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Wairia, a scholar and tutor in law with six years experience in law tutoring. Contact me for lessons.

As a law tutor, I'm well versed in teaching business law, labor law, international law, and intellectual property law. My teaching methods involve utilizing engaging, hands-on educational methods to facilitate a fun, personalized approach to learning while stimulating students’ enjoyment and appreciation for the subjects.

Brisbane City
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Solicitor and honours student gives tutoring to high school students and university students

My lessons are scholarly focused and i can plan lessons based on the students needs. I have experience with civil litigation, human rights law, law reform processes and practices, Cultural Legal Studies, Legal philosophy and can gear lessons to assist with a students curriculum.

Keilor Lodge
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Qualified solicitor from La Trobe University and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice Graduate.

I have significant volume of materials which have contributed to my studies as a former law student and I have created great amounts of notes which integrate the learning techniques of every subject required for teaching.

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Private classes on line and home tutoring of Private International Law and European Union Law (English and Spanish)

I am Anna Ruiz, Lecturer in Law, currently, I am finishing my PhD research with a specialization in Private international law and International business/trade law. My specialities are Private international law, European Union law, Public international law and International trade law.

Paris 15e
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Teacher - Researcher at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne specializing in digital law (ex Columbia Law School)

Accustomed to teaching at the University, I offer all types of courses, help with the preparation of exams or your homework and research. My working method can be very adaptable depending on your needs, which we can discuss before any collaboration.

Paris 15e
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Law student at the French Bar (Paris) - Civil Law / Business Law / Intellectual Property

The courses are suitable for both L1 and Master 2 students wishing to prepare for the CRFPA entrance examination. At first, it is necessary to define together the wishes of the student and to determine the work paths to be carried out together. I combine both methodology and knowledge.

Toluca de Lerdo
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Courses and Regularization of Tax Law, International and Intellectual Property in Toluca, State of Mexico. Law Degree by UAEMex.

Hello! I am Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, student of 9th semester of Law Degree in the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, my classes are addressed to students who have difficulties with the aforementioned subjects, besides support to businesses that like tax advice. The class is handled with doubts that arise in the student and based on general knowledge about the subject.

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Law intern with experience in industrial property, contractual and information technology matters.

The classes are divided into two stages, the first is the theoretical in order to understand the subject and the different positions that are on it, the second is practical, through the study of cases, processes and simulations. The teaching position varies according to the profile of the student so that it is better understood.

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An attorney offering tutorials to law students based in the Nelpruit, Mpumalanga. Proof read assignments and et al.

My teaching methodology is based on both practice and reasech skills i have gained throughout my career in the legal field. I simplify complex topics in all areas of the law and prepare students for both exams and assist them to best write their assignments.

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A lawyer specializing in IT / IP gives you courses of law

With a Master degree in Law 2 New Information Technologies and Communication, I prepare another specialty entitled to the protection of personal data. Law is a rigorous and methodical science. I offer a personalized assistance according to your difficulties. Practical cases or quiz exercises will be proposed at the end of each topic to assess your progress.

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Law graduate, I give private lessons in the area of ​​Vivo. On any matter. Wide time availability.

I graduated in law and I can resolve the doubts that arise students of this race related mainly with the indicated materials, help in solving practical cases and other issues that were raised during the race. I can also help to erasmus students.

Ciudad de México
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Law degree with more than 10 years of experience for regularization in law

I like to direct the class according to the student's learning needs and solve all doubts until everything learned is clear since it is important for the student to understand and practice the concept.

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Researcher at Harvard, offers classes in law (some areas) in the city of Maringá

I am an academic of the Law course by UniCesumar, with PROBIC scholarship. He is currently a Fellow of the Summer Academic Fellowship Program at Harvard University where he holds the extension courses in Contracts and Intellectual Property. I am also a Researcher at the Observatory of Electronic Law at UniCesumar.

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Constitutional Law, Theory of Law, International Law and Human Rights in Curitiba - Doutorando UFPR

Orientation and reinforcement for graduates in Law and International Relations. Doctorate in Law from UFPR and visiting researcher at universities: Birkbeck University of London and the Grotius Center of Human Rights - The Hague, The Netherlands. Speaker at UN events, Red Cross and in Universities like Oxford, Cannes, Tehran, Brighton and Sciences Po - Paris.

Ciudad de México
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Online classes at night or face-to-face regularization at the weekend law school

25% theory and 75% practice in subjects of specialization will be given as: People Litigation, Commercial Litigation, People Contracts and in Mercantile Matters. In the case of subjects such as Obligations, introduction to the study of law or general law high school or baccalaureate, will be 75% theoretical and 25% practical to reinforce knowledge.

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Graduating in Jurisprudence proposes law lessons for middle and high school students.

The relationship with the student is quite informal, not set on authority, but aimed at offering the best possible help for the same. The first objective will be to understand the starting point of the student's knowledge so as to "appropriately" cut out the training offer, adapting it to the needs of the student.

Paris 5e
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Methodology courses right by experienced doctor in Law teacher, Paris

I am a lawyer, doctor of Private Law at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, and teacher for twenty years. I offer tutoring methodology for law students from the first year level to the Doctoral level. The methodology covers the work, topics and exercises inherent in legal matters: - case studies - essays - case comments - drafting briefs ...

São Paulo
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Portuguese Legal: preparing for the OAB - Santos - São Paulo -

The legal language is of fundamental importance for the future operators of the Law, Thus, it offers classes to extend the knowledge in this area. I am a university professor for more than 13 years of Legal Portuguese, focusing on Legal Writing Techniques and Legal Language.

Lyon 3e
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Former assistant tutorials (Lyon 3) provides courses on Private International Law and Contracts (Bachelor and Masters), civil law (Licence) or right (high school) in Lyon

Lawyer and former responsible for tutorials, I hold a Master 2 in International Business Law. Depending on your level, I assure ongoing law, civil law, business law and private international law. I favor a personalized approach to make the material interesting, facilitate your progress and reach your goals.

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I am LLM Master degree in EU law and I am teaching the following courses in: European Law, Constitutional law (Italian) and Intellectual Property law.

My course is for all levels (secondary and university). Teaching Technique: Direct, practical and theoretical Metodology: personalized study with the use of practical examples (case studies and case law), judgments of analysis Court of Justice dell'Union European, national jurisprudence (reference), specialised review.

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1st year student Master's degree in law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles gives course of support in criminal law, civil law and methodology of law at home everywhere in Brussels

I do not really have a method of teaching, I mostly opt for specific requests from people and then I establish my method on this basis. I rely essentially on what I saw in class to explain the peculiarities of the different legal domains, while doing additional research to support my reasoning.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Individual classes of law and justice preparation oppositions, security forces, exams, etc.

Teacher and practising lawyer with over 7 years of experience teaching both children and adults. Good methods, experience and patience. Not only I give you lessons but I am aware of the doubts which may arise during the week or on weekends. Committed person and serious but also flexible. I adapt to your needs and deadlines. Let's ask me for more information.

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Post-graduate student offers Civil, Business and Corporate Law lessons in Rennes

-tutorat in different subjects of civil law (law of persons, property law, family law, business law, corporate law, employment law, intellectual property ...

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Educated (Paris 1 / Paris 2) and professional (Technology industry) lawyer available to teach law, English and French (all levels)

Listening to parents and pupils / students, my main concern is to know where they want to go! According to this objective, I identify areas for improvement: the goal is to reinforce learning, to work on weak points, and to change working methods if necessary.

San Nicolás de Los Arroyos
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Lawyer offers law classes (all branches) and secondary subjects (civic training, citizenship, etc.)

I am a lawyer who actively pursues the profession, litigating in city courts and federal courts. I am patient, I get along well with technology and I like to teach through methods of memonics and exercises that help you retain the knowledge acquired.

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University professor with Masters and Doctorate teaches Law and Sociology classes .

Through a constructivist methodology, with case study and practical application of the studied content students are prepared for the legal and / or academic career. Classes are planned according to the students' objectives (eg preparation for public examinations, preparation of end-of-course monographs, publication of scientific articles, selection of international scholarships, etc.).

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Student M2 international Business Law gives private lessons at home or at Tours University

These courses are open to students in LLB (private or public) to help with tutorials, understanding / learning courses and preparation for examens. Appropriate method according to the difficulties or needs of the student: a review of current learning plan, learning methods for specific home works (case comment, dissertation, case study ...

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Doctor in Private Law and Lawyer gives lessons in private law, civil law, consumer law, commercial law and civil procedural law

Subjects: private law, civil law, consumer law, communication law, civil procedure, commercial. Method: schematized, inductive and systematic method. I adopt the Romanistic, universal and winning method. The lessons are not only theoretical, but above all practical. Teaching also to writing and scientific research.

Rio de Janeiro
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Lawyer and Legal Consultant Specializing in the Oil and Gas Natural Law

I am a professional of Petroleum and Natural Gas area with over 30 years of experience in the market. My classes are initially focused on theoretical knowledge and then to practice. I try to make the most didactic lesson possible and always clarify the doubts of the students.

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European lawyer offering lessons in Belgium and Luxembourg

European lawyer (LL.M.) who studied / worked in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, I offer tutoring law in general, but especially in: - intellectual property and (new) technologies law ; - business law ; - commercial law ; - European and international law ; - civil law. I also give in this regard tutoring for understanding.

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