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Aerospace Engineer Offering Tutoring Service for Mathematics, Engineering Studies, Physics. Our teaching methods are adaptive to the student's learning style.

Setting clear objectives for every lesson. All theories are accompanied with detailed examples from basic to advanced. As we truly believe the best way to learn is through examples.

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Imparting knowledge in any form can really makes a lot of difference and can uplift you as a human being

I try to approach each topic and make it understandable by taking examples from the real world and by relating it to something which we do on daily basis. I would like to teach students who are in their early stage of knowing the technology and have keen interest in Computer learning. Approach is to know the knowledge of student and start accordingly.

North Hobart
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UTAS MITS, teaching online or anywhere in Hobart area. If not the best, learn from the best.

I believe that learning should be fun but not funny. I try my level best to ease the student in learning all the content necessary within designated time interval. I don't get irritated even when I have to answer same question repeatedly until a student fully understands the concept.

Clayton South
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University of Melbourne IT Student, proficient in teaching Computer Programming in and around Melbourne.

I believe experience is the best teacher, and there is no better way of learning than figuring out the solution to a problem. The steps I follow while teaching are: 1. Introduce a problem related to the topic. 2. Understand the problem. 3. Explain about the tools required for the solution. 4. Make the student find the solution. 5. Evaluate and explain the intricacies of the topic in question.

Forest Lake
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RHCE Certified and IT Professional give Linux lessons to university student in Brisbane

I teach using live examples and with clear statements. Lesson structure will be based on Redhat Linux certifications exams (RHCSA, RHCE). You will understand basic fundamentals and tricks to clear exam. You will do practice like in Exam and will feel confident after every lesson.

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Learn programming (Android, MS Access, and many more) with Yannick @Dayton, Perth

My teaching method is mostly based on short theory lessons and many practical exercises.

Fortitude Valley
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Queensland University of Technology Post Graduate Student with 2 years of experience can teach you Advanced Computer Science, Programming, Networking and Linux

My teaching method is simple and unique. I tend to start with the basics and maintain an easy pace so that students can absorb all the information. Moreover, I am more inclined towards a practical approach and thus you can expect a lot of hands-on experience.

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Making the Complexities and Computing your new partner, learn with industry expereinces ....!!!!!

If you are passionate enough to learn anything , I would be more passionate than you in teaching. Any problem till university level, and basics of any programming language would be entertained by me and would make sure will explain until you understand.

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Vetran Linux sysadmin gives lessons in Linux, networking and IT infra management

being a kinaesthetic learner myself I like to understand where people are having challenges and working through it together. I have also used video recordings / screen capture and console terminal capture to record sequence based tasks and used wiki type platforms to provide reference style resources for others.

Malvern East
Gurwinder singh
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As I Love to teach LINUX and Python in Punjabi or Hindi.

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UNSW Postgrad student gives Math, science and computer programming lessons to high school and university students.

Have no clue about programming? That's okay! Because I can teach from the very basic level and gradually go up the more advanced level.

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Machine learning (scikit-learn, tensorflow) and programming (Python, c++) tutoring - ML PhD Candidate at Inria

I am a strong software engineer who turned towards Machine Learning & Data Science. I have been teaching in the past. I gave several lectures, supervised undergraduate students and was a math / physics tutor for high school students. I can teach in English & French. My belief is that the only way to learn programming is by actually programming. My race will be focused on programming.

New Delhi
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New Aspirants who wants to learn Android as Beginners and build career with ever demanding platform. I'm giving lessons on Android with ease and simplicity which can make a newbie, a better coder.

My Approach is to breakdown every huge concept with simple Tokens and then make them understand what a method or class or an OOP concept is applied. Unlike others I focus on the top aspects with the easiest approach to achieve it.

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In n Out Learning of Linux, which Includes complete Linux hands on but also Linux Scripting.

Interactive and quiz driven is the best approach that I love to follow at most of the times. But this is not fixed approach it always vary from student to student and class to class. I Start my way and ends only when learner is clear of what he/she whats to learn.

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Masters (M. Tech) in Computer Science teaching different academic subjects of Computer Science and Engineering

Hi,I believe to teach student not only theoritical basis but also in practical aspect as much as possible so that student could build up more confidence and become perfect & grow his/her self.

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Tuition's for Windows Server and Networking students in Ahmedabad Gujrat with 8 years of Exp.

- My methodology is im believing in Practicals examples. - As a Teacher i like to make notes and easy tricky notes so our work can be make fast and esy for understanding. - Creative notes and project work i like most.

Marseille 5e
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Senior System Administrator gives general computer course and programming on or near Marseille

With a great sense of sharing and a lot of patience, I am able to guide you and advise you in the use of a technology that you do not control. The organization of the courses can be either individual or in group. I can receive you at home or move at your convenience.

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Networks and Sytem Administrator (Jr) graduated from ENI (4years after baccalaureate) in 2017

In order to ensure an effective course, I rework the subject required for a course and develop the list of prerequisites in order to ensure as good as possible a learner understanding of the course. If the explanations are not as much understood I try different approaches, either with different examples, different words or even practical work (models) on computer or paper.

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Experienced system engineer offering to teach Linux administration to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Learn Linux and MacOS administration for Job as Linux admin within few weeks

My teaching technique is based on practical and real life projects. So, students can easily grasp the job. This class is for who are looking for job in Linux Admin.

Jesús adiel
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Computer Engineer with more than 4 years of experience in the development of Android applications, satisfying the needs of the market.

During my career I have had the opportunity to give different talks / conferences which has given me the experience of dealing with groups, which allowed me to acquire techniques to reach my listeners in a subtle but effective way. My teaching strategy is based on completely practical examples without neglecting the theoretical basis.

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Employee in an IT Industry gives tuition's in Technical Basics in Computes and Emails.

My teaching method is giving brief about website setup to students. I will give practical sessions with screen sharing as well. So that students can understand the actual work happening in Companies. It is very useful student to get the Job.

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1st lesson free !

An Experienced Professional Linux Administrator in Thane , Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

I handle 20+ students class. I prepare a topic which will easily understood my students . I give them notes which is in my own words. Topic once explain i give an assignment on that topic. Which helps them to understand that topic in depth as well.

Brij raj
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I am a software engineer moved to teach programming and skills required for IT Industry as well as competitive programming with maths.

I use a bottom up approach in my teaching methodology. Understanding the simpler problem first and if large problem is given, breakdown into simpler and then solve it. My methodology in programming is simply - "If you can't program it, you don't understand it".

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Student in engineering college and highly skilled in mathematics and computer science

I like to teach by giving real life examples so that the students can get a good understanding of the concept and realize the application of the same.

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An mca graduate with 5 years of teaching experience.Willing to give online classes for computer science subject

Concept will be explained examples will related to subject so that there will be no confusion regarding the subject.Quality is assured.Teaching is my passion.I want to pursue this throughtout my life with the knowledge I had. I enjoy teaching my subject to the extent level in the whatever way student benefits from me.

Chaddesley Corbett
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Experienced Computer User Can Provide Training And Assistance For Basic And More Intermediate Skills

I have previous academic and extra-curricular experience with IT due to GCSE and A-Level classifications in the subject, and will provide hands-on tutorials for this subject. I will focus on a hands-on, active learning approach for IT skills as this is how they are learned best.

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Become Professional Provide Wings on your Technical Skills Linux Environment And Virtual Plateforms

I am a IT Manager. I Have a 6+ Years experience in IT. Knowledge criteria - MS Office / MS Excel Advanced / Software Firewalls / Clear OS / PF seance / Networking / Network Design / Virtual Platforms / Xen Servers / VMWare Platforms / OS / Windows / Linux / Mac / Staging Servers and related concepts / Hardware Maintenance And troubleshooting.

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