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Highly qualified and sort after tutor with a BA in Education from Macquarie University and an Masters of Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business.

My lessons are student-focused, such that the material and delivery are designed in relation to my students' individual needs. I seek to use a variety of materials and media to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Most importantly, I seek to develop close relationships with my students so that learning is relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

Mount Waverley
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Multilingual Speaker teaches Hebrew as a highly proficient Heritage Speaker of Israeli Background

My teaching method is based upon adapting to the need of the student, in first assessing their level and then working from there to increase fluency and language proficiency, as well as confidence boosting exercises.

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Hebrew easy fun learning, Shalom and Ma Nishma are a great start

I'll adapt myself for any need, casual Hebrew or professional, day to day or formal.

Clovelly Park
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Native Israeli will teach you to read and speak Hebrew, the language of the bible

I will teach you the basic of the language and practice it with you. You will learn to read, write and speak. I will also teach you Hebrew slang so you will become updated and will be able to get along in Israel when you will come for a visit.

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Australian-Israeli Hebrew teacher, based near Bondi Junction. Magna cum laude graduate of Hebrew Uni.

I have experience teaching students of all ages, but specialise in adult students, moving from intermediate to advanced proficiency level. I try to always include speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar materials for a comprehensive immersion in the language. I am a big believer in focusing on writing, but in the end the students' preferences decide.

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David, Former teacher and counselor in Israel with 3 years experience in education work, teaching Hebrew, English and math.

Education, although based on ground rules, is very dynamic in its methods. There is never one way of getting the point across to a student, and to be a good teacher means adapting oneself to the student's needs. Generally speaking, I would always try to find the student's points of interest in the learned subject. I believe we learn from curiosity far better than any other motive.

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1st lesson free !

Adelaide Uni student seeking students who want to learn Hebrew from someone who has studied the language for 20 years

I teach orally, with games, with flash cards, with stories, with songs, etc. Learning a second language can be scary, so I strive to make it as fun and painless as possible.

Caulfield North
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A native Hebrew speaker! With experience in tutoring people of all ages

I cater lessons based on level and ability. For example, for beginners, I use picture books to get basic idea of the language.

Paris 10e
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Hebrew, English, Italian live by video chat on skype. Practical, economical, immediate and without constraints.

Language courses for all levels and ages by live video-conference on Skype. Effective, practical, economical, immediate and without constraints. Price: 15 euro the lesson of 50 minutes. Website available for review lessons and related exercises or to rehear the studied texts.

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Geography student offering Modern Hebrew lessons in Birmingham, and London during holidays

My teaching is one that is simple and not too complex for the student. I give lessons to GCSE students and start off by setting out aims of where we would like to be by the end of the sessions. I work through the spec for each subject, ensuring that everything is covered.

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Qualified, meticulous, experienced teacher offers Hebrew lessons at all levels.

- I am Israeli, originally from Tel Aviv. My mother tongue and the field of my academic studies is the Hebrew language. - I am a certified, experienced and thorough teacher. I am highly motivated and would like to share my language and culture with everyone. - I have a lot of experience working with students of all ages and of all levels.

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Oceanographer gives Biblical Hebrew grammar course and for beginners with exercises online.

My teaching method is a basic presentation of the basic grammar for beginners including the learning of the consonants, the vowel system and the lexicon with the Biblical Hebrew Grammar by Weinegreen with exercises and translation of some Hebrew Bible verses.

Greater London
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Seasoned private Hebrew teacher in NW London. Over ten years’ experience in teaching all ages and all levels. Can teach at home or travel throughout the the London area

I am flexible and build a unique teaching approach for each of my students. I combine a mix of traditional and innovative ways of teaching that together excite and keep the learning a fun experience. I can adjust my instruction to each style and level. Experienced Maths, Marketing and Hebrew teacher. Believe in a relaxed and easygoing teaching attitude, fitted to your individual needs.

Ciudad de México
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Learn Hebrew through song lyrics. In df. or by skype, fun and practical

learn Hebrew from the base and to where we get, through fun or interesting songs or texts.

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A PhD holder in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament gives Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic lessons

Let’s learn to read and understand the Hebrew Bible in its original languages and also its Aramaic portions (Ezra 4:8-6:18; 7:12-26; and Daniel 2:4-7:28). My lessons will introduce you to the grammar and vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew or Biblical Aramaic, so you will be able to begin reading the Bible in its original languages.

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Hebrew with Moti Vation, i love to teach you'll love learning.. let's Skype..

i see it like building a puzzle, first we build the frame, and then we fill it up or like a construction of a building, first we'll dig the ground to put strong foundations then we'll safely build high and beautiful structures or even like baking a cake.. we start with flower.. add some water and yummy staff then bake it, and.. here you go..

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Native Hebrew speaker for learning and improving conversational Hebrew. Suitable for all levels.

My method is to let the student to express himself in Hebrew as much as he can, and to provide him aid once he reaches his limits. In other words, learning is about confronting the difficulties, thereby further extending one's capacities and enlarging the zone of comfort. For beginner the aid will be tighter, of course.

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Student in philosophy gives easy learning tips of foreign languages, English, German, Hebrew, French, to schools to colleges

My teaching method is very simple. It is more of interaction. Most of the answers will be generated from the students. Every class test of general understanding of the previous class and group discussions, presentation of the discussions by whole group creatively and individual presentation of the paper in APA style.


Zvia - Colindale - Hebrew

A very experienced, outstanding teacher of Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew. Over 25 years' experience from top universities in London. The best tutor you could have for Mandarin and Hebrew. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Beginners and Intermediate Mandarin, GCSE Mandarin, HSK levels 1 to 4, Business Chinese and University level Mandarin. Beginners, Intermediate and GCSE Hebrew.

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Banking and finance teaching. Experience in the field 25 years fresher's welcome

My method of teaching is verbal oral teaching with small notes and effective formula for easy understanding of banking finance and accounting

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Business administration student looking to give Hebrew lessons at North York area

I base my classes on the way I was taught Hebrew in Israel

Poços de Caldas
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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet (Modern Hebrew) from Portuguese or English - via skype

Hebrew Alphabet. Classes focused on the peculiarities and needs of the student. Amount of classes per week of your choice. Classes last from 40 to 70 minutes. - Letter by letter, with detailed study of the isolated sound and set of each letter. - Consonants. - Vowels. - Massoretic Signs. - Exercises for training. - Support with videos and music. - Extra content via social media and Youtube.

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Business student in North York to tutor Middle School students in Hebrew

I am looking to tutor middle school students. I will cater my tutoring toward the specific student, and their learning styles.

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Grate Hebrew teacher with 20 years of experience teaching kids and adults

Going with the child , also beginning my own games and tools to the learning experience .

(1 review)
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Experienced language tutor offering relaxed, fun, and easy going online Hebrew lessons

I will typically construct lessons based on what you want to learn and for what purpose (e.g. speaking / writing / business / just for fun), how you may like to learn (interactive / more regimented textbook style / grammer and rules focus / focus on conversation etc.) But most importantly - at your pace.

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Group classes or face TO face in modern hebrew adults / children


Paris 11e
(6 reviews)

Translation, oral practice and language courses: Hebrew, English, French, from a polyglot linguist passionate about language

I am a translator, linguist, writer and language teacher, for publishing houses, the National Education system and in court. My experience has allowed me to master perfectly English, French and Hebrew, and I focus on the oral practice and pronunciation. I also teach Hebrew literature.

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Gifted and Passionate Teacher with 37 years experience teaches Biblical Hebrew reading, research, and writing.

I read Biblical Hebrew and Greek on a regular basis and have taught these languages in a wide variety of settings for the past 37 years. I have several earned degrees that included learning Hebrew and Greek at the highest level. I have taught both of these languages in many settings, including Greek at the university level.

Marseille 6e
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German, Hebrew and English lessons with Nathan Peres in and around Marseille

I am a German-Israeli PhD student at the Sorbonne in Paris based in Marseille. Having a rich experience in teaching foreign languages both private and at universities I am offering courses to young adults to retirees. My methodology is based on your needs. I obviously teach a student differently from someone who would like to freshen up his skills for a visit.

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