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Sewing lessons by qualified patternmaker and fashion designer/couture dressmaker with 30 years of experience.

I tailor the learning program to suit students with varying skill levels, from beginners to more experienced sewers as well as children. Learning sewing skills is a challenging but fun process. At my lessons, students will learn through projects.

Lane Cove
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Design your own new look and wear what makes you feel good.

I have basic sewing and design experience, but I've made my own clothes from store bought patterns regularly. After a free first consultation at a fabric store where we'll look at patterns, fabric and notions, if I do not have the skills to help you I'll let you know. If I can help you - this is my approach the topic by encouraging the student to pick what they want.

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Knit yourself out: beginner knitting lessons by Pix an amateur knitting enthusiast.

As a self taught knitter my lessons are geared toward those at the beginning of their learning adventures. I aim to supply the basic knowledge so that students can go on and work with whatever wool they choose, in any way they choose.

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I Practice knitting and crochet and would like to help someone else do the same.

I would love to teach you some basic stitches in either crochet or knitting to get you started which will then help you build confidence and familiarize yourself with the process so that you are then able to start creating your own woollen items.

South Yarra
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1st lesson free !

Textile Artist & Designer, based in Castlemaine Victoria, will help develop your creative textile passion

Even if you believe you are not, everyone is capable of creativity. Textiles offer so many options that allow this creativity to be tapped into. As I have done with others, I will guide you through processes that will enable you to blossom.

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Tailor with 15 years of experience gives private sewing lesson at your home

I love to teach my students the best sewing construction and neatening methods to use and how to achieve quality garments that look professional and fit well. I try to approach teaching sewing differently than the way I learned.

Mount Nasura
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Grandma Lyn love to knit, sew and make bears and dolls. Come join me for lessons.

I will start the lesson with a basic knitting by showing how to cast on, read a pattern and to teach other stitches.

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Design and Arts teacher offering lessons on all art and craft techniques

My classes are based on each students independent focus and level. You can tell me exactly what you would like to learn to make or else if you have a specific skill you require then I can work out the project item for you to best teach this skill. I am happy to accommodate for multi level classes as long as you are all working on a similar themed project.

Hoppers Crossing
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Knitting and Crochet : Learn how to knit or/and crochet. Lessons in Melbourne.

My lessons will be based on what my students want to learn. It can be just knitting or just crochet or both. We will start with the basics: learning the basic stitches is very important, which is where we would start. After the basics. Students can choose to pick a pattern or item they wish to complete with which I will guide them.

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Cool headed crafty knitter and embroiderer in workshops for people of all ages

Get crafty and confident in using your knitting needles or your embroidery stitches just like a workshop for two hours. Additional hours included upon request for the workshop based in Melbourne CBD and Inner Suburbs.

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The love of fabrics sewing by hand or machines is relaxing. then knitting is another craft that can be done anywhere with power or not (machine or hand ). best time remembering doing it with my grandm

My Teaching method would be from basic : from learning right needles -pattern-wool . casting on plain and purl stitching to very interesting patterns ,designs : The same with sewing from understanding fabrics - patterns - needles - thread , down to right equipment that is required to work with.

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Passionate Crochet Artist, Loves making plants, garlands, flowers, 100s of original designs to teach

-I find working from formal patterns confusing, and prefer to create by sight.

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RMIT student give Fashion Design lessons to high school and Uni students in Melbourne.

Embroideries, sewing techniques, fabric design, surface design, pattern making, draping, hand illustration, softwares like adobe illustrator and photoshop, etc, are my areas of command. I can easily teach all of them and help you to apply this in practical life.

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Sewing classes all levels supervised by a professional over 30 years experience

Hello, I pass on my beautiful job of seamstress with the education, the pedagogy and the rigor necessary to those who want to learn for the first time, to improve, and preparation for exams. - To prepare his model, to choose are fabrics to cut, to heat, to iron, to build, to assemble, to try, to rectify, to adjust, to surjeter, to sew etc ...

Caroline m
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DIY: from Zen Knitting, lingerie sewing, random sewing, crochet, origami, parts printed on a 3D printer, to recycling and reuse of materials.

I love to make things. Create, say to my friends "I made that". I'm picky and like things tailored to my body, my needs. I do not like consumerism or produce waste. I avoid disposable things. I Love REUSE. Professionally working with mathematical abstractions and then I feel a need to have a hobby "to make things", to "thinking with my hands.

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Come to create with your hands! Bring wool, needles and desire to have a good time

We gather together for two hours, we drink tea, we weave, we tell anecdotes ... As before, when time was a gift. You bring your project, I help you to do it. Blankets, amigurumis, accessories, recycling ... A little of technique and then your creativity. Small groups.

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Experienced in sewing, knitting and fabric painting. in hyderabad i use to conduct camps for girls and womens to learn.

i only believe to teach in understanding communication between student and teacher. i also guide students to select which category they want to learn if they are confused, believe themselves with confident. not to hesitate with the teachers. and carieer opportunity also provide.

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Fashion BA CSM. Portfolio Preparation. Foundation, BA and MA in London and Worldwide

I specialise in UAL amd UCA curriculum. My main subject is Fashion and Textiles my second subject is Fine Art: Painting and Sculpture. I teach all ages and have had experience with 5 year old and adult learners. I can teach you or your child in your home or my Fashion and Textile design studio in Battersea or my Fine Art studio in The East End.

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Knitter in North West London with 15 years of experience to help you create hand crafted items.

I can teach you to knit if you are a beginner or help you develop your basic skills to create hand crafted items. I will teach any technique for you to produce a beautiful knitted garment or gift.

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Crochet, Tunisian fabric, straight and circular loom. Clear your doubts and have fun (only CABA)

The idea of ​​this Club is to be able to get together to knit, consult doubts, share ideas and learn by kitting. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge, but many want let the fear out and know that everything can be done. To relax and create beautiful objects with your own hands. At home (CABA) or in Once or Almagro. Consult available groups and schedules.

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Passionate Knitter in Cheshire offers lessons to beginners, online or in person

My teaching method is to allow the students to lead if there is a specific direction in which they with to go. I am also very happy to lead the classes and depending on the set up of the class (if in person, rather than online) I am able to provide equipment, some of which the students will be able to keep.

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Learn to knit chic projects from an instructor with 14 years knitting experience in an artsy Richmond home.

vI am a warm, friendly, and patient knitting instructor who will give you the motivation you need to keep at your work until you get it! I model, provide written instructions, step-by-step photos, and may even use video to help demonstrate techniques in a way the learner learns best.

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Hand Knitter with ten years experience offering knitting lessons in london and online

Azeezat can teach beginners the fundamental skills, knitting and purling, casting on and casting off. After which we can progress to intermediate skills such as shaping (increases and decreases), colour work, and cables.

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Love to Knit? Then learn with the Best Knit in the World

I teach beginners and advanced in all topics. I offer one to one tuition and small groups (of up to 6). I am a warm and friendly person who has patience galore and my focus is to keep trying at the basics until you get the tension right! I offer more advanced classes also in Crochet, Knitting and Silk Painting.

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I have been sewing since I was 7. I can teach anything from pattern making to construction.

I like to teach based on how you learn best. Is it step by step? Is it demonstration first? Maybe its trial and error? I like to do what it takes to help you learn and even try new methods if one ins't working.

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Award winning Hand-Knitting Pattern Designer, offering Knitting, Crochet, and Fibre-Craft Design tuition

I have a hands-on, practical methodology, using multiple styles of knitting, including English or British throwing and flicking, Irish Cottage or Lever style, supported techniques such as belt, pad, and pit-knitting, and Continental techniques, and two-handed Fair Isle knitting.

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Science and Geology, Arts and Knitting, let me help you get to your answers, in Anchorage AK, degreed professional with years of experience. Software: ArcGis, AutoCad, Excel, Word, Adobe Publisher, Pr

I have a Geography degree from Portland State University with 20 + years of mapmaking and drawing, a Geology degree from PSU with 15 years of soils identification, rock and stratigraphic analysis. Knitting and Embroidery are my hobbies of 10+ years specializing in fitting. ESRI ARCGIS master and able to train and get you going to the end. Autocad and technical drafting. Map making and design.

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Knitwear designer specialising in machine knitting (dubied). Learn beautiful stitches and techniques as well as colour, texture and fashioning!

I believe 1 on 1 teaching is the most helpful as I learnt so much from yarn to weight to stitch with this support myself.

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Crochet classes basics and intermediate level for all Women in coimbatore city

For basic 4 to 5 classes based on your understanding level for both the levels.classes will be weekly once.

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