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Darwin City
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Smile! express yourself, activate your mind and physical energy. Integral yoga at the wild Darwin ;)

My teaching methods are based on the experience I had in India with native teachers, mixed with the need of the moment. Hatha yoga techniques, integral yoga as a rediscovered essential being.

Arvind guru
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Yoga is a way of life. Learn it to achieve mental and physical peace.

I prefer taking it slow. I individually gauge peoples mental and physical strength and teach them accordingly. Yoga can be useful for attaining peace and physical fitness. My teaching is suitable for people who are under mental stress and people who are looking to gain fitness through dedicated training.

West Gladstone
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Kundalini Yoga for everyone, enjoy this experience, is not yet for your body, is for your soul!

I use the method from Yogi Bhajan, my master. And also in some stage of the practice (before the kriya) I give focus to the body using diferent asanas from Hatha yoga. We spend between one hour and one hour and half each class.

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Kundalini yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance and Hatha. Certified in Health and Alternative Therapies

I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by KRY. Kundalini classes aim to show your maximum potential as a person, are suitable for anyone regardless of the condition. The classes work with an achievement of specific exercises that work different topics, such as sleep disorders, cleansing of the body, muscular system.

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Let's learn yoga for healthy mind and body, come we'll smile together. :)

Basically the class duration will be of 1 hour which will include- warm up, yoga asanas,yog nidra, pranayams and meditation. I work according to the requirements of the student. I'm specialised in teaching ashtanga yoga and it's the most beautiful form of yoga.

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Motivated Yoga Instructor RYT500 Yoga Alliance UK and specialization in Tantra and Dao principles would help you change physically, spiritually and emotionally to gain one’s own conscious individualit

By combing asana, meditation and pranayama, I provide an opportunity to explore the Spiritual through the Physical and promote optimal health, activating energy channels to harmonize the organs and increase fresh energy into healing, rejuvenation, and longevity .Nature is already complete and inner balance is the key to unlocking the natural healing powers that reside in the body.

Paris 9e
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Kundalini teacher yoga, meditation, relaxation, I accompany on the path of the development and well-being. Very attentive to my students, their safety is paramount. My classes are prof

First, I practice this form of yoga which is the yoga of consciousness. What is important is to be listening, whether you are) listening to you. I pay close attention to your posture so that you do not hurt yourself but above all, I accompany you to listen to you, to love you to do you good. At the appointment, breathing, body movements adapted to your style, your needs, and a lot of meditation.

Maple Ridge
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Help students discover their own unique yoga practice by promoting body awareness, increasing mobility, stimulating focus, and encouraging a mind-body connection at Maple Ridge, Langley, Tri-City and

My passion is to help people to have their own practice as well as keeping them safe and align. In My Hatha classes I would modify poses for different levels and cue the poses with details and different options, focus on student’s issues. Vinyasa classes are more flowing and fast-paced link with breathing (Inhalation and exhalation).

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I teach Yoga Kundalini and Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Management in Bologna

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and meets the needs of the person through classes dedicated to the specific psycho-physical situation and age, from birth onwards: Physical activity, relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation are practiced in each lesson. I believe in a smiling way of teaching.

Marseille 14e
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Soft yoga classes for well-being that are aimed at seniors and all those who wish to relax smoothly without constraint

I offer private yoga lessons to seniors (also in small group 2 to 3 people). Relaxation, relaxation, meditation, exchanges are on the program. I also propose an introduction and how to use the essential oils "DoTerra" which can accompany you on a daily basis for all evils, both psychologically and physically. I am a yoga teacher and coach for adults and young people.

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Thinking about you and I care... so I give you something that works for me

To describe a beginning session in this fluid routine... Keep in mind we want to flow and stretch all the major and minor muscles, tendons and ligaments in our bodies. Do so on a matted/cushioned/carpeted area at least as open as you can swing a bat 360° (that will give you room to move) Wear loose fitting sweat pants, tshirt and socks Be slow... be methodical...

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Yoga practitioner and teacher with 13 years experience. Focusing on a traditional approach with aspects of mantra, breathwork, meditation, and postures for the purpose of personal growth.

My methodology incorporates a compassionate, gentle approach with reference to individual needs. Often, we begin yoga practice because we are unhappy with where we are at on some level. I guide individuals to clarify and still the mind, body, and emotions. Through these practices, we achieve a greater understanding of our own beauty, power, and peace.

Sri ranganadh
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I can teach Simple Yoga for Fast Life & Diet Planner from Hyderabad

My teaching method will be simple as per the body condition of the student. I ll plan my course based on the profession, food habits, available timings of my students. I can also be a personal trainer based on negotiation.

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A long term practitioner of yoga teaches best yoga practices for peace of mind, joy and well being.

I am a long time practitioner and teacher of advanced yoga practices. My classes are for adults who are living a busy active life and students looking for better grades. Teaching is done keeping the adult learning parameters in mind.

Playa del Carmen
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Kundalini Yoga Classes Multilevel KRI Certified Instructor in Playa del Carmen

I teach Kundalini Yoga. For the level (s) basic, medium, advanced, for children and seniors I give face-to-face classes, in my home or in yours. I teach webcam. Private classes of Kundalini yoga in Playa del Carmen, for basic, medium, advanced, children and seniors. With the possibility of working as a couple or in small groups.Classes in the open air or yoga centers. Schedule to be agreed.

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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher offers private lessons or small groups in Barcelona

My classes are aimed at people who want to develop their full potential. We work in classes and meditation relaxation methods to combat everyday stress. We base asanas, adapted to the level and purpose of the student. We explain the anatomical part to avoid possible injury and work with special emphasis on breathing to help us in our practice.

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What is real yoga, science behind yoga, how to energetic,how to get up early in the morning,

I am Anil Nair, preacher of Yoga , Learned from Raja Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, While practicing I learned and experienced wonderful things from Yoga. I found that the relations of Five Elements, body and SOUL. There after I started teaching it.

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Ancient yoga techniques & therapy , well ness , stress relief .

Yoga Instructors teach the principles and movements of yoga to students in fitness center classes and in private sessions.

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Certified Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher in London, Cultivate Wellbeing, Awaken the Subtle Body, Open Consciousness

I teach by holistically integrating profound traditional methods of meditation which are adapted to the individual. From practices working with the subtle body, chakras and kundalini to meditations uncovering the essence of awareness, I am sharing these gateways to balance, harmony, clarity and spiritual experience.

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Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher in Streetsville. Expertise in partner, individual and group Hatha, Ashtaang and Kundalini yoga sessions

Teaching methodologies are based upon ancient Bhartiya wisdom and Patanjali vignan. For individual sessions methodology is participant centric, for partners it is complimentary centric, for group it is kutumb centric. Prime focus is to align the physical & subtle body, Mind and Prana with Bhoota shudhi, meditation and breathing practices.

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1st lesson free !

I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized

I teach yoga. The form that takes goes against what is the conventional expectation of average yoga class attendees -- only because the idea that people have about yoga is often colored by sexualized images and a work-out mentality that has been bred deep into us.

A nagarathna
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I have 30 years experience in meditation. Realised in 2006. I can guide in all experiences of yoga path. It begins from breathing exercise, meditation on om sound, meeting God, again elevation & reali

I explain students how to practice meditation & guide them through their experiences. For example in meditation many will be fearful. Then guidance is required. I don’t focus on yoga postures.

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Yoga and meditation to elevate and awake your soul. Held in leamington spa, online or in the comfort of your own home. Homework and support outside of class is given.

I'm Sharan Kaur Kahlon and I teach Kundalini yoga and meditation techniques which allow us to break through blockages and attract more of what we want in life. Classes can take place online or in the comfort of your own home. Upon request they can be group sessions.

Ciudad de México
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Connect deeply to mind, body and spirit with conscious movement. Different yoga styles.

My name is Annabelle and I am a Yoga Teacher, during practice we'll work with breathing techniques, postures, meditation, mudras (hand postures) and mantras or affirmations. Classes are customized to your needs.

Dev kaur -coni
(1 review)
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Yoga instructor with studies in Chile and India for V region Valparaiso

My classes are based on the idea of ​​YOGA THERAPY, that is to say that the practice is in complete harmony and communication with the body and the mind in order to learn from oneself through yoga. Each posture teaches us something of ourselves, of the mind, of the way of thinking and behaving and from there we learn.

(1 review)
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Hello! I'm Luana, yoga instructor. I give yoga classes at home in Castellón and surroundings.

What is integral yoga? It is a combination of hatha yoga and kundalini. I teach classes at home, individuals, companies, etc. Mens sana in corpore sano. Yoga allows you through the different techniques of meditation, pranayamas, asanas and relaxation to focus on what your interior needs to reflect on your exterior.

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Individual Hatha Yoga classes in Toulouse, adapted to your own evolution ans wishes

I am passionate about Yoga and Samkhya, and love to convey the fruits of my practices by guiding participants throughout a journey through the body using postures, breaths, visualizations, mantra, concentrations, mudra, bandha . I propose a Yoga that is inspired by several masters I met, and traditions that inspired me.

Arenys de Mar
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Yoga for awareness to here and now personalized in barcelona and surroundings

Yoga to be present. Individual and totally professional classes Improve body and awareness Maximum serious on the process: mental, physical and energetic changes Particular Class is a hour and fifteen minutes in Barcelona 1 hour Posturology, Pranayamas ( Work with breathing, if necessary) and 15 minutes Meditation.

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Instruction of Kundalini Yoga gives classes at home adapted to each person

- Private Kundalini Yoga classes at home and / or online (skype or viber). -The classes are structured in an initial warm-up, a series of adapted postures or asanas, techniques of conscious breathing or pranayama and a final relaxation. Optional meditations according to the interests and needs of the students. - We adapt the classes to any type of illness or disease.

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