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"Learn basic/advanced coding and computer science skills with a phd student of RMIT"

Coding skills primarily originate from solid background in mathematical logic and reasoning. In my 5 years of academic life i have been constantly acquainted with coding in one or the other way. I have about 5 years of experience in teaching basic programming in C and C++. My lessons are deeply designed based on the online courses of popular learning platforms like coursera and udemy.

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University of Melbourne student give computer Science Tuition (JAVA, PHP, HTML, CSS) in Melbourne

I believe in giving real life examples to the students. Apart from the theoretical coursework, I strongly believe that at least a couple of examples related to it are necessary. My lessons are for students who may or may not have a background of the subject before.

Macquarie Park
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Learn how to program from a software engineer and postgrad student of cybersecurity!

A typical lesson will explain the fundamental concepts and theory followed by practical implementation. Being a firm believer of practice-based learning, you will also be assigned programming tasks by the end of each lesson that you will be expected to complete. Overall, a very hands-on and practical approach will be used to deliver the course content.

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PhD in IT, Teaching Java, C, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React, Business Analyst, Project Management, Product Owner, Agile, Scrum, Software Testing, SQL

Teaching and Research are the highlights of my day. Teaching inspires and energizes me, and I eagerly want to devote my time to working with students and helping them to develop, express, and exchange their ideas.

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Application Development Tutor training in mobile, web and desktop application development and computer studies

My Teaching methodology is demonstration, followed by an interactive learner-centered session. I start by introducing the lecture with the most basic explanation using real-world scenarios so as to bring the learner from a Known point to the unknown.

Coffs Harbour
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3+ years experience software developer gives basic and advance programming to high school and uni students in Coffs Habour NSW.

My method of teaching is top-down and/or bottom-up depends on the language or the subject that I teach. Top-down approach is to learn by creating significant pieces of real software . Whereas, bottom-up approach is to learn all the fundamental concepts of programming. It also can be flexible to suit the needs of the student.

Banu prakash
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Experienced software professional from the industry shares his knowledge & experience to students in Sydney

I consider teaching as a journey. As a teacher my role is to be an enabler of it not an enforcer. I share the concepts by exemplifying them making them easier to follow.

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I am a post graduate Computer Science geek with passion in coding and sharing my shortcuts and logic of coding to students

I give importance to using logic first, to build that thinking in a student and then deep dive into any particular coding language because once they start using logic, they can be a pro in any language. This would help them grasp any language very easily.

Mawson Lakes
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University of South Australia student gives tution to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I strongly believe in the teach by example method especially when it comes to mathematics and engineering problems. With regards to programming, I firmly believe that practice makes perfect.

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University of Melbourne IT Graduate providing computer science tutoring to high school students

I am a university of melbourne graduate keen to share my knowledge with my high school and university friends. I provide lessons in C, Java, and perl.

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Graduate from the University of Melbourne in Master in Information Technology, very passionate for teaching.

I believe that pseudo language is the most basic and most important thing to learn in programming. Programming is only about the concept and it does not depend on the language we are using to develop our code. Like that, I always focus on basics and granularity of things.

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Kriti a Java developer wants to give tution on Java programming language

I approach topic by giving real world examples and practically helping students to develop programming apptitude and use optimized solutions. I can help students to learn programming with conceptual parts of programming language. I can help students to make projects on Java j2ee platform using spring and hinernate.

Georges Hall
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"Student at Western Sydney University. Computer programming lessons for primary/high school students, and uni students who need assistance in programming units. Sydney (at home or online).

I have excellent communication skills and I am willing to assist anyone who needs assistance with computer programming. I can assist beginners in understanding key concepts of programming, as well as students at university who need assistance with any units related to programming (mostly Java, HTML and CSS, and SQL). I have experience in website development, SQL and Java. I received an ATAR of 92.

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Online tutoring available for basic computer programming in Brisbane by Info Tech Student

As a tutor, I believe it is important to understand the needs of every individual student. I adapt different teaching methods based on the individual. I endure patience and explain my lessons very clearly. I have previously tutored school kids as young as grade 1 and also taught high school students.

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Masters' of Data-Science Student at UniSA teaches High School Math in Adelaide

I understand that not everyone is fond of Math, with "Why should I learn this?" being the most prominent question among students. When I teach I focus on answering this very question, helping them see how math surrounds us in everyday situations and the decisions we make.

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Tutoring in computer science, programming for pupils up to the Abitur and for university students from RWTH Master's student in computer science

I offer an experienced and very good tutoring for the subject computer science (with everything that belongs to it) for pupils of all grades up to the Abitur and for university students. If you are interested, we would arrange a (free) trial lesson to get to know us better and answer any outstanding questions.

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Software Engineer offers programming courses on Swift, Java and JavaScript in Milan

I will teach you Swift, Java or JavaScript with examples and with the support of graphic material. I will introduce you to the world of both imperative and functional programming in order to improve and reuse your code. I will allow you to improve the code using Unit Tests.

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Understand how programming languages ​​and their frameworks work - build applications from scratch!

I really like to understand the needs of the students. In each class I try to listen to the students' needs and understand their difficulties. I really appreciate the theoretical part but I have a special affection for the implementation. I like to teach and let students develop by themselves and build their own knowledge.

Mundi Kharar
Amandeep kaur
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Aman Computer Classes All computer courses including basics, c, cpp,java,html,web designing,PGDCA and MCA

I approch the classes by giving real life examples and practical solutions.

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Student of Systems Engineering teaches Object Oriented Programming in Java and others

My teaching method is pedagogical. I think that using ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) specifically in education, it is much easier to take the teaching-learning process. I use a form of teaching in which I evaluate each topic seen, I think it is the easiest way to know if it is really being learned.

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A software professional,teacher by passion. Provides classes on computer language in depth knowledge

For first few classes I take to have an interaction and try to catch the tempo and be in tune with the student. Then I teach by weightage of the chapter not by marks but for better undertanding of the paper.

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Online classes for python, java, html, css, javascript. I live at vijayawada and have around 1 year experience in teaching these subjects

I teach in a way that my students understand. I keep in touch with the student using the mail address and the contact details. I show live examples using video chat. I prepare files that are necessary for the student and share them. I believe in hands-on practice and let the student try some examples and exercises.

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Bioinformatist graduated from University of Toronto giving fun bioinformatics (or other STEM subject you're interested in!) lessons for high school/undergrad students in Toronto!

I believe in drawing out students' passion in learning so I like to make my lessons engaging and flexible depending on the students. I also find that for many STEM subjects, the use of examples greatly help students gain a feel of the more abstract concepts being delivered.

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If You want to Code...Better result in Computer Science... Learn Program...I am here to help you out: )

Learn with ease. I will familiarize you with the basics of computer programming. Completion of syllabus is mandatory for school & college students. Practice every day provide some time for learning new things & doubts for clarification. Call me. I will help you, making a best result.

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I am having 8 years of experience in several programming experience development as well as teaching. I have industry experience and give live project training.

I believe in practical along with theory. Theory is always important as its give you direction but to walk on that direction is very important. I teach theory and practical hand in hand with my real life experience and give examples with real life projects.

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An IT Professional with a Passion to Teach gives tuition in Computer Science from Primary to High School and College students

I believe that Teaching is not a one sided task, rather it's a both way process to Teach and learn at the same time. So my teaching technique is having clear communication and understanding with my students, so that they can think of me not just as a Private Tutor but like a Friend who can help in certain Subjects.

São Paulo
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ASP, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, MySql, MSSQL, HTML, Java, Eclipse, Python, Spyder

Development code lean, high performance, and advanced programming logic. It does not help to know all functions of the language if logic is not good.

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I am a software developer by profession and a trainer by passion, I have 10 years of experience in development and training, I would like to extend my services by training enthusiasts in Java, FileNet

I teach concepts by giving real time scenarios and usage, I believe that this approach is the most effective way which helps enthusiasts to learn and adapt new things quickly. I teach college students, working professionals and anybody who has the passion to learn.

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Secondary Computer Science teacher that teaches programming and computer science from basic to advanced level. Learn computer science and Spanish at the same time.

I am a Computer Science teacher with 10 years of experience in secondary school. I teach the lessons in Spanish, an intermediate level of Spanish is required, and I explain Spanish grammar if required by the student. I can teach these subjects from basic to advanced level: - Programming (specially Android apps, I own my Android app published in Google Play with more than 100.

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M.Tech professor who can teach school,Engineering computer science subjects and Soft skills development in Chennai

I love to quote my teaching with real world examples...let it be any sort of topic..we can understand well only when we are able to imagine it and relate it with ourself.

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