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GuitarWorks - Creative, informative guitar lessons that inspire, along with each student's individual goals in mind.

Learning to play a musical instrument at an early age can enhance many aspects of a child's life. The disciplined structured practice in music strengthens various brain functions and allows a child to apply those strengths to academic, social and emotional activities.

Saint Kilda East
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Guitar tutor & mentor : learn the tools to enable you to write your own songs

My method is to start with a simple theme, either a rhythm, a chord, a scale and expand it into an original piece of music. Teach students how they can apply these tools to learn & master the guitar. The key is to create achievable goals and focus on these with each lesson.

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Ex utas music student with previous teaching experience so you can learn fast

My teaching method is asses where the student is at and supply what is needed. With long hours behind me it is easy for me to see what mistakes are holding a player back so I can prescribe material to satisfy their need.

Avenell Heights
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Versatile musician (guitars keyboards) that has studied and played a wide variety of music styles throughout the eastern and western world for over 40 years.

Patience and understanding in the face of struggling and confusion. Teaching is another word for guidance which I have prevailed upon every student I have ever encountered from the illiterate grade 3 classroom to the independent intellectual professor. We come to realize we know less and less as we get older and older with there being so much more to learn out there in the world.

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Queensland Conservatorium student offering private guitar lessons from home in Brisbane CBD

My teaching method centres around joy in music - the only true way to learn and retain musical information is to enjoy it. My lessons centre around the practical application of theoretical concepts, teaching a range of skills and how to implement them. I personalise lessons to suit individual students' goals, aiming to help each student become a better, well rounded musician.

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Versatile Guitarist with 13 years of experience gives private guitar lessons in Canberra

I give practical knowledge that you can always use in your music career. You will learn how to play your favourite songs on guitar, how to make up guitar solos on the spot, and some music theory.

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Graduate of Musicians Institute (Los Angeles) Private tuition. Epping/Caringford. In your home.

I teach reading of notes and chords as well as improvisation for more advanced students. For younger students I provide a reading method that will enable them to move to other instruments should they choose to at a later time.

Paris 20e
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Professional Argentine guitarist over 10 years of experience teaching Guitar Lessons online webcam

Hello! I'm Pablo, I am a professional guitarist and music teacher. I'm from Argentina, where I went to school (guitar, composition, improvisation, audio production) and I developed my experience as a teacher.

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My name is Lorenzo Taddei, I'm 20 and I'm a graduate in classical guitar and a graduate in jazz guitar. In addition to the guitar, I am available to teach theory and solfeggio, arrangement and

My goal is to be able to give what I have received from my teachers: love for music. Without them I would never have decided to dedicate my life to music.

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Qualified teacher gives guitar lessons at your home (course in French or English)

For beginner to advanced level, left and right handed. Modern Guitar Lessons (pop, rock, jazz, etc.) Effective methods (scales, chords, melodies, improvisation) and music theory. You can also choose the songs that you want to learn.

Paris 15e
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Pro Guitarist, 20 years of experience, gives guitar lessons all styles, all levels

Hello my classes are dedicated to who wants to learn to play the electric guitar or acoustic in the styles rock, metal, fusion, jazz, pop. Beginners or experienced are welcome. Guitar lessons depending on your desires. Improvisation, composition, technique, harmony.

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Professional Musician Graduated in Jazz Guitar at the Turin Conservatory and with Master at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, he proposes Private Lessons of Modern / Jazz / Blue Guita

I give modern guitar lessons (Blues / Jazz) to motivated students of every age and age. The lessons are divided into several phases: - Theory and harmony applied to the instrument (reading, scales, chords, etc.

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Professional Guitarist and Distinction holder from London College of Music giving Guitar Lessons

I teach my students the basic theories of music and how to apply them while playing guitar. Once the basics are clear, we graduate to more advanced lessons. Importance is given to ear training, improvising, songwriting and composing. I encourage my students to explore the vast world of music and develop their own musical styles.

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Guitar course: Electrical / Folk / Classical graduated from BEKLEE College of Music

Guitar teacher graduated from the Tech Music School in London. Graduated in guitar at the BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC of Boston Training his MAO at the EMC of Paris. Learning method with or without solfege All affordable style Development of the game and improvisation Habits of giving lessons to children from 7 years old and to beginner adults as well as confirmed.

Paris 14e
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Graduate Guitar and Composition professor teaches for all levels from debutant to advanced.

My classes are for all ages, all styles and all levels. Your learning will be oriented around your preferences and your goals so that pleasure and motivation remain at the heart of the experience. The goal will be to learn while having fun. Each level will have its repertoire and its exercises. Whenever you feel ready we can record your home studio performance with professional equipment.

New York
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East Village Guitar Salon.com...Study of classical, jazz and improv guitar arts.

I have created to own and operate the East Village Guitar Salon, in New York City. My Salon specializes in lessons for the classical guitar and improvisational guitar art like jazz and free-form. I also offer study classes in Museo-Ontology, a subject based upon my book, "Exerciricle: Keys to Museo-Ontology". My teaching style is compatible for the dedicated student.

(5 reviews)

Taught hundreds of students over the past 10 years. I'm a signed and published artist, have a Master's degree in teaching, I'm passionate about music and my aim is to achieve your individual goal.

I am Vinnie and I love music. Sharing my passion with my students is very rewarding. I have a MA, 10 years experience of teaching and am a very active musician. Most of my students reach a distinction in their grade exams. I also like lemon cake.

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Graduated in Parma Conservatory Jazz Guitar available for guitar lessons, improvisation techniques and Ear Training; available in Cremona area for lessons in person and on Skype

Hello! Welcome to my Superprof profile! Tommaso is a graduate in Jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Parma and he graduated in Jazz at the Conservatory of Parma. I have been teaching music for five years at all levels, from the beginner to the advanced level.

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Berklee scholar and alumnus with more than 10 years teaching experiences gives guitar and music theory lessons for all ages and levels in Boston area.

I graduated Berklee College of Music (summa cum laude) - guitar performance. During my studies at Berklee every semester I earned placement at Dean's List and 10 March 2016 I also received John LaPorta Award for outstanding achievement in my major.

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Professional Touring Session Guitarist (RGT certified) Offering guitar lessons in Manchester (All abilities welcome!)

I try to keep my lessons as fun and as practical as possible, for example, we will learn a song/scale/piece of music etc in as much detail as YOU want, then, I will offer the option to explore the theory behind the playing, and even the history of a certain instrument or genre of music, I tailor my lessons entirely around what my students want to learn.

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Professional DIY guitarist teaches Metal, Rock, Jazz and everything in between NYC

I develop each student's curriculum based on their unique goals. I always encourage an interdisciplinary course of study, as I've found that cross-training is the best way to improve as a musician. I am able to teach rock, metal, blues, funk, jazz, classical and everything in between. Additionally I can teach transcribing, composition and improvisation.

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Musician for 15 years, Guitar teacher for 5 years in Paris. Any age, any style!

In my opinion, the most important thing is to love the instrument, I try to transmit my passion in a fun way and in a good mood by adapting to the tastes of my students, understanding their expectations.

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Paris / vincennes home guitar lessons by professional state graduate

My courses are in the field of current music (song, pop, reggae, funk, rock, blues etc.) All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced as long as the desire to play guitar is present. I customize my classes according to the student's goals. technical work, chords, accompaniment, solo. Singing work accompanied by the guitar. Regular studio recording.

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Guitarist of Memphis, Tn band Mobius Pieces gives guitar lessons to all ages and in all styles.

I base my lessons on the individual student. If the student wants to know minimal music theory to get by or none at all;I don't force them to learn the theory. Same thing goes for reading music, it is a great skill to have but if the student just wants to learn how to play, that's what I teach them.

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New Jersey based jazz & fingerstyle guitarist with 11 years of experience offering private guitar lessons

my lessons and teaching style are tailored towards the student based on their musical interests, goals and skill level. Whether you just started or have been playing for years, and whether you're interested in jazz, blues, acoustic, rock, country or pop, I can show you how to take your playing to the next level.

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T.J. Mendillo - Instruction in Guitar and Bass for students of all ages and experience levels

I like to include a basic knowledge of music theory, harmony, and sight reading in my lessons to form a stable foundation for the student! However, all of my students are different, and adapt to the instrument in a variety of ways. I am patient and flexible, and will work with the student at exactly the pace they need to fully understand a concept/exercise.

Rancho Cucamonga
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Experienced Guitar Instructor bringing Students to their Full Playing & Artistic Potential

As a music instructor, my emphasis for each student is learn all aspects of musicianship as a guitarist. Lessons include music theory within the fretboard, developing proper hand dexterity, exposure to various playing styles, rhythm studies (Kodaly) Patient, caring, motivating, and encouraging! Guitar teacher, instructor, and coach.

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Worship Leader and Jazz Guitarist offering Acoustic Guitar and Guitar Theory Lessons in Colton CA

I give lessons to aspiring acoustic guitarists of all ages. Your lessons will be tailored to your interests. You can bring me songs, genres, and techniques that you would like to master, and I will help you learn what you desire to learn.

New York
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Berklee College of Music graduate offering guitar and general music lessons to all ages in New York City.

I approach each and every one of my students differently depending on their needs and their personality. I've realized that the most efficient way to learn music is to make it fun for the student. I teach them the subject they want to learn the most while still making sure they improve upon their skills as musicians.

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