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Experienced trainer for tuition in all aspects of Beauty therapy available in Newcastle area.

I am able to engage with students of all ages and abilities. I have a good sense of humor . The most successful training links theoretical components to practical skills and I feel that I achieve this.

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I Dr.Nitika gives essential and important lessons on health , life style and medicine and have 3 years of teaching experience.

My teaching methodology is both practical and theoretical and i give main emphasis on how to increase the intellect of student with the subject knowledge.

Port Noarlunga
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Port Noarlunga resident is a Beauty Therapy student is willing to give lessons in person and online

I am 21 years old and has experience in makeup for teens and young adults. I would start with the make up basics, what make up you personally need or want. What make up is better suited for your age and skin type. Teaching different ways to apply aspects of make up.

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Makeup is about balance. When the eye makes a statement, the lips should be quite.To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the Finishing touch on everything.

I love playing with makeup. Makeup has become a thing where it's an art form. It's not a thing where you use it because you need to feel beautiful or because you don't like the way you look. My methodology is first making,my students comfortable and teaching them with basic make up interestingly.

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Redesign your lifestyle with Fashion Management and Design in planning lifestyle wardrobes.

Seamstress since age nine self taught designer I have made clothing for weddings and Proms and in general everyday outfits that I have had the pleasure of Designing and I have special designs that I will turn into outfits for you

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Im a London based makeup artist with 12 years of experience. I would like to share my expertise and knowledge with you.

Every teaching method is different as it is based on your personal goals and expectations. We will find a structure and goal to work together on. I’m experience in all categories of makeup, so if you would like to learn about contouring, blending, bridal, party makeup etc we can start with that.

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Freelance photographer and traveller offering makeup tips and trips to make you more beautiful

Every face is unique and I am certain I can help my student learn as much as they can about what makeup will suit their face and what makeup will work best for each event which they need it for.

New Delhi
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Hi, I am a fashion enthu and in the field of fashion styling. Can help you get your personal style

Communication, analisation, experiment and exploration are my basic methods. Also research work according to the requirement of thr clients.

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I am a Certified Makeup Artist by passion. My passion is to to boost confidence of today's woman by teaching her how to use makeup properly as a tool to be confident not to just feel feminine. I resp

I will be teaching in small groups It will be more of an interactive class session rather than a boring lecture. I will choose small groups of not more than 5-10 at a time for better attention. But i also give personal session for anyone interested in solo attention and better learning.

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Wake up and make up with me and be the amazing you want to be

I am offering to tech you everything you need to know from basic to complex rules and application tips to enjoy and encourage your creative instincts. Look fantastic and feel even better, confidence is key but to be confident takes inner desire to thrive in a very social world.

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Magical transformation on your personality through self grooming courses. Anytime available.. Hurry...

I teach students by theoretical and practical both till they didn't understand the topic by taking examples of there day to day life and understanding first there level till what level they know about any topic and then moving further with any topic.

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Beauty begins with you with a little correction .Bring out the beautiful you with a little change

Every one is beautiful with their unique features. But one should know how to present themselves Shaping up .my teaching skills are simple .

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Make up artist with an experience in London Academy, now tutoring in Loughborough

My groups were around 9 people of different ages and backgrounds and lessons were held the following way: 1.5 hours of theory where I talk and then 1.

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Ayurvedic and Organic Based Skin & Haircare/Clothing Stylist offering group lessons and solo mentoring online.

Do you want a skin/hair care method that's actually good for your body without the outrageous prices of store brand organics but with the same quality? Do you want to change your style but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn an ancient medicinal form and better your life through simple changes to your lifestyle without sacrificing the hustle and bustle of your life? If any of these...

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Lesson in few classes Tutorial for Makeup for Work, Holidays and Weddings

I base my classes on everything I've learned at the school and on the work I've done. But it is always good to update in fashion and trends because makeup is also fashionable. So I will teach with the right tones most used but over time an update is required to follow the market.

La Granja
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Integral Image Consultant offers Self-Makeup classes for Daily, Social and Marriage Use. Santiago

- Integral Image Consultant, with Diploma from the Crearte Institute. I am also an Environmental Engineer from the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH). - For the classes of Automaquillaje, I explain to the students, the different types of faces, I teach them to identify their Face Type, Skin, Seasonal Colorimetry, Temperature and how to make up according to their personal characteristics.

Las Vegas
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The Beautiful Art of Everyday & Glamour Makeup come Discovery & Learn with me

I am more of a coaching type of teacher. We will explore proper at home skin care, the different ways to apply make-up, how to match a person with the right formulas for the skin types and tone, apply makeup to hide or disguise imperfections, highlighting your natural beauty as well as going bold.

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Fully qualified Makeup Artist teaching makeup. Highly experienced in the makeup and beauty industry.

I give my lessons to anyone wanting to improve their knowledge on makeup and also improve their skills. We will go through everything from theory of makeup and developing your skills. We will find what your strongest and weakest points are and develop you into a perfect makeup artist.

Nederhorst Den Berg
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Permanent Make Up Artist teaches PMU (permanent make-up) according to the Dutch LCHV guidelines.

Teaching I do according to the guidelines of the LCHV (prepared by the Ministry of Health) This teaches you the right actions immediately so that it is easy to open your own salon with permit from home or other space. The lessons are given from my own salon. This is possible both via the webcam and 1 on 1 personal or a combination of these. Practice we do on fake skin.

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Professional makeup artist, at home in CABA! Super complete makeup classes & more!

Self-makeup classes. Preparation of the skin, makeup day and night. Types of makeup. I work according to your style, your skin, your face and colors. Also, I help you to correctly use the products you already have and to know what you are missing. I also do profiling of eyebrows and makeup for events.

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Grow yourself without limit and be yourself with self stand and love yourself

Myself a student. I can teach to the beginner and level up student with 100% gurantee... it can be chat wise or you can call me anytime. And even face time we can have .

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Beauty Guru with 5 years of experience teaching intermediate makeup skills at home

I've been doing makeup for 5 years and love creating glamorous looks. I have picked up a few hints and tips along the way that I would love to share with others. My level of makeup knowledge/ skill level is intermediate to advanced. In recent years, makeup has expanded so much, so I aim to include the latest trends and products- (such as highlighter, on trend colours, and contouring.

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Want to not only feel your best but look your best on the go?

My name is Jada. I am going to start makeup blogging and youtube videos very soon on how to look the best as you can no matter where you are. I have taught people of all ages how to contour, make that perfect eyebrow arch, and how to decide which brand works best for them.

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Professional makeup artist imparts self make-up lessons at home in Rome, in english too

The lessons are aimed at all those who want to learn how to enhance their face with a few simple daily gestures. The lesson can be for one person or a group and consists of a theoretical part and a practical one, where they will put in place all the concepts learned.

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Experienced Makeup Artist with 7 years of experience in the beauty industry

I approach makeup from a very simplistic stand point. Whether its a simple everyday makeup look or a full face, full coverage or full drama look- it all begins with the basics. Once a strong foundation has been built, anything can be achieved.

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Makeup & Hairstyles for beginners! Feel free to get in touch!

My method of teaching is to teach 1 on 1 through video. I love to discuss brands and types of makeup by teaching people what colours and applications will suit their skin tone/face shape etc.

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I will teach you perfect make up for daily and any occasion

My teaching method us very simple and easy to understand every one can understood it. In my way i use simple home remedy and some things which available in our house. And i prefer only home remedy because it's natural and safe.

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Lessons& courses in makeup artistry, certificate of completion on every lesson and course

I am a Emily Kate, I am a fully qualified makeup artist. Trained at Kate Hayes academy. I teach all ages. You can learn on a model or on your own face. I offer a variety of different courses. Anything you want to learn about makeup I’ll teach you! All lessons and courses are given a certificate of completion.

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Personal styles and help you with your life in lawndale aka South Bay

I am still in school part time at El camino College. I generated lawndale high school in 2012. I was assistant for my teacher in junior year and senior year too. I created a club in high school called Ladies in Action for short LIA. LIA have special events like christmas event and self- confidence week to make women more power and speak to other women about relationship and other things too.

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