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Highland Park
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Music Theory For Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced Placement (AP Music Theory)

Hello! My course is a private tutoring class where we will cover everything from academic procedures of music theory as practiced in Berklee college of music, and my own method of aural training to change your ear. The end goal of this course is to be able to hear the analysis of any given piece so that the student may replicate the compositional characteristic of any music.

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Progressive, Experienced & Seasoned Professional Master Teacher and Multi-Instrumentalist on Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass and applied Music Theory, Scott Moyer

I am a successful professional musician for over 50 years and a music teacher for 42 years teaching Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Theory, Songwriting and Beginning to advanced Rhythm studies. I specialize in getting you, the student, to fully understand the instrument you have chosen to learn to play by having a complete and thorough curriculum of study.

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Professional Guitar Instructor

I am a Professional Musician and Guitar Instructor out of Houston, TX. I teach everyone from beginners, to advanced musicians; young and old. The techniques I use depend upon the student. Everyone learns differently and everyone has different goals that they want to achieve.

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GRADUATED YOUNG WOMAN gives guitar lessons and musical theory in Geneva .

I graduated from a music school in guitar and musical theory. During the lesson i use a guitar book (available in bookstores) adapted to the age of the student and his musical taste. I also give lessons via Skype. Compared to conventional lessons it's the same quality because I see the student as if I was facing him.

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Student offers music lessons (guitar, piano, Computer Aided Music). Playful method and adapted to the ambitions and personal tastes.

Method playful, motivating and flexible according to the ambitions of the students. Media and styles to choose from. The student chooses his areas of work and has great freedom in learning. A review of progress is made every month to compare the ambitions outlined earlier this year.

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I teach basic Guitar and basic English served in the US army Germany,Turkey,Greece

I'm what they call a road scholar I have over 2 years of college , I took classes for German, Turkish , Greek from the university of Maryland please any thing i teach will be in English I teach basic guitar and english you will learn how to play or speak english

Wetley Rocks
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Skype/FaceTime Guitar Lessons, Acoustic/Electric- learn from home , RGT registered tutor- £15/hr

Guitar lessons ,Electric/Acoustic or Bass from the comfort of your own armchair! With New Skype /Face time video call lessons you can schedule lessons to suit your situation and never have to leave home or work, in fact you can have a lesson anywhere you have the internet and a device ! For only £15 per hour.

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Guitar instruction for any level, specializes in blues, rock, and church guiitar

I try to keep a loose structure as I believe engagement is the most important thing. I try to balance each lesson with learning new techniques/theory and developing new songs that the student can play.

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Peter Bright Languages and Guitar Tutoring Live or by Internet and Telephone on request

I appeal to a variety of learning styles with Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic activities. This applies to all the subjects I have put forward to teach. All styles are applicable to language teaching, with Auditory and Kinaesthetic essential for guitar.

Jersey City
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Music for everybody

Hi Everyone. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist. If you're a beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate piano student, I would love to work with you. I also enjoy teaching beginner and intermediate guitar students. In addition to standard piano materials (John Thompson, Bastien, Hannon) your lessons will be supplemented by working on your own compositions.

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Electric and acoustic guitar - cánovas guitarists

In Guitarists Canovas we offer customized classes for all ages and levels at the best price modern guitar. In our pleasant atmosphere you learn to play your favorite songs quickly and without previous musical knowledge thanks to our practical approach. We teach you to compose, improvise and numerous musical techniques that allow you to enhance your skills while you spend a pleasant time.

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Guitar Lessons, Music Production and Music Theory and Composition Language levels from basic to intermediate

I am Fernando, guitarist and composer. My classes are aimed at students of all ages and basic and intermediate levels that have an interest in learning to play guitar (any style), learn how to compose songs or more complex music such as soundtracks or jingles, or just learn music for non professional purposes or preparing theoretical examinations.

Paris 19e
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Super Prof Super Guitar Course, Paris 19th (accommodates and travels)

Musician gives during home Guitar (45mn) I receive or moves me. for Classic and / or modern, from 8 years. Reading and / or tabs, with custom method and implementation of directory. Beginners welcome, and for advanced development. Youtube videos, Alexis Gary research.

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Professional guitarist graduated from the Conservatory of Odessa (Ukraine) gives lessons at home

Hello! I am a professional guitarist and music teacher. I come from Ukraine where I did my studies (guitar and improvisation) and I developed my experience as a teacher. My classes are for all levels and all ages. I hope to share knowledge, experiences and musical meetings with you! I speak Russian, English and a little French. Feel free to contact me by mail.

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Guitar lessons (Rock / Metal / Shred) Montpellier

Guitar lessons for any level, based on a tested and effective method, guaranteeing results. Objective - Programme - Practical - theoretical integration. The courses are adapted to the level and objectives of each student. Homestudio work with backing tracks. Regular follow up by Skype (a new technique I developed ) it allows to summarize the important points of a lesson.

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Musician composer offers guitar lessons in English and Spanish in Madrid for beginners. Acoustic guitar, electric, bass and ukulele classes.

My name is Andres, I am a Venezuelan composer musician living in Madrid with 6 years of experience playing guitar. My classes can vary a little depending on the student, they can change from being fun and entertaining for children to interesting and formative for young people. This will depend on the interests of the students and what they want to learn.

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(Guitarist for 10 years gives GUITAR LESSONS ADAPTED TO BEGINNERS)

Hello, I've been practicing guitar for 10 years and would be delighted to help you improve. My classes are composed by: exercises to loosen the fingers, learning chords, and learning songs. So you can quickly start playing your favorite songs on guitar.

São Paulo
Mazzi torrecillas
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Eletric and acoustic guitar lessons with a focus on theory and technique. Kids, beginners and intermediate level students in love with music.

Classes directed to beginners and intermediate students. All ages. Development of techniques, practice of music, creativity, improvisation and musical theory. Deepening theoretical studies for those who find it necessary. I studied guitar in private music schools, I play professionally and I dedicate myself to composition.

Royal Oak
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Music Theory and Beginning to Intermediate Guitar and Piano Instructor Gives Lessons in Royal Oak and Surrounding Area

I studied music theory, piano, and guitar in college and I specialize in classical and jazz theory instruction. I have performed with numerous bands in have played multiple styles. When teaching, I like to take into account what the student's interests are and form a custom lesson plan.

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Master your playing - electric guitar, acoustic, classical by a student in DEM

The lessons are available for all the levels and genres (classical, blues, rock, metal, jazz).

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Music teacher gives classical, electric and acoustic guitar lessons. Beginners and advanced players.

My name is Mariano and I am from Spain. I have been playing the guitar for over ten years and I am a passionate about music education. I am a musicologist and guitar teacher with more than eight years of experience. In addition, I have a máster in education and a máster in musical heritage. Beyond my academic background, I also explored the styles of urban music (jazz, blues, rock, pop, etc.

Newport Beach
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Berklee graduate offering guitar lessons for all levels. Technique, theory, composing, practice techniques, etc.

My goal is based on what ever you want to learn or improve on. I will base my lessons around what YOU want. If you're a beginner I'd want you to have fun at first; learning songs that you want to learn within your capability so there's little to no frustration. If you're more intermediate or advanced I'd be happy to share my knowledge of advanced jazz and classical theory.

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Berklee College of Music Graduate with 20 years of experience teaching gives guitar, music production, computer music, logic, garage band lessons.

​ I teach guitar in all styles, pop, rock and jazz, as well as advance soloing for those who require it. I also teach music technology and production using Logic, Pro Tools, Garage Band, and also music theory. I adapt to the unique requirements of each student.

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Flamenco Guitarist Professional Tours offers Guitarra Flamenca courses (the study of Compas, Palmas, Falsetas and Tecnica))

This course is for all students who wants to discover, learn or strengthen their knowledge of Flamenco. No matter your age or level my teaching fits your background and your desires. The course will be in three parts : - Technique: Body position and hand, Picado, Rasgueo, arpegios, Tremolo, Pulgar ...

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Guitar Course at home by qualified teacher in Paris

My classes are based primarily on the notion of "pleasure". Indeed, without pleasure, few advances ... (motivation). So I adapt my methods depending on the request of the student, his level and his ability to work. My approach includes: - Techniques of left and right hands (picking, pick) - rhythmic precision, - Applied harmony, improvisation ...

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Music School Musical Productions and Art: Prof. Music - Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro

Music School Art and Music Productions - M.Prof. Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro 27 98805-0462 (WhastApp) other 99756-4215 Email: (concealed information) Sites: (concealed information) (concealed information) .

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Guitar lessos for beginners and more advanced, in the 18th and around

I am a musician / sound engineer, trained at the I R E M in Bordeaux and i teache guitar lessons in Paris 18th or on Skype. Complete method and adaptable to all according to your level, tastes and objectives.

Greater London
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Professional Guitar tutor and performer gives Guitar and music lesson to everyone who want to improve his skills

My lessons are custom made for each student and include a wide range of topics: rhythm, ear training, instrument practice (technique, scales, repertoire and articulation), sight reading, elements of harmony and jazz improvisation and listening.

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Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Lessons at Your Home in Curitiba

My daily work has long been to create and recreate personalized lessons and increasingly easy and instructional ways to teach music to the most demanding and demanding audience. My GUITAR TRAINING school, arose from my own frustration at not adapting to conventional music lessons. We have an approach of the instrument and especially the STUDENT totally unique.

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Professional musician and graduate gives guitar lessons in Ixelles and neighboring communes (French / English / Castellano),

Beginner or knowledgeable musician, individual lessons allow to advance efficiently and to adapt the techniques of learning to each one. All levels, all ages, all styles and all guitars (classical, electric, folk, ...) are welcome.

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