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Skennars Head
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Skateboarding/longboarding Ballina to Byron. Have fun and learn from the best :)

Well that depends on what I teach and to whom. However I like to have fun while we learn. Keeping it hands on (or feet) is key in learning skateboarding. Also I like to personalise the classes depending on how someone learns and keep it fresh.

Currumbin Valley
(7 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Fun, passionate and fit surf instructor available for coaching in the Gold Coast Region

I strive to provide my students with devotion, kindness and enthusiasm, ensuring my undivided attention and doing my utmost to teach them everything I know to the best of my abilities

Bondi Beach
1st lesson free !

Licensed surf instructor ~~~ Individual or Group/Family lessons in Manly and Bondi

To have a succesful experience a minimum of two hours is required. It can be divided (e.g. 2 x one hour). The lesson consists four parts.

1st lesson free !

Educator Extraordinaire looking to expand enthusiasm and excitement for action sports here

I design lessons around individual needs and attempt to progress skills accordingly. Able to challenge and motivate to find individual inner talents. Infectious enthusiasm and most of all ability to install pride into each and every achievement or effort made.

Burleigh Heads
1st lesson free !

Surfing lessons and filming surf sessions in Gold Coast. I'm a Professional surfer and I can film surf sessions with my own camera.

I'm a Professional surfer since 2103, and I do the WQS at the WSL(world surf league). Now I'm here in Gold Coast doing some surfing lessons and filming sessions too. I'm 27 years old and started surf since I was 8. Hope I can help you to improve your surfing.

Brunswick Heads
1st lesson free !

Ocean knowledge, weather fundamentals, board riding principles, safety issues, board shapes and sizes

I will explain terminology essential to the different topics of meteorology, oceanography, the many different surf craft available today, body boards, knee boards, short boards, long boards, surf skis stand up paddle boards, surf mats, wind surfers, kite surfers, foils etc.

1st lesson free !

Come and learn to Surf and enjoy yourself at the same time

My teaching methodology is learn at your own pace and all way's have a smile on your face and don't give up people learn at different stages think before you jump in with both feet it's better to survey the area first so you know what you are getting into.

Surry Hills
(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Learn to SKATE and SURF while having FUN. All boards: Original skateboard, Cruiser, Longboard, beginer soft board

My teaching method is to keep it as basic and simple as possible. I like to focus on safety first and take baby steps. Learning to skateboard or surfing has to become part of your lifestyle and that what I teach. My goal is to make sure you will ride by yourself quickly, confidently and most of all safely to keep the fun happening.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

I used to be a sponsored amatuer skateboarder when i was young,, this just helps me educate and spread all the extra fun

my teaching methods are very simple but also one on one and group effiecient ..i have alot of patience and am a very forgiving person and always show a never give up attitude .

1st lesson free !

Long time recreational surfer offers individual and group surf lessons Northern NSW

My teaching method is to show the basics and then help with advice while actually trying to surf. Having Fun is the main thing.

Bondi Beach
(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

International Surf Guide excited to share my knowledge with Sydney surfers of all levels

I am a firm believer in experiential learning. My job is to create a space that allows you to progress, that challenges you but doesn't overwhelm you. I've had years of practice tuning into what that space looks like and have witnessed first hand how effective it is on all levels of surfers.

1st lesson free !

I’m an exceptional surfer who lives in Bali but comes to Darwin for work, I can send recent photos to prove this.

Get them into the ocean, feel the movement of the sea and feel comfortable on their surfboards.

1st lesson free !

Young chilean living in Melbourne give skateboarding, wakeboarding and longboard lessons all around the city!

My teaching methodology is based in the body first. Warm up and stretching, this is very important in any sport. Teoric tips and the jump into your board and start felling it.

Sandy Beach
1st lesson free !

Accomplished Surfer ready to assist and instruct to help you get surfing this summer

My teaching methods can vary depending on skill level to being on the shoreline assisting people getting to their feet. To surfing alongside to either lead by example or demonstrate prior knowledge. At the end of the day surfing is about having fun, enjoying our beach's and having a go. No one should feel embarrassed by getting some help, pointers or insider knowledge.

1st lesson free !

Professional skateboarding tutor for beginner's and every step from a to z professional


1st lesson free !

Skateboarder From Hong Kong (13 years skating + 3 years Teaching experience) Welcome all different ages.Skateboarding is FUN

I love to set my lesson to be fun and interactive, Aim of my class is let the participant feel fun and happy with skateboarding and building their self-confidence.

(6 reviews)

Book your sessions, learn and have a memorable time of Long-skateboarding in Barcelona

Hi, I'm # Kleón and I recognize that teaching longboard is very good! Whoever wants to learn in an intelligent, different and fun way, I am willing to help you start skating very well, z that you learn in the shortest possible time! ... The modality that I like the most is the Dancing & Freestyle.

1st lesson free !

7 times Indian National Champion of Surfing. Qualified International Surfing Association Instructor. Based in Chennai. Happy to travel to teach.

Whether its an individual or group class my method will not differ. The initial standard of the client will not affect the result - you will be able to stand up on the surfboard during your first or fiftieth lesson. I have been trained by International Surfing Association to provide expert training and guidance on the beach beforehand and in the water.

1st lesson free !

Fun loving Skateboarder offering lessons to those interested in learning a new skill.

My techniques for teaching skateboarding would be to demonstrate and explain each trick individualy, as well as to teach a basic understanding to build comfortability before proceeding to more advanced tricks.

1st lesson free !

College student in Abilene, TX looking to help anyone interested in longboarding.

My teaching method changes for each and every individual. Different people learn in different ways. I don't believe grades lead to understanding idea, and my goal is to facilitate understanding.

1st lesson free !

Surf lessons, having more than 20 years of experience in the sport, accumulating some titles, I work in the Baixada Santista.

Graduated in Biological Sciences, both baccalaureate and baccalaureate, surfer since very young, holding two titles Santistas in the category longboard, having experience in teaching surf in the project Total School and as Surf Coach, in Fahrenheit Beachsports, United Arab Emirates.

Los Angeles
1st lesson free !

Skateboarding lessons and for all ages 10 year of exercise and knowledge of skateboarding

My Teaching Methodolgy is to help kids, teens and adults become a better version of themselves. Teach myself the power to overcome adversity. perseverance is key and the will power to do is the test you have to take when you want to do anything in life.

1st lesson free !

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(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Amateur skateboarder with over 16 years experience! Willing to teach street, park, or vert skating.

I can utilize the skills I have developed as an English teacher and incorporate them into teaching skateboarding. I have been skating across the globe, including Japan, South Korea, China, and Canada.

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