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German girl gives German lessons on the Gold Coast to improve your language skills and prove that German is not aggressive at all - no stress learning new languages should be fun

My teaching method is learning by doing. I reckon it's not really useful when I talk the whole time and you just listen to me. Na, I prefer starting with normal conversation skills so we can continue until you're able having a small small talk.

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German teacher and native speaker with over 20 years experience in teaching

My teaching method is based on an emphasis on oral proficiency, use of multi-media tools and active student participation in the learning process through practical conversational techniques.

Cairns City
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As German is my mother tongue it is the easiest thing for me to improve your skills. I am also a fun person to be with, so the lessons would never be boring ;)

The most important thing about learning a new language is talking. And of course having fun. That’s my recipe for your success.

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German native speaker who loves languages is happy to help you learn this interesting language.

I want students to get a feeling for the language without losing the interest in learning. Especially in the beginning it can be challenging to learn a new language. For that reason Im trying to make it as interesting as possible and also trying to make students understand that it is inevitable to make mistakes. The most important is to keep going.

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Female german traveller gives german lessons for all ages (online or in Adelaide City)

I can say from my own experiences, that the easiest way to learn a new language is through music, movies, books and role plays. That way you will expand your vocabulary and, at the same time, learn the grammar right and learn from your mistakes.

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Native German speaker gives German lessons in Perth. Get all the basics and improve your german!

The basics are the most important to learn! Starting a basic conversation and listening to other people talk will improve your pronouncing.

The Gap
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Bachelor graduated German gives German lessons A1 - C1 (private, groups or classes)

My teaching method always depends on the students or the class, but the focus is always speaking. In individual lessons, it is important which learning method works best for the student (audio, visual etc.) and it is possible to work with him or her individually. In a class, I prepare exercises for the students who work faster to have time for the others helping them finishing the exercise.

Saint Kilda
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German girl on working holiday give lessons to students who are willing to learn or practice german.

My teaching method is to have fun while learning. In my opinion it's easier to learn when someone explains things really easily instead of reading difficult texts.

(2 reviews)
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Berlin native and experienced highschool teacher with a Master's degree in English offering German lessons for beginner to advanced conversation level

Yes, I won't lie to you: learning a new language is unfortunately connected with a bit of work. But as with all things in life: wanting it is the first and most important step and you are here for a reason. I'll be there to teach you the basics in grammar, sentence construction and pronunciation, so you can take your first wobbly steps.

Limestone Creek
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Experienced teacher available for education both ways, German to English and English to German. Skilled and professional for all sorts of travel needs up to business German for a Master degree. Backgr

I’m teaching groups and individuals exactly after the goal they want to go for. I’m using different methodes for children and adults, for fun or business achievements.

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I am a German teacher with 3 years experience of teaching beginners and intermediate levels.I reside in Nairobi,Kenya.

I tailor my lessons to my students' needs i.e why are they learning German? Is it for a trip to Germany? For their career? For further education? With this information,i am able to scheme through what is relevant and helpful to them. My classes are fun, interactive - with different learning activities.

1st lesson free !

Multilingual Traveller. I am 26 years old, fluent in German, Brazilian Portuguese and English. Easy and fun learning ...

My teaching method begins with developing a strong foundation of theory and grammer. Then practicing with real life situations and conversations that you will encounter in your daily life.

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A 3 year- experienced German language teacher is ready to give German language lessons around Melbourne.

I will be teaching A1 level of German language which is considered as the beginners level. After doing this course, student will have basic knowledge and will be able to understand and speak the language.

1st lesson free !

German is my mother language that's why I wanna teach in German.

My name is Deniz I'm 24 years and came 1 year before to Australia. Now I decided to live here. I studied construction engineering.

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Fluent German Speaker Offering Oral and Written Lessons to High School Students in the Geelong Area

I will sit down and talk through what learning technique(s) best suit you and cater towards that with a mixture of reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks.

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German gives lessons in all kinds of German language understanding. I speak fluently English.

I base my classes on the type of children/people I take care of and have a chat with them first about the existing knowledge.

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Monash Student achieved level 6 in german which is proficient level 2.

I prefer exercises and asking questions. Working together to build a foundation of knowledge that can be built upon on the students own time.

Carina Heights
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German teacher gives lessons to a Highschool and Uni Students or other in German interested persons

I base my teacher no in the communication. Your learning is fast, efficient and with fun.

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German native will passionately teach how to read, write, speak and translate from English to German

I am 34 years old, have lived in Canada and in Australia for seven years and would love to teach German to Australians and share my knowledge about the country.

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ANU student studying International security studies and commerce, studied German in high school and has been on exchange twice to Germany

My teaching method is learning through example and immersion. I focus on feeling comfortable using the language and also emphasise the importance of working thoroughly through mistakes.

Cairns City
1st lesson free !

I am a german backpacker giving german lessons to afford my travels. I already did private math tutoring in Germany.

I think the best way to teach a language is to first learn the basic vocabulary while linking these words to actual sentances. The focus shouldn't only be on speaking the language but also on understanding it.

Saint Kilda
1st lesson free !

Very well spoken german teacher, teaches you to speak fast and fluent german!

Depends on how far you already learned the language. No matter how good you already speak german I can always teach you something more! And I also adjust the teaching method to my students.

The Rocks
1st lesson free !

German native girl from munich can help you to improve your german.

My teaching method is learning by doing. When you don’t practice, then you can never reach a perfect level. I’m here for practicing.

1st lesson free !

Native german speaker would love to help you to improve your german skills !

My teaching method is based on a lot of speaking. I’ve made the experience by myself that talking a lot to people helps the most. But also with pictures and books.

1st lesson free !

I am a Student from Germany and I just finished the High- School. I would love to work with you.

Trying to do it individually. Always practicing, repeating, trying to keep the students Motivated.

Eerwah Vale
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Motivated teacher from Germany gives lessons in German. We can learn face to face or in a group.

My teaching method is always very individual. I like interact with people and not just standing there and doing a Monologe. I also like group work, watching films and hearing cds. To involve all senses.

Katherine South
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German Backpacker with degree in pedagogy gives German lessons in Katherine Region, NT

My teaching methods are focussed on having fluent conversations and train the vocabulary. I will find out where you have your weaknesses and we will focus.

Daisy Hill
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German native registered teacher and translator available in Logan, Brisbane, and online

I develop your classes towards your specific needs and interests. If you are a total beginner who wishes to travel to Germany, for example, I cannot only teach you the basics but also a bit about the country, the people and the culture. I am looking forward to learning about your German language interests.

Port Adelaide
1st lesson free !

I speak English & fluent German language, willing to translate or teach you

Patience and practice in day to day learning. Individual learning develops the skills required at a faster rate of learning. Each individual must be measured on their own merit.

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Perfect! We are very glad to have found Lisa for our son's German tutoring. She is friendly, professional and effective. Thanks Lisa!

Christie, Student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Marlene has been really good at tailoring our lessons to what I need and gradually building in things that I didn't know I needed. My focus has been on building vocabulary to improve my reading comprehension and she has been really helpful with not...

Tom, Student
1 month ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Giuljana was exactly what my boys needed to help them with their IB German. We look forward to working with her again next year to iron out some of the areas that still need a bit more refinement. The boys have recommended Giuljana to many of their...

Annika, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Svenja is a professional, reliable and knowledgeable Tutor. Her friendly, relaxed approach to tutoring is really improving my confidence and I am thoroughly enjoying our sessions! Vielen Dank, Svenja! Bis nächste Woche!

Chris, Student
6 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! Lydia is just great! We've had some lessons now and I couldn't be happier. She provides me with detailed lessons and I feel that my German gets better already. She is not afraid to travel quite a while to meet me and brings enough time to make real...

Stefan, Student
9 months ago
(1 review)

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