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Professional artist, airbrushing ,tattooing, grafitti for over 20yrs gives amazing lessons NOW!s

I have taught soo many people to draw and create in the last 30 years, I break it down into easy steps, from idea, sketching design to full finished masterpiece! YOU will be amazed at the results YOU will achieve

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Graphic Designer Student Gives Art lesson to kinder garden, primary and secondary students

I'm a flexible and patient person to teach students my knowledge and I follow the student school program and expressions. I will guide them and change method and personalize to their level of art. Will provide my skills to the students and also they can bring their piece of art back home.

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Im a darty burner if you got some coin ill teach you how

lesson description well it will involve some practice of illegal train public and private painting and will give you your own style and starting blocks on how to freestyle a whole new alphabet or a creature that doesn't even exist

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With Master's degree in telecommunication engineering gives maths and physics lessons to srudents

My teaching method is based on making students motivated in maths and physics. I explain the lesson in a simple way and all the students are free to ask any questions.

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New drawing profession doing masters in Swinburne university with an expert in drawing.

I completed my bachelor's in civil engineering which is complete blend of formal type of drawings. But after the class, was where I completed my passion of drawing .I was even invited by University to represent it in drawing competitions.

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Drawing is like keeping a diary. Maintain yours with the best guidance.

My teaching method is pen paper and sometimes digital based on the topic. I beleive in progressing step by step rather than jumping directly so i start with basics and as the students learn things the higher levels are switched. It's not a normal boring lecture as in school. Art cannot be taught in a room it's a wide thinking process so we go to places for admiration and practices.

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Student from Engineering teach the best ever drawing to bring out talents.

My methodology of teaching simple yet interesting. It's not like normal boring class lectures. Firstly, i always start with the basics and when the students in that part i help them with visualising theie own ideas to bring out something on paper. For references.l, i ask students to go out and draw any scene they like but in a giben time period.

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Concept Artist, I work making chars for games and build scenes arts. I can help teaching about cross line, final art and colors.

My methodology varies between getting results and not demotivating the student, so I will always be forcing you to practice, and do things you like within the environment in which you are inserted. If he likes pop culture, he will always be practicing over the various characters, if he is a student who likes more of the classic, romanticism, we will unlock D'Vinci's existence.

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Art and design lessons across a variety of analogue and digital mediums.

I'm a passionate, patient and flexible teacher, eager to help individuals realise their own skills and passions. I take a critical yet encouraging approach to ensure a thirst for improvement and learning stays present. I teach art and design across a variety of analogue and digital mediums: Analogue: Hand sketching, drawing and rendering. Watercolour sketching and painting. Oil painting.

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Do you want to learn to paint? Graduate in fine arts offers personalized painting classes for all ages in Almeria capital

Graduated from the University of Fine Arts, he offers personalized painting classes for all ages, focusing on pictorial composition and personal development of the work. The contents of the course vary according to the interests of the student.

El Quince
Jose de jesus
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Student of graphic design gives classes of design in photoshop and illustrator preparatory level in Guadalajara "

I like to teach based on motivation, they learn easier and faster when they are motivated and make them feel what they are, some great winners !!!! THEREFORE I LIKE TO HAVE GIVEN YOU AND THAT THEY ARE NOT STAGED IN A SINGLE PLACE, THAT THEY ARE PROACTIVE

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Award winning student giving art lessons at GCSE level or lower in Hull

My name is Eve and I am currently studying Art, Photography and Graphics at A-Level. I am able to offer lessons in all of these subjects at GCSE level or lower having achieved awards in all of the these areas (featured on my CV).

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Games Art and Design Masters student offering fun and exciting lessons in drawing, graphic designing, painting. :)

I like to give a lot of examples and demostrations so that students can understand the different techniques that I explain during classes. I also like to show multiple approaches and tricks to solve problems. Apart from traditional drawing I like to inspirate and show digital methods of art creation.

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Onnline help for drawing techniques,new ways to make hand more flow more accurately.

I provide online sessions for drawing , gaming , 3D art , Model making , DIY's , etc. with new style to make these things more intresting. Do what you love , making or showing emotions and feelings through drawing in amazing .

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Art is what makes this world more beautiful, so let's take a moment today to showcase the beauty within with your art.

My teaching methods are very simple but unique at the same time, I teach not only to a single student but a group or class with some interesting art puzzle games, which will be helpful for not only in the art and crafts but in their academics also.

West Bromwich
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Hi, I'm a university graduate teaching Art, Design and Art Theory in Birmingham

I approach each lesson by building on the last, in order to create an ease of access to knowledge. I'm interested in my student's thoughts and opinions as well, as this can be the basis for their artistic endeavours. I Also believe the best thing is not to rush anyone, as everyone has their own pace of learning.

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University trainer with 7 years experience in teaching fine arts in Calgary, Alberta

first, we find your internal passion an interest setting the times for classes is to you and your mates we will work on different material and different methods we will practice with the professional methods and will organizing gatherings in and outdoor you will organize your solo or group exhibition in the first six months.

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Yassine berdii job for any time any place i am with you

Teach break dance and gymnastics. Street workout. Calisthenics. Body building. Acrobats. Swimming. Aerobic. Xtrim sport exc. Bike. skate . drive. Ride .... . . .

Paris 15e
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Student gives lessons in drawing and 3D animation for beginners and intermediates

I'm studying 3D animation and my course is for all beginners seeking to learn or improve in the field of 3D animation or drawing. I give subjects to practice the bases for the student to progress. The more we advance over time and will be more complex exercises for assured progression.

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Student in interior designing , passionate about art and crafts , professionalism and quality

Understanding the current skill level of each individual , practice to improve and develop techniques, understanding of material, creating an interest in subject and giving a new approach to art

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Let's learn how to do it with more creativity. Join if you love creativity.

First learn your students then let them learn your subject. Everyone learns in a different way so my methodology is different for every person.

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Students of Engineering with masterstroke of art of graphics & painting, Do art as fun.

My Teaching method is so simple and understandable way, Through which students can easily catch my sentences and learn fast and perfect.

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DIY projects in 3D models like wall art, card board doll house, fountain made up from shells, dream catcher etc

I'll be uploading lot of photos and videos for all required diy projects and the ones already completed by me

New Delhi
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Learn sculpture making in any midium like : clay, p.o.p, relief, mural, portrait or anything you want

My teaching method is: Keeping it real, Fostering independence, Utilisation of the Think-Pair-Share Technique, Use of Multi-Media Tools, Encouraging students to create etc.

Hot bobby
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I feel like a big small little piece of small big giganticcally tiny piece of bread

i love to eat eat eat eat eat eat eateat eat aet eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat aeat eat eateat huge huge huge huge huge huge pieces of tiny little micro little crumbs of bbread

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Master's Degree in Drawing (FBAUL) teaches Drawing at home in Lisbon! 16€/h

My teaching method is based on experimentation and series productions, with a purpose. Be it the technique you want to develop or the subject to produce, which varies according to the student's choice. I highly value the work process, which often opens doors to new productions.

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Graffiti course given by experienced multi-style graffiti artist in the Brussels-Capital Region

Of course, the course adapts according to the student. In my opinion, if the student is a novice, it is essential to go through a history of graffiti (origin & evolution) before getting to the heart of the subject. I teach the structure of the letter, the notions of 3D, shadows and lights, the game of contrast and colors.

Sítio Cercado
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Acrylic Panting and Drawing classes, for children, teenagers and adults. Specialist in portraits, assistant teacher at UFPR.

My teaching method is adapted to what techniques the student would like to learn, and which methods of assessment are most recommended for each technique. I try to understand the aesthetics the student already presents, not restricting them but developing their potential with the recommended tools.

Aesthetic guru
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Private art classes (Drawing & Painting)for NATA, NIFT, NID, B Arc exams. Art Classes for all age groups

I follow the heuristic way of teaching. Help the students to visualize their own perspective and make them to develop a unique style. Instead of copying things I teach to create something new and the way to create things from thoughts. So this will be the training for creativity.

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Arts Course on measure : Initiation / Advanced / Arts School Preparation (Oise)

Hello everyone :) ! I teach courses on measure all levels. For more details, visit my official website: fredml on google. Initiation / Improvement / Preparation to arts school Course program CUSTOMIZED according to the students.

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