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I am pursuing my masters in actuarial science in The University of New South wales. I have Masters and Bachelors (honours) degree in Economics.

I am very passionate about Economics and Mathematics. Through using real life problems, I try to instil that passion for learning by making theories relatable to practical situations. Also, I start with the necessary theory of the chapter and simultaneously looking at the application problems to give a 360 degree understanding of the subject.

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Economics Teacher of 11 years offers tutoring help for 1st year University students

I'm available to answer any problems/queries you are having at the 1st year Economics level. My aim is to have you understand the content so that you can successfully answer questions when it counts the most ....

South Brisbane
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QUT students gives Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics related lessons to uni students

Economics subjects can be quite tricky, so my goal is to try and make the concepts as simple and straightforward as possible. There are 2 main aspects which I believe to be extremely relevant when teaching a subject. The first one is personalization, namely adapting the subject to the student and his needs and trying to help him or her develop a valid learning method.

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Let us simplify the complex economics for you in your studies in SA

I ensure everyone partakes in each session. I will give you time to attempt the questions given and see how best you understand the content and what else I will need to help you understand it better.

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Bachelor of Business and Economics in Monash University ; Master in Management and Master in Professional Accounting

I do not like when the teacher just give the questions without providing the answer or takes so many hours to answer it. in my opinion, I prefer to teach my class with questions and answers at the end. I will give them some time to try to answer the questions and I will give the full answer when the class is over. so the students will have time to evaluate the questions with the answer.

Mangrove Mountain
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Macquaire University student studying bachelor of economics. First Place economics in high school

I base my teaching method more so on understanding and dissecting questions rather than memorising course work. This gives students a distinct advantage as it allows for lateral thinking, a very useful and beneficial skill. Each lesson is customised to your needs and will focus on what you want to achieve in both the short term and the long term.

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University of the New South Wales business school undergraduate student giving commerce/ accounting lessons in NSW, Sydney

My teaching method is to know the difficulties faced by the student first, then based on that, give detail but simple explanations of the key concepts or theory behind it. I will focus on the understanding of basic and important concepts and formulas first, then guide students to apply their knowledge and skills of the concepts to solve questions.

East Brisbane
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Trained and experienced teacher offers Economics lessons for high school students in Brisbane

Catering for individual needs is a cornerstone of my teaching. Not every student learns in the same way and it's my business to tailor my program to meet your needs. Each lesson is carefully structured to build on prior knowledge while giving you challenge every time. I use examples, images and analogies to help you remember the concepts you have been introduced to.

Possum Creek
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Economics graduate offering economics tutoring for high school and first year economics degree students.

Hi, my lessons are structured in different ways so as to meet the needs of my students. Our initial lesson will involve an assessment of your particular needs in the subject area you need help with. My teaching style is relaxed and friendly.

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I always explain by different ways. we can both build a method

we all learn differently and I am sure that the issues that we work the hardest to understand do not generate a bit of rejection. the method that I propose is: 1. I receive from you what is a topic to discuss and possible concerns on which I should focus so as not to explain what you already know. 2 I develop the theme and see which is the best option to expose it.

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International Business student providing lessons within economics, finance and accounting in Adelaide

The primary focus in my lessons is the level of the student. In my opinion, the lessons should focus on whatever the student feels that he/she might need help with.

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Recent Economics & Finance graduate willing to pass on his knowledge in Perth

I like to walk into my classes knowing beforehand what we will be covering. Having had tutoring lessons for myself in the past, I have learnt that preparation is the key to a successful lesson. The lesson will start with a brief discussion of what we will be covering and the order we will be covering it in.

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Economics and Finance Graduate at Curtin University ready for Tutoring in Perth

I can teach within my field of Economics and Finance. Whether it be related to financial markets (stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, etc) or the study of economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics). I enjoyed learning these throughout my studies and certainly love teaching them.

North Ward
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High Achieving Corporate Environmental Management Student from James Cook University gives Economics lessons

I believe in gauging how students learn best; asking what has worked for them in the past, what they have enjoyed most in the classroom and working on WHAT they need to learn all defines our classes. Working with the student is very important to me, and I will always try to facilitate one on one lessons at a student's home, my own home, or at a library.

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Experienced Secondary School Teacher offering private tuition across a range of school subjects. Full teaching registration with QCT.

I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students. I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers.

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UNSW Banking and Finance giving Economics lessons to high school students in Sydney

I best teach students who are having difficulty understanding concepts or addressing problems by helping them to grasp the root ideas in problems, and then work with them to tackling them.

Bennett Springs
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UWA Economics and Human biology student give economics lessons to school students

My teaching method is based upon the student's needs. I focus my teaching on the weaknesses and improvements requested of the student and their education goals. I like to know in advance what the student wants to study and therefore base my study plan on their requirement. Whenever it is possible I like to use practice questions to emphasise a topic and give real world application examples.

Williams Landing
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RMIT student gives commerce and economics lessons to kick start their VCE

My teaching method is to simplify difficult topics to make things easy to remember and building upon the foundations of a subject that will help solidify the trickier aspects to Economics. Through my teaching I hope to give my student full confidence going into tests, exams and SACS.

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A student teacher in Sydney willing to teach Business Studies and Economics to High School students, anywhere!

Hi, I am a student teacher currently having done my prac at a public high school and been tutoring since a year I believe I am THE teacher who will ensure that her students are able to grab the subject content with ease and full understanding.

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ANU Master of Finance student who is preparing for CFA Level 3

My teaching method for Children is studying with them and try to make them feel that study is interesting and make them proud of their progress. However, for adult who stressed by test/examination, I will show them my understanding and the easiest way to help them understand. I will help them anytime if they need my help.

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Excelsia College student studying Master of Teaching (Secondary) with 9 years experience.

I view myself primarily as a facilitator of learning, rather than as an expert who simply delivers information to students. Personal contact with students is essential to my approach to teaching. Many need encouragement to talk to their teachers, so I emphasize my availability for informal discussion and my willingness to help them sort out any problems they might have with what they are learning.

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Ex-Tutee now TUTOR passionate about assisting the Hard Workers not just the naturally talented. Operating in Canberra and currently at the Australian National University

Whilst I was never a naturally talented student I was able to find academic success through individuals who helped foster a passion for schooling that was previously non-existent. This experience has formed my teaching method which is focused but supportive with each minute being focused towards overcoming particular academic obstacles.

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Monash Comm Arts Student gives ACC1100 and ECC1000 lessons to uni students

I go through topics you're unfamiliar with and have powerpoint slides that I can share with you. I am patient and will always guide you in the right direction when you need help. Don't be afraid to ask me questions.

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University of Melbourne Commerce student giving Economics lessons for high schoolers in Melbourne

Professional and approachable. I provide economics, business and maths tutoring in the Melbourne area for students up to high-school age. I can help with both homework, as well as teach one on one lessons for topics of difficulty. I like to teach students using a hands on method, allowing them to increase their knowledge outside of the classroom, rather than just telling them what to do.

Mount Druitt
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Sehar Former University Lecturer give Microeconomics|Macroeconomics lessons to High school students in Sydney

My teaching methods include lectures, class activities, group discussions, current affairs awareness and presentations. I strongly encourage students to ask questions during lectures. I approach contents with a revision task. I sometimes arrange some interesting group based activities to make contents more interesting and more captivated for students.

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UNSW Commerce Graduate with Big 4 Accounting firm experience available for university and high school economics tutoring

I believe the best way to learn is by framing each topic and identifying the key learning points. I am able to provide note summaries but believe making your own enables you to consolidate your understanding. Practical and real life examples is what I like to emphasise. This gives content relevance and applicability, transferring textbook knowledge to something of more interest.

Sunshine North
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Masters of Business student teaches Economics in Melbourne for high school students

Basically what I believe is theory should always be reflected through practical examples when teaching economics. They should be real-life examples. Thus students can easily memorize economics theories. They also should be given more practice on drawing graphs. So that they can easily grab marks.

Asifur rahman
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A dedicated person wants to teach math lessons in high school and uni students.

My teaching method usually based on the real example and detailed. I prefer different teaching methods for different students based on their learning capability. I prefer to behave like a friend with my students to understand their problems and treat them accordingly.

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UWA Commerce Student offering High School Economics & Social Sciences Lessons in Perth

My lessons are geared towards a core understanding of the subject - not just passing the next upcoming test - and I use a mix of class material, homework, practice tests and exams to do this. My aim is to make each student an independent learner, I understand my role is to put them on the right path, and leave them to find their success.

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3rd year Economics student offering help to high school and university students

I like to not make someone uncomfortable. I think taking time and giving an example and helping them through the exam can be a great approach to learning. Help with assessment is also a great way to get a better understanding of the meaning of each assessment piece.

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