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I am a student at the University of Oxford and offer Skype lessons to improve your German, be it written or spoken.

I generally tailor my lessons to the individual needs and learning style of my students. Depending on your goals and level of study I can offer anything from one to three 60 minute lessons a week, or one to two 90 minute lessons.

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German native offering German lessons in London either in person or online

Teaching methodology is customized and depends on the student. I can help with homework, test preparation, oral language proficiency or anything else at hand. In my view, lessons should be fun and informative to ensure maximum comprehension and retention of the material.

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Politics Student at Cambridge from Berlin Offering German Lessons at all Levels

My teaching method is based on my conviction that the most important thing when learning a language is speaking. I encourage my students to read a lot to expand their vocabulary and practice their speaking abilities in direct conversation.

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German native speaker and science PhD student giving German lessons in the Medway area

I would start off by looking at the lesson materials and assessing the skills of the pupil. From then in I would tailor my lessons to the individual student and see how they learn best. From my experience, the best way to learn a second language is to speak it and to practise your grammar by actually using the language. As a native speaker I can also help with pronunciation and accents.

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Literature/theatre and languages university (UofG) student offering German language classes in Glasgow

My teaching method is very individual, as we all require different approach. I like to include games, songs, fairytales; something that might seem very childlish, but is fun and feels less like plodding through endless exercises. Unconscious learning works the best this way indeed.

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German student offering German lesson in Birmingham up to University Level :)

Back when I was at school I could see many people struggling with languages and to help others I've developed a number of strategies to increase overall fluency.

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With over 15 years of tutoring experience it is safe to say that I still love what I am doing. I believe that with me as your qualified teacher with German as my mother tongue you found the right pers

I am a qualified teacher and a proud mother to fabulous a 8-year old who grows up bilingual. I am from Vienna (Austria) but I also lived for a number of years in the German speaking part of Switzerland. My youngest student was 3 years old and my oldest 83.

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Student who has been learning german for 10 years ready to teach others

Learning new languages takes a lot of commitment and regular work starting from the basics and working your way up. As a tutor I am as attentive and helpful as possible, while making the subject as fun and engaging at the same time.

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Business student giving lesson in German in Teesside area or over Skype. I can offer support in conversational or written aspects of the language.

I am a business student with experience of over 6 years in tutoring children and teenagers, who needed extra support or wanted to achieve higher grades, as well as adults who needed support in obtaining jobs abroad.

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Linguistics student gives German, Spanish and Portuguese lessons in Montreal for all ages!

My teaching methods are based on my students. I am very flexible and can adapt to all types of learners. I have worked with children as well as adults, which makes me a very polyvalent teacher. I am passionate of languages and have a very analytical view of them, and like to elucidate all mysteries and questions my students have.

St. John's
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German degree (B.A. Hons) graduate offering tutoring to beginner-intermediate students of German

My teaching methods are based on conversation and repetition. I believe the best way to learn a language is in a free and open atmosphere wherein both parties feel like they can express themselves to the best of their abilities. I do, however, understand the importance of practice and employ a wide number of exercises.

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German with experience in teaching offering German language classes for every Level A1-C1

With me, you will learn German in a fun environment suited for everybody's needs. I try to work with online available or self-designed material so there is no need to purchase specific course books. Levels include A1 to C1, so from total beginner to advanced learners.

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Native German offering lessons in translating, reading, writing and speaking German |

I start with figuring out what level my students are on and then talking about their goals and how we can reach those. I will teach both ways: English to German and German to English. This is the way I experienced learning languages the easiest, so I hope this will be the same for my students. If not, I am absolutely open for any other ideas of learning. My goal is for my students to reach theirs.

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German sikho bahut asani se, I.... guarantee you can speak, write and read

I will teach its from basic Alphabate, words, sentences, grammer and expressions, pronounces and much more

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Experienced tutor giving individual or group lessons of English or German in Aberdeen

My method is to teach the particular language naturally by means of competitions, projects and games. All this is mixed up with theoretical information which is always drilled and used in practical situations. I always adjust the pace and content to the learners.

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International student from Germany offering german and maths lessons in South Hampstead, London

Teaching German: I would start teaching about general, basic phrases or questions in German (e.g. My name is [ ] , How are you?) and later on include grammar, reading and writing. My goal is to make the class as exciting and fun as possible so that the students are motivated to learn. Depending on the age of the student/s I would alter between the class being more efficient/ exciting.

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Native German is offering help in learning, talking and practicing German.

Depending on the level of knowledge I base my classes mostly around my students. Some might prefer open conversations whilst others are more comfortable reading and working with books. I will adapt to your preferences and needs and give support as best as I can.

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I am a German national who grew up bilingual. I’m very excited and enthusiastic about sharing my language with others that would want to learn it.

I make my teaching student centred. Figuring out how the student likes to learn and what the most challenging and interesting parts of the course are for them. To suit the learning style to him or her, enabling them to reach their maximum potential whilst learning and still enjoying themselves.

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I studied 12 years in the DSV (German School of Valencia) and I think I can help anyone who is starting or not have a very high level in German.

The first thing is basic grammar and vocabulary. That is to repeat again and again style exercises: "I live in Valencia, where do you live ?, I have a blue car, what car do you have ..." etc. It is somewhat tedious but it is the way to lay a solid foundation. Then the thing is encouraged in terms of conversation, which is my favorite part.

New Delhi
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Learn German and increase your scope to communicate with the world- Glückliches Lernen

I always prefer to use the direct method of teaching Language. I want my students to think in German and not to think in their own language and then translate. Thinking in German Language only make the learning easy and it increase the vocabulary as well.

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Having visited more than 25 countries and lived in more than four I am now ready to share all of my experience teaching a new language.

Firstly, I teach all the essential words and rules, which are crucial to understand the language. Then I teach every day use words, mixed with some grammar, but basing on my experience, speaking is the most important factor in the language so speaking is something I really want to focus on.

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Oxford graduate offering German lessons (GCSE+A Level) in a supportive and fun learning environment

I hope to offer structure, support and a safe space in which students feel comfortable to try their best, make some mistakes and learn from them. From my teaching role in Germany, I can confidently prepare and deliver sessions which have a clear focus.

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Who doesn't want to learn German??? Believe it or not! One of ten printed books is in German!

I will personalize my mode of teaching after I see your need. It could be online, conference calling, chatting, on the phone, or some works can be done through Email too.

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German native speaker offering German lessons in Glasgow (flexible in time and dates)

My teaching method is: learning by doing! Doesn't matter if you want to improve your oral or your written German skills I am happy to help :-). We can simply sit down and grab of cup of tea just casually speaking German, discuss and excercise grammar rules or even analyse German literature.

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Im teaching geman classes in hyderabad and teaching maths up to 5th standard

my teaching method is from very basics any one can understand easily . friendly and professional in teaching .my teaching techiniques are diagramatically and clearly explanation .my class structure is daily 2 hours per day .iam teaching germanlanguage basic levels.

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German (from Saxony) with experience teaches all levels of German in Curitiba

The maximum number of students is up to 3 students, so that everyone can also receive attention. For the basic level, I use the system I learned when I worked at the Academia Europeo in El Salvador. For the intermediate and advanced levels I use books with texts and audios about the culture and history of Germany.

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Sworn translator gives private lessons in German from levels A1 to C1 for middle schools, high schools and universities.

My lessons are aimed at achieving the individual goals of each student: the learning of a foreign language is very personal and the methodology of study varies from subject to subject; I always prefer to consider the student's point of view, considering also the basic knowledge and the cultural context of origin, in the preparation and during the lessons.

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A german student with experience in teaching offering german lessons in Edinburgh

I always prefer to just talk in that language the whole time (i will of course translate you everything that you wont understand) because after a while it makes you more comfortable to speak it and also the more you speak the more you upgrade your accent and sentence construction.

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Learn German Online in a few easy steps with a Vienna University graduate!

I am a true believer that a language is learned by speaking. Grammar will be of course taught as well, but the best way to practise it is by speaking it! I teach beginners, so we can start with easy things like Verbs, Sentence-building etc.

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Freelance tutor giving online lessons in basic German language. No age bar for students.

Freelance teacher to give lessons in basic level German Language. No age bar applicable to students. I am based in East Croydon. I hold a Masters Degree in German Language and Literature. I can give online lessons by video chat or via Skype.

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Perfect! Lydia is just great! We've had some lessons now and I couldn't be happier. She provides me with detailed lessons and I feel that my German gets better already. She is not afraid to travel quite a while to meet me and brings enough time to make real...

Stefan, Student
8 months ago

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