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Perth Modern Graduate enthusiastically teaching Geography and Humanities in Perth's Northern Suburbs

I am a recent graduate of Perth Modern School who has consistently performed well in Literary and English studies. I have provided crash courses and individual/group tutoring in Literature and Essay writing for High School students and have had long-term participation in the Western Australian GATE program.

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Near Completed Human Services Undergrad with 6+ GPA; Critical Thinking; Writing Mentor

I assist you to comprehend the content and assessment requirements by asking you questions, helping guide you through the material to come to your own understanding. I will show you tips and tricks to make the most of your learning style.

Croydon Hills
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Hi, I am a Deakin Student studying to become a teacher! This year, I tutored both History Revolutions (French and Russian) and English. My history revolutions student is currently in the top of her cl

I am so passionate about all of my students and believe in creating a nurturing environment from the basis of positive psychology to help foster the best grades that they can! I teach them the skills that they need for their SACS and Exams so that they can tackle these assessments head on with confidence! I primarily use my lessons to teach skills such as writing and content and I cater each of...

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University of Adelaide student offering engaging and interesting history lessons in Adelaide

History has become an ever important topic in recent history, engaging students through social media and television whilst engaging them in theory work is vital. Practical and theoretical components. Relating to students and providing a fun yet informative experience is important to me.

Mount Helen
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A passionate and experienced History and Humanities teacher to give lessons to secondary students and adults.

I base my lessons on goals that need to be met and choosing the best method to achieve these goals. Each person is unique and has a learning style they prefer. I like to tailor my lessons to the needs of the individual and often step outside the realm of traditional classroom to provide the best learning experience.

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University Lecturer in Gippsland who can assist with high school or university level sociology

I can assist with essay writing, referencing, note-taking and research as well as understanding the various social theorists and their application.

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Specialising in Politics, Theatre & Secondary Teaching as part of a Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree at Monash University.

My teaching methodology has been developed and refined through teaching placements and tutoring experiences at secondary schools. My primary intention is to develop student knowledge through a range of multi-skilled activities, adapting my teaching processes to best serve the student's learning preferences.

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A doctorate student willing to mentor individuals seeking skilled knowledge of human behavior

My teaching method is collaborative and supportive. I like to work with students who are open to learning and exploring, they should be willing to ask questions and put forward their perspectives and how they see the relevant topic. I can conduct classes one on one or in group sessions also depending upon the need of individuals and topic at hand.

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Monash Honours Graduate with a broad knowledge of European Philosophy and the History of Philosophy

My teaching method is to get students to understand some of the more difficult concepts which are approached in philosophy. I will help students write up an essay plan, as well as help them construct arguments. I prefer to read materials that the student is working with so that I can engage them with their ideas properly.

Payneham South
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Behavioural Neuroscientist and Science Communicator with professional experience, providing education in Psychological Sciences

I mainly use the socratic method of teaching. I provide many many resources and help guide the student to find the answers.

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Just your average history nerd trying to maximise your ATAR in Perth.

My teaching method differs from student to student. Usually, I like to teach the content and then go over practice questions. With subjects like History and Economics I can help you develop your own notes in a method that would help you. But if you have specific areas of concern we can go over that too. I can help you connect your topics via mind maps and some other creative ways.

High Wycombe
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I help students with managing their mindset, deal with study overwhelm and pass their exams. Using my 30 years of experience.

I work on the inclusive model of teaching - working with your style and not against it.

Wantirna South
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Monash grad and ACU teacher-to-be will come to you to help you with history

I base my classes and teaching on the knowledge that everyone learns differently and, therefore, will take some time to ensure that you are being taught in a way that will help you succeed.

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ANU Masters student giving Humanities lessons to high school and uni students

One of the key requirements of humanities is to understand the topic from a deeper level and understand why and how certain things exist or have happened in the past. I focus on the student to have that clearer understanding and through the medium they best understand it with.

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I have a law degree from London and will like to teach

I have a very proactive approach towards my teaching method. I want the pupils to contribute and think critically in the class. I do not like to include my person opinions in the lectures and always welcome feedback. I look forward to working with your firm.

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I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in history and linguistics and an Honours degree in history. I can tutor students in Armidale, NSW, in person, and others elsewhere via Skype, Facebook, etc.

I try to work in with whatever is best for my student/s, so I don't have a rigid approach to lessons. Not all people learn most effectively in the same way, and I believe that, wherever possible, a great educator should accommodate their students' learning style as best they can.

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Public Policy Professional with a Master of Social Work providing academic support in Sociology, Social Work & Social Policy

A trained social worker, my approach to teaching encourages students to be self-directed through flexibility and discussion. Students (and human beings) learn the best through self-interest. If you are looking for a tutor, I assume that you are curious and interested in the topic area.

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Curtin University study willing to offer help in anything to do with Humanities!

I'm just your average History and Science nerd with a passion to teach! Lessons are personally designed for you & are adjusted to your needs! I want to help you have a passion and desire to learn...

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Uni student with A+ marks in Geography giving lessons to high school students

I like to explain a topic, provide examples and steps on how to get to the correct and highest response answer, practice questions and exams are key in practicing your answering methodology and time management.

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QUT Art History graduate giving lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I base my teaching methodology on each students individual needs. No two students are the same and I recognise the fact that each student has different needs and learn at different paces. I can cater a semester or holiday study plan for students based on what they need from me.

Hamilton Hill
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Murdoch Uni (Perth) BA History Student (with a minor in Religion) tutor

I prefer visual aids for learning/memorising material. Colour, pictures etc. assist some students in retaining information more than non visual aids or just copying notes down. I'm happy to sit with a student and find a way that aids them in learning the material that best suits them as a student.

Murray Bridge
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Flinders University History Major giving lessons for general History aptitude and to hone the skills required to study History at a university level.

My methodology is based around the idea that intrinsic motivation is best to achieve true masters of any topic. When teaching younger students, interest-based learning is the key to developing an intrinsic mindset and a love of the subject. This can be done by developing an understanding of individual interest and beginning historical discovery in this area and then branching outwards.

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GPA 5 2019 BA Social Work graduate. TOWNSVILLE OR ONLINE tutoring for Social Work students. Proof reading, editing, designing, topics, research. Specialise in helping ESL students.

Proofreading, editing, understanding tasks, choosing topics, frameworks, structuring an essay, referencing. Available for less than one hour at a reduced price especially for proofreading and referencing assistance. Easily contacted via email and happy to answer your questions outside tutoring hours.

Glen Waverley
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Religious education tutor that has been tutoring since 2016 and has nothing short but good reviews

I base my classes on finding each individual student's strengths and weaknesses so that I can specifically focus on improving their weaknesses whilst ensuring their strengths become even stronger.

Mountain River
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Graduate in Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Geography, Graduate Cert in Geographic Information Systems. I can provide assistance for human geography and most bachelor of arts subjects, as well as GIS

I am happy to work one-on-one with students whether helping with essandy planning or reviewing drafted work. I can assist with explaining material such as lectures or readings, and help guide students to understand concepts and content. I am always happy to guide my teaching practices to the needs of the student.

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Second/Third Year CDU uni student offering lessons to new social work undergraduates

I have not yet completed a lesson as this is my first post, but I will be looking into structuring and organising a lesson - as well as incorporating students needs into lessons.

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University of New England Student, loves to help high school students with English, geography or history

My teaching method is to sit down with the student first and gain an understanding of what they are currently working on and develop a plan specific for them to achieve what they need to.

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Wollongong Mum can teach and prepare primary school children for high school

I base my ideology is information given in small doses with physical and digital aides. To create curiosity and encourage questioning and research.

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Anthropology major at Adelaide University specialising in teaching successful and painless essay writing

I approach lessons by teaching the quick and effective ways to write well structured essays. I believe everybody is capable of success and enjoy supporting people in getting there.

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La Trobe Student (law) gives a complete guide to understand the subject

I would be basically based on individual performance and capability. My approach is to enhance students way to collaborate with the subject.

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