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Murdoch University Student Offering Maths Lessons to Lower School Students and Maths Applications Lessons to Upper School Students

I'm a calm, patient, organised and relaxed teacher whose lessons are geared towards anyone that wants help with their studies. I provide support in a safe environment that will allow students to thrive. I use the gradual release method of teaching, where I work through a problem, we work through it together and then they work through it on their own when they're ready.

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Experienced senior teacher gives maths lessons to high school students. I hold PG degree in maths.

As Mathematics Teacher, I found the importance of developing students’ Numeracy and Literacy skills as an important part of life skills and to address the Literacy and Numeracy priorities of the Department of Education’s policy and Classroom First Strategy for raising standards in Literacy and Numeracy. I began by identifying the learning needs of each student.

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8 years of seasoned professional & an electrical engineer - Proficient in Physics & maths

My teaching method is more of relating the studies to real life. I am sure we relate to things that we see daily than to things which we find virtual & read & see in the books. Lessons will be completed before time just to make you correlate what the lessons actually meant. I have tried implementing what i have learnt through my research jobs.

Banksia Grove
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Post graduate student in mechanical engineering(ECU) imparting skills in the field of mathematics and physics

I am really enthusiastic about teaching skills and short-cuts to master the subjects of physics and mathematics. Having a good grasp of the basic concepts is really important to pursue a career in engineering science. Being a post-graduate student myself really gives me an advantage to have higher aptitude in the concerned field.

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Student from Murdoch University studying biomedicine is willing to give maths lessons to lower school students

Im a very friendly, easy going and an organised tutor. Im willing to help anyone who is struggling to understand concepts of maths by providing them with a safe and a very supporting environment. My method of teaching is based upon understanding the students weaknesses and working through the problem gradually.

Mount Lawley
Seock hee
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Korean student with strong Math tips is looking for students who need support in their Math

Whenever a student is struggling Math, most of the problems is that they do not have a strong understanding of basic theories. I used to teach them basic understanding of topics, give tips of solving problems and repeat over and over until the type of question is fully understood to the student.

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Perth Mod Graduate/ Pre-Med student offering ATAR Math Methods/Specialist tutoring in Perth

I offer ATAR Maths Methods/Specialist lessons to students who do ATAR Units 1- 4 (Year 11/12).

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Retired Structural Engineer gives lessons in Maths and Physics to high school students.

My approach to tutoring is identify weakness or gaps in understanding the subject matter. Lessons are then conducted in a participatory manner where the student does the work under guidance. These begin with very simple examples and progress to greater complexity. Students are also shown how to self check their work.

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Recently received Permanent Resident visa, and I am willing to teach/tutor maths to high school students. I can teach the subject with great confidence and passion. The students will learn more and en

My teaching method is simple. Every student need to clearly understand the concept first, followed by basic examples to reinforce the understanding. Once the foundational concept is acquired, then top-up with more challenging questions/examples. I consider practical lessons more important that the theoretical leanings.

Canning Vale
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Murdoch PhD Electrical Engineering student give math lessons to primary and secondary school students.

As a teacher it is important to make each student realize their true potential. As teacher student relationship grows, together they should recognize that all their efforts are to achieve wisdom to find a truth. Learning is not something that can be defined as a procedure; learning is something that occurs in a rather unstructured way. However, Learning can be built into structures and processes.

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Mum of one makes Maths fun! Qualified teacher located in the City of Canning

My lesson structure is based on the student and the visual learning theory. This involves setting explicit objectives, a success criteria and plenty of opportunity for practice and feedback. Students need to know what they are learning and how to get there. With constant feedback and a positive attitude, all students should expect to achieve higher outcomes.

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UWA student give math lessons to high school student in perth (can tutor in chinese and english)

Very passionate about teaching, I would like to teach students who find maths hard to understand or want their grades to be higher. During my lessons, I can help the student break down the concept, try and assist them to understand the topic, also provide them related questions to figure out.

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Experienced Engineer gives Maths, Physics, Chemistry lessons to high school and uni Students in Perth

I teach in a way where students understand the practical applications of the concept making it easier for them to grasp the concept. I make sure I solve the student's doubt and encourage them to ask questions to understand concept better.

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Future mathematics highschool teacher seeking to help current students in their studies.

I will adapt my teaching style to best suit the student(s) needs. For example if they learn best through physical demonstration then I will use props and real life examples to better their understanding of the given topic.

Seyyed morteza
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A pure mathematics student to the University of Western Australia, with 5 years experience in math tuition to both primary and secondary students.

Mathematics is the language of nature. My experience tells me mathematics is tough. The easy part is the formulas but the hard part is the reasoning behind it. My methodology is try to explain the concepts in the first place and then consolidate it with a fair amount of exercises. then I challenge them to help them think critically. I help them to learn on their own.

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Curtin University Actuarial Science student giving Maths lessons to high school students in Perth

My teaching method is based off setting clear lesson goals before beginning, and ensuring they are met before the lesson ends. During the course of a lesson, I will ask questions to check for your understanding of each topic. I understand people learn in different ways so I understand that it is important to tailor lessons to each individual student.

Khaveen amal singh
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Educator for 20 years in high school gives Physics tuition in Perth.

I usually teach Physics in classes of mixed abilities, catering for the less able candidates without actually hindering the progress of the high-flyers. All my classes are usually supported with demonstrations and activities based on the concepts being taught.

Yuan he
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Beginner teacher give maths lessons catering for students Years 5 and beyond

My approach to teaching is by providing the topic and explaining the concepts as well as relating them to real world situations to enable students to relate to their own experiences. I am a very enthusiastic and hardworking beginner teacher. I have always tried my best to succeed in any work and I believe that every student has the right to learn and make mistakes in their life.

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- Graduated in Physics give maths and physics lessons to primary school, high school and uni students in Perth. - 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience. - In-home or local library tutoring sessi

My teaching method is understanding the concept of lessons and practices to find solutions in easy ways. I will create an outline for my student to help them get the concept of lessons and prepare for the next lessons. I can help in their homework.

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High school graduate/University student gives maths lessons to primary and high school students.

I do not have and 'formal' training teaching mathematics, so I do not have a preferred teaching method for the subject. At Cadets, I'm generally required to lecture. I usually will alter the lesson to suit certain people as well as following up with examples to consolidate their learning.

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Mathematics and physics tutoring at all levels taught by a passionate PhD

Students explain their difficulties to some particular problems, and we then have a discussion on solving them. I also can supply some problems based on their needs or their upcoming test. And change the atmosphere when the students get bored.

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A Post graduate teacher in Mathematics providing mathematics lessons to school students.

My pattern involves making the candidates understands the core principles of each lesson, provide sufficient practice for them to excel in that area and periodically revise it so that it stays in them forever. I am happy to retake classes until the students are satisfied.

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UWA Mathematics major student offering math lessons and support for high school students

- I believe in helping students who want to help themselves, without this desire my methods of teaching would not be as effective. - I would first tackle any conceptual misunderstandings they may have in the subject; by starting out with basic exercises to build a string foundation in their conceptual knowledge then tackle more advanced questions.

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Mathematics and Statistics Tutor with in Calista, WA with 16 years of experience

I am a Statistician with a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics. I excelled in my degree with straight high distinctions and numerous awards, and currently work as a consultant and sessional lecturer in research methodology and statistics. I began tutoring in 2002.

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Mechanical Engineer with a passion to teach Mathematics at High School level

I explain the concepts underlying each topic .I try to make sure that students has the basics well understood and depending on their level of comprehension, I steer them to more difficult questions. The structure followed will be based on the term plan followed in school.

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High Achieving BSc Graduate gives math lessons at any level up to university

Since I have a very broad knowledge of mathematics, I can give lessons in all areas of mathematics, from algebra to geometry, trigonometry to statistics.

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Learn mathematics from the best – A UWA’s Masters Graduate Civil Engineer.

I am a recent Civil Graduate from UWA. To complete such a course requires excellent maths skills - fortunately, I do. The structure of the lessons will be similar to how I studied through school and Uni - 50minutes study then 10minutes break and continue.

Queens Park
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Master's Graduate Civil Engineer working full time and providing support to high school students in Perth, WA.

I prefer one to one tutoring as every student has their own pace of learning and digesting information. I try to focus on concept learning more than grinding on problems.

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Qualified Secondary Maths teacher giving lessons to people of all ages in Perth

As an one to one tutor I believe it is important to establish the students strengths and areas for improvement and tailor lessons towards their needs.

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PhD student in Physics from UWA teaching Physics and Math for all levels from Perth

Having teaching experience for more than 13 years in Australia and overseas, and studying a diverse range of subjects at high school and the university has allowed me to develop a variety of teaching and learning skills which I believe can assist students of all levels in reaching their educational goals.

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Perfect! Definitely recommend this tutor. She has taught me a lot.

Shana, Student
1 week ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Priyanka is a very kind, flexible and knowledgeable tution teacher. I highly recommend her as she will go out of her way to ensure her students completely understand the topic.

Isha, Student
3 months ago
(24 reviews)

Perfect! Sadly, the tutor disappeared without any prior notice while assignments and exams due ahead and its no way that to found replacement towards end of academic year.

Connie, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sam is fantastic! The perfect combination of patience, punctuality and pedagogy. He's not only on the ball, he's ahead of the game - which is helping my son achieve better results and, importantly, gain more confidence. Just to top it off, he's a...

Kylie, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! We are very pleased to find Vicky to help out with math for my Year 7 daughter Maya and Year 9 son Max. They both commented that they enjoy lessons with Vicky very much and get a lot out of it. Vicky has a wonderful enthusiastic approach, which...

Yana, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would recommend this teacher. He is an excellent tutor

Julie, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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