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German language professional with past tutoring and translation experience, gives german classes to A1, A2 and B1 level in Mumbai.

I conduct A1, A2 and B1 level for German language. Lectures are fun filled with creative techniques, songs and audio visual methods. Teaching since 5 years in various institutions. A teacher understands the background and culture of the student.

(5 reviews)
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Limburg University student gives German tutoring in Tilburg! Has completed the course at VWO level and lives at the border.

I base my lessons on the curriculum that the pupil receives from school and make sure that together we give the difficult points some extra attention, give tips on how they can practice grammar themselves and watch the homework together so that the pupils are well prepared for any upcoming tests!

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Language Assistant gives private tuition in German (collège, lycée, BTS, adults) in Montereau-Fault-Yonne

German is my mother tongue and I work as a German assistant in high school and high school. I give private lessons (college, high school, BTS, adults) face to face or in groups. I also do translations (French -> German).

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University Student in BA German and International Business with 8 years language experience and previous tutoring experience giving German lessons online or in person in Leeds

Always wanted to learn a new language? Fancy a challenge? Want some extra help before exams, writing assessments or some speaking practice? I'm a university student who loves all things German and has tutored students in the past.

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I am the Arnold Schwarzenegger of german tutoring. Effective, critical and helpful.

I believe being approachable and identifying the persons weaknesses are key to a successful collaboration. Maintaining a open relationship will make the process more enjoyable and helpful. My dedication and willing-fulness too help others will overshadow my lack of experience.

El Ejido
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ELE Spanish classes for foreigners. Also Russian, English, French and German languages

Great experience in language teaching in several European countries. Especially ELE (Spanish as a foreign language). With combined methods, both as visual communication. Knowledge of the culture. Books and texts in several languages. Auditions prepared. Besides all this I possess own library with over 500 volúmnes, dictionaries, methods, grammars, etc.

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Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting, German Philology. Teacher of German Language. All levels

The student will learn German by following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. developing the following categories: - "Understanding" (listening comprehension and reading comprehension). - "Speaking" (oral interaction and oral expression) - "Writing" (written expression) I adapt to each level and particular need of the student.

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Native speaker and Copywriter with B.A. in Linguistics gives German classes in their home in Vancouver

My tutoring methodology focuses on quality over quantity. After the initial assessment, each lesson becomes increasingly individualized I adapt the curriculum to the student's particular (test-prep) needs. Any weaknesses are quickly addressed to ensure that conceptual and methodological foundations are solid.

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German, French, English lessons with highly qualified and experienced Swiss teacher in Zurich

Im Monika, come from Zurich and am an professional and experienced language teacher. Im a patient, friendly and motivating person.

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Experienced and enthousiastic German teacher, trained in NLP learning strategies, teaches in Geneva and surroundings.

In my classes, I teach learning strategies along with German so that my student become more and more autonomous in learning German. My approach is always enthusiastic and fun. Grammar is explained pictorially and dynamically and the vocabulary is memorized systematically through creative activities. Key word in my lessons is the pleasure of learning, as emotion is essential in learning.

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Graduating in Linguistics offers lessons in German and English in Genoa or Skype for everyone

My teaching methods depend on my students. I teach beginners and advanced. With beginners I use books to teach grammar. Later I translate songs that students learn to improve their pronunciation. If my students do not want to sing, I read texts with them, I teach them the pronunciation and translate them.

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Wundervolle Nachhilfe für Studenten,die such für DeutschLernen interessieren.(German Classes for all !!!!!)

My teaching methodology starts from basic concepts and grammar.Then I focus on Reading,Listening,Writing and Speaking sections from the book.After completion of book I prepare the candidate too for exam preparation for the particular level.

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Hallo Leute! i am a B1 level independent speaker of German language who wish to give German class for beginners.

My teaching method is purely pragmatic. You will be given assignments to work with. I will move on from the basic things and grammar structures. I have been keen in learning German so the way that I used to learn was lot more interesting which I would directly implement to teach you guys. I am looking forward to teach beginners in German language corresponding to the level A1, A2 and B1.

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Arabic and German lessons for Primary school until University, Currently German Teacher in High school near Bristol

Communicative language teaching (CLT) to enable the learners to communicate effectively and appropriately in the various situations they would be likely to find themself in. The content of CLT courses are functions such as inviting, suggesting, complaining or notions such as the expression of time, quantity, location.

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German Speaker With 5 Years Exam Experience Offering Lessons Up To A-Level in Buckinghamshire

I give lessons up to A-Level using cognitive teaching, which includes repetition, memorisation, imagery and context. My lessons are based on either general vocabulary and expressions, grammar, or specific syllabuses and topics; ranging from beginner level to intermediate. Lesson structures are tailored and are as intense or relaxed as the student requires.

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Recent biomedical science graduate offering to teach German up to university level

My teaching method is to make it as interactive as possible. I try to incorporate role play, smart cards and visual aspects in order for the learner to learn more quickly. I am a friendly and calm individual and can teach all levels up to university levels and beyond.

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Proposes classes in English, German or French for all levels and in all subjects for primary school or junior high school pupils/students.

Teacher, 18 years of experience in teaching languages and 9 years regarding other junior high school-subjects,proposes privatesessions of French, English and German for all levels and tutoring all primary + college subjects throughout the Bas-Rhin, especially the CUS. Also willing to conduct small group training sessions.

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Germanist (MA phil.) teaches German as a foreign language (DAF) for adults

I use my teaching method to fully adapt to the individual needs and wishes of my students. To awaken enthusiasm for learning, I regard it as the primary basis for successful language acquisition. What is fun promotes motivation and leads to success. One lesson unit is 45 minutes.

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Survival german for students or professionals by teacher with experience in Germany

I teach german to people who are already studying the language and have some difficulty in understanding it, either orally or in writing. Likewise, I prepare people who are going to study or work in Germany in aspects of culture and language.

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Bespoke individual lessons in German, Russian by professional linguist, BEd, MBA,PhD qualified

I have an individual approach to each student, based on his expectations and targets in learning. I develop individual topics and work together with the student towards achieving the set targets.

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Wrexham/Chester and surrounding area German and Psychology Tutor. Skype sessions also available

I am able to give lessons to: -Primary Students -GCSE Students -AS-Level Students - A-level students -Adults - both learning for pleasure or to obtain a qualification I personally have a Half Degree in German language and full Degree in Psychology. I am also currently working towards my Masters Degree in Psychology.

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Degree in Modern Languages ​​for International Communication offers lessons for German and English in Teramo

I have a degree in modern languages ​​for communication and international cooperation in the German and English languages. Since last year I work as a translator in the language pairs German-English> Italian.

Paris 12e
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Sorbonne Nouvelle graduate student offers German classes for all levels in Paris and its surroundings

Having given German lessons to a wide variety of students, I am able to adapt to any type of profiles! Whether you feel reassured by a highly structured course or are more comfortable with a course that runs more freely, I am able to work both ways to meet your needs! During the first class, we determine together the areas you want to work on: polishing your accent, grammar, conversation, reading...

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German as a Foreign Language for Russian and English Speakers Osnabrück or via Skype

Язык интересует меня как инструмент для решения коммуникативных задач, поэтому мой подход к его изучению и преподаванию носит максимально практический характер: - ведение занятия преимущественно на немецком языке; -...

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Learn German with experienced, friendly and patient native German language teacher with teaching qualifications: Master of Arts (M.A.) in German, Free University of Berlin; City & Guilds

I use a variety of interesting teaching materials (movie clips, audio, news, games, handouts, workbooks) to make learning fun.

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I am your new German Teacher: with more than 11 years experience

I plan the classes especially for each student. According to your objective, we can improve your oral communication, practice writing or learn grammar. I will give you a homework and I can also send you tips about books, videos, audios, series, movies, websites etc. And I am available to answer your questions and correct your texts between one class and the next one.

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German tuition in Munich, grammar, conversation, offer at home or as an online lesson, German / English teacher, interpreter

I offer courses for different language levels, from beginner to advanced. The lessons consist of grammar, exercises to grammar, reading text, which includes the grammar and new lexicon, then the conversation in free form based on the new grammar and lexicon. Answer all moments in the text or grammar that are still unclear.

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Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, she offers GERMAN lessons for children, young people and for those who want to improve their level of foreign language skills.

I provide lessons in languages ​​and grammar, but also in literature and culture, depending on the language you want to improve. I always recommend the use of audio files, for the didactic support in the study of the language. Diverse study paths, depending on the level of the students. I provide study materials, grammar cards, and exercises.

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Teaching German with a promise to make you Advanced from an absolute beginner.

My basic teaching methodology is to make learning a fun and interesting activity so that students grasp things faster and always remember it. A person of any age willing to learn a new language is always welcome. A Language is like a barrier and I will help to cross the barrier efficiently.

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Letters student gives German and Italian lessons to anyone who wants to learn

My methodology is individual. It depends on the person in front of me, on his needs, on his characteristics and on his level of knowledge. Based on the student, I try to structure and organize the teaching. I consider fundamental the reading of certain texts, the dictation and the teamwork between teacher and pupil.

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