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Italian lessons from experienced native language tutor. 1-2-1, groups and online. Learn Italian in a fun and friendly way.

I have been teaching Spanish, German and Italian since I moved to England in December 2017. I strongly believe that the most important things in learning a language are to enjoy it, to feel comfortable and to be motivated. I am native Italian, grew up in Germany and speak fluent Spanish from living and working in Spain. I am a patient, reliable person.

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Italian lessons via Skype with the help of an experienced mother tongue

Briefly I would like to inform you that I can teach efficiently Also via Skype Also thanks to my ability in finding an empathy with the student I work with. So my dear potential students, contact me and you will not be disappointed.

Di maggio
(4 reviews)
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Profesional spanish and italian teacher. All levels. online classes. First free lesson

It depends on the level I make a custom class. First stage know the student and make a placement test di 10 min. Then plan classes, so it can reach the wanted level. The class is divided into 40 min di grammar and conversation and 20 min on doubts. From what I've written in the beginning part acts at home with exercises mailing. Near the end of classes before the exam do I focus on test scores.


Megan - Hollington - Italian

I am enthusiastic, highly qualified and totally professional. Teaching is my passion, and enabling others to benefit from my skills is my aim in life. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach music - piano, flute, clarinet, sax, singing, theory (100% pass rate at gr 5!), composition, aural and general musicianship.

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Native Italian speaker and Film student offering Italian lessons in Glasgow, IELTS 8

Hello, I am an Italian Film student in Glasgow. I have previously lived in Australia and Cornwall. I love languages, especially my mother tongue. I believe in a practical approach and use of the vocabulary. My lessons will focus on grammar and spelling at first, since they are the basis. I will also help you expand your vocabulary by studying different topics each lesson.

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Italian native speaker, with a university degree and with many years of experience in teaching Italian as LS. Online lessons available.

My teaching method varies according to the students' learning abilities, age and needs. My lessons are held online and are aimed at students of all ages and all levels, although my speciality is teaching to adults.

Paris 8e
(6 reviews)
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ITALIAN COURSES in Paris (grammar, translation, comprehension, conversation). ITALIAN MOTHER TONGUE, student at Sorbonne University.

I teach grammar, translation, comprehension and conversation in Italian with fun activities, personalized according to the requirements, interests and the age of the student. My courses are for students of all levels: from primary school to university (help with language development).

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Native Italian experienced tutor, currently majoring in Art history and Modern Languages, offers exciting and accessible online Italian courses to any adventurer in italiano! :)

Ciao! I have taught Italian in Paris for a whole year and Spanish and English for a few months when I was in Italy. I love languages and I always strive to learn new ones - I am currently working on my Polish. I believe that once you start learning a language that will be your oyster to travel through cultures and not only countries.

Paris 13e
(2 reviews)
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Volete parlare italiano? I give Italian lessons in Paris for all levels

Ciao a tutti! Hi everybody! I'm 26 years old and I'm from Rome.

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Native speaker, working as a Research Assistant, offers Italian lessons in London

Since I am a native speaker, I can give Italian lessons for different levels, from basic to advanced. I would prefer to have a lesson English-free, only Italian admitted from the second-third lesson on (depending on the level of the student). I can help with speaking, listening, reading and Italian grammar.

1st lesson free !

Metz: Graduated in Education Sciences and passionate about languages I give lessons in Italian, my mother tongue, and English.

I approach the subject fairly freely in a first time to structure it together then according to your specific needs. During the first class I set goals with my student to be able to define together a motivating and effective course.

(5 reviews)
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Italian tutor for foreigners, I offer tailored and structured lessons in video conference working on an interactive teaching platform.

Hi there! Ciao! saluti dall'Italia! I'm Americo from Italy. I teach English and Italian as a foreign language and I want to help you to improve your language skills in all possible ways. ABOUT ME: I'm 34 and I live at the seaside in the south of Rome! I have a degree in foreign languages and literature and I am TEFL certified.

(4 reviews)
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Mother Tongue Italian Student at Politecnico di Torino offers private lessons for foreign students.

My lessons adapt to the needs of every student. During the hours of lesson each student will have the chance to improve their skills through oral and written practice. Interactivity has a key role during lessons, each student will be invited to chat over a topic of his choice to make lessons not only a way of learning a new language but also a way to enrich ourselves.

1st lesson free !

Native Italian LSE Master student, offering Italian language courses in London City

Depending on the degree of knowledge of the language and the needs of the individual student, I will assess the methodology. Generally, if the student is looking for repetition of a class or course he/she is taking, I would follow the textbook guidance.

Central Lewisham

Franco - Central Lewisham - Italian

Ciao! Are you interested in learning Italian in a friendly and approachable way? As a native Italian speaker that as lived in the UK for the last 20 years, I can help. I also make a mean Tiramisu! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Italian: basics, conversation, GCSE and A-Level. Translations, proof-reading, and accent coaching. I also teach Drawing and Art classes.

(2 reviews)
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Italian mother tongue and experienced tutor gives Italian classes for all levels in Sheffield.

I am Italian, enthusiastic and very friendly. I am an experienced Italian tutor with ESOL qualifications and very passionate about teaching. I can provide engaging Italian lesson wherever is suitable for you. Does not matter your mother tongue or backgrounds, if you want to learn Italian I will be happy to help you to reach your goals! Contact me for a friendly chat and more information.

East Finchley

Chiara - East Finchley - Italian

I aim to prepare students comprehensively for exams, stimulate creativity and help structure ideas for essay writing, support with comprehension, pronunciation, written work and more generally nurture interest in the culture and language of study.

Paris 3e
1st lesson free !

Private Italian Home Course in Paris, Student and former Erasmus in Italy

I approach the subject freely. I adapt to the level and need of the student. I propose a part of grammar, then I choose themes to enrich the vocabulary and put into practice the rule studied. I put in perspective cultural elements. I speak to beginner or intermediate levels.

(4 reviews)
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Italian for international students: bilingual PhD, with relevant experience in teaching, offers lessons of Italian to international students. Different levels.

I have several years of teaching experience. I always follow the needs of the student, making the lesson as comprehensible and fun as possible. When possible, I divide the lessons by dedicating 1/3 to the learning of grammatical rules, 1/3 to the application with grammatical exercises from book and 1/3 to a more fun and practical application (speaking, listening to songs, etc.).

(3 reviews)
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Certified Italian L2 Teacher, mother tongue, Online lesson through Skype, CELTA and CELTYL qualified, natural approach, Skype Lessons

I have been teaching for the past 10 years giving lessons to both children and adults at all levels. My teaching method is the so called natural approach, emphasising communication and oral expression while learning the grammar through speaking.

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Italian Native Speaker teaches Italian Language up to university and academic level

My main method is letting go of the academic and learn the actual language Italians speak everyday on the workplace and in their daily life. Many books I have been dealing with presented a fake language, which foreign students are seldom made fun of. This does apply to every language. In fact, I found this to be the case in my experience with English and Mandarin too.

Vila Mariana
(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Italian lessons with native Italian teacher - skilled and professional - lessons via Skype

My name is Fabiana and I’m Italian. I’ve attended University studies in Italy, Brazil and Portugal. I have 4 years of experience in teaching Italian. I’ve worked as an Italian business instructor in an international fashion company.

(7 reviews)
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Italian teacher offers lessons of Italian as second and foreign language, in Rome

My methodology is based on the communicative approach, but I firmly believe in the centrality of the student and his needs and on this I build the didactic work. Therefore, for each student, I will make a personalized course of study that will be subjected to its evaluation beforehand. I propose lessons on the model of the didactic unit, for adults and young adults (from 20 years old).

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

I am an Italian native speaker and I am available to teach.

My teaching method is very flexible to the needs of my students and I am always open to listen to them considering their requests as someting much important and definitely essential to keep on studying efficacely. My approach is to constantly empathize with the students in order to be fully aware of the doubts that may arise during the learning process and help them properly.

(5 reviews)
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Native Italian teacher with 10+ years of experience offering Italian classes to all ages

My teaching method is very versatile. It really depends on your goal and on your approach. No student is the same and some of them come to me eager to learn others just come to pass a final and because of that my methodology really need to be different.

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Certified Italian teacher to foreigners offers individual private lessons or small groups in Padua

My methodology is based on a communicative approach focused on the practical use of the language as a communication tool without, however, ignoring grammar correctness. The student is placed at the center of the whole path, with his needs, interests and personality, and according to them it is possible to choose the most suitable techniques and activities in order to achieve their goals.

(5 reviews)
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Student of Tourism and Hotel Management at URL Barcelona, I teach Italian and French.

I am Italian native. I also have a level of French C2. I have the IELTS certificate for English corresponding to a level C1 Spanish B2 German A2 Classes aimed at children and adults of all ages seeking reinforcement or learning of the languages I offer.

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Italian native speaker and French tutor to any level in Warwick area

The methodology depends on the reason/objective of the student of studying another language. I'm likely to use books for a bit of grammar and tests and videos for oral comprehension. Lessons can be a mix of both but I'm happy to adjust to the student's needs. Please be mindful that I do have a full time career and I’d like to be able to offer tuitions in my spare time.

1st lesson free !

Italian native speaker offers lessons to improve your written, spoken and oral Italian

My teaching method will be tailored on the needs of each individual/group. I will start by listening to you and assessing what is needed and what you would like to achieve by attending my lessons. I will then set your expectations realistically using the SMART methodology. We will keep track of your progress together and adjust the course of action as required.

(9 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Fully qualified Italian teacher (CLTA) with more than 12 years of experience

I privilege a personal approach to language tuition resulting in an enjoyable experience that is relevant to each student's interests. Lessons cover conversation, culture, grammar and daily life situations. Each lesson naturally progresses onto the next. They match ability and consist of a variety of activities to learn new material and reinforce that which has already been taught.

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To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Italian. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Alice has been my best Italian tutor. I look forward every week to the enjoyment of learning Italian. She is very flexible to tailor the lesson to my requirements. She is friendly, punctual and fun to work with. Five stars.

Jon, Student
6 days ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Domenico is a very patient tutor, easy to get along with and has created a comfortable learning environment. He is clear in his expression, uses different teaching strategies if you don't understand something and really breaks down every element of...

Arianna, Student
1 month ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Nico has been the best language teacher I have ever had (and I have had many). He is very professional and accurate in his explanations. I think what makes him best is the fact that he understand the grammar of 5 languages in a very high level,...

Veronica, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Swan is a great teacher for our 7yr old son. Swan has lots of patience, and it had been a pleasure to have him, and watch our sons Italian improve.

Yasmin, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Nores is an amazing teacher. He is a native speaker from Italy and he's lived in Australia for over 10 years, so both his English and his Italian are excellent. He also studies linguistics, so he knows his grammar too! As a tutor he is very...

Kaleb, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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