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Gentle Breath Meditation - Only in the presence of our true gentle breath can you re-connect to your true way of being.

My treatments, services and products encompass a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing from an understanding that we are our own best medicine. Understanding what this means and knowing how to develop and establish this foundation is key to having true health and well-being.

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Nutritional Medicine student offering guidance on foods options for a healthy lifestyle

I teach for the learning style of the student using diverse available teaching techniques. In general is a step by step learning, making sure there are no question without answers or doubts before going to the next subject or theme.

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Energetic Healing facilitator gives Alternative Medicines and Meditation lessons in Gold Coast

My teaching method is based on theoretical and as much practical as possible. I am not willing to train the student as a healer, but rather study and understand the different healing therapies scattered throughout the globe. Lessons may include written material.

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Nutritionist with 10 years experience focusing on Education, based in Wollongong NSW.

I prefer to work in smaller groups or a one-on-one basis. My teaching method is on a needs basis where the focus is on understanding through education.

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"Practical solution to transform your Life" Health and wellness Pranic healer 4 years experience

My teaching method is GRS ( Group Reciprocal/ Responsibility System) which means every student to be both, a learner and a teacher, not only learning, but also creating and sharing knowledge and their innovative with others. learning should be dialogic , reflexive and student-centric.

Yorkeys Knob
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Professional shiatsu & reiki therapist gives private or class lessons for a better health based on your specific needs

My teaching is about listening to your needs and bringing you the most appropriate knowledge and skills to take care of yourself and others. It could be through massages, stretches, acupoints, breathing, energy work, meditation, nutrition, workout plan... Just let me know what your needs are and we'll discuss about it.

Mermaid Waters
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Bachelor of Health Science, wishing to give personal lessons in English to overseas based practitioners.

My teaching methods are simple find the areas that need improving and give examples for improvement, my teaching style is simple and easy to adjust to whist achieving outcomes. I enjoy teaching Medical and Healthcare based systems.

Modbury North
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I am a health science expert ready to teach health, teaching in Adelaide

My teaching philosophy is to keep it simple. I want to teach my classes by providing the relevant theory and then providing my students with quizzes to see what they have learnt.

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A graduate in Ayurveda and public health offering lessons on better health outcomes.

My teaching methodology is an individualised approach depending on the interest area. I am flexible for both in class and online teaching. I respect the preferable teaching demands by my potential students and very flexible to teach in a way that yields maximum outcomes.

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I believe in letting the pupil lead the lessons. Identifying which areas they need the most support with and working towards building both knowledge and confidence in that topic area. Using a mixture of material is my preferred teaching method; from reading, mind maps, the use of colours and flip cards. This helps the student gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.

Darling Heights
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Learned it from the best in the Himalayas. Uncover the Hidden secrets of your body and mind.

I highly encourage my students or anyone who wants to learn to ask many questions how much stupid they sound. You can ask me anything 24*4 as I have natural drive to make people learn specially younger generations. My teaching methodology would depend upon the personality of my students. I can use fancy words to make this sound more effective but simplicity is the key.

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Lovely Brazilian who is learning English teaches about meditation and Reiki Healing.

My teaching method is to provide practical lessons with all the knowledge I have been developing during my whole life.

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Dietitian and Nutritionist here to teach you about all aspects of health and well-being. Highly proficient in chemistry, biology and maths.

We all learn differently, so I personalise my lessons. I want to find out what you want from the lesson so I can help you achieve your goals. I am patient and will work WITH you.

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Nursing student gives nursing and holistic medicine education to the students in brisbane.

I can teach with the use of rationales and valid exemplars associated with various work experiences while dealing with various medical conditions.

East Lismore
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Southern Cross University PhD student as well as Assistant Professor of a University in Bangladesh gives lessons to students at Lismore and surroundings.

My teaching method is based on understanding, visualization and critical thinking and I always discourage rote-based learning and memorization. I approach topic by topic and go inside the theory and emphasize on things related to those topics appear in practical life.

Burleigh Heads
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Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist providing one on one coaching services to help you with weight loss, fitness and making healthy lifestyle choices by incorporating holistic healing modalities.

A typical session with me includes, discussing your background, lifestyle and goals. Based on your goals I will customize a program that suits you the best. The program can include wellness coaching, nutrition and fitness coaching and/or healing modalities to support our work. Most sessions are usually done via skype except physical training such as pilates.

Saint Lucia
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PhD in Economics gives talks on the Law of Attraction for Health, Wealth and Relationship

I love teaching individually so I understand what’s best for the student. I’m creative and fun. I trust my intuition and I offer the best to the student.

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Counselor Psychosomatist, Meditation Teacher for personal and group sessions. Biodynamic Craniosacral and psychosomatic massage

What I do: I support you in a path of inner growth, helping you to contact your positive resources, developing Self-Consciousness; work on psychosomatic blocks, accompanying the person in the transformation of psychophysical tensions, allowing them to return to enjoy the pleasure of living in the body, here-and-now.

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Yoga Teacher certified E-Ryt Yoga Alliance (Rome) available for one-to-one or small groups at your own studio / private home Axa-Casalpalocco or willing to small movements. Classes from

I have an approach studied on person and extremely welcoming. Use props if necessary, complete short meditations and Pranayama breath management exercises. A personal practice, designed and studied on the needs of the person. No single men, mixed classes or women.

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Holistic Health Practitioner shares deep understanding of Metaphysical Healing and Energy Medicine.

I recognize that each individual is unique and brings to every situation their particular life experiences. As a teacher I am sensitive to the personal needs of my students and recognize that every individual navigates their environment, learns and interacts with others in uniquely different ways.

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Social Service Worker provides support on your journey to seeking optimum health and wellness.

I start with an informal intake assessment to identify what your needs are and will create a flexible program for you that sets you up to succeed. I understand that life is busy and that our own needs are often overlooked; I will help you make changes to your physical and emotional health that fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Città metropolitana di milano
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Professional Diet Coach since 2012, to teach you how to lose weight with your mind and without dieting,

During my coaching I use the Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Right Weight Forever method to make you a Skinny Person Without Effort. It allows you to eliminate binge eating and harmful habits with food, to make sure that food and eating become a pleasant thought and that the movement becomes a regular and gratifying part of life.

Sesto San Giovanni
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Reiki Master is offering to activate the flow of vital energy channels for personal balance

My basic approach is the way of the heart. The care and health of the body lead to an intelligent lifestyle. First of all, the toxic thoughts and elements that prevent us from happiness must be eliminated. Dance, joy for life and laughter are the alchemy to rediscover love.

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Polestar Pilates method instructor with many years of experience offers individual lessons or small groups

Hello! Iam a passionate teacher of Pilates Matwork, discipline that I have practiced for many years as a student until graduating as an instructor at the CSEN. I offer individual and small groups lessons according to the Polestar Pilates method. Classes include bodyweight excercises or with small tools (elastic, fitball, softball) and last 45 or 60 minutes.

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A tireless traveler inside and outside herself, she lectures in Milan about meditation aimed at the pursuit of happiness, methods of relaxation and breathing.

Mine is a methodology based on initial relaxation, following an interview in which the participants explain and discuss why their presence at this meditation, after which I introduce a breathing method and a mudra to be followed, proper to the Kundalini culture . During the meditation ipartisco positive suggestions related to the technique of hypnosis and practical reiki.

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