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Pharmacy student teaches biology and chemistry classes for elementary and junior high school in Salvador.

My teaching method is based on the idea that the best learning is that actively achieved, in which the student must seek, with adequate guidance, the knowledge that needs to evolve academically, my job being simply to guide and assist him or her through the way.

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Student of Biology at UFRJ, an ecologist in training, teaches biology for elementary and middle school.

My methodology is according to the level of the student. I do not present a fixed methodology because I seek to create a class according to the students demands, in order to level them to an optimal level of knowledge of the discipline.

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Biomedical Science graduate offering biology lessons up to university level in East Sussex

I am available to tutor in biology for A-level student up to degree level. I am also able to provide science lessons for GCSE students. My teaching method is fairly flexible to what suits you best. For students at school or college, I will be using revision guides to be able to facilitate lessons.

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Physician with 12 years experience who loves to teach science to students.

My teaching method is based on a multidimensional approach. In addition to lectures, I like to use online resources. I have a special interest in e-learning that I will incorporate into my teaching plan. We live in an age of easily obtainable information of all types.

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A science nerd who has completed bachelor's in paramedic, who just loves imparting wisdom!!

Picturization method is my favourite and most effective way I've observed in my experience as it helps theoretically as well as practically.

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Clinical Research Masters Student offering Biology lessons up to university level, Chemistry and Maths lessons up to Alevel, and Physics lessons up to GCSE

My name is Rach, I am a Clinical Research Master Student at Lancaster University. I am looking to provide individual face-to-face or web-based tuition based on course specifications for (up to and including) GCSE Physics, Alevel Chemistry, Mathematics with Statistics and University Biology. Lessons are one hour per week for face-to-face sessions and 1.

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I am proficient in Plant Biotechnology techniques, Molecular cloning, Recombinant DNA technology, Tissue culture etc

I am having good teaching experience and can teach the students from High school to post graduates. I am having wast knowledge on the molecular biology, recombination DNA technology which is useful for the students.

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Nat 5 and GCSE Science and German tutor in Edinburgh and East Lothian

I believe in consistently structured methods of learning, as these have been the most effective for me in the past. Giving a verbal introduction to the topic, and then working through practice questions with the student until an understanding is achieved.

Leamington Spa
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Durham University Biomedical Sciences graduate offering Biology A-level and GCSE tuition in Warwickshire

I am a 22-year old First class Biomedical Sciences graduate from Durham University, offering biology tuition up to GCSE and A-Level standard. In my lessons, I aim to utilise my patient and enthusiastic teaching approach in order to boost understanding, enjoyment, and importantly, exam success.

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Senior Technician offering Biology, Art and Cooking lessons where desired in Central Scotland

Teaching biological theory is new for me so I am looking forward to the experience. Currently I train people to carry out procedures, explaining the background information with a hands-on approach.

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Student preparing for medical entrance gives tuitions in biology for high school students online

I approach the topics with a lot of care and would like to base my class not only on lectures but would like to make it as interactive and user-friendly as possible. I hope not only to teach my students biology but also to develop an interest in the beauty and understanding of the wonderful living world.

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Research scholar in botany gives tuition in biology from high school to college in thrissur

My teaching method is a student centered approach. I am trying to bring out all the good aspects of a student. There will be an equal role for student as well as teacher in learning process.

New Delhi
Shujauat hussain
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Intended to provide a quality knowledge, where at the same time i can ehance my overall capabilities.

My way of teaching depends upon the class, usually i prefer the lectures over notes. the lecture limit should be 40-50 minutes maximum. the number of students should be as minimum as possible. i am able to teach higher secondary as well as bachelors level.

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I'm offering you good quality classes in Biology. I'm giving medical entrance exam oriented coaching or tuition class in biology to CBSE and state board students up to plus two level.

I would like to raise the academic performance of students by understanding abilities and weakness of them and also tried to motivate if need. My class aims to make easy the difficult portion to students through more approachable and attractive way along with good interaction with students.

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Life sciences classes for XI and XII students based in Purnea District

I teach for knowledge not for only passing the exams. Exam is only test of your knowledge not best of your knowledge. When you study anything with relevancy and uses you would learn and enhance your knowledge with real things.

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Passionate MBiol Biology Student offering Biology and Chemistry tutoring up to A Level

I offer tutoring from Key Stage 2 SATs up to A Level in Biology and Chemistry. To suit the new style of examinations implemented by the Government, I base my lessons primarily on application of knowledge to exam-style questions, ensuring information covered can be accurately transferred to an exam-style context.

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Come with me we will make a different world for us . There is nothing impossible.

My methodology is simple and easy because I want to teach student as well as in easy way that they can understand better without making any notes and after that I provide PDF of notes if thet need or on demand as well

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Paramedic student offering biology and chemistry lessons at home in the Oxford

In regards to teaching, I am very open to delivering lessons in a variety of different ways to suit individuals. If, as an individual, you are unsure we can explore different methods. I am aware of how difficult topics can be to understand so I aim to teach these in a more diverse way. If you have particular weaknesses such as exams or essays I am more than happy to help with these.

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Mauritian teacher experienced in teaching CIE O and A level offering online Biology lessons

I am a Biology teacher working in one of the best Mauritian Secondary School with boys aged 12-18. I teach the Cambridge International O level (GCSE); AS and A level in Biology. I believe that using creative methods, analogies, personal experiences of the learners, discussions, etc makes learning fun and engaging. My aim is to motivate learners to achieve their goals.

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Senior Biological Science student teaches several areas of biology, actually located in Indaiatuba Brazil

My classes will be taught according to the individual needs of my students, my classes are destined for college students or high school students with an interest in going to college.

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College biology professor with over 12 years of online and face to face teaching.

Giving instruction on concepts and then allowing students to put the material in their own words. I strongly believe that hands on practice with homework, problems, and quizzes are the key to successful and long term understanding of any course subject.

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Get NCERT at your fingertips for your Board Examinations and other Competitive exams after twelfth.

First of all I choose the topics to be taught and prepare well before entering the class. I prepare a short lesson plan and always use TLM along with the chalk and blackboard. I give students mnemonics to remember the difficult things. After completing the topic, I ask the students for group discussion for a while and then I ask the questions from the same topic.

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Biology is cool, I am Passionate about biology and making it fun to learn.

I like to make things practical, biology is alive so I like to make connections with our own body's, stories seem to work well. I have done all types of studying from making flash cards to interactive notes. I mold to the way the person I am tutoring learns. It's about teaching them in their primary learning style.

Mujeeb rahman
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Tuition for plus Two to PG in zoology is available, in zoology and its sub-disciplines

It is better to be a good mentor and great philosopher in class, motivate the students with new ideas and perspectives.

Jardim Nova Aparecida
Cláudio marino
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Biology student. I try to help in doubts and share knowledge of several fields of this science

For my own learning, I like to read. After reading I summarize and summarize my own summary. Already, to share knowledge, my methodology includes citing curiosities and curious events in order to arouse interest in the student.

New Delhi
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Biology tution in new delhi, south delhi area up to 12th class.

I ll make you understand everything and you ll learn something new everyday.. you ll not feel any difficulty. I am student freindly tutor and it ll be fun to learn biology from me. I ll give my best to teach you.

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A-level student offering Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History tuition to GCSE’s level

My teaching method is very much based around the students concerns and focus’s on what they need to work on. I use lots of diagrams to show the processes involved (particularly in biology), help the student make succinct notes on the topic and do practice papers.

Praça Seca
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Biologist teaches Biology and Science classes for Elementary and Middle School in Rio de Janeiro.

My methodology may vary depending on the one in which the student is already accustomed to. However, I usually explain the essential topics of the discipline and pass exercises a priori. When possible, I can demonstrate some small experiments so that learning is more dynamic.

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Hi Iam Amina I have been guest college lecturer in life science,I am interest to take online classess in Biology expecially in genetics,Physciology ,....etc I do my best to clear your doubts in these

I explain the process clearly to you,and I will make sure that you understand what i teach through simple tests.In my opinion a great teacher teaches not only text book materials but also The truth that's happening outside. Practice balanced with theory.

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Dual Enrollment Biology Student offering any and all biology lessons (Genomics, Ecology, Microbiology, Virology, etc) as well as AP Exam Insight

My teaching philosophy is very simple, and it was taught to me by my BIO 101/102 professor. The teacher does not give you the grade, you give yourself the grade. My teaching method is based first off of familiarizing yourself with the knowledge that needs to be known, then practicing and applying it not until you get it right, but until you can't get it wrong.

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