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Arts/Law student Canberra - will tutor students commencing Bachelor courses in these areas

Please get in touch to discuss the suitability of providing tutoring. I am based in Canberra (Southside) and am happy to provide tutoring to students in high school, college or undertaking early university studies in social sciences or the law.

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Lawyer and HR Manger providing support and mentoring to Law, HR and Legal Studies students.

I am very practical and hands on. I will support students through any assignments and work with them on their weekly course materials.

Syeda aleezeh
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Monash Masters of Law Student and University of London LLB(Hon) student giving Law tuitions

My teaching method is that I would be making a schedule, where we would divide each topic for one week, and leave two weeks at the end of teaching period for revision. While covering a specific topic, the focus will be on learning the law in-depth as-well as learning how to solve the exam paper.

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Legal Tutor offering assistance from High-School to University levels. Sunshine Coast to Brisbane.

I primarily teach online. I gauge the students current-to-date knowledge on the specific area in question, evaluate their style of learning and implement a similar teaching methodology. Generally, I coach the student in finding answers themselves, enabling them to do so by prompting specific key target areas and guiding them to these areas.

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Legal advisor in a business law firm, gives courses in business law, labor law, civil law, all levels.

The law is a matter of arithmetic: all the questions can always be answered by "yes", or by "no". Naturally, since the law is essentially based on contradictory evidence, everything can be discussed. The teaching of law is therefore based on a rigorous methodology, and a learning of the famous "two-part plan, two sub-parts".

Paris 5e
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Methodology courses right by experienced doctor in Law teacher, Paris

I am a lawyer, doctor of Private Law at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, and teacher for twenty years. I offer tutoring methodology for law students from the first year level to the Doctoral level. The methodology covers the work, topics and exercises inherent in legal matters: - case studies - essays - case comments - drafting briefs ...

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Student DJCE Assas (first training in business law in France), I teach courses in private law (civil law, business, labor, etc ...)

I give courses that refocus the student on the objectives to be prioritized in law, I put in place with him the pace to success, I approach with pedagogy issues of methodology and substance to pass exams. Private lessons are two, and it is primarily a discussion where you can tell me anything that worries or destabilizes you.

Paris 11e
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Teaching assistant offers over 11 Private Law Paris various materials

Officer TD Fac Law with privatist course (Bachelor of Private Law - Master 1 specialty Affairs Law Corporate Law - Law Master 2 specialty business law and Engineering Companies DJCE +) offers Bachelor and Master level courses in different subjects of private law and in methodology: practical case and stop comment

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Corporate lawyer with 9 years of experience and tutoring college and school students for the past four years

My teaching method comprises the principles and methods used to enhance student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learner. My teaching method is more interactive and related to real world experiences.

New Delhi
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A lawyer practicing in The Supreme Court of India and The Delhi High Court would want to share his expertise in the field of law.

I adopt a practical method of teaching so that the students develop an interest in the area of law. I also ensure to explain a legal topic by giving examples so that the students can relate it to themselves. Moreover, my classes involves a two way communication method so that the students can grow in their professional capacity.

Greater London
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I specialise in criminal law and public law..I like interacting with my students and thus ensuring that none of my students is feeling left behind. .I like giving each of my students special attention

I love to interact with my students academically thus ensuring that each and every student gets my undivided attention. My technique ensure that none of my students is left behind in terms of grasping the concept at hand. .I also love giving a Continuous Assessment Test after the end of every topic to gauge the level of understanding in that particular field. .

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Want an deep and practical knowledge about business law, labour law and taxation law? Then join me. Say No to boring classes. Get explained everything like film story

I hate boring explanations. I will teach more in practical way like by giving example stories , real life stories or film stories. Creating interest on subject by showing real side of it. I am a story teller also. So you can expect unlimited stories relating to your subject which gains you knowledge.

Rio Claro
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Lawyer with a degree in Public University and broad experience teaches Law

My teaching method is customized to the demands of the respective student, considering the purpose and purpose of the study. The classes can be via video call, skype, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc., accompanied by written material and bibliographical references more indicated in the Bank of the main competitions in the Country.

Campo Grande
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Graduating in Law, offers review and deepening in matters of Brazilian Law!

The methodology used will be applied regularly in all classes, without exception, dispensing periods longer than 1h30 (one and a half hours), in order to provide better use of the focus. It has three means of learning, books (legal doctrines, among others), videos well-founded and consistent with the subject), reading of internal and external legislation (legislative production).

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Law graduate, currently practicing as a Junior Advocate in the High Court at Calcutta. Can give lessons on Criminal law, Civil law, Torts, and Commercial law.

My teaching method is based on a practical approach, I believe, the easiest way to learn the law is imagining the situation and what the situation and logic demands. Also, I have always admired literature and that played a key role, ensuing me to pursue law, therefore, I believe in providing lucid notes, that helps one understand the subject and generates the interest of students.

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Teacher, Lawyer and Law Coach. Teaches classes in Brazilian Civil Law, Civil Law Procedure and Labor Law. Specialized training for the OAB Exam.

Classes based on the practical part of the law, I extract everyday cases for theoretical application. Work aimed at aligning the academic reinforcement with the results in exams and tests. Valorization of the understanding with repetition techniques, until the student's full development.

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Graduated in jurisprudence with teaching experience. Repetitions / lessons, online lessons via Skype.

The methodology that I follow and that of learning with specific cases: theory immediately applied in such a way as to make the concept clear and true. I prepare slides and presentations or multimedia notes that are used to integrate the material already in the possession of the student: conceptual schemes.

Nawal kishore
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Understand and enrich your legal knowledge in a easy and fruitful way


Mendlesham Green
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New way to learn the subject from the comfort of your own home

I am a relatively new tutor, I speak both Italian and Spanish.

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Law graduate offering law, history, sociology and Politics lessons in Weymouth and via Skype.

I like to tailor my lessons to the pupil's individual needs and interest. I am a strong advocate for encouraging critical thinking in pupils as I believe this allows them to formulate and substantiate their own opinions.

La Vernia
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Law Made Easy and interesting to understand and comprehend for every individual

Retired former state prosecutor specializing in criminal & civil cases, private practice litigator and former lecturer/instructor at University of San Diego and for various agencies including Dept. of Defense, US Navy, US Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, and USEPA.

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Head of the law department, offering online law tutoring. Ramsgate based, three years as head of the department.

I am calm and relaxed, my style of teaching is very collaborative and open. I believe if I can't explain something simply then I don't understand it. The lessons will cover fundamental principles and move on to case examples so that you have authorities to use in exams.

Vineet kumar
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Assistance to law students for improving knowledge and understanding towards benefits of law

I use fact and data based study approach that also consider the examples which help the students to apply the theoretical learning with practical aspects. I teach graduate and undergraduate business management students and law students along with research students.

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Sanjay Law tutor for Business Laws, Corporate Laws and Human Rights etc

My teaching methodolgy includes lecture method along with discussion of case study, power point presentation as per the situational need.

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Ashwini's profession and experience can clear your ideas of business life with laws

My teaching is more a conversation then a lecture. It contains practicle situations and examples to think on....Since, in the process everyone gets involved and it becomes interesting and easy to understand. Theory goes hand in hand with conversation and that is the best I think I have in my teachings. I teach all those who need it as thier subject to learn.

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Learn law with Lawyer Stefanie Ólives - Online via Skype ou Hangout

My teaching method is specialized, according to the needs of each student. I use curricular and doctrinal materials as well as use the dry law. I like the method of solving exercises and revision, but if need be I have structured classes to give all the material. In addition, I can teach in the construction of legal pieces.

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Experienced legal instructor offering instruction in law related courses in the Peterborough ON area

At the outset, I try to get to know my students, gauging what they already know. Typically, I will ask the student what they're good at and what they most enjoy about the subject we're working on. I ask where they’re having trouble, focusing on what parts of class lectures they are having difficulty with and what types of questions they consistently miss on tests.

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Practicing Advocate Interest in Teaching GST Law and Law Subjects Covered By MU

Tutor Have In Depth knowledge Of Indirect Taxation and wants to share with his students the acadamic as well as practical aspects. Tutor Can Provide Detailed Knowledge about India's Biggest Indirect Tax Reform called:- "GST" with Presentation in very simple langauge and notes in PPT Form.

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Legal Writing for Academic Essays and Dissertations at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level

Feteris, a notable scholar opines, "everybody who advances a legal standpoint and wishes it to be accepted by others will have to present justifying arguments.

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