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Saint Albans
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Diamond coaching: Fundamental coaching for bronze - platinum players to strive on cs improvement, lane management/priority, trading and general LoL gameplay

I main support/bot and mid as secondary and can teach other players of bronze to platinum in detail about these roles. I can teach you by providing you with constructive feedback after spectating your past game recordings/live games or having you duo together with me.

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Consistent diamond top lane player for 3 seasons teaching how to climb low elo fast and effective

I will watch one rank game of you playing. After the rank game, I will give you a summary of all the mistakes you had made. I will tell you exactly what you need to improve on, and how to improve. One of the biggest mistakes of Lower elo is bad macro and lane management, and I will definitely teach my students how to out macro and out manage your opponents to victory.

São José
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Learn League of Legends with a brazillian coach with one year in the competitive

My name is Daniel Amorim, a League of Legends game for five years. I've been coach for almost a year and a half, my nick in game is Deamonofsky(BR server) and you can contact me there, I've been to clubs like Saiko Rangers, Project Genesis and others.

1st lesson free !

Experienced gamer who takes pride in gaming. Games : League of Legends Call of duty Fortnite Apex Legends

I would first evaluate how you play. Take notes on good and bad things. Then I would tell you how you think you could improve and try to implement them when I show you what it is that needs to be changed about playstyle or mindset and eventually work my way up to making your overall skill level higher.

1st lesson free !

Student in business school, passionate about LoL and Esport for more than 10 years coach you to progress in Team or Solo. Bordeaux and surroundings.

I am a patient and attentive person, I adapt according to each person because I know that everyone has different needs and expectations. I will set up a training method for the objectives you want to achieve. I'm talking to novices who start on LoL or people who want to evolve in Solo or Team up to Diamond level 2-3.

1st lesson free !

Game coaching - Apex legends and League of Legends and other competitive online games

We will first identify your skill levels and your goals. This will allow to identify a clear path of progression. I will watch you game via streaming to devise specific training programs, pointers and constructive criticism. If you do not have a community to train with i will help develop such communities according to your skill level.

1st lesson free !

How to EASILY improve and get DIAMOND in league of legends .

I can help any rank/role/champ/lane improve. I like to use discord and duo with people to observe how they play and then teach while you play as well as reviewing previous ranked solo game. From this I can note what you can improve.

1st lesson free !

Competitive gamer with experience on Overwatch and PUBG teams. Lessons in Riverside/San Diego county with high level experience in multiple competitive games.

My teaching method is "natural and organic". Get to know what passions and interests gamer has. Gauge level of knowledge to pin point objectives and overall goal. Once assessed, set small objectives to achieve working towards overall objective. Understand clients long term objectives.

1st lesson free !

Diamond 3 player since season 6, jungler and with great knowledge about the game.

My classes are based on pedagogical techniques that I acquired due to my teaching career. We will have theoretical classes and practical classes, where I will observe the student applying the theory. We may use replays or games with simultaneous commentary, as well as follow-up on student development and.

Ciudad de México
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1st lesson free !

High School Student (High School 6) teaches League of Legends (Platinum III) online, any line. Communication via Discord or Voice Chat.

My way of teaching is divided into several points, starting with the knowledge and understanding of the game, through the game styles, general mechanics, character mechanics, concepts, ways to climb, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, strategies, comparison and analysis of professional teams etc. If necessary and the basic eloboost service is required, it is possible to do so.

1st lesson free !

Diamond one trick Janna player offering lessons to help you reach diamond.

I will be watching your replays before we start a session and I will be noting down observations. During the session I will point out your mistakes and we will be discussing together what you should have done and why.

1st lesson free !

Experienced player, I've played the game since season 1 and also followed the pro scene ever since.

I like to explain the basic concepts of how the game works and then move to the advanced information.

1st lesson free !

Challenger ADC Europe West Coach Welcoming Tutees All Levels of Gameplay :)

Each of my lessons will be focused on the aspects of gameplay such as Micro, Macro, Map Awareness, Champion Knowledge, Mentality, that will help you improve your game to next level :) Coaching will be taught over voice comm, where I will observe you playing either through spectate or duo.

1st lesson free !

Enthusiastic [Diamond +] League of Legends player usable for coaching and / or tips! (No longer stuck in silver!)

Stuck in silver? Bad teammates? Trollers, inters or afk's? By improving mostly the macroplay it is possible to solocarry these games! After we have looked together at the goal of the lessons, we can plan and organize them. For example watch back played games and make an analysis of this together. This way we can improve your gameplay with constructive, but not negative, criticism.

1st lesson free !

I am passionate League of Legends player that loves the game and wants to share that experience with others. I've been playing for five years and it never gets old. There is so much to learn each day

I base my teachings mainly off of questions you have. I also look at replays and previous games you've played to analyse your gameplay. But really I can teach you how you prefer. If you want me to review replays, I'd love to do that.

1st lesson free !

16 year old helps people have fun playing League of Legends by adding emthusiasm and team spirit!

Hello, I am a 16 year old student and League of Legends (support main!) player looking to improve the gaming experience of others! Joining in on Discord if at home or meeting up at the gaming club, 'Penta Kill E-sport in the City Centre to practice, improve and climb in League of Legends with a committed team member that never tilts and keeps the team calm through bad situations to lead into an...

1st lesson free !
Jardim Guarapiranga
1st lesson free !

League of Legends Coach, I give classes for all Elos. SP - Brazil. I play League since 2013 and I have contents that most players and even Pro Players do not have.

I divide my work in several ways. I have what I call a Verbal Session. In it the player will select as many questions about the game (usually specific and that can not be found anywhere), after that I will respond and analyze the profile of the player giving tips and directions of what he should do to improve his gameplay. Another service I have is Video Accompaniment.

1st lesson free !

Diamond Support/Jungle main looking to get into coaching can offer Half price first coaching lessons hope to hear from you !

Im honest i will tell you what the issues are in your games i wont get mad and tilted but ill show you why to do certain things

1st lesson free !

Lifelong competitive gamer on console and PC with deep knowledge of professional eSports level play and tactics. I've killed Shroud and Friends in COD

Lessons vary depending on skill level and game, while basic understanding of mouse and keyboard controls, or console controls is recommended for competitive games. Methods vary, but generally take place in playground, private, or other practice areas within a particular game before going into a real match to apply the lesson(s) against other players.

1st lesson free !

Part time gamer, part time college student. Just trying to make extra cash to keep doing the second part

My teaching methods go 2 ways First being simple we just play some games and you take the free wins Or second we can go on discord and I can watch your game play and help by give you advice from watching your game play

South Shields
1st lesson free !

Offering a few gaming themed variety of classes, first time tutor here!

My teaching method would be one to one learning based around whatever style the student prefers. I base most of my tutoring in simpler subjects to enjoy hobbies more rather than further education.

1st lesson free !

Psychology student offering to be a gaming psychologist, help with games mechanics and de-tilting mechanisms.

After seeing how CSGO incorporated a sports psychologist, I wanted to try and use the skills I learn in my degree towards helping gamers, listening to their problems and constructing ways to move forward from slumps and tilting. Stress is sometimes hard to overcome and to speak to someone may help. I would like to join games, watch demos and talk them over with students I make.

1st lesson free !

League of legends tutor, lessons for ANYONE, friendly tutor that can play with you

- A friendly and an approachable individual, lessons are available to ANYONE. - Friendly approach, conversations about strategies, build-ups and context within the game. - Rather than tutor/student, it'd be more of friend/friend, equal treatment with respect.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Want to improve at a game, or learn more about games overall? I'm happy to help.

For those wishing to learn more about gaming, I can tell you whatever you want to know, including the complete history of the medium. If you're looking to improve your play, we'll start by building a strong basis of knowledge to make you number one.

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1st lesson free !

LOL addict trying to find other players in hopes of improving the standard of E-games in India and taking it to the world's.

My teaching method is starting from the basics and learning everything in the game and increasing the knowledge base of the person taking classes. Building , correcting and developing your game mechanics and other very important aspects of the game.

1st lesson free !

Semi-pro player on fortnite and other games, I could give all the necessary advice to become at the top of individual performances!

I have a lot of experience on Fortnite (+350 top 1 and many hours of play). I am precise in my explanations and pedagogue.

1st lesson free !

Mechanics, Drive, Mapwareness, Pings, Farm, Communication, Meta, Web searches, Arsenals, Streams, Champions, Pressure, Hold, Domain of lane AND MAINLY ROAMING.

Supervised training, use of spec, normal training, ranking training, improvement notes, customs where players will be trained as 1x1, control of streams to the player, exchange of messages by whatssapp with quick answers, lists with champions counters and mainly help with champions who the player is interested (they are usually the best ones to improve their ability, improving ability does not...

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1st lesson free !

Games are a great opportunity to learn new skills and have blast. I study physics and mathematics, and experiences with games early in life enabled me to explore novel scenarios and expand my mind.

When interactive experiences such as games are involved, my favorite way to learn is to dive in and swim. I prefer to be in the background waiting for the student so their experience of the subject can me more pure.

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