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USYD IT master student with 3 years on Industry experience can teach young technocrats programming or computer related subjects

Since I know what an individual face challenges with learning new technology I focus on those points to help learning and developing passion for Technology

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Master of CyberSecurity student with over 7 years experience, teaching CCNA, CCNA security, CCNP, and CEH courses in Melbourne

A regular semester has 18 weeks, with 4 hours per week. The classes usually include a summary of important points, review of difficult topics and questions, and practice (for example, for the CCNA course, practice with specialized networking equipment, such as routers and network switches).

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Deakin University student gives classes on IT security to primary school students and also university students. Thanks.

My teaching method is to teach the students in an effective way so that the opposite person understands the scenario

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Engineer in IT with 5 years experience give Private lesson in Darwin

My teaching method is to really Understand what the student is looking for to accompany him as long as possible

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Professor of Computer Systems Programming, Creating Web pages, databases, systems, cybersecurity Office

I've been teaching 6 years and also working in the private sector, more specifically in systems development. My method consists in teaching practical things, which are used and that the student with a prior knowledge base theory developed without problem any problems that may arise.


Computer Science, ICT, Technology in North London and online, A Level, GCSE, IGCSE, all levels, general interest, occupational needs.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and work commercially in technology. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university/occupational courses covering all aspects of Computer Science. I have been tutoring for nearly 30 years.

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20 plus years of working experience with multinational companies including Big4 Auditing and Consulting firms, within the field of Information Technology compliance, Porus brings in extensive blend of

My unique teaching methodology is to understand the requirements of the student related to knowledge or certification and devise the training contents accordingly. Trainings are based upon the current knowledge the student possess, so as to increase the effectiveness of the training by discussing the relevant topics.

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I am a well-qualified teacher of Computer Science and ICT, with experience and success across all key stages, ages and ability, ranging from primary school pupils to adults, in Bucks, Surrey, Herts.

In my opinion young people need to develop skills for life e.g. resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity, reflectiveness. Online forums discuss the fact that few schools that are able to teach computing because a certain level of expertise is necessary, however I am fortunate to have had experience in teaching adults, post-16, KS4, KS3 and KS2 in my role within the community.

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Experienced Lecturer and Cyber Security PhD Candidate offering Networking and Security Tutoring in Staffordshire and Online

Having experience in both lecturing large groups, conducting smaller tutorials and supervising dissertation students, I use mixed methods of teaching. Due to the engineering-based foundations of Computer Science I often use a lot of practical examples and experiences to explain complicated theoretical aspects.

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Student at IMAG gives courses in web programming, telecom networks, design and more

I put myself in the student's place to understand the most practical way to give him a perfect knowledge for the course that he wants to learn. Being a student, I know the details that must be considered and the details that are less practical to have a good mastery of basics.

Mohammed rahmat ali
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Assistant Professor in Computer Science Engineering, 3 yrs experience. Open to all.

Experienced in teaching various subjects like C, C++, Java Programming, Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Fundamental of Information Technology, Computer Forensics, Information Retrieval System, Object oriented Analysis and Design with focus on engaging and motivating students to learn & excel

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BCOM graduate and IT service business owner offering IT tutorials within Wiltshire

My teaching method is quite straight forward using a lot of hands on and practical exercise. I believe in case studies scenarios type of teaching where students are taught concepts relating to real life situations that any IT Support personnel would encounter on a normal day at work.

San José del Cabo
Erick enrico
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IT Manager in SJD Airport, Network Classes, Telecommunications, IT Administration and Basic and General Informatics, any other related item is reviewed. Ask

My classes are based on professional practice, once the subject that is going to be attacked is defined, problems and procedures applied in the real world that can be found in the performance of their activities as professionals are raised, so that they have the necessary bases to move forward any situation that may arise.

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Software and Web Development student offering this course up to BTEC Level 3 Year 2.

My teaching method is to focus on the areas that students struggle with, I base my classes on the subject I am covering and use methods that helps the student. I approach each topic by starting with the most difficult for the student to the easiest.

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Gives classes in computer networks for students including engineering, B.Sc Computer Science and M.Sc graduates.

My teaching method is mainly lecturing with demonstration. I wrote points down. I use power point presentations for teaching. If needed give notes on request. I will try my best to clarify points until the student understands the particular concept.

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Computer science graduate offering all computing subjects for all age in London

I always make sure that the basics of my students are clear and then progress. I am patient and my approach is to understand the student's understanding level of the topics before starting helping them out with the subject. I prepare the lecture beforehand and then deliver.

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Experienced Teacher of Computing, IT and Maths now available for private tutoring.

I currently teach at an FE college where I also manage the Level 1 and Level 3 Year 2 cohorts. My teaching methods differ depending on my student group and their capabilities. I like to tailor my teaching to the individual.

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Bsc Undergraduate Computing Student wanting to teach willing students based in Sheffield

I would like to get to know where my students are as far as their understanding of the subject goes, and I would like to be able to see how and where I'd be able to help them. I can teach remotely as well.

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I just want you to get started with Information Security for absolutely Free

The numbers and size of cyber security attacks are increasing and this is all because of lack of knowledge. I will show you some practical scenarious where I will be able to hack into the victim's system due to the improper implementation of security protocols. I will actually show you how to hack into the systems by doing it live.

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Higher student in computer science. I can give initiations in programming and creation of website as well as courses on computer science in general.

I base my courses on my experiences that I acquired from my internships, my homework and my classes.

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City & Guilds/Microsoft Qualified IT Tutor from very basic to very advanced

It all depends on what the person wants to learn and how far they want to go,it initially will start with a discussion of a summary of their requirements and then I can construct the best way forward for them

Vila Maria Alta
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Instructor with more than 20 years of IT experience teaches online classes and presences of Information Security, Networks, Telecom, Linux and Unix.

The classes follow a very clear road map, designed to hold the student's attention to the problem, without distracting him with questions that will be seen later. Even so, the schedule is flexible, so as to accommodate the needs of the student. The material is proper, and the classes can be both face-to-face and online.

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IT Consultant offering basic Computing and Microsoft Applications Word, Excel, and Mail including Outlook and web based mail applications.

My teaching method is interactive. I would like to keep the students engaged during the lesson by throwing questions at them and vice versa. I provide both theory and practical lessons based on the requirements of the student. I have charming personality.

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I am Software Engineer from the IIT Bombay Going to give you lectures on Networking as I have done my master in Computer Engineering .

I basically approch one to one for teaching as it improves the reliability as well as good command over subject.

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London based, Network Engineer offering lessons tailored to get you your CCNA certifications.

My teaching method follows the exam topics for CCNA in the official Cisco website, I first cover the theory side plus a bit history if needed followed by practice lab on packet tracer. I offer exercises that are costumed for each client along with real examples from previous CCAN exams.

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Information Systems graduate in London with 4 years of experience offering lessons in computer science.

I always use an interactive teaching method. I prefer to develop a good understanding to students but most importantly I would like to make my students think about the topic first. I like to encourage creativity in the classroom, thinking differently and finding good and innovative solutions to the problem.

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Postgraduate Student in Smart Networks offering tutoring services starting from National Level 5/Higher in Computing in Glasgow.

My teaching method is that I help students by covering one chapter at a time. I would encourage the student to use Past Papers to answer the questions relating to that specific chapter. This allows me to test the knowledge of the student and helps to identify areas where the student requires most help in. Before the start of the lesson, I create a schedule for each of the chapters.

New Delhi
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IT Security Assistant Professor and Professional having 15+ years in this field

I teach students in logical way with practical's so that they can understand the things instead of following theoretical approach. I believe in quality not quantity of tutions and my goal is to help students in learning the technology.

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Offering Computer skills and support to students in past 5 years in Kenya

Am located in Kenya nairobi Westland where I perform my local classes and where many of our clients get our services easily.

New Delhi
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Learn the art of Exploitation, Ethical Hacking & Network Security in Delhi / NCR

The course will be for all the professionals, school or college students who are interested and have a keen interest in Cyber Security domain, whether it is Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Pen Testing or Bug Bounty. You will only need to have basic knowledge of programming and a solid interest towards security.

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