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Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting student provide private or group lessons.

My teaching method is Cooperative Learning. It's a common misconception that cooperative learning is a fancy way to say "group work." Rather, cooperative learning requires careful planning and preparation by the teacher. Groups are organized heterogeneously; each member gets a specific task that fits into a larger whole.

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Armidale Agricultural Economist for all Business Management support 30 years experienced tutor

I have resources available for distance based learning and electronic learning. i find the most effective learning for my subject areas is in a face to face situation whether it be a on an individual or group based learning model.

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15 years of experience in teaching undergraduates in business, economics and marketing

very much to approachable towards the students. Exercise and some revision before and after lesson is given to enhance on the student understanding. Monitoring student progress monthly basis. I ma very friendly and approachable. I will make my class interesting and yet meaningful.

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Business Finance Work, Business ethics and Sustainability and Organization and System Victoria University in Sydney

I teach my students in classes with slides and providing them photocopies. I ask my students to prepare before hand and come for class. I ask each student to show their contribution. I take oral tests like regular chats after every session ends.

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Do you want to be the driver of your learning? Let Mya to guide you:-)

My teaching is based on inquiry approach. I ask a lot of questions by connecting topic to real life scenarios to make sense. It will be a journey together with students where I scaffold the knowledge of individuals. Students are expected to engage in tasks that I assign. I am not a comedian, but the humour I add to their learning makes it a memorable experience.

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I had worked as assistant professor for 3 years in Desh Bhagat university (India).and had completed MBA with major as HR and Marketing and Minor as Financial Management. i been teaching in Australia f

i had taught bachelors and master students in my career. i prefer to go topic by topic so i can give the real examples of what i am teaching. i used the teaching through the videos as sharing knowledge is not the only way of teaching .

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TRAINING FOR VET COURSES Diploma of Business/Leadership and Management /HR / CHILDCARE SERVICES

I approach students based on their learning styles and preference their choose . I tailor my lesson based on the students needs and what they want to learn and always try to take feedback and improve my ;lesson plan based on the feedback given.

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Macquarie uni Ph.D. student facilitates learners here in Sydney in understanding complicated issues in Business, Management, and Accounting.

I do believe in two-way communication in teaching. I also believe in the "learning by doing" teaching approach.

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Human Resources Management and Administration Experience Professional for Aspiring Managers in Sydney

I teach with love example and I make the class comfortable with subject and topics well in advance so that they have clear idea.

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Ltu student here for accounts coaching in lalor victoria for students in Melbourne

I start from very beginning from debit and credit fundamentals and moving on to each topic of accounting thoroughly for easiness of students

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University of Technology Sydney’s student gives lessons on ways to make money

I focus on concept understanding via practical application

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Doing my masters at UTS marketing which will add value for sure

I always teach with real life experiences and relate the theory with the example.

Sunshine North
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Masters of Business student teaches Economics in Melbourne for high school students

Basically what I believe is theory should always be reflected through practical examples when teaching economics. They should be real-life examples. Thus students can easily memorize economics theories. They also should be given more practice on drawing graphs. So that they can easily grab marks.

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Triple Master's degree holder M.Com, MPA, MBA lecturer provides excellent tutoring in the field of Accounting, Management and Finance subjects for students. Teaching clear and understandable basics.

My teaching methodology is student centered where the student has to engage actively in the classes which in turn helps in formal and informal assessments, therefore helping the student to progress further in their respective fields 1 hour = $20 5 hour lesson = $100 Offer first 60 min lesson free.

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Lawyer and HR Manger providing support and mentoring to Law, HR and Legal Studies students.

I am very practical and hands on. I will support students through any assignments and work with them on their weekly course materials.

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Bachelor of Business Management - graduate working in a consulting firm, giving tips to current University students or prospective students

I approach my topics with what I need to have in my work to get the best grade possible. I mostly help with assignments, editing, and idea proposals. I will approach tasks by asking you what you still need to know and what you are having trouble with.

Marseille 6e
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Professional coaching, preparation for jobs interviews, resume writing and cover letters, english

I lecture to students of primary and secondary school since the beginning of my university studies. The course should be a time of learning in which the student has time to understand the topic that interests or on which he will work. Develop his fluency in written and oral expression (in French and English), to be autonomous and self-confidence.

Lyon 2e
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HR Manager at CAC 40 Companies gives courses in Human Resources: CV, cover lettre, coaching...

I can help you to write your resume but also your cover letter in order to get an interview. My first course is to understand your profile and also your goals to write your cover letter and also your cover letter. I'm dynamic. It takes 24 hours to send you your cover letter and resume. NB: I can also coach you in order to prepare an english interview.

Dr yogesh
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HRM, OD, TnD , Psychology , Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psycholoogy, Train the Trainer , become certified Happiness Coach.

Focus on Conceptual clarity , applications, interaction based learning. Case study , tasks , simulation exercise etc is used in learning process. Techniques used include discussion , facilitation , use of flow charts and mind mapping techniques. Help to organize study notes and how to study ..

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Find your best ever Answers related with Human Resources management and related subjects. Thank you

My teaching method is to develop interest in each and every student related with subject. I will start from the basics of the HRM because it's necessary to learn about the basic of any subject therefore i personally follow this method BASIC TO COMPLEX. Also i will provide notes and later on videos on you tube.

Jabeen bushra
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Enjoy learning the basics, cocepts,principles of accounting ,management and organisation by Asst.professor....of Engineering college

My teaching methodology is to make the students understand my lecture by giving live examples and not restricted to text book only...and familiarizing the students with the world of deeper insights of the subjects with interactions, e-learning and PPTs.....

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Professor in Management Studies for about 14 years willing to share knowledge

my teaching method is not only depending on modern methods like ppt, videos, whatsup but also traditional methods of blackboard teaching along with stories that teaches the management concepts.

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Human Resources Coordinator advisory in ​​human capital, finance and business management area.

I like to help with specific doubts, give advices on established questions where the student or counselor has already investigated. My courses are focused on specific topics that the student or group wants to deal with. The classes are pleasant and serious with a touch of fun in them and many examples.

Sameer nandan
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The right HR basics the right way - why getting HR fundamentals corrects is the most important First Step for HR

The teaching will be based on theory sessions, case studies and project work.

Mohammed sajid
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Looking an opportunity to teach the students of management in south India.

First of all we are trying to familiarize with students and topics. Based on the feed back we are selecting either teaching are giving lessons by writing.In the end we are taking feedback and taking corrective measures .We are making class always friendly nature.

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Learn to be good professionals in Human resource Management with me. More of coaching with insights from real professional world.

Topics wise- relating the topics with real life situation because I believe text is different when it comes to application. Stimulation through case studies & presentations.

West Bridgford
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An experienced and enthusiastic teacher of Business Studies who has twenty years experience in education with outstanding success in adding value to students.

I plan my lessons to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding. Once these gaps have been filled I move onto to building the students confidence in exam skills. My passion is to help develop confidence in young people both academically and their emotional wellbeing.

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Advanced organizational management and leadership skills give you a competitive advantage and big profits.

Learner centered, with a participatory teaching approach. Each class is a hybrid design with interactive assignments, learning materials, teaching methods, and performance coaching. My experience is international and successfully covers a broad ranges of learners; from teaching professionals in the field (directors, managers, professionals (eg.

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Master in Audit and Business Management, Consultant and Professor in Business Management

Dynamism and pro activity are prerequisites in a world filled with change, where a multidisciplinary professional has to be attuned to everything that is happening around him. My teaching methodology is to return to practical reality in the sciences of business administration and accounting, taking into account the strategic management of business controllership.

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An Academician and Trainer who teaches Management subjects to both Pos-graduate and under-graduate students...

I follow the blended methodology of teaching consisting of Chalk-N-Talk, Group Discussions, Seminars, Psychological Tests, Project Works, Case Study Analysis, Business Games, etc. I rarely use PPT Mode, though I have proficiency in that too. I feel PPT fixes me sometimes, though it has some advantages, too.

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