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Guitar teacher in Elwood will teach you how to play all of your favourite songs

I teach through various methods, depending on what the student wants to learn.

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The best way to learn is under the Guidance of a good teacher, unfortunately, there aren’t many out there. I have Found this out with experience and ended up having to single out certain methods from

The best way to learn is under the Guidance of a good teacher, unfortunately, there aren’t many out there. I have Found this out with experience and ended up having to single out certain methods from a number of different teachers. Again, i found the best teacher for an aspiring musician is in the form of listening and learning from music itself.

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Guitar Lessons In Gippsland With The Option Of Tabs Or Written Notation

I find it's easier to teach someone if you know what they want, eg: if they only want to play really pretty chords on an acoustic guitar, or if you want to do big screeching solo's like the pro's

Saint Lucia
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University student with 6 years of Guitar Ensemble experience gives classical guitar lessons in Brisbane

I will teach you how to read simple music scores for classical guitar and technical basics for fingerstyle guitar. I will also teach you basic chords. I will provide you with my own notes which are edited from what my guitar instructors had taught me over the years. We will do practices and drills depending on how fast you are catching on.

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Guitarist w/ 17 yrs professional/personal playing exp. Extensive knowledge of chord shapes, progressions, lead techniques and phrasing. Dedicated to teaching you how to find your own voice on the inst

My teaching methodology varies depending on the age, level of experience and goals of the student, though I adhere to specific principles for producing the right results. I prefer to place greater emphasis on the practical than I do the theory side of things, as my philosophy is anchored in the self-discovery of unique instrumental voicing and the nuanced technique required to execute it.

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Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist gives individual or group lessons in singing, songwriting, guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and improvisation.

I am a firm believer that everyone is inherently musical, and I will strive to help you release any mental and energetic blocks that are holding you back from your full expression. My lessons are tailored to accommodate for your individual needs.

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28 years experience in live performance of music (generally commercial radio rock but also including several original projects, both live and studio). Now in Wodonga Vic.

I tend to start out by finding out where exactly the student is on their musical journey (current ability/knowledge...), then asking exactly what the student wants to achieve and starting the whole tutoring process from there in a personalised way.

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Guitar tutor with 33 years experience teaching the Vai finger aerobics method

I start with the instrument,what the pickup selector,volume and tone controls do, the correct way to string the guitar and of course tuning the instrument. I then use the finger strengthening technique developed by Steve Vai which he calls finger aerobics to not only build muscle in the hands and foreams but also learn the fret board and assist in coordination.

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Guitar Teacher with 14 years Instrumental experience to teach Beginner and Intermediate Students

I like to approach each student individually and find out what they desire out of the lessons. Whether its just a casual approach to learn songs you enjoy or whether a student wants to dive into theory, technique and take the guitar on as more than a hobby. I am willing to provide whatever is needed at a pace that suits each Individual.

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Lead Rock Guitarist! A Metalhead who has appreciation for classical music as well..

You'll literally learn to look at music and cultivate it in you. You'll become a strong instrumentalist. Things you'll learn:- 1. Scales: Pentatonic/Blues/Harmonic Minor/Chords; Arpeggios, Tapping, Sweep Picking etc. 2. Music appreciation: Rock/Classical 3. I'll give you violin lessons too but guitar will be the main focus.

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Guitarist with 25years experience playing guitar and tutoring students. Thornlands (Brisbane) based, learn at my home or yours!

I base my lessons around the style you would like to play but more importantly the songs you want to play.

Kelvin Grove
(5 reviews)
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A Dentist turned Professional Musician gives "guitar and singing lessons" in Queensland for Primary, Middle & High School students and University students

I'm a very thorough teacher and I expect to impart every tiny amount of knowledge that I have into my students. My classes are very practical and the child will be sound in the theory and practical aspect of music.

North Narrabeen
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Songwriting & Guitar Lessons from Keith Armitage - Australian Songwriter of the Year 2001.

Keith Armitage has been a professional musician all his life and is a multi award winning songwriter and teaches songwriting to all ages and all levels. Become familiar with the hook line, verse, Chorus, Rhyme, Word Palettes, Meter and much more.

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Music tutor with experience in performing and teaching musical instruments, specializing in guitar.

My teaching methods work on understanding the students needs and providing building block as a foundation to develop their chosen instruments.

Waratah West
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A musical background with a Bachelor of Music ( partial ) in Guitar, Music Theory, Aural Analysis, Vocal Studies, Choir, with some Orchestration and Conducting experience. I often work in the Music De

I enjoy the Kodalay method of teaching and the Suzuki method of music teaching. Primarily to develop a family involvement in the music making process as well as presenting age and cultural appropriate musical concepts. I include reading notation, aural analysis and good playing technique. My musical teaching styles include, Classical, Jazz and Contemporary works.

Glenelg East
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Classic guitar and lute tuition by Rob Carruthers BA . BA mus dip ed GKHIS over 40 years experience . Beginners welcome. Lessons available in Glenelg East

I work from guitar and lute tutor books supplimented by pieces from the repertoire as required. An ideal lesson lasts 3/4 hr .

Sunnybank Hills
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Professional guitarist with 12 years experience teaches private guitar lessons at home

My teaching methodology is to get my students learning songs as quickly as possible, but without neglecting basic theory and technique. Lessons will involve structured learning, with a hands on demonstrated approach with an engaging teaching method. I believe that a passion for the instrument must be maintained through the learning process.

Brunswick West
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Pro guitar player teaches guitar and shares his stage & studio experiences.

All the information provided to the student is what they would use in a real stage/studio situation. That includes the guitar technique, music theory, repertoire according to student’s tendencies, breathing, relaxing, pschological frame of mind, relationship with the band members and the audience.

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Professional guitarist able to teach beginner to intermedie guitar electric, acoustic and bass

I like to take my students from the basics working through set out syllabus books.

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Guitar lessons for beginners all ages welcome! Acoustic and electric - broad range of styles

I base my classes around the students ability to learn... We a tree e all differ. T and require different teaching methods.

(4 reviews)
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Hi! I'm a guitar player in the Bathurst region wanting to teach in person or online

I am a self taught guitar player that learnt by picking and playing my favourite songs on acoustic and electric guitar. I picked up fundamental skills, learnt to read tab and play with correct technique through a mentor of mine which was very important for my development.

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Experienced guitarist and school teacher in Wynnum gives guitars lesson to all ages - children and adults.

People learn best when they enjoy what they are doing. I take a practical approach to your development where you learn with guitar in hand and with songs you like.

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Ex- Sydney professional guitarist with over 30 years experience playing and teaching has relocated to Townsville, Queensland and is now available to take students in any style of music. My aim is to g

I like to find out the students likes and inspirations and steer them towards their own goals and also share my insights and experiences.

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Learn to play acoustic guitar with an experienced teacher. Play the songs you want quick and easy!

I approach teaching the guitar in an easy no nonsense way providing you with all the basics you will need to begin playing songs.

Ascot Vale
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West Launceston
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Music teacher with a bachelor in music looking for students to teach

I like to focus on practical methods over theory but I still mix the two to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skill. I believe that focusing on practical methods over theory in the beginning ensures my students stay interested and motivated to learn their instrument.

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I'm a Deakin university student who has 10 years experience playing the guitar

My teaching method is that I like to be one on one and interactive with the student as it gets the best out of them

Mountain Creek
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Learn to play your favorite songs without reading music or tabs with this very basic, easy to learn skill. Lessons by a patient experienced performing musician.

My teaching method is made to be easy, effective and fun with no pressure or time restrictions on learning. Eventually you will be playing any song from the heart and soul which is what I will be encouraging throughout each lesson. I will personally learn the song/s you would like to master and teach you from the basics right until we are jamming like a duo.

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Music lover teachs beginning guitar striving to instill a love of music in his students.

I try to find out where my student wants to go in their music. A founda tion in how chords & scales relate to each other is a must even if the student doesn't want to read music. That has been my experenice in playing the guitar.

New Auckland
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Perfect! Michael started giving our son guitar lessons 1 Month ago, we are very happy and will continue with Michael. I would very much recommend him as a teacher as he is very patient, very friendly and very caring for his student.

Patricia, Student
8 months ago
(8 reviews)

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