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Say BYE to science fears..Clear all your doubts related to science(chemistry,physics, biology) ,SST, Maths till 10nth level and Biology(botany and zoology) and biochemistry till ug level from the expe

where it comes to understanding of students no teaching method is a constraint for me . I can use anything ranging from ohp, ppt , seminars etc. I can also upload mooc (massive open online courses) for subject clarity. The crystal clarity in subject followed by evaluation based methodology makes my teaching unique and different from others.

Seebi Agrahara
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6.5 years of teaching experience in Biology till 12 grade (CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/ISC board)

My teaching method includes Simple language, breaking one topic into points for better understanding, easy flowcharts for grasping the topic, day to day related example. Till you doesn't understand my session is never over! I have taught to classes from 6,7,8,9,10,11,12, B.Sc students from Science, Biology, Biotechnology,Cell Biology, Molecular Biology,Genetics etc.

Suprabha bharati
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Best classes in biology......understand the fundamentals of biology...mainly zoology.....know about the living body properly

My teching method is i will tech students by writing in bord & some importants by dectecting & by providing proper notes......

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Any doubts or Classes required in Biology,Botany or any field of life Sciences

I adopt both theory and practical training as per needs.I can also provide adequate lecture notes and clarifications in points for the topic of concern.I can be flexible enough as per student needs and demands.

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A nursing student who has perfect knowledge of human anatomy and physiology

1.HyperCard is an educational technology that has relevance for the problem of teaching students how to ask questions and get information on selected subjects. 2. I introduce a formal label or definition of a concept, process, skill, or behaviour.

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Recently passed12th with 94 percent well versed with the syllabus, interested in teaching students from class 8 to class 12 in Kolkata

My teaching method is to be flexible and allow the student to adapt to the syllabus, and then bit by bit sculpting him to perfection. I don't believe in overburdening students with studies. I feel that studying bit by bit builds up consistency and that is the only thing one needs to succeed.

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Student in biotechnology school, tuitions for biology students till 10th cbse in bhubneswar,odisha

My teaching tactics are based on the ability of the students, i need to understand how much grasping power they possess and then i teach accordingly, morale development is important so i prefer in creating an environment suitable for good character development

Santa Clara
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Pre-med Biology Tutor in Santa Clara, CA with 4 years of Teaching Experience

I understand each student is unique - with different learning styles, paces, and needs. I mold my tutoring according to the individual, using combinations of visual and tactile aids to engage students. I believe in building confidence in each student, providing significant practice material, following up regularly, and being patient and understanding with each student's education journey.

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Science and social studies teacher, middle childhood. Specialize in tutoring students to make dramatic advances.

High energy and full of excitement and passion. Genuine interest to help a student master educational content, along with personal wellness. High engagement, student interests taken into account. Teach to high ZPD, where a student learns the most. Accommodate to each students learning needs.

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Passionate year two A-level Biology student offering lessons around the Reading area

I am able to tutor GCSE and A-level biology at any range of ability. I usually ask the student to give me a topic they would like to work on and then I'd prepare a PowerPoint based on their ability. When we meet I would ensure all their questions are answered and that they have work to the follow up the topic with.

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UCLA Neuroscience Degree Graduate Offering Biology Help to all K-12 students Online

My teaching method is going to be an online lesson, whether through webcam or through a whiteboard. I cater to the needs of my students - in other words, I will scaffold my lessons in a way that most benefits the student.

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Research Scholar completed my PhD in cancer genetics available to teach Genetics, molecular biology, Biotechnology...

I teach a particular concept from the basics to its recent advancements. Initially, my class starts with the interaction with the student and then teaching the concept followed by discussion. If needed, questions will be posed to the student so that they can improve their knowledge in particular area.

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Genetics student offering Biology lessons up to A level standard in Sheffield

I give lessons to GCSE level Biology and Chemistry. My lessons tend to focus more on problem solving using real life examples. During my undergraduate, I experienced various teaching styles and learning styles from encountering numerous lecturers and fellow students. This allows me to cope and adapt to various learning methods and cater to them.

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PhD in Molecular Biology with more than 10 years of experience offers science lessons online

Hello, my name is Pablo and I like to adapt the classes to the needs of the student, prioritizing the improvement in the comprehension and acquisition of independence by the student over the mere memorization. I like that the student reaches his objectives but also that he experiences an improvement in basic aspects useful for studying such as reasoning, organization, etc.

Thousand Oaks
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PhD in Molecular Biology with 10 years of experience offers science lessons online

Hello, my name is Pablo and I like to adapt the classes to the needs of the student, prioritizing the improvement in the comprehension and acquisition of independence by the student over the mere memorization. I like that the student reaches his objectives but also that he experiences an improvement in basic aspects useful for studying such as reasoning, organization, etc.

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Biomedical sciences graduate & biology boff!! A predilection for biology with a love for teaching, offering tutoring in and around Skipton/Ilkley/ Leeds.

My teaching method is student lead, with the student outlining particular topics of issue. My teaching style is to approach said topics in a manner different to material/literature they already possess, and lead the student to the correct answer and ultinately a better understanding by means of a discussion and quation orientated approach, as compared to talking at someone.

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I teach about our science which you learn about something new science

I teaches basic and connects subject in our life.I understands with the help of diagrams.I teaches both language Hindi & English.I drows colored diagram which understand and learn very helpful for students.

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Medical student at Baylor College of Medicine teaching biology and MCAT prep.

I can give lessons to college and high school students. I am a very visual person and will use diagrams. I also love coming up with mnemonics to help students remember things. I love using practice problems because practice makes perfect.

New Braunfels
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Recent Biology and Chemistry college graduate, magna cum laude, with both classroom and research experience. Offering online tutoring.

I find it most important to center my lessons around both the student's current curriculum and the individual needs of the students regarding said curriculum. I have a B.S. in Biology and I am looking for students of any age needing assistance in biological coursework.

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Third Year Zoology Student Available to Tutor Biology to University Level and Chemistry To Secondary School

I will base my teaching on my own studies and how best to apply those techniques to the classes that my student requires help with. By teaching these techniques early, it will be possible for the student to apply them to future studies with little effort.

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Medical Student offering Biology and Chemistry in Orlando with 5 years of experience

I follow the Socratic method of teaching. I lead my student with questions towards an "eureka" moment where the information clicks. I am a big fan of teaching by example, using practice problems, and assigning homework.

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Geneticist teaches Biology, Science and Genetics classes for Elementary, Middle, High School and College students

I do both lectures and help in resolving exercises, reviewing content and preparing for exams. I also assist in the correction and preparation of papers, whether textual review or scientific review / information is needed. I do not have a specific template for classes, because the idea is to understand what the main needs of the student are, and from there I elaborate a proposal for the activities.

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Passionate science student at uOttawa giving science classes for high school students in Ottawa

The classes are for students between grade 7-10 My teaching method is to always try and simplify concepts as much as I can, and then slowly build on that in a step by step process to ensure that it actually sticks in your head! I think what makes me special as a tutor is that I love making analogies to aid in my explanations, even if some might sound odd, because I find that it helps to think...

New Delhi
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Biology teacher, skilled in teaching profession and teach students of competitive exams

I make my class comfortable by making the topics as simple as it can be. For easy learning basic general formulas and asset of practical knowledge is essential. I teach high school students to post graduates. My class enjoy my teaching.

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Im a biotechnology’s student from Ramaiah Institute of Technology. I have many experiences of teaching offline. Also im the winner of the regional lecture competition

My teaching method is very simple and direct. I think teaching is all about bringing the subject and its concept to a very basic level that can be understood . It will include understanding of concepts and also solving questions relating to it.

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Masters in Biotechnology gives tuitions in Biology from High School to Higher Secondary and Biotechnology tuitions to undergraduate students

My approach to teaching is based on providing a thorough understanding of the concepts through clear explanation and examples so that the learners can become self-sufficient and understand the nuances of the concept so that they can tackle difficult problems confidently.

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Qualified Secondary Science Teacher and PhD in Molecular Biology in Northern Ireland.

I like to relate tough topics to everyday examples so that all abilities can understand sometimes complex science ideas. I also like to adapt to the individual and their strengths. I find positive reinforcement and regular testing helps improve retention. But also developing your answers is essential as a quality science student.

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Pre-medical student offering biology help in Reno, Nevada with 3 years experience and strong academic background

I am more accustomed to teaching college students; however, I am totally fine teaching high school students as well. I approach each lesson by explaining concepts thoroughly then providing practice problems to make sure students are actually understanding what I am explaining. It is important that I cater each lesson to different learning types (i.e.

Edge Grove
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Let's solve the mysteries and secrets of life and earth with Habib

I focus on concepts and reasoning of lesson and also on learning pattern Biology is all about learning concept and new terms.

Laura lisieux
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Master's degree in Biotechnology, teaches cellular and molecular biology as a monitor in Brasilia.

I base my classes on the most frequent questions that my students have at the moment, and so I specify the content that becomes clear and finally consolidates in the memory of the student through some exercises and objective explanations.

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