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Advanced Mathematics Tutoring for HSC and University Students (Includes Calculus and Differential Equations)

Once I know the student, I make sample problems that are tailored to the weak points of the individual student. The problems are designed to ensure mastery of the basics, and then I build the student's skill level up to solve more difficult problems.

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Maths Major @ Unsw Sydney providing quality Mathematics HSC 2u/3u/4u Tutoring & Mentoring

I have a passion for teaching and I am happy to cater to any client's needs. I teach the material, but my teaching philosophy differentiates from most in that I prefer to focus on life skills that will turn my client into an open minded individual, prepared to tackle problems without relying on a tutor.

Macquarie Park
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UNSW | JAMES RUSE (top selective school) graduate specialist HSC and high school tutor

You come first. That's my philosophy. Tutoring is always about the student. That's why I don't follow a set tutoring structure. I tailor my lessons to suit each student's abilities and ensure their understanding is at 100% before I move on to the next topic.

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Post graduate student from the University of Technology Sydney with major in Structural Engineering having a GPA of 3.75 out 4.00 is interested in providing quality lessons in Maths, Trigonometry, Civ

I am doing professional tutoring for couple of years with great success over student's improvement. I have even taught TAS teacher for improving concepts in general maths and civil engineering. Working with maths could b fun when you realise numbers can draw pictures for you. Maths is easy when it is done stepwise and with multiple perspectives and representations.

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Khalid civil engineering graduate continuing my masters in UTS have experience in private tutoring in sciences and mathematics

I am helpful and can provide the students with knowledge in many fields and have good communication with students can be in support at any time always my phone is available if there is a question or any thing that is not clear

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Macquarie University Actuarial Studies & Maths Major provides efficient, budget tuition for HSC students.

Mathematics is a "cumulative learning" subject - and so certain gaps in a student's knowledge are likely to affect their marks. In particular, I focus on filling these gaps and helping students develop a genuine understanding for Mathematics, and further aiding them in their revision strategies and exam techniques.

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ACU Strathfield Student for High School Teaching (Mathematics) in Liverpool Area .

My teaching method is tailored to suit each and every student I teach because not everyone learns the same. I bring my patience and understanding to every lesson I teach. My teaching methodology entail many examples and many questions, accompanied with repetition in order for students to fully grasp any concept. Available to teach: - 7-9 Mathematics - 10 5.1, 5.

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I gave IB, AP and A-Levels maths tutoring for international students in Nepal

Instead of getting the students adopt with my methods, I try myself to provide students with options and flexible methods they feel easy to adopt into. Before going to the core, I basically provide students with all the necessary basic principals and relevant backgrounds so that it will be easy for them to understand when, why and how do they apply what they are learning.

Bossley Park
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Qualified Primary School Teacher Specializing in Mathematics (Students 8 - 16 yrs)

My greatest passion is mathematics and I have the unique ability of being able to explain mathematical concepts in a number of different ways so that it is impossible for my student to not eventually get it. Then I will be able to shower them with many different example to really solidify their understanding.

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Georgia Tech (USA) and UNSW engineering student give Math and Physics lessons to Primary and High School Students in Sydney

My teaching method is solely based on practical learning. By combining experience and practice is the most effective way for a student to understand concepts and theories. The lesson structures will depend on each student and will be very flexible and easy to follow.

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UTS Engineering Student who gives math lessons to students from K-12 in Sydney

My teaching method is a one to one lesson. I base my classes on the respective curriculum to the students year by approaching the topics in a chronological order so they do not miss anything important that could be tested on. Any exam tricks or techniques that I have learnt in the past, I follow them on to my students so they can use in their exams.

Middleton Grange
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UNSW Economics Student With Experience In Tutoring - High School Maths Lessons - Liverpool

Overall my teaching method can be considered interactive rather than textbook fashion. Studies have shown that students who understand what they are doing are more likely to succeed than those who memorise. Therefore, I base my lessons on ensuring that my student understands the content that they are learning through methods such as videos, demonstrations and simplification methods etc.

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I am a passionate, committed, punctual and enthusiastic qualified tutor looking to tutor students in Maths and Algebra in Strathfield and surrounding areas

Being a qualified teacher I like to clear the basics first so that if the base is strong the further lessons become easy to understand. I teach the lesson in a practical fun way and make it as simple as possible. I can work with children of all ages very well. I am very dedicated and punctual for all my committed lessons.

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Macquarie Actuarial Student gives mathematics lessons to high school students in Sydney

My teaching method is always aimed in a manner such that the student may understand the concept in the simplest way possible. However, mathematics is not by just understanding the concept only but by doing as many examples as possible so that the student may gain confidence.

Mount Druitt
Muhammad zohair
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Master's student at UNSW providing home tuition for school and university students in Sydney

I can assist the students through challenging coursework and work with them through homework exercises and past exam papers. I am aware of the level of work and commitment required for successful outcomes and understand that things can get difficult at times with certain concepts being hard to grasp; however I will be patient and guide through each and every step.

Guian carlo
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Teaching the world with love and compassion. Make learning your daily habit.

I believe that learning should be fun. Sometimes all work and no play is exhausting. Teaching styles should always match the students' capacities and learning should be easy. I possess a bubbly personality which makes learning more fun. I am a ray of sunlight in the lives of others.

Wiley Park
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Industrial engineering graduate at your service to teach mathematics and physics to high school students

My teaching method is to find the problem area and focus on that. I try to make my student independent by giving them tests to help them find where they are lagging. This testing methodology also helps in revising old stuff along with helping to remember the new lessons.

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Sydney University graduate currently working as a Mechanical design Engineer tutoring Maths for Primary and High school students in Sydney.

My main approach is to try and make the student do a variety of questions to understand the concepts rather memorizing the steps. I will help the student wherever he is now in terms of understanding and get him/her to be confident in what they are doing.

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Engineering students passionately teach maths to high and higher classes,keen to provide teaching in science(physics and chemistry) and also help in computer programs and softwares

I keep trying to clear their concepts and building confident about particular subjects.I starts topics from basic level and clearing every topic ,standards goes on advanced level and tried to provide mapping from basic to high level.I provide more conceptual knowledge and tried to overcome issues by asking some questions.In this way they find clear with every topics.

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Monash Engineering Graduate looking to tutor school students on Maths, Physics and Science

I like giving the right kind of guidance and attention to my students. It's important to identify each student's learning pace and cater for it accordingly.

Mohammad nabeel
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University of Wollongong Student gives Maths physics thermodynamics and HVAC to schooloruni-students

My teaching method is very vivid and demonstrative. I like my students to have a clear picture in their heads before I move on to the arithmetic or technical bit. I like to give examples and take a practical approach.

The Ponds
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Accredited teacher teaches Mathematics with emphasis on conceptual understanding to high school students in Western Sydney.

I am a kind and caring person who enjoys helping children with their learning of Mathematics. I approach the teaching of Mathematics with an emphasis on conceptual understanding to develop student's critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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HSC Graduate giving Maths tutoring for students up to year 10 and can travel anywhere in Sydney.

I would like to open up a textbook and teach and work with the student on any particular topic in mathematics. I can help with exam preparation and help boost marks for students. A particular lesson may include going over the week's homework, addressing any issues that the student is undergoing with mathematics, working with the issue and attempting to fix it with practice and teaching.

Concord West
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Maths tutoring to primary and high school students in Sydney's Inner West

I try to do my best to suit the lesson to each individual student. If they have specific homework they would like to focus on that is 100% okay. If not, I provide other worksheets that engage the current topics.

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Civil Engineering Student gives math lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My usual teaching method would be student centered approach where I would like to get feedback from students after discussing each topic. Thereafter, if you don't have any questions, I will be giving some exercises to test your understanding. You are welcome to ask questions online for homework.

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Macquarie Actuarial student gives Maths lessons to primary and high school students in Sydney

My teaching methodology includes: - Focusing on the fundamentals and being empathetic towards the student - Detailing of the concept, - Speaking at a medium pace, - Interacting in between the sessions and asking questions, I also focus on making the basics strong, helping with something he didn't understand in the school, giving a lot of practice questions, teaching the way the student...

North Strathfield
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Ashish a highly genius Asian diploma student gives math classes to high school students.

My teaching methods will be to solve your problems first and foremost. Anything you find difficult, I'll be giving my best to help you overcome it. A well structured study routine from the base also helped my students a lot in improving themselves. So, you can see a lot of basic studies in my classes.

Baulkham Hills
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Maths Olympiad rank 1 Aarushi provides maths lessons till Yr 10 in The Hills district

I believe that you should understand the method thoroughly. Learning the formulas never help if you don't know how to use it. My approach is that try practising as many questions you can do. practising questions would make you learn the formulas yourself.

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MBA candidate willing to teach Maths & Science to High School and Uni students

I believe that if basics are strong any question could be solved. I prefer to enhance the basics and then connect different dots together in order to solve complex problems.

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Learn and Excel Maths with easy steps by Western Sydney Master's Student

My teaching methodology is based on feynman technique. Before I start tutoring, I measure the students strengths and weakness. In addition to that, I will outline the topics to be dealt. In my teaching, I will explain the use of concepts in our daily life.

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