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USYD IT master student with 3 years on Industry experience can teach young technocrats programming or computer related subjects

Since I know what an individual face challenges with learning new technology I focus on those points to help learning and developing passion for Technology

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Can give programming and Computer Science lessons to UTAS Students in Hobart

My teaching methodology is mostly on practical based where i prefer hands on tutorial and practical implementation lesson. I also preferred practical assignments which can give exposure of real world applications. Students can even enjoy my teaching style and methodology.

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Masters student at Swinburne giving lessons on IT Security, SQL, Databases, MS Access and Excel.

I can give lessons individually as well as in groups. I can share learning materials for these subjects online as well as create custom materials to meet different levels of requirements for each student. I mostly stress on providing hands-on-trainings. I work mostly towards building strong concepts of the subject which will eventually help the student to practice more by themselves.

Wavell Heights
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Nairobi City, Kenya - Qualified CISA, CEH, CISM Coach Available at osbsnet.com

I use online lessons, you get a chance to review my developed content online, once you review the content, you will be required to take an online exam from our LMS, once you get the required passmark, then you can quality to schedule for a session with me (coach).

Kangaroo Point
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Network Engineer giving computer lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have 3 years of experience working as a Network engineer in Cisco. I am currently pursuing Masters In IT at QUT. I am proficient in Networking, IT security and Computer science. I have taught more than 100 students. My detailed level teaching is definitely going to help learn much faster.

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Master of CyberSecurity student with over 7 years experience, teaching CCNA, CCNA security, CCNP, and CEH courses in Melbourne

A regular semester has 18 weeks, with 4 hours per week. The classes usually include a summary of important points, review of difficult topics and questions, and practice (for example, for the CCNA course, practice with specialized networking equipment, such as routers and network switches).

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Engineer in IT with 5 years experience give Private lesson in Darwin

My teaching method is to really Understand what the student is looking for to accompany him as long as possible

Glen Huntly
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Monash Network and security Student Teaching IT Security, Cyber Security and Linux

My teaching methodology is be practical and give lessons practical only because practical is better then theory and it's easier to understand.

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Deakin University student gives classes on IT security to primary school students and also university students. Thanks.

My teaching method is to teach the students in an effective way so that the opposite person understands the scenario

Kurralta Park
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A computer driven person gives computer lessons to any computer driven student

I am more of a practical and less of a theoretical tutor. I love giving my students time to think and analyse the steps they take rather than just pushing them into it. I can understand students by empathizing with them.

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Professor of Computer Systems Programming, Creating Web pages, databases, systems, cybersecurity Office

I've been teaching 6 years and also working in the private sector, more specifically in systems development. My method consists in teaching practical things, which are used and that the student with a prior knowledge base theory developed without problem any problems that may arise.

Ciudad de México
José francisco
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Master in Telecommunications with 6 years of experience teaches computer security in the CDMX or online

My method of teaching 50% theory and 50% practice, based on cases present in the industry and my experience in the industry. Promote the routing of the student to the field of computer security, both in the technical aspect and soft skills.

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Master of Computers will only teach a Computer Science and distribute Knowledge

My teaching Methods consists of Deep Diving the subject and also wants that each of my student reach at top of others in the world.

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Computer Science Certified Trainer, proposing computer lessons at home, in your company, in my office and online

Operating in presence (at my office or at the customer site) or in e-learning / blended, I prefer this second approach that allows the use of the most modern training techniques such as: - use of the Google Classroom platform for creation of virtual classes - video recording of lessons, made available to the Client through private YouTube videos uploaded to the virtual classroom - use of advanced...

San Pedro Tlaquepaque
Luis alfonso
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Private computer & home classes at the ZMG and other places in english and spanish

Through some theory and practical exercises about the topic that we are addressing. I have taught courses at the Bachelor's and Master's level, at the University of Guadalajara and at the Secretary of Education of the State of Jalisco, as well as distance classes on MOOC systems.

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University teacher gives courses in computer science, networks, security and embedded systems

I base my courses on known references and an academic experience. My current courses are: - NGN -.

Maria gabriela
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Computer Engineering student for Computer classes for Beginners, oldest people or laypeople

I believe that with patience and practice it is possible to unravel the myths and mysteries that hide behind the screens of computers and cell phones. When necessary, in addition to the practical examples, the preparation of step-by-step handouts to better illustrate what is being done.


Computer Science, ICT, Technology in North London and online, A Level, GCSE, IGCSE, all levels, general interest, occupational needs.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and work commercially in technology. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university/occupational courses covering all aspects of Computer Science. I have been tutoring for nearly 30 years.

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Student at IMAG gives courses in web programming, telecom networks, design and more

I put myself in the student's place to understand the most practical way to give him a perfect knowledge for the course that he wants to learn. Being a student, I know the details that must be considered and the details that are less practical to have a good mastery of basics.

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Over 15 Years as Experienced Professional IT trainer in BI, BA, Dev ops, SQL, Unix, Interview preparation

My method of teaching is simple. I focus on each topic and move forward completing one topic at a time giving exercises related to each topic simultaneously. I believe this method helps students to understand and clear their doubts thoroughly.

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Learning basic is a foundation courses. i have an experience of 2yr in teaching well known engineering college jaipur. i have also send my related notes over here for multiple helps from k to 12 and e


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A-Level Computer Science undergraduate offering to help GCSE Students studying Computer Science

I have unique approach to teaching Computer Science especially as I have just finished my A-Level course in it. I found that the parts in the syllabus that I found very difficult to learn at the time, are now much easier to teach to my pupils as I can give them a students perspective on how to tackle problems in programming and tough exam styled questions.

Amar nayak
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Ciudad Apodaca
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Student of Computer Security, teaches you the basic knowledge about information security!

My classes, both in high school and high school, were based on practice, I feel that as students, so much information saturates our minds (obviously there are students more apt for the theory and also with them to work) but as people, we need to learn from the mistakes we would make in the class and there I was to help them at all times

Mohammed rahmat ali
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Assistant Professor in Computer Science Engineering, 3 yrs experience. Open to all.

Experienced in teaching various subjects like C, C++, Java Programming, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Fundamental of Information Technology, Computer Forensics, Information Retrieval System, Object oriented Analysis and Design with focus on engaging and motivating students to learn & excel

San José del Cabo
Erick enrico
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IT Manager in SJD Airport, Network Classes, Telecommunications, IT Administration and Basic and General Informatics, any other related item is reviewed. Ask

My classes are based on professional practice, once the subject that is going to be attacked is defined, problems and procedures applied in the real world that can be found in the performance of their activities as professionals are raised, so that they have the necessary bases to move forward any situation that may arise.

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Become Professional Provide Wings on your Technical Skills Linux Environment And Virtual Plateforms

I am a IT Manager. I Have a 6+ Years experience in IT. Knowledge criteria - MS Office / MS Excel Advanced / Software Firewalls / Clear OS / PF seance / Networking / Network Design / Virtual Platforms / Xen Servers / VMWare Platforms / OS / Windows / Linux / Mac / Staging Servers and related concepts / Hardware Maintenance And troubleshooting.

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CCNP certified and having more than 10+ years of experience in computer networking.

1. Network Fundamentals 1.1 Compare and contrast OSI and TCP/IP models 1.2 Compare and contrast TCP and UDP protocols 1.3 Describe the impact of infrastructure components in an enterprise network 1.3.a Firewalls 1.3.b Access points 1.3.c Wireless controllers 1.4 Describe the effects of cloud resources on enterprise network architecture 1.4.

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Current telecommunications networks and, Doctor Telecommunications Engineer of telecommunications state and Networks

I am a Doctor of Telecommunications and State engineer in telecommunications and networks. I'm trainer of Telecom and Network industry. I teach the following courses: modulation circuits. Digital Electronic Circuits. Broadband Technologies. optical fiber. telephone system. Transmission technology and communication protocols. IP Telephony. Wireless Telephony.

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Software and Web Development student offering this course up to BTEC Level 3 Year 2.

My teaching method is to focus on the areas that students struggle with, I base my classes on the subject I am covering and use methods that helps the student. I approach each topic by starting with the most difficult for the student to the easiest.

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