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Karate Lessons Black Belts In Karate & Ju Jitsu (Japanese) State Champion Winner.

I focus more on strategy and positioning in relation to your partner or opponent and focus on Kumite (sparring). We can go through kata but my focus is on kumite whether that be training for point sparring competitions or full contact Karate. My lessons are around teaching you strategy to apply in kumite competitions. I DO WEBCAM LESSONS AS WELL ACROSS THE GLOBE, TIME DIFFERENCE IS NO ISSUE.

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Karate Go Kan Ryu Geelong 10 years experience one on one training

I try to train technique, stance and the right mind set to whom i am training. I like to set goals and finish the goal in a week or so, then we can move to long term goals. happy to teach anyone.

Port Macquarie
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Accredited Exercise Scientist, PhD Student, Security Officer, MMA fighter offering self defense classes

Self defense can be approached either re-actively or pro-actively. I use training, both theoretical and practical, to equip clients in both methodologies. Practical training starts with gross motor movements that can be utilised instinctively with progression becoming more complex over time.

Varsity Lakes
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Canadian Karate Black Belt looking for students who want to learn authentic Karate

I like to gear my lessons towards three main goals: Fitness, Skill Development and Practicality. I believe all martial artists strive for self improvement both in their physical and mental being. I only teach techniques that will be practical in a real self defense situation.

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Forty years experience in various martial arts, private or group lessons available

I teach in the traditional way, but less formal. Mutual respect and safety in the classes is paramount. Also my emphasis is on techniques that work rather than looking pretty. Because my background in multi martial arts, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of styles and try to address this.

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Learn How to maintain your well being and at the same time learn how to defend your self

for beginners I always start them off on the basic core skills these are the foundation for any martial art style.

Port Macquarie
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Kyokushin Karate & Women's Self Defence with fitness - Adults, Kids (3yrs +), Teens classes. Female Teacher: Sensei Melinda Locaion: Port Macquarie and Surrounding Highly Qualified Teacher - Trained i

I began teaching in 1998 and my focus as an instructor is on technical proficiency, fitness and fighting techniques. I ran kids programs, teen and adult novice and intermediate programs overseas and also instructed at the North Bondi full-time dojo in Sydney up until 2017.

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Martial Arts and Weapons Instructor, gives personal and group Self Defence lessons on The Central Coast N.S.W. Over 20 years experience. Member of International Martial Arts Federation Accredited inst

My teaching methods and classes are based on a strong foundation in basic techniques, to strengthen both body and mind as well as increasing fitness. My approach is to have fun while learning, but also in still strong Self Discipline a Positive Attitude and Increase Mental Focus.

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Martial arts I have good experience of teaching martial arts to kids, teen and adults. currently I am in Sydney working in different martial arts school and private lessons. So I am looking for privat

My teaching method is face to face. You are welcome to come in my school or I can come to your home or place to train you martial arts. I approach traditional method of martial arts along with showing and teaching modern way as well.

Blacks Beach
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Martial Arts Instructor gives lessons in self-defence in Mackay and surrounding areas. 30 years experience.

My methods for teaching vary depending on my student as most of my teaching is done 1 on 1.

Swan View
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Experienced 4th Dan Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do and Karate Teacher for individual or group lessons

My teaching method is by practicing skills which develop confidence in all situations by making aware of the environment and developing excellent skills that give you the upper hand in the case of a assailant threatening y

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TK's Fit4life Personal Training Teaching a wide range of physical & mental disciplines, martial arts, personal fitness/wellness, surfing. Friendly qualified instructor outdoors(group) or in the comfor

My teaching methodology is keep it simple, keep it personal,keep it safe, keep it fun. I add my own personal touch to my teachings, which includes healthy living, healthy mentality, healthy interactions. The only limitations are the ones we put upon ourselves.

Saint Lucia
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Karate practitioner gives martial arts, karate and self defence classes (Individual or Groups)

My teaching methodology is based on the level and skill of each individual, and when in group sessions I separate them in terms of skills and then try to combine them so that the newer can learn from experienced people and experienced can learn to teach new people.

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Self defence trainer great with kids flexible hours 20 yrs experience cheap

My teaching method can be as laid back or as hard as u like it's really up to u I like to have a good time while I train

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Old style goju ryu karate do with respect and tolerance, no wax on wax off

Demonstration followed by practice and coaching, solid basics build a solid grounding for advanced techniques, training and skills.

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I am a karate / self defense coach certified in Japan.I live in Launceston Tasmania and I believe that good character best emanates from a place of strength.

My teaching method is first conditioning, then drills and then winning philosou hiphy and practical applications. I focus on teaching you how to turn every dangerous encounter around to avoid being the victim. I have a book published titled the self defense handbook .

Mount Waverley
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Melbourne Based: Self-Defense, Survival and Combat Tutoring for Realistic Conflict Situations.

I teach the foundations of absolute confidence in self-defence ability, where students are set free of fear and instead rely soley on motor skills to respond to combat situations - ending fights and conflict with a clear mind and little to no struggle. There are no belts or ranks only the knowledge you need to know to defend yourself both safely and securely.

East Fremantle
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Black belt and coach referees training certificate from my country, and published in News Paper too.

Before teaching first I interact with student and read their psychology and behavior then only I start to teach my method easily which help to grab it easily, if it is easy then only student motivate to do and learn immediately.

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Cristian Petenon Muay Thai Teacher in Brazil for 5 Years and 6 months, now teaching in Sydney.

I'm Muay Thai teacher and i have been teaching in Brazil for 5 years and 7 months and now i come to sydney and i looking for new students. My methodoly is based on Muay Thai increased by Karate, boxing and Krav Maga tecniques to teach and develop studens, the metodology created using grades from white to black to helps the studens to goow up.

New Delhi
Samarendra kumar
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A seasoned family commando who knows teaching in his field like the back of his hand

• I have submitted the tentative blue print for GOI and pioneering the introduction of DEVOPS in CRIS. • I Got Intel, Dell, hp, Dell, google … scores of others into GOI setup. • Part of credit to making the wild bunch of chimpanzees’ world class grey cats of crisis management group should go Rightfully TO US.

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Master of Traditional and Modern Martial Arts with 25 years of continuous practice, proposes a course of individual lessons based on a method that arises from the eclectic fusion of the disciplines of

The proposed path is completely individual according to the needs, giving the opportunity to the practitioner to range from the traditional practice of Goju Ryu style and style Mu Gen Do to the practice of kickboxing and personal defense.

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E.g: Student in Bsc college gives coaching classes in Boxing training and cricket From college in Maharashtra -Bhandara -Tumsar.

E. g : My teaching methods is.... I base my Ground students on.... I approach the topic by....

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Professional in karate trains the people for self defence and discipline in life

i teach people the respect and art to learn in a manner of life and make the individual the strong and be self dependent in life along with the art of self defence and protect himself from the odds and help others

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Currently holding Senior Brown Belt in "Kyokushin Karate" the strongest karate! Learn both KATA & KUMITE(fight) at step method and careful doubt clearing classes. Personal contact will be given on dem

My method of teaching only has two answers i.e. Listen and practice. Only these two combinations will make a person from an ordinary citizen to a kyokushin practitioner. Classes will go on as demanded and will have both theory and practical technique.

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You can become professional martial artists by spending your free time at home.

My teaching method depends on student's ability, stamina, endurance and physical health conditions. take different types of classes to learn various techniques, rhytm in kata and to handle various weapons in safety manner. both individual and group classes can be taken.

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Karate class, self defense class, yoga and meditation class and weapons class


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Female kickboxer offering kickboxing lessons from the comfort of your own home! (Crawley)

I teach one-on-one and group sessions based on the very basics of kickboxing. Whether you are looking to build your technical ability i.e. learning how to throw a punch or you are looking to build your fitness level.

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MMA, Jiu Jiu Jitsu, strength and conditioning from a Brazilian jiu jitsu Black belt and qualified Exercise Physiologist

My teaching method is based on a bespoke approach to your needs as a student or athlete. I deliver technical teaching through video feedback and commentary. Lessons are based on a syllabus of several key areas including self defence sports grappling striking and conditioning. Lessons progress in these areas as we problem solve on specific areas .

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You need to learn self defence....the world's best martial art is here...you can learn here from me.

My method of teaching is to convey each and every technique or basic to the learner and for that I like to indulge more and more in the practice sessions with the students.

Paris 11e
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Sports Coaching - Body Workout - Cardio Training - Self Defense - Fitness

Fitness - Weight Loss - Body Workout - Cardio Training - Self Defense combat sports Convenient to defend themselves, let off steam or improvement At home or in your neighborhood or local in paris

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Perfect! Melinda gave me some valuable information and advice over the phone about my karate training and the dojo I attend. I’m so thankful I got to speak to her. Wish I lived closer so I could train with her!

Jasmine, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

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