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Triple Master's degree holder M.Com, MPA, MBA lecturer provides excellent tutoring in the field of Accounting, Management and Finance subjects for students. Teaching clear and understandable basics.

My teaching methodology is student centered where the student has to engage actively in the classes which in turn helps in formal and informal assessments, therefore helping the student to progress further in their respective fields 1 hour = $20 5 hour lesson = $100 Offer first 60 min lesson free.

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15 years of experience in teaching undergraduates in business, economics and marketing

very much to approachable towards the students. Exercise and some revision before and after lesson is given to enhance on the student understanding. Monitoring student progress monthly basis. I ma very friendly and approachable. I will make my class interesting and yet meaningful.

Sunshine North
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Masters of Business student teaches Economics in Melbourne for high school students

Basically what I believe is theory should always be reflected through practical examples when teaching economics. They should be real-life examples. Thus students can easily memorize economics theories. They also should be given more practice on drawing graphs. So that they can easily grab marks.

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TRAINING FOR VET COURSES Diploma of Business/Leadership and Management /HR / CHILDCARE SERVICES

I approach students based on their learning styles and preference their choose . I tailor my lesson based on the students needs and what they want to learn and always try to take feedback and improve my ;lesson plan based on the feedback given.

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Macquarie uni Ph.D. student facilitates learners here in Sydney in understanding complicated issues in Business, Management, and Accounting.

I do believe in two-way communication in teaching. I also believe in the "learning by doing" teaching approach.

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Human Resources Management and Administration Experience Professional for Aspiring Managers in Sydney

I teach with love example and I make the class comfortable with subject and topics well in advance so that they have clear idea.

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Lawyer and HR Manger providing support and mentoring to Law, HR and Legal Studies students.

I am very practical and hands on. I will support students through any assignments and work with them on their weekly course materials.

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Bachelor of Business Management - graduate working in a consulting firm, giving tips to current University students or prospective students

I approach my topics with what I need to have in my work to get the best grade possible. I mostly help with assignments, editing, and idea proposals. I will approach tasks by asking you what you still need to know and what you are having trouble with.

Uttar Pradesh
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A BBA & MBA teacher who can impart knowledge in all fields of Management with detailed explanations and notes !

I will start syllabus wise covering all the topics of all the chapters one by one. Every topic will be explained well along with good examples . The doubts will be cleared side by side so that the topic goes on smoothly. Proper testes will be conducted to check the grasping capacity of the students.

Marseille 6e
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Professional coaching, preparation for jobs interviews, resume writing and cover letters, english

I lecture to students of primary and secondary school since the beginning of my university studies. The course should be a time of learning in which the student has time to understand the topic that interests or on which he will work. Develop his fluency in written and oral expression (in French and English), to be autonomous and self-confidence.

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Interactive Business studies lessons at GCSE and A-Level with real life examples

My lessons are interactive and students really take part in them, not just listen. I tent to give a considerable amount of homework and always discuss the results, so pupils get a lot of independent practice as well. Business studies involves many real life and imagimary examples so students learn how to apply theory to practice.

Worcester Park
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CIMA professional willing to teach operational, management and strategic level to professionals

I am passionate about teaching and helping professionals/students achieve their academic goals. I obtained a bachelors degree in linguistics with management and arts-related experience as well. I have had over 3 years experience in tutoring and have taught many arts and management courses. My teaching method involves an introductory session to understand what the student really wants.

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Learn to be good professionals in Human resource Management with me. More of coaching with insights from real professional world.

Topics wise- relating the topics with real life situation because I believe text is different when it comes to application. Stimulation through case studies & presentations.

West Bridgford
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An experienced and enthusiastic teacher of Business Studies who has twenty years experience in education with outstanding success in adding value to students.

I plan my lessons to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding. Once these gaps have been filled I move onto to building the students confidence in exam skills. My passion is to help develop confidence in young people both academically and their emotional wellbeing.

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Advanced organizational management and leadership skills give you a competitive advantage and big profits.

Learner centered, with a participatory teaching approach. Each class is a hybrid design with interactive assignments, learning materials, teaching methods, and performance coaching. My experience is international and successfully covers a broad ranges of learners; from teaching professionals in the field (directors, managers, professionals (eg.

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Master in Audit and Business Management, Consultant and Professor in Business Management

Dynamism and pro activity are prerequisites in a world filled with change, where a multidisciplinary professional has to be attuned to everything that is happening around him. My teaching methodology is to return to practical reality in the sciences of business administration and accounting, taking into account the strategic management of business controllership.

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A proficient Qualitative Academic Tutor with 10 years experience in different subjects.

I have extensive consulting knowledge and experience, flexible in my terms and always willing to negotiate different methodologies with students. I believe tutoring through assignments and examples in the best method. Working on your assignments to help you understand the concept perfectly.

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I offer repetitions of HUMANITIES and SCIENTIFIC materials in Vercelli and Casale including neighboring countries

I am a former student of Vercelli High School, and a graduate student in educational sciences at the University of Milan Bicocca with an average of 28.5. For years, I offer lessons to children, teens and adults to primary, middle, high school and university.

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I work as an assisstant professor in a reputed college in bangalore best coaching will be provided for the required subjects in b.com bba mba and m.com

Lecture method, online presentations, practically working lot of problems for subjects requried. Classes for post graduate and under graduate.

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An eminent scholar from renowned management school gives classes of HRM and OB on academy.

My teaching method is demonstrating. I base my class on current instance and i approach the topic by student centered approach to learning.

Pomigliano d'Arco
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Graduated in business administration, with previous experience as a tutor, she offers lectures in economic and legal subjects to high school and university students.

I offer personalized lessons based on the learning style and learning time of each learner. Each of us needs a path designed to achieve the goal with the least expenditure of energy, therefore it is necessary to implement different teaching methodologies.

Juan carlos
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MBA and business consultant in Mexico, teaches business management and business development

The teaching method is through the development of skills with printed materials, audio-visual, auditory and workshop-type sessions where problems will be solved, there will be an open dialogue for the discussion of the topics to be reviewed in each session.

Porto Velho
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Bachelor in Business Administration, Masters majoring in Personnel Management and University Teaching, with 10 years of experience in B2C, Minister lessons for entrepreneurs and students in the area

Graduated from CEUCLAR Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Graduate Student in Management of People and University Teaching by FAEL, a dozen extension courses such as bids and contracts, administrative agent, financial management, marketing management, among others, 10 years of experience in the field commercial as Administrator, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and new business.

Chandra bhushan
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Students of + 2 commerce, wishes to lean commerce from basics to become perfect professional should join me

My teaching method covers the defined topics as per students' board curriculum in simplified and interesting manner. I try and guide the students to motivate as per their strength to choose a right degree to become true professional.

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Teacher with 8 years of Experience in Management Teaching and Passion towards Easy Teaching

My Methodology is Chalk and Talk and sometimes prefer PPT if needed . My teaching style is unique in dealing with the students and make them understand very easily. I always concentrate on the students level of understanding to teach.

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Be an expert in Business Studies in a new exciting way Satisfaction Guaranteed else money back!!!!

My teaching method involves teaching with Real life case studies and methodology, you will never have to learn business studies as with me your logics will be crystal clear and you can answer any question coming in the exam from anywhere my personal guarantee!!! Experience The New thrill and practical fun way of studying business.

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“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” ― John Dewey. I hope to create an environment for my st

Solving maximum problems as possible is the best way to learn accounting. Other theoretical subjects will be taught by giving practical examples and i will also provide simple notes to make learning subjects more easier. i will be explaining the subject in simple language and through real practical examples.

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Business student at De Montfort University offering business studies lessons upto Advanced level nearby Rotherham S60. Can also help with economics and accounting simultaneously.

My teaching style is explaining a specific topic in detail and providing handwritten notes to the children for their further learnings and rivisions.

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Researcher with dual knowledge of economics and marketing(from U.K) added with a work experience of 1 year in India

My teaching method include both deep diving into theoretical knowledge and relating it to the practically applied case studies.There will be weekly evaluation for understanding students grasping power of the subject. As a teacher, I am both friendly, polite and strict.

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