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Melton South
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PhD graduate tutoring Biology in Melbourne & surrounds - School & University level (specialising Neuroscience, Dev Bio)

Find out student's goals / aims and current level (eg. are you failing a unit and need to pass? Or need a top mark for scholarships etc.) Analyse understanding of different topics through exam-style questions; identify areas of weakness and work through re-explaining the core concepts to improve understanding in these areas.

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Postgraduate marine biologist gives biology lessons to high school and uni students

I like to approach the subject giving a general view of it, then go into the specific area that requires more explanation or that it is unclear. I move forward only when I am sure the subject has been fully comprehended by the student.

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Curtin Occupational Therapy Student who is teaching highschool Human biology (ATAR), Perth

I like to break down major topics into smaller ones, especially by making dot points within sub categories. I also like using videos to explain topics when I think they are better described using illustrations, for all highschool students.

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Monash University Science Student Foundation Year/ Year 12 VCE/ Cambridge A level

My teaching method is by explaining the course and provide tips to the student. Lots of drilling and practice usually help my students. Besides that, I like to convey my material by telling a story hence it is easier to be absorbed by the student.

South Plympton
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Adelaide biological student gives biological lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

My teaching method is based on the student's notebook and some necessary knowledge will be provided. Some basic technical skills and analytical methods can be provided as well if students want. Pictures are preferred to display critical mechanisms. Critical thinking and discussions are the most important part of my lessons.

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Midwifery student giving biology tutoring for high school students on the central coast.

I focus teaching directly around the syllabus and objectives from the course outline, maintaining a focus on the true learning outcomes. I also assist in exam preparation with tips for effective study including past papers, breaking down questions, sentence and essay structure and stress relief.

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Experience biology and biotechnology in a whole new light : understand, apply, score!

I base my classes only loosely on the school curriculum but focus more on the students' curiosity and areas of interest to invoke a genuine liking for the subject. I draw from my own experience as a student to relate with what the students want from a class in biology. understanding and interest takes one beyond the domain of marks and allows real proficiency in any subject.

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Bond University medical student gives biology lessons to high school students on the Gold Coast.

I like to approach topics with students systematically, and identify problem areas within them. These are the areas that we will focus on and master.

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If you are based in Townsville and require tutoring in biology, maths, spanish and/or english call me

I try to make lessons adaptable to each individual student as everyone learns differently I let the student how they like to learn and adapt my teaching technique to suit the learner as best as I can. I am able to explain things in various ways in order to reach a variety of students.

Flagstaff Hill
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Flinders Uni student gives biology, general maths, and english lessons to high school students in Adelaide.

I like to make learning a fun experience, so I tend to colourcode information, and create mnemonics to assist in remembering otherwise complex information. I also try to simplify information and relate it to real life examples to aid in understanding difficult concepts.

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QUT Phd student give biology lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have designed my teaching approach based on the students understanding and developed methodology based on critical subject analysis and unit understanding. Whenever necessary i try and have a practical approach to my teaching to make it easier for students to understand the subject.

Saint Lucia
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QUT Science Graduate available to help Primary and Highschool students in Brisbane

I aim to help my student’s comprehension by encouraging broader/deeper engagement and by creating an enjoyable after school learning environment. I would like to share tips and tricks I've personally used to learn efficiently (such as games, making stories and image-name association).

Saint Lucia
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University of Queensland Biomedical Engineering Research scholar ready to give biology lectures

My teaching method is engaging students by self performing first. I also make things easiest by drawings, videos and daily life examples. My teaching methods are learning oriented. I made students learn-on-site rather than leaving students on their own.

Cranbourne East
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Deakin University Biomed student giving biology and chemistry lessons at your home

My teaching lesson start with daily examples and relating real life scenarios with the subject to make it more easier to understand. My lesson structure is usually based on defining and detailing the facts and figures and latest advancements in the field.

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Forensic Science graduate with experience tutoring biology, math and chemistry at home

My teaching methods are based on my students. Focusing on area of trouble they have. Looking at areas they went wrong then correcting them. Going back to do a review of the lesson in a simpler method is aways helpful.

Cherica felize
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Molecular Biology postgraduate student at UQ who teaches biology to high school or undergrad students in Brisbane. My strong suits are cell & molecular biology and genetics although I am also flexible

To excel in a complex subject such as molecular biology or any of the biological sciences, I ensure that my student obtains a good balance of knowledge of the technical terms and the understanding of concepts underlying the whole system. In order to achieve this, I first assess my student's background and capabilities. I then adjust to my student's needs accordingly.

East Perth
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Biology being my area of expertise, I offer academic tutoring for all grades.

I focus more on clearing basic knowledge first, I take classes by not just following the bookish protocol, but also going out of my way to find and offer more visual knowledge to make it a more interesting and fun learning session for students.

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The University of Queensland first-year medical student with 10 years tutoring experience in Science & English & Test Prep

I like to focus on understanding what kind of learner the student is. Most people are either auditory, tactile or visual and many students don't realize that they can favor one modality over another. Once a student understands what her/his optimum modality is, we can work on creating realistic achievable goals for school work using the modalities in the best possible way.

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University of Queensland graduate given tutoring in Biology and Microbiology students in Brisbane

Ph.D., in Industrial Microbiology with specialization in Pharmaceutical and Enzyme research. Lesson structure will be modified to suit individual learning style. Six years experience in enzymology with Antibiotic research project at Smith Kline and French Laboratories. Teaching philosophy to suit subject understanding of various level to professional level.

Bundaberg Central
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Plant pathology majored and giving biology lessons to mainly high school students

Mainly focusing on reviewing and previewing school lessons. This way, students can understand better whether in class or doing their homework after class. I'll also select a few related videos for students to watch to broaden their knowledge and pique their interests.

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Year 12 high school graduate (2018) giving Biology lessons to high school students in Sydney

I am perfectly willing to give lessons to students individually or through group sessions, preferably at a location such as their school, library, or their home. I am capable in giving assistance and support to students who study high school biology.

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UNSW Medical Science student gives biology lessons to high school students in sydney

Hey there my name is Hiba Baig and i am very passionate about teaching science specifically biology. My lessons are aimed towards high school students looking to gain any sort of help with science subjects. Persoanlly, i prefer to be open to the structure of my lessons and i like to individualise my lessons to suit each students needs as each student is different.

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A Bioinformatics graduate giving Biology , chemistry and Biochemistry lessons to primary and secondary college students.

My teaching method is interactive and innovative. I always teach the logic behind the scientific facts rather than bulking up the student with huge set of notes. That way the student learns and develops a passion for science. the lesson structure will contain graphical support and notes with important facts.

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University of Tasmania Ph.D. student with eight years of University teaching and research experience, gives biology, cell biology, pathophysiology, genetics and microbiology lessons to high school and

I use blended teaching strategies to engage and actively involve students in their own learning. Apart from taking conventional lecture, I encourage students to develop a conceptual framework to develop problem-solving skills by journalling, followed by task cards and digital application based quiz format.

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ET Technology,Galactic Federation universal knowledge,design of species,The study of 50 universal laws

The use of Yin and Yang, an open mind, Data collected throughout the years,to be able to look at things without judgement and emotional reaction,mass consciousness understanding and learning what effects it.Spiritual training for preparation of coming events, The use of logic in an understanding of positive and negative energy fields.

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Neuroscience PhD Student gives lessons in Cells and molecular biology and related subjects including neuroscience to high school and uni students in Hobart. I have 5 years of Research experience with

I approach topic by topic but I'm not an old school in teaching. I always try to explain things in the most simple way with examples to deliver the message for better understanding and for long term results. Beside this, I get along quite easily with students because of my friendly behaviour and helpful nature.

Wattle Park
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Flinders Optometry Student with 3 years of experience offering quality Bio+Chem+Eng+Maths+Psych lessons (free study notes + worksheets + exam prep questions)

Prior to each lesson, I tailor them to the student and their needs according to that week. Sessions may take up to two hours where the first hour consists of my structured teaching, followed by the second hour where they bring in their own work for me to draft, explain or clarify any vague areas.

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Subiaco, Perth, WA: 10 years experience, high school and uni science tutoring, past uni lecturer, now med student

I love teaching and have for many years, and am offering tutoring services while I complete my medical degree at the University of Western Australia. I moved to Perth in 2018 to study the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia. I'd love the opportunity to continue my teaching work in my new home.

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Let’s Take the edge off biology by focusing on what YOU need to work on

I base my classes on what the indivisible or group has just learnt, making sure they can recall and reproduce previous knowledge, I base my teaching on how I was tutored through high school and gain my resources from my own previous experience, lesson structure would be: previous knowledge, working examples, hardships, techniques, physical/visual engagement, working examples, future knowledge

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Awesome Forensic Science student give Biology lessons to high school and uni students!

I base my lessons based on what happened in class as well as topic order. I start my lessons by giving you the big picture idea of the topic so that you understand the general concept behind a topic. Then we will start to go deeper and learn to connect those small details to main idea. Everything in Biology is connected. One process leads to another.

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