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Native German speaker ready to pass knowledge on! Based in Sydney offering German lessons in all categories.

My teaching method is suited to the students need and preferred environment. I usually give rewards with good efforts and set goals to achieve along with new rewards for the student to look forward to. I believe that a good relationship with the student is the key to achieve maximum results.

1st lesson free !

Wanna learn german from a native speaker? I am happy to help you!

For me it's super important that every student feels free to communicate and to ask any questions they have. I am a fun, friendly and bubbly person and that's how I want my classes to be too. I believe that you will learn much more if the classes are fun and interesting.

Saint Morris
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Medical doctor from Luxembourg with experience in teaching and tutoring teaching German in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on the assessment of your current German abilities and your area of interest. I will be teaching you how to use the German language in your everyday life. I will help you acquire more vocabulary and speak accent free. I will also help you to get hold of German grammar and correct spelling. I can also help you study for a test and proofread homework or assignments.

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German Native with University degree gives German lessons to high school students in Byron Bay Area or online.

I base my classes first of all on creating a trusting and supportive connection with the student. Believing in your own abilities is the most important step towards a successful learning experience. We will work with contemporary learning material geared to bring fun to the class as well.

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Enthusiastic German native-speaker with a master's degree in English gives German lessons in and around Perth

Personally, I experienced it to be most useful to interact in casual face-to-face conversations with no pressure or prefabricated tests or learning material, as this way is the closest you can get to everyday interactions. However, I am working for you and with you, so I am open to any suggestions regarding your individual vision and conception.

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RMIT student gives german lesson for beginners and intermediate levels in Melbourne

My name is Levent and I am an exchange student in RMIT. I am giving german lesson for beginners and for people which can be named as intermediate level. The lessons will be organised in a systematic manner and according to the student needs as well.

Mermaid Waters
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Hang out with this Young Native Speaker to improve your GERMAN super quickly in the most fun way!

I am a 21 year old German girl living at the Gold Coast and I would love to teach you my Native tongue so you can have fun conversations whenever and wherever you meet a fellow German. Instead of teaching you German in an old, boring way - we will spend some fun time together while improving your skills with my beautiful mother tongue.

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Patient German Au pair gives German lessons for people who are already learning German or would like to begin around Hobart

You can not teach every person the same way. First of all you need to find out how to communicate with your student the best way. Using different learning materials and looking at the response to them is essential. Furthermore, it is important to encourage them and always keep up their motivation. It’s important not to overwhelm them.

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Beginners Lessons and Tutoring Services in German - All Welcome and Accepted

Hi! I have a keen interest in languages and am passionate about encouraging others to take up learning a second language. To facilitate this I am offering tutoring and teaching services for French, Italian and German languages which are targeted for the beginner levels (A1 & A2) to build a solid foundation and aid in the understanding of the languages. I also offer English lessons for all levels.

1st lesson free !

Want to learn German? Learning by doing in Ballarat! Feel free to talk (to me :)

- active conversation, personally or also via phone - reading and understanding: for example we both read a short text and talk about it after - chat or mail correspondation (so you have more time to express what you want to say and I will answer and help you with it) - reading over essays, applications, lyrics, etc - vocabulary book or flashcards you chose what suits you best =)

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Just finished Master-Student (MBA @Murdoch) gives German-Lessons in and around Perth area

First I would teach you the basics of my language. After setting up a basic vocabulary we will be able to start simple conversations. I use an everyday approach which means that I will use situations from your and my life to give you a better understanding of the German language.

1st lesson free !

Graduated and native German Germanistik Student gives german lessons to children and/or adults in Brisbane.

Leaning a foreign language is based on three different types of component: 1: Vocabulary. 2: Grammar. 3: Listening and writing comprehensions. I introduce my students to each of them and try to combine those towards the end of my lessons. Advanced students may be taught in german flowers of speech and the culture, in case they are interested in doing so.

1st lesson free !

German Social Work student and Backpacker gives German Lessons to all interested guys in Perth.

I'll teach You with much fun. You will quickly learn or improve the German language.I will adjust the lessons to your individual needs. How do U want to learn German? Online? You can learn the language with me about Skype or WhatsApp -but you can also tell me where you want to meet. You don't need to be shy. German is a difficult language and i will help You with That.

Taren Point
1st lesson free !

19 year old native German student teaches perfect german language to everyone in Sutherland area !!

Me, a 19 year old german student, travelled to Sydney in January, and is au pairing in Taren Point/ Cronulla at the moment. Dominik Lucke 15 Holt Rd Taren Point/ 34 Paramatta St Cronulla (concealed information) The lesson depends on your german language skills. Let us have a conversation to find out on what level You are. I am teaching everyone who wants to improve german language.

Killcare Heights
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German language tutor for young and old and each level - beginner to advanced

Teaching a language is as individual as taste preference. Social media and the internet is one of the best method to get a student excited. For instance the audio-lingual method provides endless opportunities to get a student into a habit to reading and listening certain material. Repeating this process is a great stepping stone to higher comprehension.

1st lesson free !

World Traveler stop in Melbourne and give German-Lesson. Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache ^^

I will teach you by playing games! I think learning is still hard, especially German Language. If you already have the basics in German we can play games together to practise your vocabulary oder your pronounciation.

1st lesson free !

Native German Speaker - Cultural Studies and Spanish Student - offers to give German lessons for all levels

My teaching method will always depend on your needs - that way I can make sure that you will benefit from the lessons in the best way possible. In the beginning we will create an individual learning plan, where we can discuss the structures for our lessons.

1st lesson free !

Native german gives privat lessons to schoolchildren and adults at the Sunshine Coast.

My teaching methods depend heavily on what the person wants and needs help for. But I would rather play games in german and would try to bring the language closer to children than just do grammar exercises for hour with them. But I could of course also help with homeworks and anything written, or explain something.

Sunshine Beach
1st lesson free !

Business Student from Germany teaches any kind of German lessons and translations to anybody who is willing to learn German. Beginners language up to technical terms can be taught!

I am teaching on a very personal base because this is how I can reach people the best and I was making good experiences doing it that way!

West Footscray
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Native German Speaker helps challenge all issues you are facing with the German language!

I have helped a lot of students over the years and something firstly beginning as a challenge turns into something positive with the success. Since I had to study all subjects myself as well, I can understand the problems one encounters. Whether its physics or German, the struggles can be similar.

1st lesson free !

Want to speak German like a native? Learn it from a German!

Hello students. My name is Johannes and I am a backpacker from Germany. German is not the easiest language to learn but I want to help you to find an easy way to learn it or to improve your skills. If you have already skills we can have conversation in a subject you like to learn or improve or I can teach you the basics.

1st lesson free !

German teacher and native speaker with over 20 years experience in teaching

My teaching method is based on an emphasis on oral proficiency, use of multi-media tools and active student participation in the learning process through practical conversational techniques.

Mcminns Lagoon
1st lesson free !

Multilingual Assistant/ translator, Expierenced in different languages, therefore knowing the difficulties and mistakes in thinking or translating into other languages (German, English, Spanish, Fren

If you want ro learn a language it is not just about the grammar, it is about talking, gaining self-confidence and actually making mistakes in the beginning. I want to show you that it is no miracle to learn a new language. Everybody can do it, you just need the right teacher.

Saint Kilda
1st lesson free !

German girl on working holiday give lessons to students who are willing to learn or practice german.

My teaching method is to have fun while learning. In my opinion it's easier to learn when someone explains things really easily instead of reading difficult texts.

North Boambee Valley
1st lesson free !

German native speaker to help you improve your German with an individual tailored program.

Lessons can be either online or in person. All lessons will be worked out individually after assessing the students level.

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1st lesson free !

Berlin native and experienced highschool teacher with a Master's degree in English offering German lessons for beginner to advanced conversation level

Yes, I won't lie to you: learning a new language is unfortunately connected with a bit of work. But as with all things in life: wanting it is the first and most important step and you are here for a reason. I'll be there to teach you the basics in grammar, sentence construction and pronunciation, so you can take your first wobbly steps.

1st lesson free !

Can translate English-German and German-English for beginners and intermediate levels whom wish to learn a second language.

My teaching method is to start with the basics and then work up to the intermediate level. Everything will be based on knowledge from German natives and German speaking countries.

1st lesson free !

Fluent German Speaker Offering Oral and Written Lessons to High School Students in the Geelong Area

I will sit down and talk through what learning technique(s) best suit you and cater towards that with a mixture of reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks.

Golden Point
1st lesson free !

Enjoy mastering conversation ice breakers ,with an emphasis on correct pronunciation and meaningful communication.

As a primary school teacher, most of my experience has been teaching children aged 5-12 years old.

1st lesson free !

German native speaker teaches any kind of German lessons and translations to any age

If you tell me what you struggle with, I will explain it in an easy way to you.

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Perfect! Lydia is just great! We've had some lessons now and I couldn't be happier. She provides me with detailed lessons and I feel that my German gets better already. She is not afraid to travel quite a while to meet me and brings enough time to make real...

Stefan, Student
9 months ago

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