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Oakleigh South
(2 reviews)
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Greek VCE 3/4 private and group lessons, learn from a native greek speaker with excellent results guaranteed

My lessons are based on one simple thing which makes the whole difference. Getting familiar with the Greek culture and the background before we get in depth with the grammar and the language skills you will need to succeed in Greek 3/4. I believe that to be a tutor is to be more than a teacher, and I guarantee you will find many more interesting things than only studying, along the way.

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Born and raised Greek, British-educated freelance scholar of Classics & Comparative Literature with a passion for teaching Ancient & Modern Greek to all ages and levels.

Thanks to my 15 year stay in the UK, I am well-versed in almost all cutting-edge methods of teaching Greek (both Ancient and Modern).

Wolli Creek
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An experienced Greek Teacher with more than 25 years of experience in Australia and Greece

I use a hands on approach to the Greek language and Greek culture using movies and notes of different aspects of life

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Greek native student gives lessons to people that want to learn how to write and speak Greek fluently

During high school for my HSC I did Greek language and I understand how hard it is for other people to learn as I saw the difficulties that other people had. My teaching metrology is to provide people with as much homework they can handle and make sure they are using a dictionary.

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Visit Greece, learn to communicate with family, perhaps island-hopping, something for everyone.

My method is interactive learning which is adapted from BBC language programs.

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Modern Greek teacher, Brisbane! You will love my culture and the Greek language!

Experiential learning is my cup of tea! Grammar, syntax, vocabulary, all four macroskills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening are all developed through many activities and much more! My main goal is to satisfy my Ss' needs.

Keilor Lodge
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Law graduate having studied in Greece and Australia and VCE Modern Greek top scorer 2009

I have materials which contain multi-level practical exercises for multiple levels of knowledge (beginners, intermediates, advanced students). I approach teaching as a new and exciting way to learn the background of a language which will help learners understand the logic behind its grammar and general expression.

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Qualified Trainer and Assessor Individual / Group Sessions/Face to Face and Classroom

I enjoy giving my students logical thinking, by providing different examples. I do make sure is fun,i encourage students to ask questions, I use different philosophy by providing extra resources supported with zest of making a lasting difference on someones life for their own future.

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Greek Primary School Teacher gives lessons to Primary School students in Greece and abroad.

I like to help children learn and make them independent learners acquiring knowledge. I create extra material such as playful activities, board games with cards and worksheets for deep understanding of the lesson. I am receptive to questions for improvement.

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Native Greek highly educated with a Bachelor of arts gives Greek Lessons to individuals or groups

My Name is Nektarios Papazacharias , born and raised in Greece , holding a Bachelor of Arts from the national school of Arts in Athens Greece .Recently migrated to Australia with a great knowledge in greek grammar , spelling and of course the modern way of using correctly the language both writing and verbal .

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I speak fluent Greek, I speak English and I wanna give lessons to people that really want to learn as I have the passion to teach.

When I teach, I teach slow and speak clearly because I want my student to understand what I am saying. For me fast teaching isn't a thing.

Glenelg East
(1 review)
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Adelaide University graduate Greek Language teacher of 25 years who is seeking to expand her work knowledge. I am also excited about tutoring in Greek.

My teaching method is that every one has the right to learn and to be included. Greek is a phonic based language and that is how I teach it.

(1 review)
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Learn easily and effectively the Greek by an expert, native Greek teacher

Dialogue and interaction is the basic first step.oral interaction through discussion with everyday topics, vocabulary based on students interests, writing essays and having revision tests. in depth clarification of grammatical topics.offering notes and use of power point presentation, flash cards.

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Offering tutoring lessons in Greek. I graduated from high school in 2017 getting a perfect raw score of 50 (out of 50) in VCE Greek.

I am open in teaching in any way the student wants, whether that is writing essays, practicing their listening skills, expanding their vocabulary, speaking or practicing exam style questions. I do not mind in helping them with their homework from school or if they would like to do something a little different, in order to stand out from the majority of the students.

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Native Greek Speaker currently studying Bachelor of Education (Primary) gives private Greek Lessons in Adelaide

My teaching method consists of starting from the beginning and gradually building the knowledge. I prefer to start with emphasising on learning the Greek alphabet very well before continuing to the next level. This is because I believe The Greek Alphabet is the basis of the Greek Language.

Caulfield South
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You’ll learn to read and write Greek in your very first lesson

I’m not a linguist but I speak fluently 5 languages. And I’ll share with you my technique how to learn Greek language really fast and simply.

Georgia angeliki
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Native Greek teacher,just arrived from Greece ,gives greek language lessons in Melbourne

Due to time constraints I only give lessons in my place. During the lesson the student has the opportunity to write,read,talk and communicate with a native Greek speaker.My teaching method is always designed individually according to each student's needs. The goal is for the student to comprehend and be able to read and talk.

(1 review)
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Primary school teacher from Greece with a specialization in learning disabilities and is a postgraduate student in "Language for refugees and migrants" teaches Greek online/Native speaker of Greek and

My lessons are based on encouragement and I always try to make them a fun procedure, through which students will learn by playing and by getting them involved. My students discover and co-construct knowledge. Every student has its own goals and potential, which are my motivation and the key to my teaching.

1st lesson free !

I am a Greek and English Tutor from Australia with much experience

I believe you have to be patient with every student wanting to learn. Repeating hard words and making sure the student understands correctly. Also i like to make my lessons fun and entertaining to engage the student in the lesson.

1st lesson free !

I can teach you greek in a fun, practical way (not the boring. method with books)

I teach greek in practical scenarios? For example I get you to play out with me a scenario of 'real life'. E.g. ordering in a greek restaurant Then for it to sink in, what I do is I. make you write it, read it and repeat it and then replay the practical side again. You'll never forget it because I cover every angle.

Dandenong North
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UNE science/arts student give Maths lessons and Greek lessons to High School students

My teaching methods are based on finding weaknesses and supporting strengths that I believe all of us have, I am very patient and I will repeat as many times as needed the lesson till it is fully understood. Repetition is the mother of learning.

1st lesson free !

Borne in Greece speak Greek, English i am good in maths as well

I like teaching i have the passions to explain or go to a lower level until the student can understand what is happening , most people in maths get confused by the new words , even if the maths is simple

1st lesson free !

Have you ever thought of learning Greek!! I can teach you to speak and write this fascinating language!

It is student orientated. So the progress is aligned with the student's will. So since I will be teaching a language, we start from scratch. The alphabet, everyday words and phrases, grammar... I speak fluently two languages and I am competent in two more. So through the years of my own studying and learning I have realised that practicing and repeating and the use of paper and pen are invaluable.

Paris 10e
(11 reviews)
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Literary translator gives modern Greek lessons all levels - original method tested and approved

As a painter by training, the relationship between text and image is central to my work because I mainly work as a writer and illustrator of children's books. I spent my childhood in Greece where I was born but I have lived in France for a very long time.

(8 reviews)

Greek Tutor in London and via Skype

Native speaker of Greek with 15 years teaching experience. I am enthusiastic and passionate about offering my students the opportunity to explore the maximum of their potential and achieve success. My lessons are communicative and include all skills, with emphasis on building up students' confidence in speaking.

(8 reviews)
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Teaching English, Modern Grec and Albanian in Antibes

Hello everybody. I lived in 3 countries and I speak 5 languages. I teach English, Modern Grec and Albanian. Greek and Albanian are my native languages. My main activity is Coaching and Personnal Development. You can take a look at my website :(concealed information) I live in the French Riviera, in Antibes and I give private or group lessons in Greek and in English.

(12 reviews)
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Experienced teacher gives private lessons in modern Greek in Rueil Malmaison and neighboring towns, and on the Internet

Experienced teacher (5+ years) provides modern Greek courses: • To ADULTS and also Franco-Greek bilingual CHILDREN (age 4+) • Course solo or in small groups • All levels Holding a degree in the Sciences of Education from a Greek university, with a specialization in the teaching of Greek as a foreign language (vocational training), Fotini guarantees a fun and effective learning accordi

Paris 20e
(6 reviews)
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Particular course in modern Greek at Paris

I offer Modern Greek course for all levels. Grammar, written and oral language, games and exercises to the needs of students. Conversation workshops, reading and pronunciation.

(9 reviews)
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Modern Greek via skype (Greek graduate in history, archeology and anthropology) !

I am a Greek student of archeology. I teach: modern Greek. Lessons available for the following levels: primary school, secondary school, high school, technical-professional institute, university, adult education, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, other professional training, beginner, intermediate, advanced, for children ..

Lyon 7e
(1 review)
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Greek student (Master in Law) gives private and group lessons in modern Greek.

Although we knew a lot of words and all the rules of grammar, we still cannot improvise and make a correct sentence in a given situation. For me, to speak, or to write, is not to repeat something already said or heard but to create a new statement, never heard or said.

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