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University of Queensland student offering fun, interesting and engaging tutoring in Anatomy

My teaching method is to come up with a well planned out schedule of what needs to be taught and trying to teach this in the most effective way for the student to learn by finding an interest of theirs and trying to base learning around this.

Caroline Springs
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M.Phil (Micro) interested in teaching biology to high school and microbiology to university students.

I teach on multi media presentations as well as face to face discussions.

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Australian National University first year student tutors primary and high school students in Biology.

I like to take a fun and direct approach to learning where learning is achieved at a pace which is applicable to the student. Each student learns in a different way and I believe that having patience and understanding with students about the way they learn is key in them moving forward and developing a deeper understanding.

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Ex High school teacher now studying medicine at UOW looking to share some knowledge and skills.

I really believe in discovery based learning based but as a tutor i think time is of the essence so focusing on developing key skills for individual students that they can further practice is far more beneficial for the learners involved.

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Deakin Medical Student gives biology lessons to high school and uni students in Geelong and Melbourne

My approach to teaching is tailored to the specific needs of each individual student and involves one or more of the following methods. If the goal of the student is to gain a conceptual understanding of a topic, then I start by asking the student to explain their understanding of the topic and then I fill in the gaps using 'chunking and checking' techniques throughout.

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Doctorate in Biochemistry from Monash, give science lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

Highlights of my qualifications include: PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Monash University; Master's in Animal Genetics and Breeding from Anand Agricultural University My research work is published in High Impact research articles in reputed research journals.

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QUT Biotechnology student wants to give science lessons to high school and uni students

My teaching method will be very different as i believe in getting involve with the students so that they should understand the concept and basics of each topic of the subject, I believe in practical knowledge which is based more on the concepts rather than cramming the theory.

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Macquarie University Student- teaching basic and intermediate biology of all types within Western Sydney

I do not believe in set lessons. If you send me questions and concerns, I will build each lesson to focus on those. I believe this is one of the best methods of teaching. You need to be having fun to learn.

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UWA Biochemistry PhD Student gives Biology lessons to high school & uni students in Perth

I believe that it is important for the student to understand each concept before moving on to the next topic, so before moving on to the next topic, I would usually give a small test/quiz to check on the student's understanding.

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Uni Melb PhD student with years of experience in Biology teaching /tutoring

My method is to make classes easy and fun, enjoy learning with interactive tools and tricks to remember what you learned!! My responsibilities as a teacher include: Lecturer of Medical Genetics, and Molecular and Cell Biology: Teaching, supervision and mentoring of undergraduate students. Conducting large-group teaching. Preparation of teaching materials and performance assessments.

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A scientist looking to help students with anything relating to Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Anatomy, and Biotechnology in Moorooka and surrounding suburbs.

I like to teach using diagrams and images if applicable. I find it easier to convey information this way especially when it comes to biology, genetics, and biotechnology. There are times when a more direct approach (hands-on) is needed to convey an information. I will draw information from different reputable sources as well as from my own working experience.

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I am a Prof. in Microbiology with 14 years teaching experiences in medical schools, engaging biology and Microbiology lessons to high school, TAFE and university students On the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

I will involve the students by discussion, asking questions, quiz, posters, ppt, and believe effective practice, relatable comparisons in their everyday life, and using metaphors and stories to enhance learning is the main way I ensure my students achieve. My motto: Nothing is impossible.

Lianne nicole
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A nursing student from the University of Notre Dame previously studied Bachelor of Human Biology Preclinical at Curtin University.

My teaching method is, I explain through diagrams and demonstration. Human anatomy and physiology are best to learn through diagrams and through looking at your body to locate certain things such as the different major arteries and veins there are.

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USYD student studying health science and human movement with high school experience with PDHPE and Biology

My teaching method is focusing on an individuals weaknesses and working on them constantly until they are competent in those areas. I aim to make sessions enjoyable as students don't want to work and learn unless they are interested and entertained.

Caulfield North
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Post graduate public health student from Deakin university is actively seeking for students to teach health and bio subjects.

I have unique method of teaching depending upon the student age and learning ability.

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Student at UQ able to give tutoring in all high school and some first year university classes

I try to simplify concepts as much as possible and build on basic knowledge.

Harrington Park
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HSC Biology Student Gives Private or Group Tutoring to K-11 Science/Biology Students

My teaching method can be group or individual based and can tutor students from K-11 in Science, Senior Biology, PDHPE or English. I can provide access to textbooks, past papers, and practise questions to aid in teaching but the method can be flexible to adjust to the student's preferences.

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University of Technology Sydney (UTS) student to tutor year 11 and 12 HSC students in Sydney

- My teaching method depends on every student because everyone learns differently. - I will go through each syllabus dot point thoroughly with care and attention, making sure everything explained is clear. - I will give them past exams to sit under exam conditions, and we will go through the answers together.

Glen Innes
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Superlative Tutor will teach you how to excel at anything and everything

My teaching method is to reward the students good work...... .... .... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ., ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ...

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Adelaide University student give Biology lessons to high school and university students in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on diagrams and their functioning in a flow chart as it is easy to understand and keep in mind for long term. Moreover, science is a subject of understanding more than learning,, so one can easily remember the terms.

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Harjot gives lessons of biology and biotechnology to indian students for two years

depends upon the students ..slow learner needs more attention and quick learner need additional knowledge to be provided.

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I am graduate and going for master degree at swinburne universuty in biotechnology course.

My teaching methodology is based upon the interaction with student, giving information related to topic, making aware about the things that are important to know related to topics, having disscussions on certain topics, regular tests , helding doubts sessions

Brisbane City
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University of Queensland Dentistry (Honours) student giving Science lessons in Brisbane city area

I believe it is extremely important to not only memorise content but also be able to explain it to a third person, who has no knowledge of it. I like to incorporate different ways of teaching, such as through diagrams, notes in written form and also other exercises such as crosswords to consolidate the theory learnt.

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Uwa biomed student gives lessons in microbiology to high school students in perth

my teaching strategy is to focus on what the student needs the most help with and rather me just teaching i want them to contribute and work with me to find the best way that suits them the best and helps them learn.

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IB Biology Teacher here to help you achieve your 7, 10 years experience, online or at your door!

My teaching methods are based on your learning styles and how you enjoy to learn. I believe learning should be fun and informative. Over the years I have learnt many different ways to communicate information and will find what works for you.

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M.B;B.S graduate now a UOW masters student willing to teach biology and maths in Wollongong region

I focus more on deep understanding of the subject rather just learning.

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James Cook University Medical Student offering primary and high school students with tutoring in areas such as Biology, Maths, English and other sciences.

I believe that students should learn in a fun and active environment where their knowledge can prosper. A typical lesson would include working on homework and assignments together so I can support them in the areas needed. I may also provide them with learning resources if needed. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss tutoring plans.

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Veterinary Science Student teaching Biology lessons to High School students in Brisbane

I strongly believe in positive reinforcements instead of punishments. At the start of the lesson I will give out lesson outline, notes will be provided and will test your understanding at the end of each lesson, and give out homework when needed.

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Townsville JCU Medical Laboratory Science Student Offering Tutoring For Highschool and Primary School Students

Empathetic and laid-back 19 year old university student. Would love to help kids that are struggling with biology at school or need extra help to get great marks. I try to break down concepts in a way that's simple to understand and use videos/diagrams wherever possible.

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I love to tutor Biology and Chemistry high school and uni 1st years

While I was a teacher I spent countless hours learning as well. What I learnt from a Ted talk and put into practice with amazing results is a connection with students. I now have families who would welcome me to stay if I visited. The quality of my teaching i also found increased.

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