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Learn Biology and more to increase knowledge in Canberra from university lecturer.

My teaching method is discussion and demonstration method. It's a must for me to ensure my student understands the taught concept and can apply application knowledge to the taught concept. I believe every student is smart and can prosper.

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German Scientist teaches you in any biology related field in Townsville (near uni)

Every person have different learning techniques. Some find it easier to learn with visualisation, some others prefer the auditive way. My aim is to emphasise on that individual preference, still trying to combine several methods to consolidate that knowledge.

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Joy radiopharmaceutical master student gives biology and english lessons with over 7years experience.

I am highly interested in passing knowledge in anywhere I am opportuned to. My lessons are very simple to understand but comprehensive. I prefer to use diagrams to explain some terminologies making it inviting and not boring . I am good in sciences and English language because of my background in studying pharmacy .

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Geologist Graduated from UOW 2016 Worked WA for a year and returned home to the Clarence Valley

Have been a successful tertiary class teacher before for study help etc. High school students will be fun as I am good with kids, especially 5-15 yrs Very happy to go prospecting or show raw materials, great history in the region.

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PhDEnvSc delivering individualised tutoring across the WA curriculum (Maths, Science, English, HASS)

I am currently offering tutoring for Middle School students in Science, Math, English, HASS and ATAR Biol/Human Biol. University level tutoring on request.

Waurn Ponds
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Recently graduated biologist offers help in studies concerning biological sciences, especialised in ecology, biodiversity and conservation.

I firmly believe that biology can be misunderstood if the basic concepts are not clear. My teaching method starts from the basics, and from there, the student begins to understand more complex facts, always guided by my knowledge. If there is a question left unanswered, I will rapidly look for recent studies to supply the latest information about the topic.

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University of Portsmouth BSC (Hons) Biology 2:1 graduate giving supplementary lessons to students in Portsmouth and surrounding areas (1:1 personal appointments within a 10 km radius)

I am a patient and accomodating University of Portsmouth graduate in BSc (Hons) Biology, and I believe in working at the pace of the student.

Grégory michaël
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Doctorant gives biology course in high school and faculty in rhône alpes

Doctorate in Urban Ecology on birds and post-doctorate in the ecology of bird behavior in tropical forest, I propose to the students courses with an active training, where the students participate by means of questions of questions, group work or Personal research, as well as oral presentations and reports. I base my courses on 3 concepts: knowledge, know-how and skills.

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Science Tutoring specialising in Biological Processes for secondary school pupils - science is exciting, relevant and all around us.

I have a Marine Biological Sciences background which includes physics and chemistry. If you are in primary or secondary school and need extra help to Understand Theories and Processes , or to Gain Better Exam Marks then I can help you now.

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Recent college grad who loves marine bio that teaches biology and oceanography!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Biology from Ursinus College, PA. My method of teaching is focused on first answering any questions/clarifying difficult concepts followed by having the student teach what they learned back to me. Teaching is one of the best forms of studying possible.

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A biologist with18 years of teaching biological sciences in University in Philippines. I was teaching Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates, Biology, Zoology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Thesis Writing.

I was teaching 45 students per lecture class and 25 students per laboratory class at the collegiate level taking up Bachelor of Science in Human and Applied Biology. My teaching method is a student-centered approach. I strongly encourage analytical thinking and practical applications of scientific concepts.

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Youth and Adult Educator with 17 years of teaching biology, geography, and environmental sciences

I teach via the Socratic method. When a student approaches me with a question, I take the time to ask questions to direct them towards the answer on their own, so that they can learn the process to find the answers and not just "know" the answers.

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I am a scientist and trying to teach students in my free time..

i love to carry out my teaching many live examples. i do interested in both online and offline classes. i appreciate questions from students and encourage their power of question formation. i teach students by making them learn. i analyse the student and teach according to their need..

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Teach Social Sc & Environmental sc in Dumdum,Kolkata , and have completed PhD in ENV Sc

My method includes teaching to share the knowledge better,so that students know the subject better and gain confidence.I take periodic assessments to confirm that the subject is clear with my students. I pay more attention to help students understand the basics. Above all, I love to teach with my full efficiency.

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Young Venezuelan Biologist who wants to teach Biology/Zoology/Entomology across Canada via web

My teaching methods are very flexible, because all students learn in different ways. I do first a diagnostic test, to get to know my student. Then, I start to teach my subject and always paying attention in the reaction of my student.

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Biology PhD student at UoB offering biology lessons for A-level/GCSE students

The structure of each class is composed from past exam papers and textbooks in order to ensure that relevant material is covered. In addition, I draw upon my knowledge of biology and experience as a researcher to add extra insights not found in textbooks. I also find it important to discuss revision and exam techniques and review coursework.

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Geology is an applied science like Engineering where we apply knowledge basics science to study Earth

I am Postgraduate in Geology. I can teach to undergraduate students.To explain other you should explain to yourself because when you any new topic you will get the questions in your mind. The same questions will arise from the students mind when you teach them. Therefore first I learn thoroughly and then explain to others.

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Biologist in Galveston Texas with 3 years experience teaching from Middle School up to College labs.

As biology is a diverse field I employ a variety of methods depending on the needs of the student or class. I prefer working on understanding core concepts through interactive teaching including specimens when appropriate. When necessary I can help with rote memorization through flashcards and other tools.

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Hello! I am a biologist with 30 years experience as scientist and educator. I have a MSc (Honours) in Environmental Practice, and BC Education Certificate. I teach many subjects from Biology to Earth

My method is based on a case-by-case. Not everybody learns the same way, so the teaching must be student-centered. A class with me will depend upon the student, and I have been teaching people of all ages in a variety of topics for three decades.

Sahana m n
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"life sciences is a subject to appreciate the diversification of all living bodies"

My teaching methods are interactive sessions basically where i use constructive appraoch to teach , the techniques used are mind mapping ,5E model approach and also with some brain teasers.I have good communication skills and a fine accent in english too.

Faizan mehraj
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Teacher in biology science and science with an amazing skills of teaching from past 2 years

My teaching method is i simply clear the concepts of a students and make understand well and ask questions to students in order to check weather the concepts are fully cleared or not Give homework and tests on weekly or regularly

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Taught igcse for a level and as level students (1 year) and icse for 3 years

I taught biology with the help of instructional aids, and giving assignment and powerpoint presentation; For slow learners I taught in the form of videos and giving various notes to the students in a understandable manner. So this will lead to above the bench mark level.

Greater London
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Science is indeed life and the uniqueness of teaching and grooming the student to a greater level of understanding the culture and the importance teaching.


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Professional Academic with PhD and proven extensive record offering online biology lessons.

Dialogue and discussion, Real world examples, practical work even online, frequent tests, up to date technical materials.

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Put your 100 % to achieve what you want to be in future. Keep in mind that Past achieves are not that much funnier than coming one.

I would like to teach my student based on the topic like PPT lectures with continuous assessment every day after class

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Biology Tutor, Belfast area (A-Level/GCSE/Primary & Secondary) - Marine Biology undergraduate student, 5 years youth work experience

I'm a 3rd year Marine Biology student who is very experienced in working with children and teenagers of all ages and mental abilities, including kids with ADD/ADHD and autism. I have As in 4 science GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology) and an A in A-Level Biology.

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Biology, zoology, botany, science in malviya nagar, jagatpura, pratap nagar, model town, mansarover

firstly i try to analyse subject and conceptual knowledge of student by asking common things related to subject which student is learning. then start from as per required as needed.

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Phd Zoology from Calcutta University give tutions from home to biosceicne graduates

Read, Get the concept through and repeat.Iam a researcher, currently pursuing my PhD, Nominal tution fees, to know more call:(concealed information) Candidates of zoology, microbiology or releated lines apply here. Timings in weekends. 4-6 and 6-8. For other details contact the given number.

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Oceanographer, Master in Aquaculture and Tropical Aquatic Resources, teaches science, biology, aquatic ecology, limnology, biological oceanography, general geology and related fields, Belém, PA.

- - - The techniques for learning involve dynamic reading of the content present in textbooks and / or academic books, dialogues with slide help, image analysis, reading and interpretation of scientific articles, commented exercises and fixation / evaluation exercises.

São Paulo
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Master in Biological Sciences gives biology classes and their sub-themes to secondary and higher education students in Baixada Santista

I am a graduate and master in Biological Sciences from UNESP, currently a PhD candidate. My classes are aimed at the student's maximum understanding, with expository parts and also, if possible, practices. Whenever there are questions, I will pause the class and I will only resume it when all questions are healed.

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