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Fitzroy North
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Learn to play the guitar! Focus on expanding your musicality, comfort, enjoyment and creativity!

My teaching methodology focuses on making sure that each learning exchange is catered to the learning style of the pupil. I teach through a variety of songs that the student shows interest in and use these as a vehicle to teach music skills.

East Brisbane
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Advanced Guitar Lessons in Jazz, Bebop and Gypsy Jazz $60 an hour

Jazz Improvisation, Theory, Ear Training, Learning Tunes, Guitar Technique, How to Practice, Picking Techniques, Solo guitar, Comping, Guitar, Jazz, Daily Routine Exercises, The Left Hand, The Right Hand, Fingerings, Picking Technique, Octave Warm-Up, Playing Scales, Voicings, Chord Inversions, Drop 2, Open Voicing, Harmonizing Melodies, Chord Types, Improvisation, Spread Voicing, Drop 3,...

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GuitarWorks - Creative, informative guitar lessons that inspire, along with each student's individual goals in mind.

Learning to play a musical instrument at an early age can enhance many aspects of a child's life. The disciplined structured practice in music strengthens various brain functions and allows a child to apply those strengths to academic, social and emotional activities.

Saint Kilda East
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Guitar tutor & mentor : learn the tools to enable you to write your own songs

My method is to start with a simple theme, either a rhythm, a chord, a scale and expand it into an original piece of music. Teach students how they can apply these tools to learn & master the guitar. The key is to create achievable goals and focus on these with each lesson.

New Town
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UTas Masters graduate offering lessons in music theory, Guitar, songwriting and more.

I have had students of all ages and levels Graduate students to preschool. I normally talk to the students to understand what they really want to get out of lessons talk about the history of music and offend listen to music each lesson.

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Want to play guitar? Can already play but want to shred ?

My teaching method is firstly to find out what the learner is interested in style wise. Second is determining what level they are at. Thirdly is devising a plan that covers techniques and songs with a harder song being the eventual goal. After reaching that goal, we will set harder goals and I will provide guidance to reach them.

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Accomplished Rock,Blues,jazz,electric Guitarist to give lessons for all ages beginner to advanced.

I love teaching students who are committed to practice and improving their current skills on the instrument. My approach towards lessons and teaching is more relaxed and encouraging to create a welcoming space for students although discipline is very important.

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Experienced Bachelor of Jazz Guitar graduate teaches you guitar from Sydney, Australia

I teach according to each student's needs and learning style. I believe that music and the guitar can be taught holistically and measurably, with practical methods and simple guidelines. Every student has the ability to be successful at music.

Avenell Heights
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Versatile musician (guitars keyboards) that has studied and played a wide variety of music styles throughout the eastern and western world for over 40 years.

Patience and understanding in the face of struggling and confusion. Teaching is another word for guidance which I have prevailed upon every student I have ever encountered from the illiterate grade 3 classroom to the independent intellectual professor. We come to realize we know less and less as we get older and older with there being so much more to learn out there in the world.

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Learn guitar with a professional guitarist with over 20 years performing experience

I take a pragmatic and step by step approach to learning. My teaching style is based on the needs of the student and lessons are tailored to each student's individual needs and requirements, regardless of age. I have experience teaching students of all ages, young and old and I am able to adapt my teaching and communication style to suit.

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Learn and Master the guitar in Perth. The faster method that has served over 2.000 musicians. Music diploma, over 10 years of experience and international career.

Not every music student has the same needs. You need a method that has been proven to work over and over again, but you need a professional to identify exactly which method is going to give you the results you are looking for, as fast as possible, so you remain motivated and confident.

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Modern Jazz Guitarist, extensive teaching experience in many styles, based in Brisbane.

My teaching is both practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on improving technique, aural skills, repertoire and exposure to modern musical approaches. Lessons are either in person or online and tailored to the individual. Music is the real teacher, but I aim to guide, inspire and clarify.

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Qualified Musician gives private lessons on the Guitar, learn to play fast!

my teachings methods are i try to have as much fun as possible while keeping it very hands on, more playing the guitar than trying to explain how it all works! i like to give students the right playing habits and fundamentals to put them in the right path of being a great player by learning the correct techniques in a particular order.

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Advanced Guitar Lessons And Methods From Melbourne (Inspiring The Creativity In All Individuals)

Patience, explanation, direction, patience, the learning experience is in the hands and mind of the learner so the patience part is most important as you can probably tell, I drift through explanation and description and can expand on specifics on question

Brunswick West
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Pro guitar player teaches guitar and shares his stage & studio experiences.

All the information provided to the student is what they would use in a real stage/studio situation. That includes the guitar technique, music theory, repertoire according to student’s tendencies, breathing, relaxing, pschological frame of mind, relationship with the band members and the audience.

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Professional guitarist and musician with extensive teaching and 'real world' performance experience

Due to the physical nature of guitar, I don't have a strict ‘by rote’ approach to navigating the guitar fretboard and am instead interested in getting students beyond the point of imitating others – the goal is to get them to sound more like themselves. I use a constructionist approach to learning, that the student learns best from finding new concepts meaningful to them.

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Versatile Guitarist with 13 years of experience gives private guitar lessons in Canberra

I give practical knowledge that you can always use in your music career. You will learn how to play your favourite songs on guitar, how to make up guitar solos on the spot, and some music theory.

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Ex utas music student with previous teaching experience so you can learn fast

My teaching method is asses where the student is at and supply what is needed. With long hours behind me it is easy for me to see what mistakes are holding a player back so I can prescribe material to satisfy their need.

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Graduate of Musicians Institute (Los Angeles) Private tuition. Epping/Caringford. In your home.

I teach reading of notes and chords as well as improvisation for more advanced students. For younger students I provide a reading method that will enable them to move to other instruments should they choose to at a later time.

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Queensland Conservatorium student offering private guitar lessons from home in Brisbane CBD

My teaching method centres around joy in music - the only true way to learn and retain musical information is to enjoy it. My lessons centre around the practical application of theoretical concepts, teaching a range of skills and how to implement them. I personalise lessons to suit individual students' goals, aiming to help each student become a better, well rounded musician.

(3 reviews)
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Qualified teacher gives guitar lessons at your home (course in French or English)

For beginner to advanced level, left and right handed. Modern Guitar Lessons (pop, rock, jazz, etc.) Effective methods (scales, chords, melodies, improvisation) and music theory. You can also choose the songs that you want to learn.

(2 reviews)
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Guitarist for a dozen of years, trained by great musicians in Paris. Gives Guitar lessons of any styles!

Guitarist for a dozen years, Trained by great musicians in Paris in the framework of professional training (Samy Daussat, brad brose, Michel Goldberg, David Reinhart, Marc Boutillot, Ninine and Rocky Garcia, specialized in Jazz Guitar.

Paris 17e
(1 review)
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Pro Guitarist, 20 years of experience, gives guitar lessons all styles, all levels

Hello my classes are dedicated to who wants to learn to play the electric guitar or acoustic in the styles rock, metal, fusion, jazz, pop. Beginners or experienced are welcome. Guitar lessons depending on your desires. Improvisation, composition, technique, harmony.

(3 reviews)
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Electric and acoustic lessons, all styles and all levels in Ecusson, Montpellier

We will first book a free appointment of 30 minutes to analyse your level and your wishes. A tailor-made course will then be programmed, with selected pieces to work or exercises, as well as theoretical and improvisation classes for more advanced students.

(7 reviews)
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Professional Musician Graduated in Jazz Guitar at the Turin Conservatory and with Master at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, he proposes Private Lessons of Modern / Jazz / Blue Guita

I give modern guitar lessons (Blues / Jazz) to motivated students of every age and age. The lessons are divided into several phases: - Theory and harmony applied to the instrument (reading, scales, chords, etc.

Paris 19e
(12 reviews)
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Musician pro graduated and atypical teacher: GUITAR jazz rock fusion world ... bass keyboard singing

Adaptability and openness to stick better to the student, his desires, his level. Rehearsal / focus meditation / reflection / listening Recording, posture improvement, importance of the theory (harmony, reading), work of different styles through songs and concrete exercises. TO ENJOY ! importance of PLAYING, Jam together Two facets: rigorous work and recreational moment.

(3 reviews)
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Guitar tutor with 10 years of experience in North West of London

I teach both acoustic guitar and electric guitar for all ages at the student's houses, with my own teaching method and books that I consider essential for the learner.

Paris 18e
(1 review)
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Guitar Lessons (jazz, rock...) in Paris 10e (near République) or at home

Professor of jazz guitar at the Conservatoire of the 17th arrondissement of Paris for Cycles I, II, III of the Conservatoire du XVIIe and Specialized Cycle of the CRR de Paris; Professor of jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Saint Germain en Laye I offer courses for students of all levels.

New Delhi
(3 reviews)
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I will primarily start off with the basics .There will be lots of finger excercises and songs to be learnt .Mostly the ones that you want to learn.My methodology is primarily based on EAR TRAINING and improving the technique.

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