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Parque Sao Geraldo
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Biology student teaches elementary and middle school about the science of life !!

My teaching method is based on the personal development of each student and the understanding that there is no methodology that works for all people, since some have ease with texts, others with videos, others prefer practical activities or resolution of exercises and etc. .

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Quality control analyst offering lesson on Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Stem cell Engineering,Biotechnology and Biochemistry and Accountancy and Business Studies

I would like to do group classes and one to one class depending on the need of student. I could give lesson from degree level students to O and A level students. My methodology includes trick to memorize subject matters,which I used as student and include as much examples in the materials to understand the concepts of topics.

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Your solutions to Biology at your Click "Its not hardworking but smart working"

My teaching approach will be preparation for exams in shortest time possible. Learning in smart way. The classes can be taken by (high school, degree, post-grad, exam aspirers etc). Regular mock tests, other general aptitude section will also be covered.

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Knowledgeable, calm, experienced and easy-going tutor in sciences and maths from London

My aim as a tutor is to create in my students a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and  being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems.   My philosophy is based on the idea that learning happens in an environment of mutual respect in which the student is encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves.

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Surgeon with clinical and teaching experience to teach medical sciences and biology

I believe that teaching is a dedicated art. I approach each student independently and help them on an individual basis. I believe that each student is unique and needs a special care in their training for medicine and biology. The classes will be geared for both individuals and groups.

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Specialist in Entomology gives classes on general subjects of Biology (cellular, genetics, zoology, botany, etc.)

My classes are aimed at elementary and middle school students. After a conversation with the student, I try to elaborate an individual plan to solve the doubts related to the subjects of greater demand. The classes will be dynamically developed seeking to encourage the student in the process of knowledge consolidation.

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Student offering biology lessons in Connecticut. Received 5 on AP exam and tutor students of all ages regularly.

Each student is different, so every lesson will be specific to their learning styles and needs! I cater every lesson to the student's needs, whether that be review, original instruction, or enhanced explanation. Primarily, I teach high school students in normal, honors, and Advanced Placement Biology.

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Students in medical school gives tuition of biology from high school to college in delhi

I create an environment of learning deep knowledge of biology subject and make sure that they understand everything clearly. firstly, I give them an overview of the chapter so that they can understand what chapter is about and how they have to handle it.

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A biologist that can teach Biology and English while also learning it in college.

I have given lessons to people in English and Biology in the ages of elementary school all the way up to the level of college I am at. I like show and explain what I teach for example diagram and make sure the person I am teaching understands all the way through.

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Biology student offering biology lessons in London for up to age 13

The way in which I teach is by first establishing what is known comfortably by the student. I then work through the gaps in knowledge methodically, ensuring as much progress towards the desired standard is made.

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I am able to teach GCSE Biology and A-Level biology to an excellent standard

Hello , my name is Sam Williamson and my lessons are mainly targeted at GCSE level but I can also teach A-level also, my lesson structure will be as fun as possible (which i can empathise with being a student myself also at the moment very rarely are lessons actually attention grabbing) whilst also maintaining focus on the task.

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Medical student offering Biology(GCSE and A levels) lessons at home in London

Teaching methods always vary depending on the students particular needs. My ability to communicate and understand the student is what is key here. From there, each lesson can be structured to maximise efficient learning. This can include going through exam style questions or discussing individual concepts before applying them to scenarios.

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Undergraduate Biomedical Engineer with 3+ years of teaching and wet lab experience in Biology.

My teaching method is to make sure every student learns the basic concepts of the topic being discussed and attempting questions because no science is perfect. Quizzes and tests will be held to test their knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

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Stony Brook
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6 year of experience in providing private tuition to student in Biology and Chemistry.

I believe understanding of a subject is based a lot on relatability. If a student see an application in his/her common surroundings, it gets more interesting and understandable. For example, your breakfast routine is a combined phenomenon of your biology and chemistry of your bodily enzymes and the chemical nature of whats on your plate.

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Students in B.Sc. and M.Sc. College Gives Tuitions for Biology Subject in Agra


1st lesson free !

Clinical science student offering Biology and Anatomy lessons at home in Heckmondwike.

My teaching method is unique and creative. My own experience with revising and pointers from my tutees has enabled me to create great revision strategies when studying biology, genetics and anatomy. My lessons are always organised and I am great at explaining those complex topics.

1st lesson free !

New Jersey High School Biology Teacher with 18 Years Experience Teaching All Levels

I pride myself on using multiple teaching strategies to help students understand a concept. I teach towards the student's strengths (auditory, visual, etc.) and plan my lesson based on what will work best for that individual. I have experience working with students that have IEPs and have learned how to meet the needs of each type of learner.

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Come into full bloom with my biology tutoring check it out guys

I always believe education is never through books..Mainly subjects like biology needs practical essence than theory.. My classes are so lively that students starts loving subject more.

New Leeds
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Biomedical student offering Biology tutoring up to advanced higher level in Aberdeenshire

I adapt my tutoring to the need of the individual, as everyone learns differently. I'm comfortable tutoring all levels of biology up to higher. I have experience peer mentoring in a class environment, working both individually and as part of a group.

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Biomedical Sciences student offering Biology and Chemistry lessons in Sheffield ( 2nd year undergraduate student)

My lessons are given to students studying GCSE's and also have separate lessons for A-levels. Especially if the student studies Biology under the AQA exam board. Lesson structure - First I will try to identify what areas of biology the student is struggling in and try to explain concepts with pictures when and if necessary.

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A Diabetes Specialist interested to give Biology lessons for students preaparing for Pre Medical Examinations at UG or PG Level

I try to teach the fundamentals of the subjects and its applications. I do not advise cramming rather try to ignite interests in Biology for my colleagues. My student profile can vary from a high school level to undergraduate level.

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Innovative Science Educator, Play-educator and Learning Mentor for concepts related to Biolgy

Teaching Methodology is practical, hands on and experimental. Learn by doing, exploring and modelling concepts. Inquisition based approach to concepts with multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary and observable natural phenomenon. Digital tools, games, toys, stories ,activities, movies and documentaries geared towards concept comprehension.

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Recent UC Davis Graduate with a B.S. in Cell Bio and a love for teaching the sciences

I find students learn best from doing research ahead of time, and then actively listening in lectures/tutoring sessions. From there, practice problems are essential to solidify knowledge, with any errors or confusions being remedied in the process. I would like to offer help in any of these areas of the learning process.

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Professional Microbiologist offering Biology lessons in London with additional experience in health sciences.

I offers lessons to high school and undergraduate students. My teaching methods involve introducing concepts, explaining them to students and finally ensuring that they have understood. As a tutor, I take up a very friendly personality, ensure smooth communication with the students and most of all I put forth all the effort needed to ensure that the needs of a student are met.

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Biology tutor with ten years of experience in both offline and online mode.

My approach is quite simple. My philosophy is to make the concept as simple as possible. The complicated concepts can be simplified and the student need the same. I prefer not to confuse any student at any level. I help them at all levels.

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UNR graduate in Biology offers tutoring in biology, math, chemistry, organic chemistry, and MCAT test prep

I am a very calm and patient person, and I believe people learn best when they feel they have contributed to their own learning. I don't lecture, I let the student tell me what he or she knows and correct or supplement as needed until they reach an understanding on their own.

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Bachelor of Neuroscience, Pre-Medical 4th Year Student with 2 years of Teaching Experience

I give lessons to students K-12, but can work around this as well! I'd prefer tutoring students in these grade ranges, but can adjust to tutor college-level students! The more the merrier, for me! I like to base my teaching style and lesson structure in a very interactive manner.

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Teaching you biology with quick and easy notes. any topics i will happily help

my teaching method is tutoring online and if it is nearby to my location, i will happily come over to teach or if convenient students may attend my home for further studies. i will happily summarise all information and teach each individual topics to you.

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Preparing for UPSC . Gives tution in science and maths for more than 2 years

I always believe to teach scientific ways of thinking.Help students to develop a conceptual framework as well as to develop problem-solving skills. Assess student understanding at frequent intervals throughout the learning process.Exercise curiosity and creativity by designing a procedure to test a hypothesis.

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