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Clayton South
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Cambridge Certified malay language teacher to teach in South Eastern Suburb of Victoria Australia.

My teaching method are based on daily conversational speech and topic. As this is the basic start up for the language. No a typical class based coaching, lesson is best deliver in acceptable public places. This not only enhance the capability for student to pick up the lesson but also understand when or where to use it.

Alexandra Hills
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Learn Malay language with Malay native speaker at home around Capalaba area

Like learning other languages, I really believe that speaking with each other is the best method of learning. So there will be a conversation session in every class.

Piara Waters
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Murdoch Law Student looking to give high school students lessons in Malay

Introducing the concepts of the subject to the student and making sure that they thoroughly understand what they are learning. Will give the student quizzes, mini tests and so on to ensure that they understand what concepts that they are learning.

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Malaysian University student offers tutoring in the Malay language located in Adelaide

I tend to approach my lessons by gauging what my students already know and then developing their skills from there, asking questions and doing exercises to improve their knowledge on the subject. I also ask where they might be facing difficulties and assist them in that particular topic.

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Malaysian Commerce student giving Malay language lessons to anyone interested in Melbourne

Born and raised in Malaysia. Strong command of the Malay language. Received formal education for Malay for more than a decade. Lessons may include writing, reading, and speaking. The lessons will include guided practices and tests on request. Open to feedback and suggestions.

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Malay Tutor for various groups of people for the Perth Metropolitan area.

For me, I let my students have a hands on approach to their learning programme so I let the students do the practice exercises whenever they feel comfortable to do the questions and assist them if they ask for it.

South Launceston
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A professional Malaysian belly dancer who teaches Malay Language and Belly Dance!

I use different type of methods to make education learning more fun such as visual learning, reading, written assessments, and quizzes.

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Malaysian student teaches standard malay to student that want to learn extra language

will be teaching from standard grammar and teaching on how to write essays and pronounce sentence and words like a pro .

East Perth
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Malaysian girl giving Malay lessons for those wishing to learn the language!

I believe in learning a new language, "practice is perfect"! So my lessons would consist of a lot of practicing, reading, listening to songs, so you can get famiiar with the language.

Le Mée-sur-Seine
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Malagasy courses in Paris with Minah Ravelo, native speaker teacher of Madagascar

The Malagasy course is open to all levels, spoken and written. Valuation of communication competence. The progress of the course will be the learning of grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and the use of Malagasy in Madagascar, customs, usages, proverbs, expressions. You can ask me all your language skill needs, I will try to fulfill them.

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Malaysian Postgraduate student (MSc math bio eco med) in UK university located in Edinburgh

I was born in east Malaysia (Sabah Borneo) and have the capability to speak Malay language very fluently. It is my very great pleasure to teach Malay language to all who very passionate to learn. It is also very valuable for those who want to visit Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia and Brunei for a certain period of time as they use Malay language in that countries.

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15 years of teaching Malagasy and English to expatriates and locals in Madagascar

I base lessons on the learners' needs and their learning styles in order to design the content and the activities that can activate their passion and provide spaces for them to gain and use the language more accurately and fluently.

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Hey my dear students , study malayalam enjoy life , I will guarantee you better education

Its like , I will first teach all the basic letters and words then grammar and vocabulary, the basic thing I want is,the full support of my student

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Tutor Sabrina here glad to help you pick up a new skill

Hi there! I am Sabrina, a current student in the UK. I grew up in Malaysia and would love to share my knowledge in any way.

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Malayalam fluently speaking and writing,reading am teaching for u. am waiting for u

My teaching method is online , face to face , oral ,any thing . Am bcom pass.

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Students in from high school plus two and degree gives tuitions in thrissur

My teaching method is home tuition and online tution

New Delhi
Ann treesa
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Kids who are interested in cooking. I will introduce them to the world of cooking

My class based on Indian food. Special pure Kerala dishes.

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Motivate students from basic to best version. Using simple method with example, so that can easily understand the matter.

Ensure them always remember the subject /points / with example . Ensure that the coaching lively and energetic.

San Diego
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College student who lived in a french speaking country for 15 years and who is also fluent in Malagasy. I also had to take ESL classes my first two years of high school. Willing to give lessons to any

I am a college student currently majoring in french. I lived in a french and malagasy speaking country for 15 years. When I moved to the United States, I had to take ESL classes to catch up on my English for my first two years of high school. I am willing to give lessons to middle schoolers, high schoolers and freshman and sophomores in college.

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A proud Malay who is looking for those who want to learn my beautiful language

I teach basic malay, anything you would like to know, how to read and converse in Malay like a local

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Learn Malay language in the UK! "Jom belajar Bahasa Melayu. Mudah dan indah"

I am currently taking BSc of Psychology in Cardiff University. I could give lessons to the pre-school kids, primary & secondary students, university/college students and adult as well. My techniques of teaching are very simple and could easily understand by everybody. There are simple modules that I would provide which is suitable and preferable, depending on the student's level/age.

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Join the best tuition for best English and malayalam teaching.Low pay and High education.Join now

I educate children with many examples in which they could relate to themselves and understand the topics.

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Read, Write and Speak Malayalam - Tuitions available for all age category

My teaching method is giving basic understandings of malayalam language and develop it by step by step..

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A law student offering Malay language lesson and science, law subjectsto you.

I would like to teach anyone my language so that anyone can understand our language.

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Learn,more and more.. and behave like an educated person... Love ,care ,kindness....

More interaction,and the usual basics of teaching a new language... And Iam more like teach and learn.... It's like spread sumthing and simultaneously get sumthing..

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