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MSc graduate from James Cook University gives Chemistry lessons to school students in Townsville

Chemistry is best taught when it is made relatable. I use common examples and everyday occurrences to make complicated aspects of the subject easily understandable. I asses each student's ability to learn and teach using methods that are most suited to their needs in order to best retain information.

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Business Leader with recent Master of Teaching degree who loves to teach chemistry and biology at all levels in Melbourne's North West

Develop relationship in order to adapt to best teaching methodology. My life experience and Masters of Teaching ( Uni Melb ) enable me to rapidly engage students. Teaching in Saudi Arabia, China, as well as Melbourne to many students. Age does bring wisdom and sharing my gift is my reward.

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Masters in Chemistry and PhD in Geology along with working knowledge of Environmental Science

My first meeting with students is about his needs for the subject. A problem can be solved with more than one method. I encourage students to suggest the possible solutions and then explain why the particular approach is the best to address the issue. I am always open to teach the subject either chapter wise or by the random selection of topics depending on the requirement of student.

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Deakin Student offering VCE Chemistry Unit 1&2, 3&4 VCAA Tutoring with Tailored Resources for Students

I generally will go over your school's curriculum and topic structure for the year to ensure you are being tutored on things you will be confronted with in school. We will discuss your weak areas and strong areas. Focus on bringing you ahead of your classes and prepare you for assessments and lab practicals.

Wyndham Vale
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Chemistry teacher and PhD researcher (UoM) available to tutor high school and university students in Science related subjects. Teaching philosophy: strengthen fundamentals using problem based learning

‘Chemistry is everything, and everything is Chemistry’ which is what makes the subject extraordinary. As a tutor of Science/Chemistry/Biology, I aim to impart knowledge with practical examples and to communicate Science in the most fundamental form so that students don’t merely learn for grades, but also develop a passion to build a career in the subject.

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Engineering and Project Management student teaches Chemistry to lower and upper secondary school students in Perth area Western Australia.

I have taught maths, science and chemistry for 18 years to grades 7-12 level students. Over the years I have also gained degrees in Applied Sciences, chemical engineering prior to gaining diploma in teaching maths and science. Now I am studying project management courses at Curtin University. I love teaching chemistry most with the content knowledge and skills I posses.

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SACE Chemistry Tutoring in Campbelltown Area from an excellent student with 19.0/20 in Chemistry!

Hi, My name is Sneha Lohana and I recently graduated high school whilst obtaining an ATAR of 98.30 (99.90 with bonus points). I completed these subjects with the following results: Mathematical Methods - 17.8/20 English Literary Studies - 18.0/20 Chemistry - 19.0/20 Psychology - 19.4/20 (with merit) Research Project - 9.

Surfers Paradise
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Industrial Chemist with more than 8 years of working experience give chemistry lessons to high school and uni students on the Gold Coast

My teaching method is to teach the students not to memorize but to think instead, and to learn the basis before trying to learn more complex topics. That way would be easier for them to remember how to approach and solve different problems.

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I love Chemistry and seeing people appreciate the subject. Based in Sydney. Studied Medicinal Chemistry at university.

I understand that each individual is unique and requires learning at their own pace. My teaching style is one that seeks to employ creative techniques and visual aids to help students understand concepts. I will want to find the key areas a student requires help with.

Noble Park
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Monash Science and Secondary Education students giving Chemistry, Biology and Science lessons

I prefer individual / small group (max. 3-4 persons) lessons as to ensure every student in the tutoring sessions will be immersed in extensive support as to help them to cope with their difficulties in school works or school learning content.

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University and TAFE qualified with significant industry experience teaching Chemistry and Science

I have a Degree in Applied and Analytical Chemistry, and a Diploma of Laboratory Technology. I have taught Chemistry from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma levels, and my teaching style is to relate theoretical topics with industry examples to explain concepts.

Wyndham Vale
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Hold PhD in medicinal/organic chemistry and gives lectures in chemistry to students

Hi, I am Sarah and I hold a PhD in chemistry. My chemistry lessons would be most helpful to first or second year uni students who need help in general or organic chemistry. I have no expectation of what level you are at. I would work to take you from whatever level to the level where you are meant to be.

North Lambton
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Industrial Chemistry graduate with 10 years experience looking to tutor students in Newcastle

My teaching method would involve detailed explanations, including visual explanations where possible.

Quakers Hill
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Postgraduate Student give Maths lessons to Year 1-10 and English lessons to Year 1-6 in Quakers Hill, Blacktown, and Parramatta

I have good communication and leadership skills. Therefore, any student can follow my lessons. I follow NSW syllabus outcomes and relevant textbooks for teaching. I start from unit 1 which is the simplest and go for advanced topics.

Sandy Bay
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Chemical and Process engineer tutoring in high school science and maths in Hobart

All students approach learning and problem solving differently. I draw upon methodologies learnt from my tertiary education to systematically identify the root concept causes of why a student may be struggling within a particular subject(s), and tailor my teaching method based on my assessment of the gaps within the students understanding.

Hermit Park
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Liz's Chemistry School delivers chemistry and pharmacy related lessons In Townsville, Queensland

My teaching methodology will be according to the student who will be approaching me, I can teach in an order from basics by chapter wise. It will be always up to the student. I can help as much as I can.

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Sydney University science student with 98.3 ATAR gives science and maths tutoring to high school students in Sydney

I am extremely passionate about science and maths and aim to not only increase the grades of my students, but to also pass on some of that enthusiasm for the subject in order to motivate them to improve. I tailor each lesson to the specific individual and change my teaching style to match how each individual student best learns.

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Currently working as a science presenter in Victorian school with previous nine plus years of experience as a trainer in Merck Serono.

I like to conduct by lessons engaging students to achieve their best at the same time achieving the curriculum goals. Normally I start my lesson by providing an appropriate hook. Then I conduct the class by engaging the students. I make sure to do a follow up activity.

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Chemical engineering plus giving lesson of biology and basic science of our surrounding

my teaching is base on giving examples of our surrounding. i also believe in to clear the basic concept of any subject. i prefer to teach one or two student at one time so that you can do one on one conversation with them.

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Newcastle Uni student gives science lessons to high school students in Newcastle

I like to approach the topic by looking at the syllabus and trying to find creative ways to make remembering and understanding all the content easier. I am a firm believer in working smarter not harder and try to reflect this in my tutoring.

Parafield Gardens
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High Achieving Year 12 Chemistry student providing lessons to high school students in Adelaide.

I approach each topic in a personalised way for each individual student so that they can understand the content in the most in-depth way possible. I prefer to teach the student techniques that allow them to understand the content on a long-term scale rather than quick memory.

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Chemical Engineering based subjects, Brisbane /Qld. area, High school to Engineering student

Creating motivational environment for learning and assisting students to develop their skill from basic fundamental principles. Guiding them to extend and apply their knowledge to identify challenges, efficient outcomes and the insight they need for continuous improvement .

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Kenyatta university student,gives physics and chemistry lessons to high school students in Kenya.

My teaching method is student based,I make a short lesson plan that covers 40minutes.It has introduction,body development,experimental results,discussions and conclusions.my lessons are inquiry based where leaner is given worksheets so as to fill in as he/she observe.in the discussion phase misconceptions are addressed.As i teach,philosophy is Learner safety as he explore.

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Curtin Postgrad Student is willing to help students in Perth with Science & Maths Subjects :)

My teaching method is not complex. I usually teach in a friendly manner so that the student feel relax to clarify any doubts they have.More like a discussion.

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Curtin PhD student in Food Science gives tutoring to high school & undergrad students in Perth

My teaching methodology is detailed into information with logic rather than just cramming. Logical reasoning is very important for proper grasp of the subject.

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Sydney University student majoring in business analytics and medicinal engineering, looking to teach chemistry, can also help with physics and maths as needed!

I like to take my students through the same process of learning information as I go through, throwing them into the deep end with a practice question at the beginning, allowing them to try and figure it out using information that they had prior to the lesson, encouraging them to explain aloud or write out clearly why they choose to do certain things.

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Professional mechanical Engineer gives science, math and engineering subject lectures in Wollongong.

I focus on the concepts and my teaching method relies on my student's ability to grasp them. For ex: If you cannot understand a theory by an example, you may be able to understand it through a practical problem. It depends on YOU.

Wavell Heights
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Quality Math and Science Teaching, good grades and success at the fingertips

I love teaching by demonstration and using real-life situations. With this, students grasp the ideas very fast and they do not forget. I make sure I have explained very clearly and that every student has understood well. I use questions to test the understanding of my students on a particular subject.

Birmingham Gardens
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Chemistry, Biology, physics for Secondary and Higher Secondary level, Math for primary & Secondary level

I based on class and topics related to syllabus. Bangladesh, and a PhD student of the University of Newcastle, tutoring is my great passion because I want to teach which I know, and I want to learn which I do not know. Just I wanna ensure you the quality teaching only.

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Chemistry tutor and laboratory analyst with 9 years tutoring experience - providing lessons to VCE students in melbourne.

As a tutor I find it imperative to initially understand the students needs, what they would like to achieve, from the sessions, and most importantly, their learning style. At VCE level I like to let the student assist in creating the structure of the class in order to maximise what works best for them.

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