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Avalon Beach
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Professor in Biochemistry (PhD in Biochemistry) gives biology and chemistry lessons for high school and university students

I have 3 years experience teaching Biochemistry in a Catholic Univeristy of Cuyo (Argentina). The classes consisted in theorical dictation, writing exams and final oral examination. I try to make my students see that biology and chemistry are part of our nature as disciplines which explain practically every aspect of our every day.

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Uni Melb PhD student with years of experience in Biology teaching /tutoring

My method is to make classes easy and fun, enjoy learning with interactive tools and tricks to remember what you learned!! My responsibilities as a teacher include: Lecturer of Medical Genetics, and Molecular and Cell Biology: Teaching, supervision and mentoring of undergraduate students. Conducting large-group teaching. Preparation of teaching materials and performance assessments.

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High School Science Teacher with 30 years Experience. HSC Biology specialty plus Junior Science. I also offer ukulele lessons! Check out my video if you’re interested

I am convinced that students need to see the relevance of what is being taught to them and how it affects their lives. The syllabus outcomes for the relevant subject(s) and stage(s) are the basis of all lessons.

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Biology lessons for uni and high school students from a PhD graduate with experience in biomedical automation

I am geared to students who feel that they are being left behind. My approach to teaching is to not just teach a topic but to try and introduce a new way of thinking about a subject so that going forward, there is a broader understanding of subject. Then the students are able to apply this to better absorb new concepts. So there is less spoon feeding and more of an engagement of the mind.

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I live in Seymour, Victoria and I prefer online teaching (Distance education) or give Maths, science (year 7 -10) and V.C.E Biology lessons to students in Seymour, Victoria area. I have Master of teac

I am a passionate, enthusiastic educator with a wide range of professional experiences. I believe that education is the foundation of success and all students can learn when presented with subject matter appropriate to their level and interactive method. I have completed Master of Teaching (secondary) degree from Federation University, Australia. Also, I have B.

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Ph. D. student in biomedicine with more than 6 years of experience in private tutoring.

My lessons are engaging, fun and most importantly, effective! My lessons are 45-50 mins long, the first half we usually go through the theory, and then in problem-solving. During the first lesson, I get to know the student difficulties and together we develop an action plan to achieve specific goals within a specific time frame.

Dandenong North
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Doctor of Optometry Student from UniMelb tutoring VCE Biology Units 1-4, Science, Primary Math, Cellular Biology, Genetics and Microbiology. Available in Dandenong & other areas.

I provide individual, hourly based lessons with material and teaching method tailored to suit your needs. I will provide you with extra material along with material you would like to cover. I believe in thorough understanding of the material before tackling anything complicated, to ensure that you develop into an independent learner who can help themselves in the future.

North Melbourne
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MelbourneUni Dental Student give science lessons (biology, chemistry, physics) to high school and uni students in Melbourne

My strengths as a tutor lie in the ability of relating foreign concepts into a way that is more relatable for the student. Particularly in sciences, this involves using analogies to link concepts into every day scenarios and casual language.

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La Trobe Biomedicine Student gives biology lessons to primary and secondary students in Melbourne.

I enjoy working with children and I like to make learning fun for them so that they are engaged at all times and can obtain the most from the session. My lesson structure covers all topics the student requires extra help on, while also helping them strengthen their grasp on concepts they already feel confident about.

Rockhampton City
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2011 Bachelor of Science graduate teaching Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Genetics, Physiology , Fitness and personal training , Chinese

I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. I love active students who come prepare with a list of questions to ask me. Please also email me the material you need help with before the class so I have time to prepare for it. I love to break down complex scientific ideas into simple terms which makes it easy to understand.

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Monash grad student who gives biology lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

Biology can seem like a scary subject for many people - you know, with all the big names, the different functions of a protein/molecule, the memorising. And if you cannot see something function, you cannot really understand how it will work, right? You’re absolutely right. My experience in labs makes me a well suited person to explain the topic to a struggling student.

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Human Biology High School graduate offering lessons for WACE students in Perth

My teaching method is such that I cover basics first. I believe that without basic foundations, there is no point in delving into harder applications. So, first, we will make sure you understand every concept thoroughly, and then we will focus on how to answer every possible exam question. This will enhance knowledge.

Macquarie Park
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Make biology fun with Dhaka University Student. Convert your weakness to your strength.

In my 9 years tuition career I have seen students with weakness and fears in subjects, I tried my best to make the subject fun to them- by giving them easier example of our surroundings they can remember, by showing them videos and pictures. I always tried to make them understand the basic of that particular knowledge and i loved to watch them growing strong and doing well.

North Melbourne
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University of Melbourne student giving high school students lessons in science and biology.

I am primarily interested in tutoring - enhancing and improving on the student's formal teaching. I start a lesson by looking at what the student is struggling with and what knowledge and skills they already have. From there, I teach the areas that the student needs.

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Qualified Biology teacher from UK gives science lessons to high school students.

I aim to make each topic relevant for students and relate topics to real life examples where possible, in turn making it easier for the student to understand and master. I am a firm believer in active learning and enjoy delivering tasks where the students apply their knowledge to scenarios in order to extend it.

Roxburgh Park
Deepak kumar
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Specialist Doctor from Nepal willing to teach related subjects to school and uni students in Melbourne area

Within Melbourne area I can teach in school (classroom) or at home, individually or in group. I can also teach online as per need. The lessons taught will be as per the need of students or as per their curriculum. In classroom overhead projector, if available, slides, marker-boards and internet can be utilised for teaching students.

Sandy Gully
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Biology and Genetics Graduate gives biology lessons to primary and high school students around Wagga Wagga, NSW.

I base my lessons around the school curriculum, specifically the areas that the student is the least confident with.

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QUT Biological Science Honours Student willing to tutor students in Brisbane and Ipswich areas

I prefer to have knowledge of the topic prior to the tutoring session to allow myself to refresh my memory and ensure I will be teaching you all the correct things. I am fairly adaptable and can suit whatever teaching method suits you best. I find flash-cards and quizzing particularly effective for exam study.

Keilor Downs
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Biomedicine Student at La Trobe provides biology lessons in Melbourne (High school & Uni students)

My teaching method would be constructive and friendly approach that involves a more interacting and student-based of teaching. I base my classes on many different things and I'll try to cater personal types. I approach topic by first, comprehending big ideas then try to move forward to every single details.

1st lesson free !

Murdock University Graduate gives Biological Science lessons to High-school Students in Perth area

My teaching method is simple yet affective. By showing a keen interest in science myself, it encourages the student to remain engaged for longer periods of time. I am respectful and compassionate, realising that everyone has their own learning style and differences in learning ability. Consistent feedback and praise is incredibly important, and also encouraging.

North Ward
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JCU PhD Candidate in Aquaculture and Genetics giving Science/Biology lessons to high school and university students

My lessons are catered to my individual students and their needs. I am a very patient and creative tutor with an arsenal of teaching techniques at my disposal: including (but limited to) creating metaphors/analogies, color blocking, flash cards, quizzing, and even creating songs.

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University of Tasmania's Masters in Applied Science Student is ready to deliver Biology lessons. Individual attention will be given to each student.

My teaching method is creating strong relationship with students and engage students in the activities which they are lacking of. Also letting my students to look at any situation in a variety of ways. Also I believe frequent communication with parents also matters.

Eight Mile Plains
Young min
1st lesson free !

Brisbane Girls Grammar School old girl giving biology (science) lessons to primary and high school students.

I match my lessons to the standards and capabilities of my students. For primary school students, I will give a choice between 30 minutes or 1 hour lessons per week and I strive to make them interactive and fun. For high school students, I am able to provide feedback on assignments and help give tips for exams.

1st lesson free !

Bachelor of biomedical science (RMIT). Currently studying Master of teaching at University of MElbourne. Main teaching area is high school Chinese, Math, Biology, Physics, Science (able to teach in ma

I am happy to give out homework if the students are willing to. Students are welcomed to send me questions through email outside class time and I am happy to help with student’s school homework. Usually, one lesson is 1-2 hours long and 10 minutes break in between.

1st lesson free !

Deakin Biomedical Student offering Biology tutoring to High school students in Melbourne

I am passionate about the subjects I am willing to tutor and I am relatable, having gone through the rigours of secondary schooling myself, my lessons would involve learning through visualising and creating mind maps to help understand difficult topics and concepts, I am also patient and I teach in a coherent and engaging manner.

Wells Crossing
1st lesson free !

Genetics research scientist teaching in biology especially genetics and zoology in the Grafton to Coffs Harbour region and help with scientific writing.

I adapt to each students interests and strengths/weakness by using terminology they can understand and examples from their interests. I have worked in University Research and have experience explaining advanced concepts to diverse audiences. I teach concepts not rote learning and encourage discussions.

1st lesson free !

Neuroscience Research Student giving lessons in Biology and Biomedical Science (High School & Undergraduate)

I believe the best way to teach biology is with the effective use of diagrams and visual aids, reinforced by regular practice questions. This works for students at all levels and ages, and can help in teaching difficult concepts and theories.

1st lesson free !

HD biomedical student of the University of the Sunshine Coast, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and more

Teaching methods used is: Drawing and explain (method utilized by Khan Academy). As I have a drawing pad with my computer, this would make classes way more interactive. After the explanation is finished, Q&A time.

Victoria Park
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1st lesson free !

Curtin University Graduate, studying Master of Teaching teaching all aspects of Human Biology

My teaching method is directed towards each individual student independently. I personally am a visual learner and constantly make notes in pictures and diagrams to fully grasp the physiology of things. My lesson structure consists of me teaching for the majority of the lesson then, the student presenting the learned topics back to me to solidify the knowledge.

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High-school Biology topper currently studying Biomedicine at ACU inculcates Science into you

I prefer teaching face-to-face as its the best chance for students to ask questions and interact with the teacher. I always try to teach with diagrams and real-life examples. I especially try to indulge the back benchers because if they can comprehend, the whole class comprehends the concept.

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