctoral Student provides tutor and lessons in Audit, Accounting, finance, and financial management

A 17-year experience auditor with great passion to teach and share knowledge and experience in Accounting, Audit, Finance, Management Control System, Strategic Management, Fraud and Risk Management to undergraduate and diploma level students which can involve not only theory understanding and practice but also coupled with case studies with recent business case.

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Accounting & Finance professional give lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching method is flexible. I can provide tuition online or in person. I give lessons with practical knowledge and real-life scenarios. I use Traditional lecture method to include active elements including, pausing for discussion among students, immediate mastery tests/quizzes over lecture material, using demonstrations, responding to pre-submitted student-generated questions.

Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate with high Atar and great Study score for Business Management will help you achieve the same

I approach teaching from a common level to students. I offer recent knowledge and experience from being in the same shoes as VCE students only 12 months ago, I also have great connections to receive extra case studies, information and extra assistance from my connections.

Brisbane City
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I have completed my Master of Professional Accounting recently and I would like to teach accounting or non-accounting students.

Practical methodology with relevant source of references. Examples from different types of business. Strong work ethic. I offer a vast knowledge in accounting capabilities such as auditing, taxation, management accounting, company accounting, forex operations and finance. Most important accounting principles and ethic in accounting.

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Organisation and Management Lessons in Canberra by ANU's MIM 2nd year Student.

My teaching method is that the student first needs to go through the topic by himself or herself before coming to the class and introduce me to whatever understanding they have gained by themselves. Next, I will proceed on with the topic followed by some homework on daily basis and weekly tests.

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Accounting/ Finance, Melbourne, MACC Fin and CA & ACCA Graduate, 3 years of teaching experience

I will be conducting my class on the syllabus and try to simplify explanation. I try to use real life examples to facilitate understanding of the subject. I don't like to use difficult terms while teaching and also will explain from the basics.

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International Student provide Business and Information Technology lessons for High School and Undergraduate Students.

My teaching method is student inquiry based approach. Each topic is explaining theoretically.Then discuss with student for unexplained.Breakdown the important points to summarize the lesson. use special activities to memorize and answer specifically to the question.Provide additional resources to improve the knowledge.

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Macquarie uni Ph.D. student facilitates learners here in Sydney in understanding complicated issues in Business, Management, and Accounting.

I do believe in two-way communication in teaching. I also believe in the "learning by doing" teaching approach.

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University of Wollongong Engineering Management graduate with 3 years of graduate teaching experience to give high school and business students lessons on management, strategy and operations.

My teaching methodology is varying according to the people that I am teaching, and I make sure that my students leave the room with a thorough understanding of what they came to learn. I focus of the quality of concepts delivered to my students rather than the quantity.

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Professionally Qualified and employed full time as Accountant, can help with Degree level accounting

Can help with conceptual clarity from a practical perspective of the subject. Can suit the lessons based on the students learning needs and timings Available at evenings and weekends.

Muhammad bilal
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I give Accounting and Finance lectures to high school and uni students in Melbourne.

I can’t say that I prefer one method to another. Each method has certain benefits and should be applied in some situations. In one class I may prefer explaining, especially if pupils struggled with discipline. Then in some other classes, students are more creative, so I may prefer collaborating.

Airport West
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Melbourne Uni Student looking to help those with the similar dreams I have

I believe that a teacher should cater their teaching methods to the specific characteristics and needs of the student. I also believe that teaching should involve constantly engaging the interests of the student/s, rather than overloading them with unnecessary information.

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Doctorate in Management Sciences, gives management and management courses, up to bac + 5

PhD student in Management Sciences, I have many experiences in private lessons but also group lessons. I give courses in management, management, SES, economics, and sustainable development, main themes of my thesis. I have experience in distance learning for adults, and also at university. Methodology of exercises and courses. Thesis methodology, research articles and dissertation.

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Courses Human Resources - Initiation or deepening for all levels - traduction english

I explain in detail the human resources in terms of content but also in terms of tools that are changing rapidly.

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Learn Management and Organization from an expert in this field for sure

I approach each topic with live experiential cases. Management is better understood with logic. References and case studies help out. I have been a shadow coach to CEOs and have been a counsellor to numerous managers.

(2 reviews)
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Human Resources Coordinator advisory in ​​human capital, finance and business management area.

I like to help with specific doubts, give advices on established questions where the student or counselor has already investigated. My courses are focused on specific topics that the student or group wants to deal with. The classes are pleasant and serious with a touch of fun in them and many examples.

Prof parameshwar p
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Retired Professor of Indian Institute of Science teaches various Fundamental Management Topics

My teaching pedagogy and methodology is based on a combination of fundamental concepts through lectures, as well as a wise utilization of practice-based approaches, including case analysis, project-based problem solving, and home assignments.

Sameer nandan
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The right HR basics the right way - why getting HR fundamentals corrects is the most important First Step for HR

The teaching will be based on theory sessions, case studies and project work.

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Experienced Project Manager offering project management lessons online for individuals or groups

My teaching methodology is to provide knowledge transfer in depth, using examples from the everyday life and from real projects have been completed successfully in the market. Most of the topics are covered individually but also combined with such way that the student can understand the dependencies and get the most out of them.

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Need marketing and logistics expertise in professional field can help you out .

My style of teaching through real life examples , Identifying problem and solving them through management skills. Teaching through variety of case study particular to the same field.Connects with the students where they are facing problems and help them to overcome with examples.

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Professor of Human Resources Management with 28 years of corporate Human Resources functional head expertise

Present and Explain key concepts, Demonstrate with examples, discuss with case studies, clarify doubts, build confidence through Role Plays, Highlight best practices, share success stories, Analyse key findings, compare and contrast different strategies to achieve best results and initiate appreciative enquiry.

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Management specialist with 20 years experience looking forward to teaching from Pune both in finance and general management

Approach concepts through application examples Elucidate concepts for better understanding and application through case lets Evolve self-learning questions for stimulating students' curiosity Prepare own notes on topics for crisp understanding More suitable for management students and working professionals Provide references for self exploration including websites

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COME FOR COMMERCE & MANAGEMENT Business Studies, Business Environment, Management Sciences & Marketing B.COM. (HONS.) MBA

I am not rigid but dynamic in my approach. Rather, I decide the approach as per the need of the student & situation. Different methodologies work effectively for different students. Every student is bright and intelligent, only the spark needs to be arouse out.

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Business Studies tutoring Middlesbrough. A-level - GCSE. Management, Marketing, Organisation and more

I am very conversational. I use powerpoints to begin sessions, leading to discussions about the different topics and then applying them in exam - style questions, or scenarios revolving around the said topic. I feel it is important to put every scene in a real - world situation.

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A self-motivated fully bilingual (French / English) accountant with a passion for success, I can offer precision and transparency, an open-minded perspective, and also exceptional accuracy, communicat

I am very patient, my ability to accomplish goals initially set out as new challenges is something in which I excel. . In addition I have the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to every student I tutor. I possess strong business skills from my experience as Director of Internal Affairs for the Bishop’s University Commerce Society.

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I am currently working as a Subject Expert for a US student helping portal with management as core subject for my studies.

My teaching is always been on case related and totally based on practical knowledge where you have problem and need to provide the solution for that particular problem in real life. Real life problem encourages problem solving skills in student and people never forget real life experience compared to books and mere theory based knowledge.

New Delhi
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Personal Finance: Learn How, Where and When to invest and grow your money

Will prefer taking online sessions for working professionals or people who want to invest their money and know more about personal financial investment.

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Economics student gives classes in economics and business creation to college and high school students.

I like to teach in a free and dynamic way with clear and simple examples, allowing the students to mold the examples and situations according to their knowledge and experiences, with the intention of allowing the practical integration of their knowledge to the subjects taught.

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Professor in Mangement specialised in Corporate Leadership, Global Leadership, Soft Skills and HR likes to share knowledge.

It is my ambition not only to provide students with the basic understanding and application of business management but also to enable them to work with each other in group settings, be creative and to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns. Students should be viewed as the next generation leaders.

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Perfect! Sandhya was amazing, thank you, will definitely call again if needed

Kelly, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

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