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Bachelor in Biology-Genetics with several years of laboratory experience. Biology lessons at all levels always with the best mood.

I have always believe that the best way to study is to give motivation to the student with great examples and transmitting the passion you have for the subject. So that´s what i do in my classes, make the subject interesting with quality material and not just make them memorize stuff.

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I am a Griffith University student who has got both theoretical and practical knowledge about Microbiology and can teach both high school and uni students.

During my prior degree i have been teaching my fellow mates and juniors microbiology, biology, genetics, biotechnology, biochemistry and related subjects and they have always relied on me. I believe in making the concepts clear and focus more on understanding rather than cramming.

Broadbeach Waters
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Highly educated high school student wanting to share knowledge to assist with others learning

my teaching method is to base my classes upon what the student is learning at school.

Notting Hill
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Monash Medical Student with top biology score gives Biology lessons to high school students

My teaching style is based on what worked for me in highschool: breaking down the assessment criteria with the student, finding multiple analogies/ways to explain the concept to them (visually and aurally), and having them explain the concept themselves so they know the content instead of simply remembering it.

Mansfield Park
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Year 12 Student, currently doing the IB Diploma and beginning High Level Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

Different PowerPoints, notes and videos will be provided to aid the student in working towards their personal best. I am able to go through their syllabus and answer any inquiries that they have. Available time and price will be negotiable.

Alexandra Headland
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Biology is a prerequisite required for the majority of healthy subjects at university and is imperative to learn in school education.

I have never taught an individual before, however, I would teach in ways that would provide confidence, support, and structure. I recognise that a child going to tutoring lessons may be behind under the school curriculum, I believe every student's strengths and weakness are different. Despite, the demand to be brilliant at everything.

Morphett Vale
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UniSA PhD Student - a specialist in Biology (Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Molecular Biology....)

My teaching method is Hybrid style, follows an integrated approach based on students needs, interests and curriculum-appropriate methods. My teaching method is and has always been focusing on my students' most urgent learning needs to help them gain necessary skills and therefore I practise a personal approach in teaching my students and design classes for them individually.

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Hello I am a Dr. Yi Let's study! you can learn it!

I usually use some kind of visual stuff like picture or illustration. It works because it can stimulate our brain.

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Passionate Nursing Student Studying at ECU Perth, With long term goal in the medicine field

My main goal as a teacher is to promote understanding and not just passing for the sake of the grade. I believe when one doesn't understand something its mainly because of a missing link, i work with students to ensure that the flow is constant as sciences is all about joining the dots.

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Melbourne University genetics major teaches secondary Biology in Cairns over summer (nov-jan)

My teaching method is based generally around the student coming to me with problems they are struggling with, and me assisting them to solve those problems and understand the concepts underlying them.

Notting Hill
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Qualified, experienced, committed enthusiastic Science, Chemistry, Biology and ESL teacher in Melbourne

My teaching style is personalised, hands-on, student-centered, uses a lot of inquiry- based and collaboration and a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement in my interactions with students. I structure my lessons by first interacting with students to build a rapport with them and find out what areas they are struggling in.

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2nd Year Biological Science student able to tutor HSC biology students in the greater Newcastle area.

I passed HSC biology with a band 6 and have a deep understanding of the subject. Since HSC biology relies heavily on rope learning, I prefer to use examples and relate the modules to life that surrounds us. This allows for students to truly understand biology and notice its effect on themselves and the surrounding world.

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Deakin University Research student and Casual tutor at Deakin Medical School gives Biology lessons to School and Uni students.

Being so passionate about life science, I think I can communicate Biology in the best ways possible. I choose to start from the very basics of the subject in a simple and practical way simultaneously exposing the latest developments in the field.

Fortitude Valley
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QUT Masters in Public Health student can help with Science, Maths and English for school and uni students.

My teaching method is basically based on student interaction. Every person has their own way of understanding.

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Health Studies graduate teaching Biology lessons to elementary students in Auburn, Sydney

As a private tutor, I tend to explore first the student's points of weakness and try to emphasize the lessons there. When teaching, it's very important to me first to ask the student for the information he has acquired from the school teacher, and then re-explain everything until it becomes clear.

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Latrobe public health student with two year experience in the field of medical anatomy

First of all I behave like a friend more than a teacher because basically I'm a friendly person. I will make the student to understand the subject clearly and without doubts. I will be genuinely hundred percent sincere to the work.

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The University of Queensland Agriculture student give biology lessons to high school and college student at Brisbane

I always study with the aim of understanding the topic rather then cramming for exam. The lesson should start with brief background along with simple example, leading to reason for studying particular topic and its relevance. in the end a recall is compulsory.

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Biology Tutor Brisbane - Bachelor of Science The University of Melbourne Graduate

What exactly will I be giving in return for your money? I struggled through school and came out the other end as a very average student who made countless mistakes throughout the journey.

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Melbourne Biomedicine student clearly explains mind-boggling biology topics and confusing chemistry concepts

Heavy a multi-cultural background, I can speak Hazaragi, Dari, Urdu, Russian, Kyrgyz and English obviously. I have always been passionate about helping students, maybe because I know how strenuous it can get. Thus, I try to give it a 200% all the time.

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Monash University PhD Medicinal Chemist/ Molecular pharmacologist offers tutoring in Chemistry and Biology

My teaching method revolves around designing problems which engender the student a deeper understanding of the subject matter, rather than one which is rote learned. Furthermore I believe it is important to understand a subject matter from a practical perspective and I try to incorporate 'real-world' examples as problems.

Biggera Waters
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Ph.D. candidate gives Biology /Biotechnology /Microbiology /Molecular Biology lessons in Gold Coast

In order to get the best results and solve all your problems I base my classes on your own assignments and coursework, so I will prepare the class beforehand specifically for you. At the end of the class, I will solve all your questions and doubts.

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Uni of Adelaide medical student gives biology tutorial to high school students in Adelaide

I'd like to approach topics by explaining core definitions from the textbook, followed by using images and videos to strengthen students' understanding. I'd like to do brief revision at the end of each session to make sure that students have absorbed the knowledge.

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La Trobe University Bendigo Campus Honours Graduate, with experience in teaching Biology.

My knowledge of biology is geared towards those in VCE Biology. I prefer one-on-one contact to specifically help each individual student with their understanding of particular concepts, even while supervising a group. I work well with students who ask questions and students who can answer questions, to work together to build their knowledge.

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Medical student and secondary school teacher tutoring GAMSAT and High School Biology, Chemistry and Maths

I offer group and private tuition in Biology, chemistry, Mathematics, GAMSAT preparation I also offer online tutoring and numerous resources I am a very experienced teacher and tutor. I specialise in high pressure exam preparation for those students looking to maximise their score. My group rate depends on the number of students. Improvement in student learning is my number one goal.

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ANU Masters researcher: down-to-earth assistance in human biological sciences (school & undergrad)

Every student is different, and a 'one-size-fits-all' classroom often leaves many students in the dark. I will work with your individual strengths and innate ways of understanding to find YOUR path into the subject. " Two pathways diverged in the wood, and I -I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference".

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UNE med student in Armidale keen to share her passion for biology through tutoring High School IB or HSC students

My tutoring methods are based on the individuals needs. I am willing to help the student work through classwork and course content, answering any questions they may have and explaining difficult concepts. Should the student benefit from a more structured session, I will design sessions as such to keep them focussed and help them achieve their potential.

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Honour student with outstanding achievements gives Biology lessons within 100km from Cooma

My teaching method is understanding, repetition and results. My philosophy is never letting the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. I am a kind and hard working person with my lessons intended to teach anyone wanting to learn.

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Recent UTAS graduate provide one to one biology and Punjabi tuition online

I approach everything as a machine system which makes it easy to understand concepts. I like to prepare myself fully before teaching to make my concepts clear before teaching just to make sure I am able to answer all the questions.

Spring Farm
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Tutoring students in Biology (HSC Level) and Chemistry (HSC level), year 7-10 math and science

I approach my tutoring lessons well planned before hand, rather than following set structures and class lessons (school like enviroment) I mold my lessons according to the needs of each student. I aid essay writing or assignments that are handed in school, but also I excell in exam preperation for half yearlies or yearlies.

Brisbane City
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Environment Science Student (GPA 6.2) tutoring in the areas of Chemistry, Biology and Geography to high school students Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

Although I have not yet done any professional tutoring experience, I do have experience tutoring friends and family and believe myself to be able to explain things in a way which is easy to understand.

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